15 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Emma Stone

Who doesn't love Emma Stone? She is one of the hottest, funniest and quirkiest stars of our time. Not just a pretty face, Emma has proven to be a super-talented, professional actress. Her relatability is what keeps her fans hooked: Emma has a way of stealing the screen with her natural presence and girl-next-door persona. At 28 years old, Emma has already appeared in dozens of films, most recently, blockbuster hit and multiple- Oscar-nominated La La Land.

One of the highest-paid actresses of our generation, Emma has managed to keep her personal and professional lives quite separate. She has often said that media attention and coverage do not interest her all that much, and prefers instead to live a quiet, private life when she is not working.

Emma has long been admired as one of the most stylish young stars of our generation. Her signature red locks and green eyes and flawless skin have secured her a contract with Revlon cosmetics. Not afraid to play with fashion, Emma is always impeccably dressed, wearing a host of designer dresses to events.

As mysterious as she is beautiful, we can't help but wonder about her secret, off-screen life. What is she like outside of the public eye? What are the things we don't know about this sassy starlet? Well, you're in luck because I did all the digging for you. Sit back and let's take a look at the 15 Shocking Things You Never Knew About Emma Stone.

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15 Her Raspy Voice Has a Backstory

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Emma's low-pitched, raspy voice is another one of her most recognizable traits. Her sultry, sexy voice did not come about from smoking. Although Emma's characters are often smokers, she is a non-smoker in real life. According to Emma, she was a very colicky baby, who screamed relentlessly for most of her first year on Earth. The constant screeching led to the development of nodules in her thyroid and vocal cords. The scar tissue left behind still causes her to lose her voice very easily, which means that Emma needs to exercise caution when she is performing. A particularly shrill acting scene can cause her to lose her voice for up to a week. Screaming and singing are two things that Emma does best; she simply needs to be careful when engaging in these activities.

14 She Dropped Out Of High School

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Emma certainly has played her share of high school aged characters, but in real life, she ditched her studies to pursue her acting career full time. At just 15 years old, Emma quit her Phoenix Catholic high school and moved to L.A. to focus on her acting. To gain support from her parents, she made a creative PowerPoint presentation to sway them into backing her decision. Ultimately, her parents agreed that it would be a good career move, and she made the journey from Arizona to California with the hopes of being discovered. Starting out, she was working part-time at a dog bakery, making treats for pups. Once she landed her starring role in Superbad, her professional life kicked off and she finished up her high school education with the help of a homeschooling program. She has not attended University in light of her super-successful career and lack of time to focus on studies.

13 She's A Computer Geek

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Emma has never hidden away her penchant for geekiness. Whether it's wearing super-sized nerd glasses or sharing personal tidbits about her past life as a super geek, we love Emma's ability to embrace her inner dweeb. Before becoming one of Hollywood's leading ladies, Emma spent quite a bit of time building websites and learning HTML code. According to her, she had a huge online presence and spent lots of her free time browsing forums learning new tricks for web design. To practice her newly acquired skills, she would create websites free of charge for people. This self-taught computer guru was pretty deep into her web-hobby when Hollywood came knocking at her door. On her free time, she still enjoys Interwebbing, but probably doesn't have to rely on creating websites for cash.

12 She's A Natural Blonde

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One of Emma Stone's most notable features is her striking red hair. As natural as it looks, Emma was actually born blonde.  Her then-manager seems to typecast her in cheerleader-style roles due to her light tresses, which wasn't exactly what Emma was after. She landed her first acting role, in the film Superbad, shortly after dyeing her hair a dark shade of brown. Clearly the dye job worked, and Emma was on her way to fame and fortune. Not one to shy away from change, the beautiful star changed up her lovely locks to the signature red mane that has since become synonymous with her name. Over the years she has proved that every colour suits her. Blonde, brown, red or black; the girl is a knockout no matter what shade her hair is.

11 She Dated Spider-Man

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Emma Stone's love life has remained quite under wraps since her rise to fame. Emma met Andrew Garfield on set of The Amazing Spider-Man, in 2011, where they co-starred and played lovers on screen. Little time passed and the two were rumoured to be seeing each other off-screen as well. Despite keeping the details of their romance fairly quiet, the pair were seen frolicking around, hand in hand, for close to four years. In 2015, tempers rose high and the couple took a break from their relationship amidst rumours of constant bickering. They confirmed the split in April, but later reconciled and spent a few last months together. Ultimately, the romance fizzled out, and the two said good-bye to their love for once and for all. The pair remain in each others' lives as great friends.

10 She Had An Asthma Attack Filming A Sex Scene

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While filming the faux-sex scene in Easy A, Emma ran into a little bit of a health complication. The scene, which involves lots of jumping up and down on a bed and shrieking, provoked a pretty serious asthma attack. The wheezing starlet required an oxygen mask to be brought onto set to treat the attack and get her breathing normalized. Funnily enough, Emma did not know she was asthmatic and had never had an attack before. The rigorous jumping, screaming and excitement was clearly a little too much for her! She spoke about this experience in an interview with MTV after the film came out. As embarrassed as she was when it happened, she is able to laugh about the situation now.

9 She Got Her Ears Pierced At 21

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Most little girls dream of getting their ears pierced from an early age. It's fairly common that young girls will get their parents' approval to get pierced by age 10 or 11, tops. But our little Emma waited until she hit the big Apple to go through her piercing rite of passage. A self-proclaimed scaredy-cat, Emma is famously afraid of needles, which affected her decision to put off the piercings. She found the courage within, and bravely decided she would go ahead with the procedure. When she arrived in NYC, she got a total of 5 piercings, 3 holes in her right ear and two in her left ear. One thing is for sure, the star certainly loves her ear jewelry and is often seen sporting beautiful earrings on set of interviews and at award shows.

8 Emma is Not Her Real Name

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Emma was born Emily Jean Stone. When her acting career took off, she had to register her actor's name for the Screen Actors Guild. To her dismay, there was already a registration for an "Emily Stone", so she went with Emma, which is what her mother always called her. Although it's not a big stretch from her real name, she still feels like an Emily at heart. Her oldest friends and family members still call her that, in fact. Her middle name, Jean, was her grandmother's name, although she has never really used it, except in the long version of her name. As Hollywood as it sounds, Stone is actually her real last name. Her father, Jeffrey Charles Stone, owns a contracting company in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona.

7 She Was On A Reality Show

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Before Superbad made her a household name, Emma appeared on a VH1 reality show. Back in 2004, the singing star appeared as a contestant on VH1's In Search of the New Partridge Family! Lucky for Emma, she was a winner! She secured the part of Laurie Partridge as part of the competition. The bad news? The show was a total flop and production stalled after filming only one episode. Despite the unhappy ending, her participation in the show opened a few doors for her in the industry. She made some contacts and connections and was able to land a few minor roles in TV shows as a result. In 2007, she was a regular cast member in TV's Drive, a moderately successful show that only aired for one season.

6 She Broke Both of Her Arms in A Gymnastics Accident

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Emma is notorious for being a clumsy kind of gal. She's often discussed her awkwardness and penchant for fumbles in interviews. The uncoordinated babe had her fair share of accidents when she was young, in fact. When she was just seven years old, she managed to break both of her arms in a gymnastics routine gone wrong. According to Emma, she thought her coach was still holding her up while she was on the parallel bars. He wasn't, and she crashed to the ground, using her arms to shield her face and brace her fall. The result? Two broken arms and two casts for a majority of the school year. Not one to cry over spilled milk, Emma poked fun at this little bit of history in the hilarious Saturday Night Live skit, "I Broke My Arm".

5 She's Got Quite A Few Phobias

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Emma has never hidden away her fraidy-cat side. She has struggled with anxiety related panic attacks and has opened up about her struggles with fear. The top of her list? Needles, being picked up and spiders. Being picked up might stem from a fear of crashing...from perhaps, a childhood experience of falling off the parallel bars?! She had to work hard to get over this phobia when she starred opposite Ryan Gosling in the 2011 comedy, Crazy, Stupid Love. In a romantic moment, Emma and Ryan's characters  recreate the dance scene from Dirty Dancing. Emma runs into Ryan's arms and he lifts her high above his head. The scene took some time to perfect, and Emma admitted to being a bit frazzled at the beginning. In the end, it all worked out, and the results were perfect.

4 She Was Almost in Heroes

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Before Emma got her starring role in Superbad, she was this-close to being cast in the NBC hit series Heroes. Back in 2007, she auditioned for the part of Claire Bennet, which she did not get. The part was given to superstar Hayden Panettiere. At the time, Emma was a young pup, new to Hollywood, and the disappointment of not getting the role absolutely crushed her. She has said that it was her absolute rock bottom moment. Lucky for us, the same year she was cast in her first film. These days, the Academy-Award-nominated star definitely has no issues securing lead roles. As one of the highest paid actresses of our generation, Emma's net worth is estimated at $18 million...and climbing. Her assets include a mansion in Beverly Hills and a collection of sports cars. The girl can afford to buy anything she wants, yet her modest, down-to-Earth attitude keeps her grounded in the real world.

3 She Has Hosted SNL Three Times

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Emma's lifelong dream of hosting SNL has come true...not one, not twice, but thrice. A natural performer and entertainer, Emma has participated in some pretty epic and hilarious skits over the years. She hosted the iconic late night show in 2010, 2011 and most recently, in 2016, following the U.S. Presidential Election. When ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield hosted in 2014, she made a cameo appearance and joined him in a skit where they parodied their famous upside-down kiss in Spider-Man. The clip went viral in the aftermath of the live broadcast. Over the years, she's blessed us with hilarious monologues, skits and digital shorts. A true natural on stage, Emma's SNL moments have been some of the best in the last decade.

2 She's Played Ryan Gosling's Girlfriend Three Times

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The envy of all women, Emma has been lucky to play the love interest of super hottie Ryan Gosling three times. The pair, who are really close friends in real life, are an on-screen match  made in heaven. First appearing together in Crazy, Stupid Love in 2011, the duo perfected their chemistry and showed the world what natural, modern day love is all about. In 2013, Gangster Squad reunited the pair in a mobster flick set in the late 40's in Los Angeles. Their biggest success to date is 2016's La La Land, a modern-day romantic musical that has already pulled in over $120 million at the box office, won 7 Golden Globes and is expected to sweep in even more Oscars. Although the two have never been linked romantically, officially, they sure do make a sweet couple.

1 She Is Part of T-Swift's Posse

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Taylor Swift definitely has a big collection of 20-something-year-old famous friends. She flocks with models, actresses and singers. Taylor and Emma first met back in 2011, at the Young Hollywood Awards for Hollywood magazine. Very fitting! The pair hit it off instantly, and kept in touch after the ceremony. Emma emailed Taylor telling her that she liked her music, and the rest is history. The girls have been close friends ever since. According to Emma, Taylor is a pretty down-to-Earth girl who has a unique sense of humour, that she is attracted to. The pair have been spotted and photographed together on occasions at red carpet events and awards shows.

Sources: vogue.com; usmagazine.com

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