15 Of The Most Messed Up Hollywood Cheating Scandals

Hollywood is full of intrigue and mystique. There’s beauty, money, fame, power, and passion. Lovers may meet on set, at swanky A-list parties, or nowadays, on social media sites such as Twitter.

Some famous folks are so swayed by the allure of stardom and their equally famous peers that they leave their spouses for an illicit undertaking of the most primal nature. Cheating seems like the status quo in Hollywood, but that’s because nobody gives a hoot about what’s going on in “Plain Jane’s” life after she gets home from her shift at the Home Depot. While her husband is in his “man cave” watching baseball, she’s online seeking her high school sweetheart’s Facebook account. Snore.

Hollywood marriages and relationships are notoriously short-lived, many times due to infidelity of some sort. Perhaps this is due to the similar personality types of those in the spotlight, or because not even the rich and famous can control their desires to cheat when the opportunity strikes hot.

Of course, what would the grocery store checkout line gossip rags ever do without these cheating scandals in order to populate the pages of their magazines? Shouldn’t we feel bad that someone got hurt when their significant other betrayed them, or do we just tune into the drama as though it were a big budget film? Just because someone is in the public eye, does it give us reason to feel the right to peek into their private lives? Yeah, kinda.

Here are 15 shocking stories of Hollywood cheating scandals that are even juicier than what you’d see on the big screen. Grab some popcorn and enjoy.

15 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Oh Ahhhhnold. How could you cheat right in your own home with the housekeeper, Mildred Baena, no less? For someone who is all about muscles and brawn, that’s pretty darn lazy. And with a wife as lovely as Maria Shriver to call your own, to go for a woman who 99.9% of the population would consider a downgrade is a huge embarrassment. And then we learned that the housekeeper’s son was Arnold’s own flesh and blood. For a housekeeper, Mildred certainly made a mess of that Hollywood family. These days, Arnold and Maria are no longer together, but apparently, Arnold has embraced his “love child.” This will teach Arnold to at least seek out the neighbor’s staff the next go ‘round.

14 Gavin Rossdale

Rocker Gavin Rossdale may be faithful to his music, but to his then-wife, pop singer Gwen Stefani? Not so much. Various rumors were floating around that he had an affair with the kids’ nanny, Mindy Mann, and when the truth came to light, Gwen and Gavin parted ways. Lucky for the glorious Gwen that she met her current country crooning beau on the set of The Voice after probably swearing off men altogether. Gavin and Gwen seemed like the coolest couple in celebrityville, but once one of the two stray, it’s hard to patch things up. Gwen is no “Hollaback Girl!” Blake Shelton is one smitten fella and probably thanks to the philandering Rossdale for being an A-hole to his now lover. Nannies… what gives?

13 Hugh Grant

British Actor Hugh Grant was married to the impossibly gorgeous model and actress Elizabeth Hurley when he was arrested for soliciting a hooker named Estella Marie Thompson, AKA Divine Brown on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard. Grant confessed to his questionable actions and went on various late night TV shows to air his dirty laundry. Grant and Hurley actually stayed together after the incident… for a while. They got divorced about 5 years later, but supposedly remain good friends. Grant, your boyish smile, and charm may get you what you want temporarily, but a woman like Elizabeth Hurley doesn’t need to settle for a prostitute pickup artist. To this day, people cannot get over the fact that Grant was willing to mess up his marriage to such a winner like Hurley for a brief encounter with a “lady of the streets.”

12 Ashton Kutcher

Before actor Ashton Kutcher was married to his now-wife, actress Mila Kunis, he was hitched to actress Demi Moore. Moore may have been older, but she wasn’t wiser since she should have known that Kutcher may stray from his cougar. That he did (allegedly), with a much younger woman, 22-year-old Sara Leal. Apparently, Kutcher and Leal got together at a party in Kutcher’s hotel suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. The hotel wasn’t the only thing that was hard that evening, and Leal kept it rocking all night. We all know that Moore and Kutcher divorced after this incident, and now she’s the single one while Kutcher is again happily married. Oh, Karma… would you please wake up and smell the coffee?

11 Jesse James

"Jesse’s Girl" was once the beautiful A-list actress, Sandra Bullock, but the loser of a louse cheated on America’s sweetheart with a stripper named Michelle McGee. Nearly any red-blooded heterosexual fella would give a leg to be on the arm of the breathtaking Bullock, but her slime ball hubby at the time was apparently not satisfied with his Hollywood honey and sought out women of the pole instead. This public infidelity scandal was a total embarrassment for Bullock, and James looked like the world’s biggest douchebag. Of course, everyone knew Sandy could do better and get rid of that extra baggage turned out to suit her just fine in the end. Hey Jesse, was stuffing a $20 bill into the G-string of McGee really worth it?

10 Bill Clinton

While not a Hollywood star per se, Bill Clinton is still considered a celebrity in his own right, and his outrageous cheating scandal was one of the biggest and wildest the world had ever heard about. While in office and married to his wife, Clinton did, in fact, have sexual relations with his 22-year-old intern, the infamous, blue dress-wearing, Monica Lewinsky. While they both say they didn’t have intercourse, we all know what (or shall we say “who”) “went down” in the Oval Office. As we all know, Hillary stayed by her man’s side, but did she ever really forgive Bill for his White House hook up? Being president sure has its perks. And who knew interning was so hands-on?

9 Jude Law

Hey Jude! You really screwed things up with the beauty of fiancée you once had in the exceptional actress, Sienna Miller, when you decided to get a little too close for comfort and screw (literally) your kids’ nanny, Daisy Wright. Well, for Miller, one Wright made a wrong, and the couple split. The apologetic actor issued a public mea culpa which probably made the whole incident even worse for Miller. But soon, the two got back together, only to again break it off again in 2011. Ladies, please hire hideous nannies for your kids. Like in Law’s case, the laws of attraction may be too strong for your mate to ignore. Plus, shouldn’t the nanny be paying attention to the kids and not their father?

8 Hank Baskett

Hank got into some alleged hanky panky with a transsexual model while married to former Playboy Playmate, Kendra Wilkinson. All of the juicy drama played out for the world to see on the couple’s reality show, yet Baskett denied the racy rumors as long as he could. Eventually, the ball player confessed to messing around, but never really got to the heart of the scandal as to whether or not he deliberately wanted to be with this transsexual person or was duped. Well, whatever happened, happened, and Hank and Kendra are still together, raising their two kids. After her relationship with a 90-year-old constantly-robed mogul who had multiple girlfriends, you’d think Kendra would be a little more open to experimentation.

7 Ben Affleck

Actor Ben Affleck and actress Jen Garner seemed like the perfect pair that would possibly make it ‘till death, even in the wild world of Hollywood. Well, leave it to the bonehead (in more ways than one) Ben to F it up royally by allegedly banging the couple’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian. The couple insisted that the marriage was already ending before Ben got frisky, but that’s hard to believe. What is with these men and their children’s nannies? Don’t they know the nanny was hired to care for the kids and not to cater to the grown-ups? Ben and Jen are now separated, but it seems like they are co-parenting amicably. Let’s hope this nanny doesn’t bust up another Hollywood marriage anytime soon. Hollywood marriages are hard enough to keep together as is.

6 Scott Disick

Not that many people would expect Scott Disick to be faithful to his on again, off again baby mama of three, Kourtney Kardashian, but he was allegedly caught canoodling with his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Bartoli while in France vacationing. Kourtney has given Scott more chances than he deserves, but no matter how hard he tries (if he’s really trying at all), Scott seems to do wrong by Kourt time and time again. Does the Kardashian family want Kourt to marry Scott? It’s hard to tell, but he sure does make for some interesting reality TV plots. Plus, it seems like Kourt enjoys using Scott’s genes in order to make her babies. Let’s see if these two ever make it official or just keep procreating “in sin.”

5 Ethan Hawke

Actor Ethan Hawke was once married to actress Uma Thurman, but like a boatload of other Hollywood marriages, this one didn’t last forever. It was alleged that Hawke was having a steamy affair with Jen Perzow, a model from Canada. Thurman would never dare be a part of a situation where she’s second fiddle, and the pair divorced in 2005. Thurman is considered to be a rare beauty with tremendous talent and personality. Who knows what Hawke saw in his model “friend” aside from good looks, but one slip up and “poof” goes a marriage. Models may look good on the runway, but do they beat out the one who walked down the aisle? Only Hawke can answer that one. But it gets even better. Hawke then moved on to his kids’ nanny, Ryan Shawhughes and they eventually got married! Looks like the actor can get whatever he wants with his charm and status.

4 Tony Parker

Basketball player Tony Parker was married to the sexy and talented actress Eva Longoria, but that Hollywood marriage didn’t last very long. The petite actress was blindsided when she learned that her handsome hubby was texting, or shall we say “sexting,” with loads of other women and even had an illicit affair with Erin Barry – the wife of one of his teammates. “Playing for the team” just took on a whole new meaning! Parker and Longoria naturally divorced, but the lovely Longoria has since remarried and seems happier than ever. Looks like Parker was the one who got cheated in this situation. Just because you’re a ball player, it doesn’t mean you always have to play with your balls, Tony.

3 Brad Pitt

You’ve gotta go for gold if you’re married to Jennifer Aniston and you’re looking for an upgrade. We can suppose that’s what actor Brad Pitt was up to when he allegedly started with his Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star, actress Angelina Jolie. The stars denied that there was any funny business going on while filming, but try to find a soul who believes that story. As we all know, Pitt and Aniston divorced and he and Ange got married and had a ton of kids. But now, they are separated in what many consider an act of Karma. Jen’s happy as can be with her new man and Pitt seems to be in the pits lately. But if you’re looking for a Brad-Jen reboot, that ain’t gonna happen.

2 Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is always causing some sort of controversy, so why should the state of his marriage be any different? While still married to his wife of 26 years, Robyn Moore, Gibson was caught in an affair with Oksana Grigorieva. Moore was not having any more of Mel’s idiotic infidelity and split with her actor husband. Next up? Oksana was pregnant with Mel’s love child. See Mel, there is a consequence to doing whatever you feel like, and it is called a child support payment… probably a hefty one at that. After 26 years, Moore and Gibson had one of the longest-running marriages in Hollywood history, but Gibson’s goofing around made their marriage another statistic. And another one bites the dust.

1 James Cameron

Titanic titan, James Cameron was married to actress Linda Hamilton at the time he was making the iconic blockbuster film. Although he surely had a lot to do on set, Cameron also found time to do one of the actresses in the film, Suzy Amis. Well, at least it wasn’t a one night stand because now Amis and Cameron are happily married and have been since 2000. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself and Amis gets cheated on, but if that happens, she could always toss him overboard. Cameron surely rocked the boat with this on-set sex scandal, but hopefully, Hamilton has moved on and got a cut of Cameron’s Titanic money in the divorce settlement. Wonder if he was thinking about that while pursuing Amis!

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