15 Shocking Secrets About The Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleaders

Being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader is something that many girls strive for, the idea of being able to cheer for such a popular football team is a dream come true for many. Being a cheerleader for a tea

Being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader is something that many girls strive for, the idea of being able to cheer for such a popular football team is a dream come true for many. Being a cheerleader for a team such as the Cowboys has become an American tradition, and why shouldn’t it be? You don’t even have to have a love of the game or know anything about football in order to know who the ladies in blue and white are. They wear these sexy outfits that would drive just about anyone wild, and they sure won’t leave your brain anytime soon. Not just anyone can be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, in fact, they are picked just as meticulously as the football players are. The team wants the best of the best, and that is no different when it comes to their cheerleaders. They are everywhere and with their stunning looks and high spirits, it's hard to watch them and not get into the game. We watch them game after game and yet we really don’t know anything about these beauties. Who are they outside of cheerleading?

These ladies have some serious confessions and downright shocking secrets, and they are no longer holding them back. If you want to know the behind the scenes secrets of what it means to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader then read on and be amazed. These are the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in the raw and baring it all.

15 They Have to Keep the Same Look

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When it comes to being a cheerleader for The Dallas Cowboys, the powers that be don’t want them changing up your look all the time. Once you are hired, you pick the look that you want, for example, the length and color of your hair, the way you wear your makeup, etc. Once you have a look you want, they don’t want you to stray from it. They don’t want the cheerleaders changing their looks all the time because that’s how fans identify with them. If a girl went from blonde to brunette, a fan might not even recognize her any longer. You have to keep your given look for the whole year, once the season is over you can change it up for the next year if you so choose. For the most part, girls try to keep their looks as natural as possible.

14 They Get Insane Perks

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When it comes to being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, it's well known that they need sponsors to be the cheerleading greats that they are. It’s no different than the football players that seek out sponsors to represent them. These sponsors really come through for them, even in everyday life. Due to their great sponsors, these cheerleaders get some pretty insane perks. These perks come in the form of clothing, shoes, hair products and even makeup. These girls are treated like Queens as they should be for all the hard work that they do for their team. It’s no wonder that so many girls try out to be cheerleaders, you get to travel around with a great team, supporting them the whole way and plus you get lots of gifts in the form of perks for doing so! Where do I sign up?

13 Being in Shape is Crucial

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Surprise! Not really, those girls work really hard as cheerleaders and if you’re not in shape you probably won’t stay on the team for very long. Although the squad isn’t required to stay in shape, they are expected to be able to keep up, and the rigorous team cheers during the game are not for the faint of heart. If a cheerleader is found not to be able to keep up with the other team members, she will be warned and then fired. It would be up to her to step up her game in order to keep up. You might be surprised to learn that a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader can easily burn 3,700 calories per game. That’s insane. There is not another workout that would burn those kinds of calories, so being in shape is crucial. Considering a number of calories the girls burn they must eat a lot in order to fuel their bodies.

12 Cheering is Only a Small Part of Their Job


You might think that the cheerleaders have pretty cushy jobs, after all, they only cheer at their games so that could hardly be considered full-time employment. The rest of the time they have to be themselves. Right? That’s not true, however, being a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys requires you to do a lot of side gigs as well. As a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, you are required to do so much more than just cheer for your team. Many cheerleaders are doing charity work such as USO military tours and events. They also teach children’s dance classes on the side, which is a lot of fun. They are incredibly busy girls throughout the year. This is why they are always expected to be in shape. Imagine the stamina these girls must have to have in order to continuously use their gifts not only for games but charity events as well.

11 They Are Expected to Watch What They Eat

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It all comes hand in hand with staying fit; you need to be able to endure training sessions as well as games and eating a healthy diet will give the girls the energy that they need. The expectation of the cheerleading squad is to eat clean, and that means avoiding sugar and alcohol. The higher ups don’t necessarily have weight or height requirements, but they do expect the girls to fit into the uniforms that they provide. In order to do so, they can’t just eat whatever they want. Being lean is all part of the look involved in being a cheerleader for the team. They don’t have training times scheduled into their work, so they need to find time after hours to head to the gym. Going to the gym is not a requirement, but it’s highly encouraged so that the girls stay in optimum shape.

10 No Tattoos Allowed

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The corporation expects their cheerleaders to be spotless when it comes to the skin they are showing in public. That means no visible tattoos, even those cute little ones. That can be hard for a lot of women in a generation where most everyone has some form of a tattoo. The rules, however, state that they can have a tattoo, but it can’t be visible. So you can have a tattoo if you can tuck it in one of the most private areas of your body that can’t be seen in those skimpy outfits. That rules me out I’m afraid as I have a few too many tattoos that I definitely couldn’t fit into those outfits. If you have a love of tattoos just like I do, then maybe being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader isn’t for you either. But oh those perks…

9 They Train a Lot!

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If you had to guess how many hours that a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader trains, you probably wouldn’t think it was very much. It’s only a football game after all, how hard could it be? Well, considering those girls burn 3,700 calories in one game, that must mean that they have to be at the top of their game. Not to mention in peak physical shape. When it comes to training for the games, these girls have to practice for 20 hours a week; that’s like a full-time job. On top of that, they add a training camp that adds another ten hours to their week. So for 30 hours a week they do a lot of practicing to make sure that they have their groove together before the games. There is no room for error especially when it comes to live games. That’s an insane regime considering they also have to do charity events, but that’s what it takes to be a cheerleader.

8 Free Tans for Everyone

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When the girls are at the games, they look absolutely flawless. Their hair is perfectly styled, and their skin has the kind of glow to it that makes you think they must spend all day long at the beach. The girls look amazing all the time, and you have to wonder how that’s possible. Well, the reason why they always look so good is that they are well taken care of. As part of the perks to being with The Dallas Cowboys is that you get to look gorgeous all the time. They do this by getting free tans throughout the year with companies such as Planet Tan and Palm Beach. Sounds pretty amazing right? Well, that’s not all they get, they are also offered free eyelash extensions through The Lash Lounge as well as free hair services from Halcyon Days Salon and Spa. Those services alone would save the girls hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis.

7 They Use Their Work to Raise Awareness

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These girls all have dreams and visions when they become part of The Dallas Cowboys Team. They want to be able to do what good they can for the world, and their job makes that a little easier because they are in the public eye. They take the opportunity to do charity events and public speaking to raise awareness for the causes they are passionate about. They take the experiences that they learn on the job and take them out to the real world to make a difference. The causes that are close to their heart are brought into the public eye through the work that they do on the side. It’s rather honorable that they work so hard already but feel that more needs to be done in order to make a difference in the world. These girls are not only hot but caring human beings as well.

6 They Have to be Southern Belles

Via Weekly Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Blog

Being a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader means that you are representing a name and that name can’t be tarnished by bad behavior. The girls are always expected to be on their best behavior so as not to tarnish the brand that they are representing. Because they are the Dallas Cowboys and they represent the Southern state, the girls are supposed to be more “proper.” If you are unsure of what that means, then picture a Southern Belle, and you’ll get the idea. Putting their scandalous outfits aside these girls still need to show up looking and talking their best. They are even required to know how to properly tease their hair like a Southern belle. This gives the true look of what it means to be a Southern Belle, and they always have to be on point when representing the state. Sounds weird? I would have to agree.

5 They Are Careful On Who They Date

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You can imagine what dating must be like for these girls. Any guy in the world would have to be crazy not to be with one of them. So they probably get asked out all the time. The girls are no pushovers, though; they know they are quality women, and they are willing to wait for the right guy to come along. They probably get a lot of weird requests as well, so it’s important that they are cautious of who they date. They won’t just go out with anyone. A lot of guys out there would just want to date them because they would make great trophies on their arms, and no girl needs that nonsense. They don’t want to date a guy that’s just interested in bragging to his friends. In the end, the girls choose to date the ones that try to get to know them as individuals and not based off of the fact that they wear uniforms.

4 Etiquette is Essential


This may tie into the whole Southern Belle routine, but the Dallas Cowboys expect the girls to be able to hold their own at all times. That means that when it comes to doing interviews or charity events the last thing the organization wants is for a girl to make a fool of herself on camera. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders stop at nothing to be the best of the best, so they are required to take part in interview training camps as well as etiquette training. This ensures that the girls really can play up like Southern Belles. These classes are offered before they begin their job as cheerleaders. However, it’s not something that carries on through the year which is probably a good thing because I’m not sure where they would find the time. The organization wants to ensure that their girls are untouchable in the media and etiquette training is certainly a good start.

3 They Are Required to Do Their Own Makeup

Via Dallas Morning News

Considering all the perks that these girls get throughout the year you would think that the organization would provide a makeup artist for them, but they don’t. In fact, the girls are expected to do their own makeup before the shows. They need to stick with the current look they agreed upon and work with that until they get the finished product for their routine. Hair styling and makeup application are the girls' responsibility before the show. They do a pretty good job themselves, however, because the girls look flawless! They have to take extra precautions however because the girls do sweat while they are cheerleading and they can’t have the makeup running off their faces. The girls go through a lot of setting spray in order to ensure that the makeup stays in place for the whole game. The last thing they want is to look like their faces are melting in the middle of the game. Yuck!

2 They Have to Have a Knowledge of Sports

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These girls aren’t just pretty faces and when it comes to qualifying as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader you have to know what you’re talking about when it comes to sports. You may think that all they need is a hot body and a gorgeous look, but the organization wants them to have knowledge of the game since they are constantly meeting fans and doing interviews. It’s not just about being a cheerleader; they have to represent the sport they’re cheering for, and the organization doesn’t want to give the appearance that they hired the girls based off of the way they look. When it comes to trying out for the cheerleading squad, the girls are tested on their sports knowledge as part of the qualifications to be on the team. It’s a pretty big test that not only includes sports knowledge but nutrition and current events as well. The organization isn’t interested in hiring just anyone.

1 They Rarely Date Their Fans

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You might think that it would be really cool to be in their position because they get to meet new people every day. The chance to meet an amazing guy through the job would be easy; really it’s just a numbers game. But flipping that coin around and you have to think about all the weird people they must meet on the job as well. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders aren’t against dating their fans, but they have to be careful in doing so. Imagine how many guys would just love to get close to someone that’s part of their favorite team. It would not only give them the opportunity to have some serious arm candy, but they would also get to hang out with their favorite football players. So, although the girls aren’t against dating their fans, these guys are basically put through the ringer first to determine what their true intentions are when it comes to dating one of the girls.

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