15 Shocking Secrets From The Set Of The Big Bang Theory

Who doesn’t love The Big Bang Theory? They have been making us laugh since 2007, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are one of the rare people in the world that haven’t seen the show, it’s

Who doesn’t love The Big Bang Theory? They have been making us laugh since 2007, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are one of the rare people in the world that haven’t seen the show, it’s a show about a bunch of nerds that live in an apartment and befriend the hot girl that is down the hall. This turns into a weird but wonderful friendship that turns into so much more for one lucky nerd. Who would have thought a TV show about a bunch of nerds would turn out to be such a success! The show made being a nerd really cool, especially since those nerds end up dating some pretty hot chicks.

When I first tuned into the show, I thought it was a tad unrealistic, but then you start to see these weird nerd tendencies in other people and think, “You’re Sheldon.” It’ll happen to you, trust me. Don’t believe me? Have you ever had someone correct you over and over about something that you wouldn’t think twice about? Or how about the people who turn the simplest conversation into a full blown argument? It’s the neurotic ones that we can’t help but adore at the end of the day. You may even be friends with them. In the end nerd or not, they make life more interesting. The show is hugely successful, but that doesn’t mean that there are not some serious secrets hiding behind the scenes. Let’s dig deeper and see the shocking secrets from the set of The Big Bang Theory.

15 Mayim's Return Was Meant To Be

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I had always thought that Mayim Bialik left Hollywood for good, after all, we didn’t see much of her after her show Blossom was canceled. She returned, however, to be one of the main characters and Sheldon’s girlfriend on The Big Bang Theory. Apparently, they knew she was going to be on the show long before it happened. She didn’t come onto the show until season three, but Raj was certainly aware that she would be the perfect person for the job. He announced to the director that he thought she would be great. "You know who's apparently very smart, is the girl who played TV's Blossom. She got a Phd in neuroscience or something." Not only is she a Hollywood actress but she also has a doctorate. She got it in 2008, so she’s certainly one sharp cookie.

14 Sometimes It Takes Just One Take

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Penny and Leonard started off as friends, but it wasn’t long before they became a couple on the show. When it came time to do the take for the episode when Penny professes her love to Leonard, they were all shocked to find that it took only one take. "Kaley said to Johnny, 'I don't know about you, but when we started the scene, the cameras, and the live audience all went away, and it was just us.'" Steve Molaro totally agreed, and he wouldn’t even consider doing another take because “the shot was beautiful and I knew we'd never get anything better.” Maybe the reason why the take went so well was that the two dated in real life as well. They are no longer together, but they have stated that they still care very deeply for one another. So it’s possible that real feelings got involved in the whole thing and the take went well because of it.

13 She’s Not Really a Mouse


You may be surprised to find out that Melissa Rauch doesn’t actually have that mousey voice that we hear on the show. The squeak  can grow fierce when she’s mad, and when she has to put her foot down. She doesn’t sound like Bernadette in real life; the high pitched tone is just an act, and you wonder if that’s something that becomes annoying after a full day of shooting. Is it hard to do, does she get sick of it? It’s all hard to say. It’s weird that the show would have her use a different voice, but it sort of adds a flare to the whole character. You can’t help but love her especially when that squeaky voice gets all fired up. She started out as a part-time character that turned into a full-time gig for her.

12 Johnny Galecki Likes to Date His Costars

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His relationship to Kaley Cuoco was kept a secret for a while but when it was finally revealed that they were dating, it was a shock to everyone. It wasn’t until an interview in 2010 that Kaley told people that she and Johnny dated for the first two seasons of the show. No one outside of the show ever knew, they sure know how to keep a tab on their relationship. They dated for two years and then broke up, and they remained such good friends that he actually attended her wedding to another man. Many would think it’s pretty weird, but they obviously have a great friendship. Kaley wouldn’t be the first person he dated however while on a set. When he starred in the hit TV show Roseanne, he also dated his co-star Sara Gilbert while the show was running. The relationship didn’t last long, but Johnny seems to get attached to his co-stars.

11 Three Stars Make the Most Money


When Friends was at the height of its popularity, the entire cast went into negotiations and asked producers to pay them all the same; they wanted $1 million per episode. They banded together, and the producers didn’t have a choice but to give them what they wanted. That’s not the case on The Big Bang Theory, however, there are only three actors that get paid the most, the rest get paid less. At $1 million an episode, Johnny Galecki (Leonard), Jim Parson (Sheldon) and Kaley Cuoco (Penny) are the only actors on the show that make the big bucks. I wonder how the other actors feel about it, considering for the most part they all work together just like the Friends cast did. The other actors are being paid $750,000 per episode. Hopefully, there aren’t any hard feelings over the massive amount of money the three actors are making.

10 Mayim Bialik Likes To Be Spanked

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There was one episode where Amy was spanked by Sheldon for faking an illness because she really wants to enjoy an ointment rub. The spanking, however, wasn’t part of the original script and it was supposed to stay off-screen. Jim Parsons revealed that there were three parts to the monkey scenes, “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.” They had to keep trimming the scene which Parsons found to be very funny. “It was one of the hardest things we ever had to do because I found it tremendously amusing!" He had issues trying not to laugh during the whole thing. “All week I was slapping that ass!" He must have been slapping it an awful lot because Bialik said there was quite a bit of redness after the scene was shot. “There was some redness,” she stated. Parsons says she can be bashful all she wants, but he thinks she sort of liked the whole thing. "You have no idea how game this one is for that!"

9 Melissa Rauch Exposed Herself


Oh Boy! Now that’s embarrassing! During a Halloween episode, Melissa showed off more than she wanted to. Melissa Rauch was a Smurf for Halloween, and she said the experience of the makeup was painful because it was really hard to get off after. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the experience turned quickly to a humiliating one. There were two assistants working on her with hot towels trying to get the paint off of her body. "It was getting late, and I'm starting to fall asleep … and I lifted my legs up to get the rest of the makeup off and heard the guy laugh and thought, 'Oh, they're just telling jokes, Lord' and I looked in the mirror and thought, 'What's that?! Dear Lord Jesus, that's my business!' I had totally exposed myself! I put my legs down and just said to them, 'Long night!’"

8 They Stole “Soft Kitty” 


The popular song, “Soft Kitty,” wasn’t created for the show at all, in fact it was stolen. It’s a good thing too because we couldn’t imagine how Sheldon would ever feel better about anything without the song. So where did they find such a great song? Pre-school actually. One of the co-creators of the show, Bill Prady heard the song one day when he was dropping his daughter off at school. They “borrowed” the song and it became a popular part of the show. Not everybody liked that fact however as the original songwriter of “Soft Kitty” heard the song on the show and sued the show for using it in 2015. I imagine Edith Newlin settled on an amount for the song since it’s still being used on the show. You would think the show would have asked permission from the beginning since this has to be a common occurrence in show business.

7 There Is Meaning Behind Everything

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Wil Wheaton appeared on the show as a guest and found the surroundings to be quite fascinating. When he left the show he made sure to snag a picture of the coffee table in the apartment and he did that for a reason. When he returned home he added the picture to his blog of the infamous coffee table. He was completely amused by how much detail the show's creators put into the set of The Big Bang Theory. The picture proved his point as there were many different things on the coffee table that totally suited the characters' lives. Do people actually pay attention to these things when watching the show? I can’t say that I’ve ever noticed what was on the coffee table at any given time but apparently it’s pretty epic. You will find Red Vines licorice as well as snacks and even a magazine called Mental Floss.

6 Penny Wasn't Originally In The Show's Plans

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Fans of the show absolutely love Penny and how could they not - she’s a hot mess, that rarely has her shit together and did I mention that she’s smoking hot as well? She’s always over at the boys' apartment eating their food and borrowing money but she does it in such a helpless way that you can’t help but want to help her out. When they first created Penny’s character however she wasn’t Penny at all. The original character was supposed to be named “Katie,” and she was supposed to be a tough character. Kaley wasn’t even their original choice; “Katie” was supposed to be played by Amanda Walsh. But in the end it wasn’t meant to be because the audiences hated the character, so the show was forced to replace her and in came Penny. It’s a good thing too because I couldn’t imagine the show without her.

5 Sheldon Was Supposed To Be A Man Wh$%#

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Considering how weird Sheldon is about sex in the show, it’s hard to believe that the creators originally thought Sheldon should be promiscuous. Currently on the show Sheldon is so uninterested in sex that the very thought of it makes him squeamish. When the show was created, however, they wanted Sheldon’s character to be sexually active, like really sexually active. They even had it in the pilot episode showcasing Sheldon as a lady’s man who was chasing butt and was the one on the show that would always have romantic interests. Sheldon is the last person you would expect to be a ladies man; he couldn’t look further from the part and the audience probably would have found it unrealistic. How could someone like Sheldon be a man about town and still behave the way that he does? It just wouldn’t fly and that’s probably why they killed the idea.

4 The Suit Wearing Leonard

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All the characters on the show have their own personal sense of style. Whether it’s wearing hoodies, tight red pants or revealing clothing. It depends on the character, but it says a lot about each one of them based off of what they wear. That’s why Penny is always walking around in next to nothing. It’s part of her character as the hot neighbour. Originally the show wanted Johnny Galecki to only wear suits, like 100% of the time. For the most part Leonard only wears hoodies, but the show was hoping to give him a more polished look. It must have been like a parallel universe to imagine that Leonard would always be wearing suits. I think he would have appeared too pompous. They got it right in the end because Leonard kept it casual and that goes along with his laid back appearance.

3 The Girls Are Always Getting Injured


The girls of the show are always getting injured. Oddly enough, though, the audiences are never aware of it. There were many injuries that could have resulted in the show being postponed but the girls were troopers and fought through the injuries. During season four, Kaley Cuoco broke her leg while horseback riding. She had to stay off her feet for awhile so she missed a few episodes. The show needed her back, however, so they opted for her sitting on a counter during the episodes. You may have noticed that she was also standing behind the counter at times to hide her cast. Fans had no idea that she was injured the whole time because they hid it well. She wasn’t the only one. Mayim Bialik also hurt herself during season six in a car accident. She hurt her right hand in the accident and she had to constantly hide it from the camera.

2 Making History


It’s rare for shows to get more than one renewal through the period that they are on air. But The Big Bang Theory definitely has made its mark in the world. The show has become so popular that it has grown a life of its own. The Big Bang Theory has received more than one renewal which like I said is pretty rare. They were awarded their first renewal in 2011 which pleased everyone but then they were awarded yet another renewal in 2014, that will take the show to 2017, a whole ten seasons! We’ll see if in 2017 they will get the even more rare third renewal for the show. Though there aren’t too many shows that go past ten seasons. Who would have thought that the show would become so popular! I didn’t even start watching it until it was in its third season.

1 Belarus Tried To Rip Off The Show

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The Big Bang Theory became so successful in America that Belarus wanted it all for themselves. They stole the shows idea right down to every detail including the four nerds and the really hot blonde from across the hall. The show was called The Theorists, and it didn’t last very long. When the actors of the show found out about The Big Bang Theory and the fact that the show's idea had been stolen, they all quit before the show ever got off the ground. It’s probably a good thing anyways because if you ever watched a few of the episodes they are absolutely terrible.


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15 Shocking Secrets From The Set Of The Big Bang Theory