15 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is a man of many talents - from game and television show hosting, acting (yup, he was an actor when he had first arrived in Hollywood), and even making a bigger name for himself in the sports industry. At least, the acting and sports is something that I have recently learned because I grew up with this game show host. I will always remember the dude from Fear Factor—you know that show, where contestants always felt obligated to eat baked or BBQ insects.

My favorite moments consisted of contestants lying down in an empty case until a bucket full of rats, spiders, or other disgusting bugs were poured over their half-naked bodies. Those were the good ol’ days of reality TV shows. To me, Rogan will always be the cool dude who had hosted television’s most profound moments, whether that was Fear Factor or even the UFC fights.

Although it seems that Rogan has stepped back from the spotlight, he certainly seems busier than ever, now married and raising two children. In addition, he is often seen at the local metropolitan gyms due to his passion for UFC fighting and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

15 Host of Fear Factor


Acclaimed as one as the most watched reality television shows ever, Fear Factor certainly knew how to get under both contestants and the viewers’ skins. The show (for a refresher) consisted of three different stunts. The first stunt was always something physical, such as contestants jumping over a cliff or holding onto an object for dear life, while weather conditions were rigged. The second stunt involved more of a mental challenge, including the consumption of animal parts or bugs. Then, the last stunt had always involved something bigger than life - like a scene from an action movie. The show had a successful run from 2001-2006 until it was canceled. Producers, including Rogan, came back with the show in 2011; however, they were canceled once again. As of now, there is said to be no revisits with the show. Perhaps, it is a chapter that Rogan has decided to close himself, especially after his interview with OC Register, stating that he does not miss the show one bit.

14 Marriage & Two Children


And, perhaps, Rogan is busier than ever now that he is married and has two children. In 2007, Rogan and his longtime girlfriend, Jessica, had their first daughter. Then, in 2010, they had their second daughter. Rogan has expressed his love and appreciation for fatherhood in multiple interviews. He claims that becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding moments in life, far better than any job in any industry. The family of four do their best to keep a low profile, often seen shopping or grabbing dinner in their hometown. Actually, Rogan has recently come forth that he much rather focus on his family than tackle on any more acting or hosting gigs. It is always good and even relieving to see someone in the spotlight value the nature of family, focusing on what is important at the end of the day—being surrounded by your loved ones.

13 He Called Carlos Mencia A Thief On Stage


Now, talk about making headlines! But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. In 2007, Rogan and other fellow comedians, Carlos Mencia, were invited to The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. The night was celebrating comedians and their work. Other comedians included George Lopez, Reverend Bob Levy, Bobby Lee, and Ari Shaffir. Weeks leading up to the big night, it had been reported how infuriated Rogan with Mencia, who was said to have stolen a joke from Rogan’s colleague and friend, Shaffir. Sometime during the standup, Rogan spotted out Mencia in the audience and outed him in front of everyone, calling him, “Carlos Menstealia!” Everything was caught on video and immediately went viral. The night turned into Team Rogan versus Team Mencia. Most of the audience, including other fellow comedians such as Shaffir, were Team Rogan. The blow up cooled off on Mencia’s end, however, Rogan had zero shame and did not sugarcoat his anger over the situation. He continued to call out Mencia during radio, magazine, and even television interviews.

12 He Backed Ron Paul

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In addition to all of his entertainment jobs, Rogan has also become well-known for his advocacy involvement. Although Rogan has stated that he is not in favor of any particular political party, but rather focused on libertarian views, he had endorsed Ron Paul during the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign. Perhaps, that started changing his political party support. During a Jay Leno television spot, Rogan is seen wearing a support Ron Paul shirt. The NBC behind-the-scene pictures are priceless too—Rogan beaming like a teenager who is just meeting their favorite boy band (the Harry Styles or Nick Jonas from the group). Ron Paul even looks stoked himself from Rogan’s support. It is no surprise that Rogan was a Bernie Sanders supporter during the current (or, perhaps, we shall now call it, “previous,” on his end) U.S. presidential debate. Curious and curiouser…who do you think Rogan will vote for this year?

11 The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast


The dude is certainly hilarious! Luckily, Rogan and his comedian colleague and friend, Brian Redban, started their own podcast show in December 2009. The duo discusses their favorite topics, involving current events, politics, philosophy, comedy, hobbies, and much more. They have a guest or guests every episode, which can sometimes turn into a raunchy (and To Much Information) episode. The podcast duo seems humble themselves and never let anything get to their heads—from what it seems—especially now that their podcast is one of the most downloaded shows today. The show had definitely seemed like an indie project (kind of like an independent aka low budget movie), until a month into their broadcast, their listeners was estimated to eleven million. A month later, their listeners had skyrocketed to more than sixteen million. Maybe down the line, The Joe Rogan Experience will become a television show. Let’s hope so!

10 He Is A Commentator For The UFC


Well, this one is another “duh” moment. Rogan got involved with UFC, starting out as an interviewer. His first break was the UFC 12: Judgement Day in Dothan, Alabama in 1997. In 2002, he was then promoted as a blow-by-blow commentator. The owner of the company, Dana White, had actually offered Rogan a commentating position; however, Rogan felt that the position would only be focused on fighting and drinking and drinking and fighting. He was not interested. So, he had declined the job offer. Then, Rogan had caved in after White gave him fifteen free tickets to him and his friends to the fights. Rogan caught on and, ultimately, accepted the job offer to become a commentator. Not too long after, he even won a Best Television Announcer for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award. World MMA Awards had also named as the “MMA Personality of the Year” award four times.

9 He Has A Three-Album Deal With Warner Bros.


It is no surprise that with Rogan’s work background, he would end up with a three-album deal with Warner Brother Records. This had started back in 2009 after Rogan made a name for himself. His first album release was in 2000 with I’m Gonna Be Dead Some Day, a seventeen track standup comedy bit. As of today, that is the only released album because soon after his first album release, he was offered to host Fear Factor. This had also put a hold on his television sitcom series he had interest to develop with Warner Brothers. However, he felt that the studio would have little interest to further develop the series; therefore, he had an open schedule for more work to do. Ironically, he felt that Fear Factor would have little amount of success, but he was convinced to tackle on the hosting position. He was immediately involved with television hosting and acting gigs, something we will look further into in the list below.

8 MADtv Guest Host


After coming to Hollywood, most actors and comedians struggle to find work, let alone make the month’s rent. In 1996, Rogan scored a co-hosting gig on the hit television show, MADtv. It was one episode in 1996. Although it was a short-termed gig, it was the starting point for Rogan to break into the Entertainment industry. Because soon, he started popping up everywhere and he was certainly a face and name to not miss.

7 He Is A Fan Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


The Joe Rogan I knew….was never seen participating in sports, especially after growing up with Fear Factor and only seeing him as the guy who had to console most of the contestants after some scary obstacles. However, Rogan had originally started training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in 1996, right around the time he was going on acting auditions for guest roles. He even trained under the famous Carlson Gracie in Hollywood, California. More fun facts—Rogan is a black belt at the tenth Planet Jiu-Jitsu, under Eddie Bravo. This one is a style of no-gi Brazilian jui-jitsu, aka I have no idea what this means either (but it is a different form of regular jui-jitsu—yeah, I am not so familiar with this). Rogan is, perhaps, more than a triple threat, considering he is also a black belt in gi Brazilian jui-jitsu under the famous Jean Jacques Machado. You can probably find Rogan at your nearest Los Angeles gym.

6 He Is A Tae Kwon Do Grand Champion


With all of the training and, overall, recognition…it is no surprise that Rogan is a Tae Kwon Do champion. But not just any champion—a GRAND champion. Rogan has often tweeted throwback pictures or videos of his Tae Kwon Do days; and overall kicking ass during the competitions. Perhaps, he was one of the youngest (or, in fact, youngest) when he won the U.S. Open Tae Kwon Do Championship at just nineteen years old. And if that is not impressive enough, Rogan even beat out both middle and heavyweight title holder/household names as a lightweight. He took home the Grand Championship not too long after starting out in fighting. Although Rogan has always been discreet of anything further than winning some competitions back in teen and young adult days, it would be cool to see him involved in more fights—in the ring, rather than outside of it, commentating the events.

5 Joe Rogen Questions Everything


Although the show was canceled after one season (six episodes), it was fun to watch Rogan and his co-host, Duncan Trussell, navigate the world of paranormal and watching the ordinary turn into extraordinary things. This included the mysteries of Bigfoot, UFO’s, the apocalypse, and psychics. Most of the time, Rogan was proved wrong with his theories. We saw him go onto field trips, as well as interview specialists and often get weirded or scared the shit out of with facts versus fiction. The show had premiered in 2013 on Syfy after Rogan decided to take some of his unaired podcast discussions from the Joe Rogan Experience. It is odd that the show had not lasted longer than expected, considering that viewership was well more than a million of viewers each episode. Who knows—perhaps, it was better off as a podcast show or needed a new network to air on.

4 He Starred In Hardball (TV Show)


After his manager had convinced him to move to New York, Rogan had, ultimately, relocated to Los Angeles, California after landing a television spot on MTV’s Half-Hour Comedy Hour. Soon after, he was involved in what was known as a “bidding war” after his manager sent a tape of his standup bits to a variety of networks. It was this “audition” tape that landed Rogan’s development contract with Disney. Finally, he had scored his first acting gig, starring as a young and cocky baseball play, Frank Valente, on the television show, Hardball. Unfortunately, the show had only lasted for two months due to low ratings. Again, Rogan did not sugarcoat and had expressed how a new showrunner with a “big ego” came in and rewrote the entire series. He believed this new showrunner got rid of the heart that made it a great piece of work in the first place.

3 He Also Starred In NewsRadio (TV show)


There is always second chances for everything! After the cancellation of Hardball, Rogan booked the role of Joe Garrelli on the show NewsRadio. It had developed a fan base, airing from 1995 to 1999. Rogan’s role was to originally be played by other fellow comedian and actor, Ray Romano. Makes sense since Romano had soon landed his own show. Rogan has also claimed in interviews that the role of Joe Garrelli was a dream job, as well as the show itself because it had allowed him to work steady weekly hours, make some money, and support his standup comedy acts. In fact, it was not until his OC Register interview where Rogan stated how his acting days are possibly over. He admitted how he had only got involved with acting gigs in order to make fast cash; usually, this is seen the other way around with actors taking standup bits before landing their television break.

2 His Idols Are Richard Jeni & Lenny Bruce


Rogan had never thought of stand up, let alone comedy, becoming a part of his life. After being spotted out at a comedy club in New York City by his manager, Jeff Sussman, Rogan was immediately thrown into the life of a comedian, performing stand-up at any chance he was given. Rogan has always been a doer rather than a fly on the wall. After all, he had convinced the owner of the Boston comedy club, where he had performed and got discovered by Sussman, to let perform a five-minute standup act. The authenticity and drive were also seen in other comedians, including Rogan’s cited idols, Richard Jeni and Lenny Bruce. Rogan expressed his appreciation for the comedians in some of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast episodes. Like Jeni and Bruce, Rogan has not only made a name for himself but continues to build his own legacy to leave behind for future comedians to follow as well.

1 He Is A Marijuana Activist


And more advocacy! Being the outspoken guy he has always been, Rogan is a strong supporter of legalizing marijuana/cannabis/weed/pot/Mary Jane (whatever you want to call it). He has held multiple of benefits, expressing his belief how marijuana is no different than consuming cheeseburgers—people overdo it, but nobody will close down a Burger King, yet would rather revoke the legalization of marijuana. Rogan’s involvement with legalizing marijuana became obvious after he had hosted the documentary feature film, The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. Other film features have included Marijuana: A Chronic History and The Culture High. Rogan’s other support goes for the use of LSD, mushrooms, and DMT. Why? Because he believes all three serve a purpose in allowing an individual to experience and explore further into the consciousness. This could explain his interest in meditation as well, always wanting to find a way to balance the physical, mental, and overall well-being mindset.

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