15 Shocking Details Surrounding Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna's Relationship

When Rob Kardashian was first introduced as the younger brother in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, he was thought of as attractive and modest in his behavior. There was even an episode where his sisters ambushed him while he was on a date, and the public felt sympathy for him because his family was so intrusive in his personal life. Yet, that all changed once he started dating Adrienne Bailon from The Cheetah Girls. TV audiences wanted to learn more about their flourishing romance and even more about their sudden split. While the rest of the Kardashian clan seemed to be making money hand-over-fist with endorsement deals and appearances, Rob was starting to look like the charity case with looks that were failing fast.

Yet, that didn't mean that he couldn't still get women to date him, and he famously dated the beautiful, Rita Ora. Yet, that relationship came to an end, and the world began to see a whole new side to Rob Kardashian. He took to social media and slammed her for having alleged affairs while they were dating and shamed her as being promiscuous all over the Internet. It seems like that must be a pattern for Rob Kardashian because that's exactly what he did with the mother of his child, Blac Chyna. While he definitely amplified it a bit by posting nude photos of her, the underlying theme remains the same. Let's take a look back at all of the dysfunction and shocking details surrounding the romance between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna and see how this couple was doomed from the very beginning.

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15 Suggestive Photos Online

Although Blac Chyna was friends with the Kardashian sisters, all of that seemed to change once her man, Tyga, was rumored to be having a relationship with Kylie Jenner. Even though Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna had posed together for social media pictures, Kim was obviously going to take the side of her half-sister. Almost immediately, her friendship with Blac Chyna began to fizzle out, which meant that Blac Chyna could no longer count on Kim Kardashian to beef up her social media status. Instead, she took to Instagram and started posting photos of her and a "mystery man" all cuddled up, which later was revealed to be Rob Kardashian. People started pointing that out quickly because of the tattoos that could be seen on his arm in the picture. This was later seen as a publicity stunt for her to garner more attention.

14 Flashing A Ring For No Reason

Long before Rob had even popped the question to Blac Chyna, she seemed to be throwing out hints from the get-go. She would post suggestive photos and videos of herself wearing a massive diamond ring on her engagement finger, and it fueled rumors that the two were engaged. She also posted engagement ring emojis on her Instagram page. Some insiders came out and said that she was only doing this to garner more attention, which makes sense when all of the headlines seemed to be focused on her ex, Tyga, and his mysterious new relationship with then-underage Kylie Jenner. Whether it was just a ploy to get attention or a way to throw subtle hints at Rob that she wanted him to propose, no one will ever know for sure.

13 Demanding A Proposal And A Baby

After only a short amount of time together, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna seemed to be hosting their very own reality series right on Snapchat, and some of the videos were cringe-worthy. In March of 2016, Blac Chyna snapped a video of her and Rob out and about, and the conversation was extremely strange. She can be heard saying, "Rob, I am not playing with you; I want my eggs cracked! That means I want to have a baby!" She went on to say, "I need my name dropped. That means I want to be married! I am not f***ing around with you!" Typically, women don't generally go around demanding men that they've just started a relationship with to get married and have a baby with them, which should have been a definite red flag.

12 Previously Engaged To Tyga

Blac Chyna met the rapper, Tyga, on the set of his music video for "Rack City" back in 2011. The two began dating and had a child together, and shortly after, the two were engaged. Yet, there were rumors that Tyga was starting to date the much younger, Kylie Jenner, and then he ultimately broke off his engagement to Blac Chyna. It was later speculated that the only reason why Blac Chyna started dating Rob Kardashian in the first place was to get back at her ex. It's easy to believe this rumor since Rob Kardashian wasn't exactly at his best when he started dating Blac Chyna. He had already gained a massive amount of weight, and it seemed to come out of nowhere that he and Blac Chyna were in a relationship.

11 Kris Vs. Tokyo Toni

After Tokyo Toni took to Instagram and called the Kardashian sisters "reality hoes," there was reportedly a confrontation between her and Kris. There were rumors that Kris called Tokyo Toni in the middle of the night and reamed into her about the horrible comments Toni had made about Kris's children. The interesting part is that Kris is the one who had already promised to pay for the wedding in entirety, so it probably wasn't the best move to anger the matriarch of the family. Tokyo Toni definitely didn't have the funds to pay for the fairytale wedding that Blac Chyna and Rob were expecting. Thus, almost immediately after the fallout from Tokyo Toni's Instagram post, she went back on social media and issued a public apology. This was definitely the right move if she wanted her daughter to get a superstar wedding.

10 Tainting the “Good” Kardashian Name

The interesting part about the baby of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna is the fact that she'll legitimately be a Kardashian. While the women in the family are expected to change their last names once they marry, the son in the family is the one that truly carries on the family name. Blac Chyna petitioned to have the name "Angela Renée Kardashian” trademarked because that was her legal name, and after she married Rob, she would technically be a Kardashian. Yet, the sisters contested this in court, and their lawyers claimed that they'll "suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill" if Chyna were to take the Kardashian name. The documents also stated, "[Blac Chyna is] deliberately seeking to profit from the goodwill and popularity" of the Kardashian name. The result of the case was that Blac Chyna's request to trademark the name was denied.

9 Family Didn’t Know About The Engagement

It had already become a common occurrence for Rob would flake out on family outings, so it didn't really come as a surprise when Kris planned a family trip to Vail, and then, Rob decided to bail at the last minute. Yet, the events that occurred while the family was all away in Vail definitely did come as a surprise. Rob proposed to Blac Chyna after only 10 weeks of dating, and the couple posted the photo of her sporting the ring online. The ring boasted seven carats, and the couple reportedly used a friend of the Kardashian family who works as a jeweler. The crazy part was that no one in his family even knew that he was planning on proposing, and they all literally found out about the engagement online, like the rest of the world.

8 Quick Pregnancy

After dating for only ten weeks and then getting engaged, it seemed like Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were definitely in the fast lane when it came to their relationship. Yet, they weren't done with their speedy trip since after only being engaged for a month, the couple announced that Blac Chyna was indeed pregnant. This shouldn't have come as a surprise since she had proclaimed early on that she wanted a baby, so it's not like she was going to be on birth control or trying to enact any measures not to get pregnant. Right away, this started garnering a huge amount of criticism because people were looking at her like she was just using Rob Kardashian to get that baby paycheck that would set her up for life.

7 Tokyo Toni Gets Into The Mix

Just when it seemed like the drama couldn't get any sloppier, the world was introduced to Blac Chyna's mother, Tokyo Toni. She didn't miss out on her daughter's 15 minutes of fame regarding her relationship with Rob Kardashian and took to Instagram on a number of occasions. In one lengthy Instagram rant, she called out Rob's sisters and called them "boxed or botched." She went on to say that the sisters were not going to be invited to the wedding and that they wouldn't have any part in planning the wedding either. Yet, the worst of it came when she started mocking the fact that the Kardashians were Armenian. In the post, Tokyo Toni stated, "PS -, they are Armenian so no blonde hair blue eyes over here whenever they do have a kid!! Let's get it poppin now!! Lol!! Okay whenever y'all ready but get the point."

6 Rob & Chyna Reality Show

It shouldn't have come as a surprise that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna would get a reality series. Kris Jenner has long been criticized for the way she's shamelessly used her children's personal lives in order to obtain fame and money, so it should be no different from her doing the same thing with her son. The Rob & Chyna reality series was just another show detailing the dysfunction within the Kardashian family, but this time, it included some of the personalities in Blac Chyna's life. From her outspoken friends to her mother and father, it wasn't exactly showing the glitzy life of luxury the way Keeping Up with the Kardashians was known for doing season after season. Yet, it was good entertainment for those who wanted to see a relationship completely go down in flames in front of the cameras.

5 Dysfunctional Baby Shower

Despite all of the drama in the beginning of the relationship between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, it seemed like everyone had finally settled down and became friendly with one another once again. There were pictures of Kylie Jenner's birthday party where Blac Chyna and Rob were in attendance and smiling, and it seemed like all was right with the world. Yet, the Kardashian sisters know how to pull off some shadiness without actually looking like they were the plotters. Supposedly, the Kardashians wanted to do something special for Rob by hosting a baby shower that was just for men. They invited friends from his past, there was going to be men's themed activities, and it was going to be something special for him to have all his own. Yet, many people thought of it as a way to ostracize Blac Chyna once again, and the drama unfolded on the reality series with Rob refusing to attend.

4 Blac Chyna & Rob Living With Kylie

There's always been chatter about how Rob Kardashian has had to lean on his sisters for financial help over the years. At one point he was living with Khloe and her husband, Lamar, and she was even giving him an allowance for spending money. Yet, once he had a child with Blac Chyna, people just assumed that they would buy a home together and make a life for themselves separate from his sisters. Yet, that wasn't the case. Blac Chyna gave an interview with People magazine about the real reason why she and Rob finally just broke off their relationship, and she revealed that after their baby, Dream, was born, she moved in with Rob while he was living with his sister, Kylie. This is the same Kylie that was rumored to having an affair with Tyga while he was still with Blac Chyna, so it had to be awkward. In the interview, Chyna stated, "I moved in and one week later was like, 'You know what? I don't deserve this. I'm out. I'm not going to be disrespected.'"

3 Rob Leaked Nude Photos Of Blac Chyna Online

Rob Kardashian is known for having a heated temper when it comes to his ex-girlfriends, which was made clear when his relationship with Rita Ora came to an end. Yet, he sunk to an all-time low when he took to social media and started showcasing some of the nude photos that Blac Chyna had sent him via text. He called out the surgeries she's had done and even mocked her nipples that had apparently become distorted after one of the surgeries. He also posted a post-surgery photo and called her out for saying that she had lost the weight naturally. He said that he had paid $100,000 to get her body back in fighting form and also detailed that she had had her butt reduced, with a picture to "back it up."

2 Rob Posted Photos And Videos Blac Chyna Had Sent Him

Rob took to social media and posted a video that Blac Chyna had sent to him, wishing him a Happy 4th of July. The video was of her kissing and snuggling up with another man in an apparent attempt to make Rob jealous. Yet, the whole timeline of it seems totally messed up since Rob claimed that he was still engaging in sexual relations with her while she was with other men. After posting the video, he captioned it that she needed to spend time with her daughter rather than playing these games trying to make him jealous and having random men in and out of her life. Another post shows a man in the bed that he once shared with Blac Chyna, in the robe that he claims he probably paid for.

1 Restraining Order Drama In Court

Blac Chyna alleged that Rob Kardashian was physically abusive during their relationship but then deleted those posts and started to focus solely on his actions via social media. He alleged that she was excessively using alcohol and drugs, claimed that she was cheating on him during their relationship, then posted three photos of Blac Chyna in the nude. A lawyer for Blac Chyna read a statement in early July of 2017 stating, "Mr. Kardashian, you are now on notice: revenge p--n is illegal. Cyberbullying your ex is harassment." In an interview with Good Morning America, Blac Chyna addressed these issues by saying, "How could somebody post these pictures of me? This is a person that I trusted. I just felt betrayed. He doesn't respect me. So if you can't respect me, you have to respect the law."

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