15 Shocking Pics Of Total Divas WWE Doesn’t Want You To See

Let's start off by saying, no, this is not a misleading headline; we promise to deliver exactly what you see here. The Richest is all about you getting exactly what you click for, and this time, it’s a shocking, scandalous gallery of pics that even made us giggle and blush.

You all know the reality TV series Total Divas that features a string of super hot WWE Superstars showing off a little bit of work and a whole lot of play. Sure, they provide you with a little behind the scenes footage as well, but nothing quite like the next few pics. The WWE brand is super clean, and they are intent on keeping it that way. Total Divas is scripted and carefully thought out whilst the next set of pics is anything but! Prepared to be shocked, entertained, and surprised as we reveal 15 shocking pics of a few of your favorite Total Divas that WWE doesn’t want you to see.

Why, you ask? Well, this list features everything from Brie Bella’s bear claws inked on her you-know-what to Nattie’s lesbian kiss with Rosa to a not-so-innocent Trinity pole dancing. We also have JoJo balancing a box of BootyO’s on her… yes, you guessed it… booty, so without further ado, here a few shocking pics you’ll never forget. Feast your eyes on these hot Total Divas photos that the WWE would rather not have out on the internet.

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15 Brie Bella’s Bear Claws

When it comes to Brie Bella’s tattoo, it seems that the little ink has a life of its own and its very own fan base. Sure, a bunch of fans have made fun of the fact that it was designed to frame her private area and was created in memory of her previous boyfriend who is now deceased.

Current hubby Daniel Bryan sure has found himself in a bit of a weird situation. Sure, there’s a deep and meaningful sentiment behind the signature design, but when your wife has bear claws on her nether regions in memory of another guy, that’s just a serious case of awks no matter how hot it looks. And it does look hot. The tiny ink is visible just above her wrestling shorts and peeks out teasingly.

14 Summer Rae’s Leaked Pics

This list wouldn’t be complete without a naked scandal or three and Summer Rae can be seen all over the net in various stages of undress making her the ideal candidate for our Top 15 list. The beautiful diva is off duty thanks to a knee injury, leaving her plenty of time for sexting and nude pics. Unfortunately for her, a batch of nude photos featuring the Total Divas star was leaked online around the same time when images and photos of WWE’s own Paige were leaked as well. Summer denied the authenticity of the pics and posted on social media to defend herself. She wrote on Twitter, “As they say, don’t believe everything you see on the internet. There are people out there with a lot of time on their hands and a big imagination.”

We can't help but think if this is what she wears to get McDonald's take-aways, imagine what she's doing in her leaked pics... Rumors have begun flying around that this is not the end and that we can look forward to a few more nudes featuring WWE stars. Fingers crossed!

13 Mandy Rose In Gym Clothes

If Mandy looks familiar to you, then she should as she was the sexy face behind the WWE NXT Diva shoot back in 2014. She's the latest star to grace Total Divas and not only does she wrestle but she's also won more than just her fair share of bodybuilding competitions. She was even crowned the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Bikini Champion in 2014, and it shows. We’re struggling to find anyone that looks hotter in yoga pants and activewear. Mandy is smoking hot and is kind enough to share her fitness journey with us all; bless you.

12 Maryse’s Infamous Selfie

In our 15 Shocking Pics of Total Divas WWE doesn’t want you to see, the list wouldn’t be complete without Maryse’s infamous nude selfie. It’s one of those photos you just need to see, and unfortunately, we can’t reveal all here, but we’re pretty sure you’ll know how to find it.

Just because she's now a Mrs. and married to former WWE Champion Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin, it doesn’t mean she's become boring. In fact, it's completely the opposite. Ever the spontaneous Maryse decided to take a sexy snap for her husband whilst on a group vacation to the Caribbean. She accidentally sent the nude pic to an entire bunch of wrestlers by mistake, and now, it’s WWE royalty forever. All’s well that ends well though. She was once voted the eighth hottest woman in WWE History, so there are worse pics to get in your inbox after all…

11 Nattie’s Lesbian Kiss

As we mentioned before, the WWE is all about maintaining a squeaky clean image, so raunchy lesbian kisses are undoubtedly not included in the Total Divas handbook. Perhaps, Rosa and Nattie didn’t get the memo as they were seen locking lips, the results of which have been shared all over social media before making its way onto the small screen.

Sure, Nattie was freaked out when Rosa tried to kiss her during a night out at a club, but a lesbian kiss is a lesbian kiss, and we aren’t complaining. We can’t help but think that maybe Rosa has a thing for Divas? She did playfully flirt with Paige once before and even asked if she could give her a birthday kiss. If you’re not watching Total Divas, perhaps this is enough reason to turn on the TV once in a while…

10 Nikki Bella’s B---y Tattoo

The only thing hotter than seeing Nikki Bella’s booty in a bikini is seeing Nikki Bella’s booty tattoo. No wonder the WWE PR team isn’t too delighted at the prospect of having us all see it…

Possessing a curvier frame, Nikki’s booty is just a teensy bit bigger than her sister's, and we’re more than okay with that. It plays host to a heart tattoo, which Brie finds completely ridiculous. All was revealed on an episode of Total Divas, and the convo that went down was priceless!

“My heart on fire is cool,” Nikki said. “No, it’s not,” twin sister Brie replies. “John likes it,” Nikki responds. “Your fairy was weird.” “Yeah, but the fairy is going away,” Brie countered. “Your heart on fire is not cute.”

We can’t help but wish the heart sticks around a little longer so we can appreciate its host…

9 Lana And Her Goods

Let’s just cut to the chase and be honest: you’re not even reading this! Your mind has just wandered off thinking about Lana, or even worse, you have opened a new tab to Google it. Lucky for you, we completely understand and won’t hold it against you. It’s remarkable that we managed to complete the list at all what with all the er… fact- checking going on.

The ever-luscious Lana, star of Total Divas and WWE royalty has posed both semi-nude and full-on nude photos, and the results of the shoot are as hot as you're imagining right now. The gorgeous blonde was a model before joining WWE and has graced several magazine covers and sets over the last few years. She also went on to pose for a few riské mags in little to no clothing, possibly making her one of the most alluring female stars in all of WWE.

8 Rosa Mendes In The Buff

Undoubtedly, this was one of the most shocking moments on Season 3 of Total Divas as Rosa Mendes appeared fully naked. Her nakedness wasn’t a shocking sight, of course, as she is gorgeous, but hello, WWE scandal! No one was more shocked than Nattie, though, who walked in on the very naked Rosa in their hotel room. The ever polite Nattie knocked on the hotel room door to have a pow-wow with Rosa only to find her standing in the doorway starkers with nothing but a welcoming smile. Some fans have called it a “Malfunction” gimmick, but we couldn’t care either way. Rosa Mendes naked is a sight for sore eyes, so we thank you, Total Divas, for your kind service to humanity.

Our next thanks go to the nude model herself, Rosa Mendes. Thank you for not being a fan of clothes, and thank you for always providing us with unlimited entertainment.

7 Paige Down on One Knee Proposing To Del Rio

It’s often been said that when it rains, it pours, and that couldn’t be truer for the WWE when it comes to Total Diva star Paige. She made world headlines when she proposed to Alberto Del Rio in the middle of another ring during his match. If there's one thing that gets the WWE all riled up, it’s when their Divas aren’t loyal to the brand and even more so when they are seen in enemy territory.

We still can’t seem to decide what’s more shocking about this whole scenario -- the fact that Del Rio got a woman to propose to him whilst he was still technically married or that Paige voluntarily went down on one knee in front of the world and proposed to her man. Either way, it made for some riveting live TV, and pics of the proposal floated around the internet while WWE bosses were convulsing in the corner of their office.

6 Trinity Pole-dancing

What would you say if we were to tell you that this next shocking pic is a pole-dancing diva? We kid you not as WWE’s own Trinity Fatu decided to surprise her husband with a sexy gesture. Trinity and her hot hubby, Jon, are picture perfect and have a great relationship both inside and outside of the ring. Or so it seemed… Things took a turn for the worse, and after a serious sit down with the girls, Summer Rae and Rosa convinced Trinity that the best way to spice up her relationship could be with pole dancing. She agreed, and the rest is history as her first class was showcased on an episode of the show.

“That pole dancing class was a lot harder than I expected it to be [as it] requires a lot of upper body strength, great work out tho #TotalDivas” tweeted Trinity.

5 Cameron’s WWE Injury

Just when you've convinced yourself that WWE is 100% fake, this happens, and you start to question yourself and the legitimacy of it all. Sure, pro wrestling has its perks like the success and the fame, but it also offers you the chance to get hurt. Just ask Total Diva Cameron as she sustained a real injury in the ring that even required stitches. Real or not, professional wrestling is not pretty.

She posted the following photo of a close up of the cut to her Instagram page with the caption “Kicking butt is great but getting busted open and getting stitches? Girl bye!! Dr's have advised me not to compete tonight. Don’t they know I was born an entertainer not a spectator?!?" #NXT #nopainnogain”

4 Eva Marie’s Maxim Shoot

What do you get when you add a sexy lady wrestler, a bikini, and a swimming pool? One of the most highly-anticipated issues of Maxim magazine, of course!

The fashion-model-turned-WWE-star insists that being a Diva is a full-time job and was originally hired to just be included on the show and to do a bunch of photo shoots. We have a feeling actual wrestling wasn’t very high up on her list of things to do, and after seeing these pics, we’re more than okay with that. Along with Maxim magazine, the flaming hot redhead also posed for Muscle and Fitness, gracing the mag's cover and has been involved in a few national commercials. Alright, we’ve kept you long enough; go on and Google search Eva Marie’s Maxim shoot, but hurry back. We still have Summer Rae’s leaked nude pics to tell you about and a certain lesbian kiss to reveal…

3 JoJo Balancing A Box of BootyO’s On Her Booty

Again, we can assure you: this is not another misleading headline. It's exactly what you think it is as this Total Diva has one party trick up her sleeve we all couldn’t have guessed if our partner’s lives depended on it. Sure, the WWE is known for having hot Divas, but this next star takes things to a whole new level of cool. Jojo is yet to pull this off in the ring, but her finest trick yet was to balance a box of BootyO’s on her actual booty while looking mighty fine all the while.

If you’re unsure of who Jojo is or haven’t understood a word we've written since you examined the pic, she’s the hot WWE ring announcer you see in the ring and also conducting interviews for the company.

2 Alicia Fox In An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Alicia Fox could very well be an official Diva veteran as she's been with the WWE brand for longer than most. She's always included in the Divas Division and was first signed back in 2006 and began competing regularly. She knows better than most about the company’s strict set of rules, and a string of naked pics are yet to be seen floating around the internet.

You know what you will see though? A pic of Alicia Fox that nobody could ever see coming. A pic of the gorgeous diva in an uglier-than-ugly Christmas sweater! She made history by becoming the first ever African-American Divas Champion and now, is hitting the record books again by being seen in the world’s ugliest sweater.

1 Renee Young On Her Day Off

Renee Young is the real deal and is one hot commodity over at the WWE. She has crazy amounts of talent combined with an unbeatable knowledge of the sport, and she’s easy on the eye, which doesn’t hurt. She’s graced our TV screens often and was first introduced to us as the announcer behind Canada’s The Score. WWE jumped at the chance to work with her and she was not only a natural behind the camera but a pro on the mic as well. Oh, and did we mention that she's drop dead gorgeous?

She may be known for her broadcasting abilities, but check out her Instagram page, and you’ll soon discover she's one of the hottest WWE divas to date. Only Renee could pull off looking this hot on her Diva day off…

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