15 Shocking Times TV Siblings Hooked Up In Real Life

We all know incest is wrong, right? Wrong! Read on as we discover there's more than just a handful of siblings in this world who became real life lovers.

Alright, tiny correction - TV siblings. But still, we can't help but feel it's all a little distasteful and kind of creepy. Maybe it's because we find it hard to separate the idea of the real life actor from the character they portray on screen, but either way, we couldn't help ourselves in finding out more.

As shocking as it seems, there are a few stars who fell in love with their on-screen sibling and went on to hook up in real life, including famous faces from Game of Thrones, Dexter, Lost, and even Gossip Girl. Maybe we can put it down to the amount of time they spent together on set or the close bonds they formed during the lengthy filming process.

When it comes to siblings turned lovers, it seems most of the unlikely pairings have come from actors working together on a television series. There are those obvious couples outed by the press, and then there are those that have flown so far under the radar, even all of us at The Richest were none the wiser. So we went in and we went in deep and looked over every TV series and sitcom out there. Every little rumor and tabloid headline that ever surfaced was investigated so that we can now officially reveal 15 Shocking Times TV Siblings Hooked Up next...

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15 Dexter & Debra Morgan – Dexter

As if Dexter wasn't creepy enough featuring a serial killer and siblings developing feelings for one another, the actors portraying Dexter and Debra Morgan developed real feelings of their own.

The hit show's stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter began a relationship off set and later got married and then divorced, leaving things wide open for art to imitate life, as on-screen, the siblings began having feelings for each other, making the series all the more creepy.

Jennifer Carpenter once revealed her take on the split, saying, “Our marriage didn’t look like anyone else’s, and our divorce didn’t either, so… I said it before: just because the marriage ended doesn’t mean the love did."

14 Tommen & Myrcella Baratheon – Game of Thrones

It seems fitting that the first TV sibling duo to become real-life lovers was born on the set of Game of Thrones. That show sure loves its daily dose of incest.

We have Buzzfeed to thank for outing the Baratheon siblings as they embarked in a real-life teenage lovey-dovey kind of romance. Young actors Dean-Charles Chapman and Nell Tiger Frees were only 17 and 15 years of age at the time. They became the kind of loved-up pair you unfollow on Instagram or unlike on Facebook -- way too much PDA for any one person to handle. Allow us to take things up a notch as we reveal this TV sibling couple made things a whole lot weirder by hooking up on both the show as siblings and then in real life. Talk about art imitating life imitating art...

13 Alex & Justin Russo – Wizards of Waverly Place

These days, Pop icon Selena Gomez only has eyes for The Weeknd, but back in the day of Wizards of Waverly Place, it was a whole other story. Sure, she was involved in her on-again-off-again relationship with Justin Bieber, but that didn't stop the rumor mill from turning. Selena played Alex Russo alongside co-star David Henrie who played her on-screen brother, Justin.

The pair were often caught on camera hanging out together and captured in the kind of embraces that wouldn't dare involve a family member, let alone your brother. The secret couple tried to stay clear of the press and never dared admit to anything other than being "good friends."

12 Ferris & Jeanie Bueller - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey

If you were a teen in the '90s, then you undoubtedly heard about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. What you probably didn't hear was that on-screen brother and sister Ferris and Jeanie Bueller played by Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey went on to become a real-life couple.

The two kept their romance a huge secret, and they would have pulled it off as well had it not been for a terrible tragedy that occurred in Northern Ireland only a year into dating. The loved-up duo went on vacation together and was involved in a terrible head-on collision. Unfortunately, a mother and daughter died as a result, and the co-stars walked away with their lives and a few minor injuries.

Dirty Dancing was released just days after the accident, and it catapulted Jennifer to fame, but she was left so traumatized by it all that she ended up leaving both Matthew and Hollywood.

“I became America’s sweetheart within five days of the accident. The juxtaposition of that deep sorrow, the survivor’s guilt, and then being celebrated as the new big thing just didn’t jibe. It didn’t feel good to be the toast of the town,” she said.

11 Adam & Sarah Braverman – Parenthood

For some, true love really is born on set, and this was the case for Parenthood co-stars Lauren Graham and Peter Krause. Despite playing siblings on the hit show, Lauren and Peter now maintain a real-life relationship. And for Hollywood standards, they've been together for a lifetime.

"At our age, we’d probably both been through showmances that went south and made work an uncomfortable place to be," Lauren revealed in an excerpt taken from her latest tell-all book. "But ultimately, our mutual wariness gave way — it just sort of happened."

"We are really happy, I feel like close to five years in Hollywood, it’s like, aren’t we married already really? It’s good the way it is,” joked Krause in an interview with People magazine. “We keep the two things separate. We don’t call each other by our character’s names at home or anything. Come on!”

10 Brenda & Brandan Walsh – 90210

Let's just start off by saying the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 was an incestuous one. The show was tainted with behind-the-scene drama, co-star affairs, and diva behavior. We won't go so far as to say that everyone hooked up with everyone on and off set, but there was one particular pair that grabbed our attention: Brandon Walsh and his TV twin Shannen Doherty.

He famously confirmed rumors when he told the press, "Nobody ever got attached. We never let it get in the way what we were doing." We can't help but feel that's not the case. Simply go back and watch a few episodes of 90210 from the earlier seasons, and you'll notice the undeniable chemistry.

9 Stranz & Fairchild Van Waldenberg – Blades of Glory

For sibling duo Stranz and Fairchild Van Waldenberg of Blades of Glory, circumstances were a little different. They were already married in real life when they were cast to play brother and sister in the off-beat comedy.

Their performance was over the top, weird, and all kinds of ridiculous. But the fact that the producers cast a married couple to play siblings fit the overall weirdness of the movie just perfectly. Usually, this would have been offputting, but somehow, their chemistry just worked. Well, on screen, that is. Sadly, in real life, the pair ultimately parted ways.

Poehler once revealed, “I am proud of how my ex-husband Will and I have been taking care of our children. I am beyond grateful he is their father, and I don’t think a ten-year marriage constitutes failure. That being said, getting a divorce really sucks.”

8 Alice and Emmett Cullen – Twilight

When news broke of Kellan Lutz dating his on-screen sister Alice Cullen played by Ashley Greene, the social media world erupted. Granted, this came soon after another co-star pairing was outed with a real-life romance featuring actress Nikki Reed finding her co-star and adoptive brother Robert Pattinson attractive.

That makes not one but two sets of the adopted Cullen children in the Twilight series real-life lovers hooking up and whose romances were born on set during filming. Thankfully, we later discover that the on-screen siblings, Alice and Emmett, weren't actually blood-related as they were adopted but raised as siblings nevertheless.

7 Justin Walker & Rebecca Harper - Brothers & Sisters

So far, we've featured a few TV siblings who went on to hook up in real life when the cameras stopped rolling -- luckily. This unorthodox couple also played on-screen half siblings, but it was soon discovered that they weren't actually blood-related at all -- so not too off putting. But the family connection was still there for Justin Walker and Rebecca Harper played by Dave Annable and Emily VanCamp.

The pair dated back in 2007 to 2008 while they were cast as half-siblings on the hit TV drama Brothers & Sisters. Rumor has it producers of the show picked up on their palpable chemistry and were forced to somehow fit it into the storyline so that they could date each other on the show as well. This ultimately led to Justin dating Rebecca, marrying her, and then divorcing her. The real life couple soon parted ways as well long before Emily left the series in 2010.

6 Bright and Amy Abbott - Everwood

Perhaps the only thing more shocking than dating your on-screen sibling is being a repeat offender at it. This is the case for Emily VanCamp as it was round two for her when she was cast as Amy Abbott alongside Chris Pratt in Everwood. Turns out, Dave Annable wasn't the only TV brother Emily dated.

Chris and Emily first laid eyes on one another while filming the family TV series Everwood. They fell in love, and there was no denying their attraction to one another. For two years, the on-screen siblings were practically inseparable until finally calling it quits in 2006 before Chris went on to marry Anna Faris. Our dear Emily went on to date her onscreen husband/nemesis in Revenge, Josh Bowman.

5 Clary and Jace - The Mortal Instruments

If you were confused by the plot of The Mortal Instruments, then wait 'til we reveal the complicated details of on-again-off-again couple Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. The outed romance came in the wake of Jamie's relationship with another co-star Bonnie Wright. No sooner had they broken up when news surfaced of Lily and Jamie's rumored romance. They were cast to play siblings Clary and Jace, but fortunately, after much anticipation, it's revealed that the characters aren't really related.

So the next time you see pics of them canoodling in the street or kissing on the sidewalk, you don't have to feel too weird about it. The Hollywood pair are notorious for PDA and social media shoutouts.

4 Eli and Jessie - Once and Again

Some of the most famous off-screen pairings have resulted from actors who have starred together in a movie or series. In this case, it was the series Once and Again, and the pairing was an unlikely one, to say the least. Perhaps Evan Rachel Wood and Shane West kept things so far under the radar you didn't even realize it happened.

Only after pics emerged of the secretive couple cavorting did Evan address the media saying, "I think you can put two and two together.” Wood added, “I won’t confirm nor deny it but I don’t think I have to."

Evan played a sweet and innocent little sister to Shane in the ABC drama series Once and Again before turning things up a notch and ultimately dating Marilyn Manson. Shane went on to star in a few feature films and spent his time fronting a punk rock band.

3 Isabel & Max Evans - Roswell

Just when you think things couldn't possibly get any weirder in Celebville, enter orphaned brother and sister aliens who went on to become a couple in the real world.

The show was Roswell, and characters Isabel and Max Evans were played by actors and later lovers Katherine Heigl and Jason Behr. The show was weird enough as it was seeing that the alien siblings were disguised as high school students hailing from New Mexico.

Sooner rather than later, their budding attraction got the best of them and Katherine and Jason went on to date. Soon, news of their engagement catapulted the TV show's ratings, but their romance was short-lived, and the pair sadly never made it down the altar...

2 Shannon Rutherford & Boone Carlyle - Lost

They say true love in Hollywood never lasts, but for Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder, they were willing to give it their all both on and off screen. Yes, that's right. The lines were a little blurred, to say the least, as the TV siblings were inappropriate on set as well as behind the scenes, post-filming.

Maggie Grace played Shannon Rutherford on the award-winning series Lost alongside Ian, who played her hot step-brother Boone Carlyle. The step-siblings got the show's ratings soaring with their risque scenes and incestuous affair. The characters were eventually written off, and they were free to pursue their romance off camera in peace. Sadly, it didn't last, but real love seldom does in Hollywood after all...

1 Serena van der Woodsen & Dan Humphrey - Gossip Girl

Enter Gossip Girl step-siblings Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey, the next set of siblings to become a couple, and this time, it was both on and off screen -- although in their defense, things weren't always as they seemed, and the lines of reality were often blurred.

You see, long before Serena and Dan hooked up, Serena's mom and Dan's dad were an item. They broke up, leaving it perfectly acceptable for them to date. If only it were that simple, as no sooner had the pair fallen in love when news broke of their parents reuniting, and this time, they married each other, officially making the loved-up teens step-brother and sister. Awks.

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