16 Shocking Things You Need To Know About Snapchat Queen, YesJulz

YesJulz has emerged out of the entertainment industry as one of the most popular names on social media, particularly on Snapchat, so much so that even the Huffington Post felt the need to declare her to be the "Queen of Snapchat." Despite all of the media attention and appearances which YesJulz has accumulated over the last couple years, some people struggle to understand what she does for a living or if she does anything for a living other than get attention for having a bodacious body. As a matter of fact, YesJulz has actually used both her body and social media to build her brand as a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Julieanna Marie Goddard specializes in management and is a brand ambassador and a party promoter who uses social media (particularly Snapchat) to promote everything that she does. That includes her business endeavors in music and clothing, and she runs her own agency. She's also a manager to rising rapper 070 Shake. From the sounds of it, YesJulz has a lot going on for herself and is doing more with her time than most social media models tend to do. However, her biggest problems and criticisms from the general public derive from the fact that people believe she thrives off appropriating black culture and has profited off of taking attributes from the culture to build her own image. She also has a tendency to put her foot in her mouth, which only adds fuel to the fire for her critics. As a public figure, YesJulz has divided audiences, and we're going to use this list to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of YesJulz's life and career thus far.


16 Friends with LeBron James, Rumored to Be Lovers

After meeting LeBron James at a party, YesJulz publicly addressed the basketball player as a personal friend of hers. This seems to be true considering that the two have promoted each other in the past, and he even had her throw the launch party for his new Sprite flavor when it was first released. However, as social media tends to do, people took the slim pickings of their relationship and blew it out of proportion with speculation that the two may have fooled around. Of course, unless one of them is willing to share secrets (neither has and most likely never will), we'll never know if the two ever had an affair. As far as we know, YesJulz is still single and James has been faithfully married to Savannah Brinson ever since 2013.

15 Her Tape


Days after two people attempted to bribe YesJulz with paying them or else they would leak her nude photos and videos, YesJulz's sex tape hit the internet. The two people who originally attempted to extort her were already in police custody at the time, so it couldn't have possibly been them. The partner whom YesJulz participated in the sex tape with, an LA director/photographer named Rambo Diego Ramos, professed that he didn't leak the sex tape himself. If he's telling the truth, either those two aforementioned criminals had another accomplice or some unrelated hackers hacked into YesJulz's phone after news broke that the tape existed, to begin with. In any case, YesJulz responded to her sex-tape leak by posting a social media message stating that not only was she taking legal action but she was heartbroken to see coworkers, peers, and followers of hers take part in the jokes on her regarding the tape.

14 She Was Adopted

YesJulz was originally born in and, for some time, raised in Miami, and from there, found herself moving around a lot. She hopped around from foster home to foster home. She didn't spend much time with her biological parents during her childhood, and when she did, it was with her biological mother and stepfather who were on drugs most of the time. Because of her biological parents' issues, she entered a foster care at the age of 4 years old. YesJulz never actually met her biological father until some time in 2015. More than anything else, YesJulz feels the closest connection with a woman named Johanna, who worked at her daycare, adopted her at age 9, and raised her in Boston where she lived for some of her life.

13 She's Italian and Puerto Rican


The biggest criticism against YesJulz is that she's a culture vulture who thrives off of appropriating black culture for her own personal gain. In the past, YesJulz has responded to her critics by pointing out that she is, as she herself has put it, "not fully white." When she says this, she's pointing out that she's actually both Italian and Puerto Rican. Statements like these have only continued to fuel the fire from her critics because Puerto Rican and Italian are not considered races. They're traditionally considered nationalities but not ethnicities. There's a major difference between the two, and critics have accused YesJulz of trying to get some sort of "honorary person of color" card by trying so hard to separate herself from her Caucasian ethnicity.

12 She Was Arrested for a DUI in 2009

We were all young and dumb once upon a time ago, and we all did dumb things as youngsters that we hope remain secret. Unfortunately, in the age of the internet, nothing remains secret or private forever, and mostly, everything we ever did has an online record, which anybody can retrieve with the click of his or her fingertips. When she was 19 years old, YesJulz had a little run-in with the law on account of public intoxication while driving. She got nabbed for a DUI back in 2009 while working as a hostess at Ceviche. Years later, her mugshot resurfaced after someone hunted it down and posted it on social media. The pic then went viral. In addition to this one instance, YesJulz has actually been arrested a small handful of other times. One time, she found herself in the back of a cop car over some lip gloss she stole from WalMart.

11 N-word Shirt Controversy


One major criticism against YesJulz from her critics is the fact that she tends to post questionable things on social media without being conscientious enough to consider the possible consequences. This was very much the case when she posted this tweet back in May 2017 asking her followers if she should wear a shirt featuring the N-word. She deleted the tweet afterward, but that didn't stop Twitter from roasting the girl the first chance they got. Even her followers couldn't help but condemn YesJulz for her tweet and accuse her of being tasteless. This ill-advised tweet managed to get YesJulz kicked off of multiple events, and several sponsors wanted nothing to do with her. She posted a teary-eyed apology video later, but by then, it was far too late.

10 Beef with Wale

YesJulz has found herself in conflict with some relatively famous faces (at least among the hip-hop community), but arguably the most famous and instantly globally recognized face she feuded with was Grammy-nominated artist Wale. In light of YesJulz's sex tape leak, Wale took the Twitter to vent his frustrations about how "Y’all make ppl famous .. And be mad they famous. F*ck u culture vultures Ol ‘I got 3 black friends’ head a*s." YesJulz perceived this as a subtle jab at her and criticized Wale for being "a man that takes shots at a lady Bc he is upset she gets more views than all his music videos combined is pretty corny." The two had a prolonged back and forth for the rest of that day.


9 Beef with SpaceGhostPurrp


Of all of the beefs that YesJulz has participated in, this one here is perhaps the most minimal one, but it's one that generated a lot of buzz when it first happened, nonetheless. Anyone familiar with the rapper SpaceGhostPurrp will tell you that he isn't a very well-liked member of the rap community, at least among his peers. He has a history of beefing with plenty of rappers (most notably XXXTentacion, the A$AP Mob, and Denzel Curry), but it seemed bizarre and out of left field for him to start something with YesJulz of all people. After she posted a pic of herself and her friends posing on a beach, he decided to make a joke about how their sex life was boring. When YesJulz confronted him about it, he decided to become vulgar and threw some shady, expletive tweets her way. The two had a back and forth until she eventually blocked him.

8 Made $2,000 in Prom Tickets

YesJulz prides herself on the work that she's dedicated to being an entrepreneur. For all of the provocative poses that she posts to social media (Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), she uses the attention to promote her business endeavors and spread her managerial services. YesJulz's ambitions as an entrepreneur first began when she started selling Prom tickets while she was in high school. She handmade about 200 copies of Prom tickets and sold them under the table during lunchtime. She sold them for $10 a pop, and she quickly managed to accumulate $2,000. She then used the money throw a Prom After-Party. As a little bonus fact, the Prom After-Party was actually the first party that YesJulz ever threw, and it set the stage for her later career as a party promoter.

7 The First Party She Ever Threw


To piggyback and elaborate off of that last bonus fact that we mentioned in the previous entry, it all started when YesJulz reconnected with her birth family after being so distant from them for so many years after she was adopted. She reconnected with her family during her senior year, and one person, in particular, she formed a bond with was her uncle, who happened to work in real estate. This uncle was enthusiastic about making up for lost time, and he offered to allow his niece to throw a Prom Party at the mansion that he lived in. So, she scrounged up some extra dollars from her Prom ticket sales, and the party was thrown. Afterward, she had about $15,000 left over. This was when YesJulz decided that she should use the extra money to move out to Tampa and dedicate the rest of her time to living her own dreams. After doing big things in Tampa, she eventually made a big name for herself while in Miami.

6 Joe Budden/Cyn Santana Situation

The summer of 2017 started off with a bang on social media thanks to a three-way beef between rap legend Joe Budden, his girlfriend and fellow TV personality Cyn Santana, and YesJulz. It all started when a Twitter fan asked YesJulz to comment on Budden and his run-in with Migos at the BET Awards. Despite the two having been frequently photographed together in the past and her being a guest on his podcast in 2015, YesJulz responded "Who?" Cyn Santana didn't like that shade from YesJulz -- not one bit. Santana let her displeasure be known by reminding YesJulz that her partner was "the dude [YesJulz was] beggin to save [her] via texts when all of twitter was destroyin [her]," among other tweets. During the exchange, Budden piped up by saying he knew YesJulz from her Tampa days "before the fat transfer." The exchange eventually ended, and things blew over, but the whole of Twitter remained perplexed by the entire exchange between the trio.

5 Mistaken for Charging $15k for a Convo


Among the numerous business-related contributions that YesJulz has participated in, one thing that she's been adamant and consistent about is her charity work. Among her charity contributions, she partnered with 123Wish in April 2017 to donate money to Haiti relief funds. She decided to raise the money in a unique way by setting up 15-minute online sessions with fans, and all charge fees were announced to go straight to the charity. Unfortunately, when she posted the announcement and everybody saw the $15,000 number at the top of the page, people mistook the goal number for a charge number and thought she was actually charging $15k for 15 minutes of her time. She would clarify later that $15,000 was only the goal and that people only had to pay $5 to take part in the raffle, but by then, she was already roasted by Twitter for the misunderstanding.

4 Beef with Taxstone

Those deep into the hip-hop community know Taxstone best as the host of his Tax Season podcast. He and YesJulz started to have a beef of sorts when the hashtag #WhiteThoughts was trending on Twitter. Whoever used the hashtag sought to parody things that white people typically said, and to get in on the fun, YesJulz joked how black girls don't like it when white girls date light-skinned guys. Taxstone replied, and in only so many words, called her a racist. She accused him of not spreading anything but negative vibes on his profile and then blocked him, for which Tax again called her racist. In her own interview with No Jumper, she slyly accused Tax of not properly contributing money to his own culture but insists on calling her out on so-called appropriation. The last time that Taxstone acknowledged her on Twitter was when her sex tape got leaked.

3 Clothing Line with 2 Chainz


YesJulz hopes to add a clothing line to her many business moves, but she doesn't plan to do so alone. Surprisingly enough, she plans to start this clothing line with none other than Grammy-winning artist 2 Chainz. For the last couple years, 2 Chainz has attempted to use the success and popularity that he garnered from his rap career to branch out into multiple business ventures. He took the next step in October 2016 by opening up his own clothing line, CEO Millionaires. He quickly decided to collaborate with YesJulz and her #NeverNotWorking motto to attach to his clothing. The two met a couple years back at an Art Basel party, liked each other's energy, and clung onto each other ever since. Now, business is booming for the two of them.

2 Why She Shaved Her Head

Earlier this year, YesJulz shocked thousands of her followers by shaving her head and going for a more bald-fade type of look. Her older followers know that this is nothing new from the supposed Snapchat starlet, as she tends to change up her look like this every once and a while. Over the years, she's opted to cut all her hair off, let it grow back, change it different colors, cut her hair again, and then restart the process. For those wondering why she cuts her hair, as she explained in an interview with Galore, shaving her head makes her feel "free" and "sexier than [she] ever felt." She did so on a whim while on a trip to Thailand, and she loved it so much that she continues to rock the style to this day.

1 Extortion Controversy


With all success comes a chunk of people trying to knock you off of your pedestal. For YesJulz, those people were two Broward County residents from Miami who attempted to extort money from YesJulz during the summer of 2016. The two people in question, 28-year-old Hencha Voigt and her 33-year-old accomplice Wesley Victor, managed to steal sexually explicit photos and videos of YesJulz from her phone and threatened to release them to the public if YesJulz didn't send $18,000 their way within 24 hours. Instead of giving in to their demands, YesJulz notified Miami Police on the matter, and after an extensive investigation, the two thieves were caught and arrested. A month later, YesJulz's sex tape was leaked.


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