15This Nativity Scene Predates Jesus Christ By 3,000 Years

Even though Christ was born 2,000 years ago, scientists have unearthed a nativity scene from 5,000 years ago. 5,000 years ago, an Egyptian artist painted a scene onto rocks, and this scene depicts the birth of Jesus in a manger in a cave or barn. The scene also includes two

adults (the baby is between them and appears to be ascending), some animals, and what's thought to be a star in the East. This rock painting was found in 2005, but the Italian researcher who found it kept it a secret until 2016. Discovered in the Egyptian Sahara Desert, this nativity scene predates any others the world has seen by thousands of years and thus raises questions about other Christian nativity art. Geologist Marco Morelli, who found the cave drawing, said, "The discovery has several implications as it raises new questions on the iconography of one of the more powerful Christian symbols. It could have been interpreted as a normal depiction of a family, with the baby between the parents, but other details make this drawing unique. No doubt it's an intriguing drawing. "We didn't find similar scenes until the early Christian age."

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