15 Shocking Deaths In Movies & TV Where The Characters Shouldn't Have Died

Why did they have to go?

We all had that relatable moment while watching a movie where we saw our favorite character dying and said: “Dang it, that shouldn’t have happened”, especially if it is the main protagonist of the series. The directors usually have good reasons to do so, but that doesn’t generally mean the audience will agree with their decision in some cases.

Of course, the “departure” of a character from a movie is sometimes due to the actor starting new projects and not being able to be present on set anymore, health issues, or simply being required to go along with the script. This usually leads to a dramatic death which leaves us on the edge of our seat.

Surely, we are shocked after such events and we immediately start thinking of what could have been done to prevent their death (or even if the movie or series is worth watching anymore). Most of the time, we just open our fridge and get that comforting chocolate ice-cream we have been keeping for occasions like this, hoping that it was just a cliffhanger, but most of the time, it is certain death, and that is overwhelming.

Needless to say, this article contains potential spoilers from your favorite series or movies, therefore proceed at your own risk.

15 Diablo - Suicide Squad


Suicide Squad was possibly the most hyped movie of the year and as a result, people had high expectations from it and therefore mixed opinions. The movie had a pretty stereotypical story: kill the bad guy, but that wasn’t the only thing that died in the movie. Diablo, a friendly ally from the Suicide Squad, which were a group of super-villains organized by the government, was also a victim. In the final battle to save the city, the former gang member used his superpowers to battle the Enchantress, a dangerous witch that tried to destroy the world, while the rest were trying to deliver death from below and detonate a bomb under her.

Unfortunately, his powers were defeated by the powerful will of the witch, which was now reunited with her brother and lost heart, making her stronger than ever. Once Diablo was put to the ground, the Suicide Squad had only one choice but to detonate the bomb on both in order to end it once and for all. As a result, Diablo died in the explosion, but he gave his life to save everyone and defeat the witch.

We were all surprised by their decision, as Diablo proved to be a useful character throughout the movie that didn’t deserve to die. In the beginning we were given a peek into his life story and how he got in jail, giving us a more detailed view of his personal life and making the character stand out of the crowd.

14 Allison - Teen Wolf


In Allison’s death scene, we are put in a rollercoaster ride of emotions as she fights the samurai. After an attempt to save her friends, Allison was pierced by the sword of the last demon samurai alive, which then faded into the darkness, leaving her resting body on the cold ground. Scott, her boyfriend, was begging for her to stay with him, but it was just too much for her to handle.

This scene was shocking, since her death was quicker than anticipated. She was not supposed to die so fast as she played an important role in the series due to her being a skilled archer and gymnast.

13 “Maze Runner” – Chuck


“Maze Runner” hit us with a different twist of fate which we least expected from this movie through the brave gesture of Chuck, who jumped in front of a bullet in order to save his friend, Thomas.

After they found an exit to the maze, Gally, a teammate of theirs which didn’t want them to leave, decided to threaten to kill Thomas, since he hated him. Chuck knew he was going to pull the trigger and as a result, jumped in front of the bullet, saving Thomas’ life, but not his. After the shot, Gally is killed with a wooden stick by Minho, one of the challengers, as Chuck lay wounded.

He is then surrounded by his friends who tried to save him, but soon they realized there was no hope left for him.

12 Quicksilver - Avengers: Age of Ultron


In Avengers: Age of Ultron we are surprised with the unexpected death of Quicksilver. His death wasn’t so predictable since the scenario he was put in seemed somewhat harmless. In an attempt to save Hawkeye, who was sheltering a kid from a rapidly approaching Apache helicopter, he dashed through the bullets in order to save the two. This was a very sad day for Marvel fans since Quicksilver was not just an acquaintance, but a character with years of history behind him and people just weren’t ready for his death.

11 Superman - Batman vs Superman


Who would you think would win between a frightful godly force and a human in a suit? You might be surprised of this scenario but it happened in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The ending takes a twist when Doomsday, an ancient beast created by Lex Luthor to destroy Superman, is born.

Once the beast was unleashed, it focused on destroying Superman in a prolonged fight which kept the audience in suspense. Weakened by Batman and being the only one who could kill the beast, Superman does the brave act of taking Doomsday’s only weakness, a kryptonite rod, right to his chest. In a final attempt to kill Superman, the beast grabbed him and pierced his heart, making sure that he wasn’t the only one to die on that day.

10 Pablo Escobar - Narcos


The well-known series Narcos, which was nominated for multiple awards, put a sudden end on the life of Pablo Escobar, a Colombian drug lord played by Wagner Moura, in season two. The series was expected to deviate from reality and create an environment where Pablo Escobar, the main character, would survive for a longer period of time than expected, in order to extend the series.

During season two, we are presented to Pablo’s return to Colombia, Los Olivos, where he thought no one would ever search for him. Unfortunately, he was detected by radio triangulation technology which tracked his radiotelephone transmissions he used in order to talk to his wife. The police then barged into his house as he tried escaping through the house’s rooftop. It wasn’t long until the police shot him dead, only 24 hours after his 44th birthday, which made us wonder why his death was so sudden. Unfortunately it did happen, and Netflix did a flawless job in recreating the famous rooftop death photo of Pablo Escobar which was inspired by the original pictures taken in 1993.

9 Han Solo - Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Han Solo is a contraband member and pilot of the Millennium Falcon, accompanied by his co-pilot, Chewbacca. In Star Wars VII, he initially offers to help Luke Skywalker for a small fee, but ends up bonding a friendship with him. In an attempt to destroy the Death Star and save the galaxy, Han Solo crossed paths with his son, Ben Solo which worked for the dark side. The two meet on a bridge with Han’s intention of trying to bring him back to the light side, but it was all in vain.

He then gets stabbed in the stomach and is thrown into the Death Star. His death was predictable, but that didn’t mean Han Solo had to die since he was an important character in the series, which helped battle for the good side alongside Luke.

8 Leonidas - 300


The movie ,which stormed the internet for years with the famous quote: “This is Sparta,” followed up by a powerful kick of a Persian messenger into the abyss, had a swift ending.

Though only a few know the true ending of the movie, we thought it was slightly unfair. After Leonidas sends few of his troops at war against a thousand Persian warriors, he is defeated and left alone in the middle of nowhere against the rest of the soldiers which were waiting for him on a mountain. Being aware of the inevitable death, Leonidas made one last vow to his queen as the arrows started falling. Not the best ending for a Roman emperor, huh?

7 Gandalf - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


Another famous internet sensation was the dramatic ending of Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring. The wizard under the name of Gandalf and other allies were followed by an ancient fire demon capable of relentless destruction under the name of Balrog, which wanted to stop them from traveling through his cavern into Rohan (their destination).

As they ran away from him to cross a narrow bridge, Gandalf stops and turns around, attempting to protect his friends from the demon through various spells which were driving it away. Gandalf then unleashes a powerful spell which cracks the ground below the Balrog, making him fall to his death into a deep pit of lava.

That was not the end of the story since Gandalf was then dragged by the monster into the pit, making him fall to his apparent death, which is then truly revealed later on in the sequel of the movie. All of that could have been avoided if Gandalf was just a little bit more careful before celebrating his victory.

6 Jon Snow - Game of Thrones


One of the saddest deaths in Game of Thrones was when the character of Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, unexpectedly died during a sabotage in which he was stabbed multiple times by a group under the name of “Night’s Watch” (which disagreed with Jon’s intentions). Olly, an abandoned orphan which rebelled against his plans, gave him the final blow in an attempt to end his sovereignty, upsetting fans from all over the world. This move did not only make everyone sad, but also transferred feelings of hate towards Olly, making him one of the most hated characters in the Game of Thrones series.

This left people wondering why Jon Snow wasn’t more aware of his surroundings or why he didn’t have an idea of Thorne’s true intentions.

5 Tom and Jerry - Tom and Jerry: Final Episode


In the last episode of Tom and Jerry, directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, we were given an end to the cartoon series, which no one expected. In the last episode, Tom fell in love with an attractive female cat called Toodles Galore, to which he would have given anything and everything for her to notice him, and that’s what he did.

In the final episode of these series, Tom sells all of his properties, including an arm and a leg, and willingly enslaving himself for 20 years in order to afford a car so that he can impress Toodles. Sadly, the competition was rough and everything Tom did, Butch Cat did better.

Jerry also sees his girlfriend with someone else and they both fall into depression. We are then presented to a dark scene where both are resting bluntly on a railway, as Jerry narrates the last moments of their lives while they are waiting for the train to end their suffering. The episode ends abruptly, and so does the original production studio of the cartoon.

4 Glenn - The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead series is known for its dramatic deaths, which gets our adrenaline pumping since they make everything so unpredictable. An example of this is Glenn’s death, where millions of viewers watched his skull getting smashed to pieces by Negan’s old friend, Lucille.

Glenn’s death was not so expected since season six ended with a massive cliffhanger, which left us in despair for more than five months. Rick’s crew was held hostage by Negan’s group, which was seeking revenge after the damage done to an allied village. Negan started a counting rhyme from Rick and ended with, well, Glenn, but not before ending the season and making viewers twice as impatient waiting for the new one (which revealed the brutal death of Glenn).

3 Mufasa - The Lion King


I think we are all familiar with The Lion King, and whether you have watched it when you were younger, or with your kids, you can’t deny the fact that it had a sad story behind the colorful, child-like imagery.

The death of King Mufasa was tragic due to the way it was presented to the audience. His cub, Simba, was caught in an ambush of wild buffalos and needed to be rescued, and he was, but while doing so, Mufasa was taken away by the herd.

In a final attempt to save himself, he leaped out of the crowd and grabbed onto a rock, which he then struggled to get on top of. Scar, his brother, wanted to claim his crown and therefore sabotaged Mufasa, making him let go from the cliff in front of his son, Simba.

2 Jack Dawson - Titanic

Jack Dawson’s death was a truly tragic one and was very unexpected by the wide audience, hoping for a romantic movie that consisted of the main character falling in love with Rose DeWitt Bukater. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case as Jack’s death was a very tragic one. After the crash of the famous Olympic class ocean liner, the Titanic, the two lovers ran to the top of the ship in order to survive for as long as possible while waiting for the lifeboat.

Unfortunately, the boat didn’t arrive on time and the two were forced to slowly sink with the ship. Luckily, they found a broken, wooden door floating on the surface of the water which kept both floating for a good period of time. We believe that this death emphasizes the truly romantic side of Jack and the fact that he would do anything for her to survive, but there is a hole in the plot.

The main reason why this death should have never happened in the first place was due to the large size of the piece of wood Rose was floating on, as many “mythbusters” proved that there was plenty of space on it for both of them to comfortably lay on top of without it sinking.

1 Sam - I Am Legend


One of the saddest deaths in movies was presented in the long-awaited movie I Am Legend, directed by Francis Lawrence, in which we are presented with a more unusual death that broke our hearts into pieces. In this movie, we are presented with Robert Neville, one of the few survivors of the plague, and his dog Sam, who accompanies him in his adventure to find a cure and save the world.

The movie is perfectly directed to lead you into creating an emotional attachment to the dog through his actions and gestures, which make us sympathize him over anyone else. Sadly, the dog doesn’t make it through due to a horrible incident in which he tries to defend his owner from an aggressive ambush of plagued dogs which tried to kill them both. The owner is saved but the dog is severely injured from a bite to his neck.

Robert takes the dog to a safer area in order to spend the last minutes of his life with him. It wasn’t long until the dog fell to the ground, lifeless, as his owner drowned in sorrow and regret because he couldn’t do much to save him. This left us speechless and confused about why the dog had to die right then and there, making this a truly powerful scene which has touched even the strongest of us.

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