15 Shocking Facts You Won't Believe About The Cash Me Ousside Girl

The girl now known for the viral sensation tagline “Cash Me Ousside” is blowing up the internet! Meet Danielle Bregoli, the 13 year old who appeared with her mother on Dr. Phil in September, 2016. Danielle was brought to the show because her behavior had spiralled so far out of control that her mother had no control and no options left. Once on the show, when the audience showed their disapproval of the barely teenage girl’s behavior vocally, Danielle (using street slang) yelled out “cash me ousside, howbow dah?!” Unfortunately, the appearance on Dr. Phil backfired and only gave this girl the attention she was desperately seeking. The saying went viral and has been turned into internet memes, YouTube remixes and countless views of the clip from the Dr. Phil show.

Dr. Phil McGraw visited with Danielle and her mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli on the show and he remarked that he believed what we all see is not the real Danielle, but rather a persona. Danielle was pretty adamant that she loves the way she is and has no shame in it whatsoever. The attention she’s received since the show aired has been mind boggling. She has four million followers on her Instagram account and she’s even created a line of merchandise with her famous catchphrase and similar phrases. This girl has even done a brief cameo with YouTube video star LeLe Pons. But there’s more to the story of this girl and these 15 facts will shock and amaze you!


15 Her Father Is A Deputy Sheriff

Despite it seeming like her father abandoned her and her mother, this is not the actual case. Recently, her father whose name is Ira Peskowitz spoke out about Danielle and her horrific behavior. Peskowitz is actually a sheriff’s deputy in Palm Beach County, Florida, where he has lived with his wife of close to 13 years and two other children. Peskowitz has been known to co-found a tennis association through the local law enforcement agency for children. He is active in that organization and has come out on the record as stating that he has not abandoned Danielle. He is saddened by her lifestyle choices, but has made it clear that he’s not giving up on her. He even makes a point to say how much he just wants her to hug him and tell him “I love you.”

14 Model Mother and Daughter in 2009


Most rebellious teenagers claim to have been much kinder and sweeter when they were very young. That is also the case with Danielle, who with her mother was pictured as part of a Mother’s Day tribute titled “Stories of Love on Mother’s Day” featured in the Palm Beach Post. Taken in 2009, the photograph shows a darling six year old Danielle (credited with her father’s last name Peskowitz) sweetly kissing her mother on the cheek. Reportedly, when Danielle was young, her mother had breast cancer and she was a huge support and help to her mother during her chemotherapy. Again, there’s no doubt when looking at the photo of them in 2009 that there’s a sweet kid still inside the bad girl persona that she puts out to the world.

13 In Trouble With Hanes

No one can blame Danielle for trying to get as much as possible out of these brief 15 minutes of fame she is currently experiencing. No one that is, except maybe Hanes. When Danielle created a logo based upon their Champion logo, she received a letter almost immediately claiming that what she was doing infringed upon their copyrighted material. Oops! So with that, the designer of the “Cashmeousside” shirts is going to have to go back to the drawing board. That is not to say she can’t continue to sell shirts, she is just going to have to do something different with the logo. Unfortunately, Danielle strikes us as a kid that can’t make anything easy, so there’s probably some choppy water ahead if she wants to ignore Hanes letter.

12 Police Called To Her Home 51 Times Last Year!


Every law enforcement agency of every city and town in the world has certain houses and neighborhoods that they frequent more than others. In the case of Barbara Ann and Danielle Bregoli however, they take it to a whole new level. Local police reportedly visited the home 51 times in the last 12 months alone! The calls are wide in variety and range from domestic disturbance to a stolen vehicle and even multiple calls because Danielle ran away. This past year, the 13 year old kept police hopping, making her house a regular on the route for sure. Apparently, one call even involved an animal, though it is completely unclear what this could have been about. Maybe now that she is in the public eye, Danielle will feel the need to set a better example. We can hope can’t we?

11 Her Parents Had A Horrible Legal Battle

Danielle’s mother Barbara Ann and her father Ira were apparently never married. They lived together for a period of time and together had young Danielle. While still an infant, he left Barbara Ann, but what came after was a legal battle over visitation and child support that would rage on for years. According to Danielle’s father, Barbara Ann was physically violent toward him and made threats to kill him. It is of course a ‘he said - she said’ situation, but the official court documents show the difficulty over the years to get a sufficient visitation schedule. Whether this is all the fault of one over the other is unclear. Ira does pay his monthly child support to Barbara Ann, and attempts to stay in touch with Danielle, mostly by telephone.

10 Slammed Dr. Phil


Danielle apparently doesn’t feel an intense level of gratitude toward Dr. Phil for the experiences she has been afforded, both at the ranch where he sent her for rehabilitation and her newfound celebrity status. She made the statement in her recent second appearance on Dr. Phil: “I made you just how Oprah made you.” She also said: “You were nothin’ before I came on this show.” Phil didn’t get into it with her but rather just thanked her and moved on to his next question. It’s pretty clear that this was not well received and that she was completely talking out of her rear end. What’s unclear is if she was trying to recreate some of the buzz artificially as she had in her first appearance. Either way, the slam sent out shock waves into the digital universe.

9 Wants To Be A Nurse

Thankfully, Danielle stated when she returned for her second visit to Dr. Phil that she does actually have dreams for when she grows-up. She stated that she wants to be a nurse one day. She may have started wanting to go down this career path when her mother had cancer and she helped to take care of her. Whatever her motivation is, it’s good to know that she has a goal beyond causing trouble and showing out. Hopefully she realizes that in order to get into nursing school, she’s going to have to be a whole lot more disciplined than what she is now. Someone needs to explain to Danielle that she doesn’t have to peak at 13 and be a washed-up reality star. Who knows though, we may be able to “cash her” in an operating room one day helping save lives.


8 Banned by Spirit Airlines


When boarding a Spirit Airlines flight recently, Danielle and her mother Barbara Ann got into quite the brawl with another passenger. The passenger was unhappy that Barbara Ann was taking extra time putting her carry-on bag into the overhead compartment and made some rude remarks, including something of a racial slur. Danielle, who we all know is completely unwilling to back down from any type of confrontation let the woman have all she could handle. There is video footage showing the fight between the passenger, Danielle and her mother. Police actually escorted the three off the flight and apparently both Danielle and Barbara Ann have been banned for life from Spirit Airlines. It’s a shame it had to come to that, but it shows that old habits die very hard.

7 Has Received Threats by Cyberbullies

You can’t help but feel a little bad for Danielle though. 13 is an awfully young age to have to deal with so much attention. She’s still a kid after all and the public tends to forget that when they make their opinions known. According to Danielle’s mom, Barbara Ann, Danielle has been the target of many cyberbullies and even received some death threats. There was even a terrible rumor circulating around that Danielle had committed suicide! This is thankfully very false and she’s still very much among us. But bullying hurts no matter how tough you are and it is something that no one should have to deal with alone. Cyberbullying is a problem on a small scale, but just imagine when millions of people see your every move.

6 Selling Merchandise


Danielle has begun to see dollar signs that come when you have a whole lot of attention. She has created a line of merchandise with the “cash me ousside” tagline. Some sources say that she has already sold tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise in a very short period of time. With over 4 million Instagram followers and a very substantial Facebook and other social media following, Danielle has been able to cash in on this viral sensation. I hope she’s been saving for college, because at some point the fifteenth minute of fame will end and it will be just a reality of her rocky relationship with her mom and law enforcement. It will be fun however to see how they can continue to capitalize on the phenomenon.

5 Stole Car From Dr. Phil Crew Member

You read the headline correctly. This girl is so bad that the first time the crew from Dr. Phil went to Danielle’s home to interview her, she stole the keys to one of their vehicles and took off! Was this an act of defiance to prove why she is worthy of being on television, or was she just so out of control that the impulse struck her and she wanted to have a nice joyride? Either way, grand theft auto was definitely a step up from her normal rap sheet. It seems that the crew decided not to press charges, and I am relatively certain that they got the vehicle back. But her actions during the taping are just more proof of how out of control this teenage girl truly has been.

4 Inspired A Church Sign


You know that meme generator where you can type in any message you want and make it look like a church sign? Well this is a real one! On the sign of the Britt David Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia, the sign clearly reads “Cash God Inside. Howbow Dah?” The sign has gotten a whole lot of attention, and from more than just the local community. The Pastor Dr. Tim Jones wanted to attract a younger audience to come to church and this seemed to be a fun way to accomplish just that. It was all in good fun for sure and it has turned something really ridiculous and a little bit pathetic into a positive message and an open invitation. Congratulations Dr. Jones for making lemonade out of lemons.

3 Instafamous

As of the writing of this list, Danielle has a verified Instagram account with over 4.5 million followers! To put that into perspective, she has more Instagram followers than Hillary Clinton! So what can she do with all this newfound fame? Well, she is doing some endorsements and offering Lyft deals using the promo code HOWBOWDAH. Beyond this, it’s just Danielle posting videos with nothing really important to say. Who knows how long she’ll keep all these followers, but if she continues to dominate the news with her bad behavior, she may be able to grow her fanbase. She has an opportunity to do some good with her celebrity and maybe she’ll make the right decision. In the meantime, we can all just die a little inside knowing how easy it is for some people to find celebrity.

2 Did Great At Rehab


In her second appearance on Dr. Phil, they showed a segment of her at the Turn-About Ranch. The staff at the ranch commented that Danielle did very well there and thrived under the structured environment that they offered. She made a great connection with a horse named “Chief.” You could even tell when Danielle went back to Dr. Phil that she thought a lot of the people at the ranch and enjoyed the experience. She was sincere when she made statements about how wonderful they were and how much they cared about her. This is a clear indication that Danielle is like any other child with a good heart. Unfortunately, her mother stated that immediately upon getting picked-up by her mother to go home, Danielle started getting combative with her again.

1 The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

The initial appearance on Dr. Phil showed Danielle’s mother Barbara Ann to be a mom at the end of her rope with no other options. What we see in the following months afterward and since Danielle has become an internet sensation, is a much different Barbara Ann. Dr. Phil confronted Barbara Ann on the second appearance and claimed that Danielle may have some other factors influencing her behavior. He said that his staff received a list of “demands” from Barbara Ann including the hotel where she expected to stay for the upcoming appearance. On several videos, Barbara Ann can be heard in the background using profanity and acting in a disorderly manner. Apparently, she was not exactly easy to break-up with either when Danielle’s father left. Parenting may at least have a small part to play in her bad behavior after all.

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