15 Shocking Conspiracy Theories About Marilyn Monroe's Death

Marilyn Monroe was an iconic actress known worldwide. She was considered a sex symbol and was best known for playing the role of a dumb blonde. Monroe was enchanting and had a strange magnetism to her. But she was also deeply troubled. She was known for her addiction to alcohol and drugs. She suffered from depression and anxiety. And she had an unsuccessful private life. All Monroe's marriages had ended in divorce and her love affairs brought her no joy either. So when she was discovered dead on August the 5th, 1962, with drug bottles scattered nearby, some did not find it strange that she had committed suicide.

It was said that Monroe was not happy. She was aging and she did not know what to do with her life. She had also allegedly had love affairs with the Kennedy brothers – JFK and Bobby Kennedy – and after they broke her heart, she did not know what to do with herself. Her life was ruined, or so it might have seemed to her. On the other hand, others claim that while Monroe might not have been happy, she was certainly content. Thus, there was no reason for her to commit suicide. Furthermore, the whole incident seemed a bit shady, with a lot of evidence pointing to foul play. While officially Monroe’s death has been ascribed to drug overdose, many people to this day believe that Monroe was murdered. A number of conspiracy theories aiming to explain Monroe's untimely death have been proposed over the years.


15 Official Theory Of Suicide Attempt Seems Unlikely

The official theory for Monroe’s death is that she committed suicide by overdosing on drugs. However, when we look at Monroe’s life at the time of her death, we don’t see any reason why she would want to take her own life. She was about to get back together with her first husband, Joe DiMaggio. She had also just renewed her work contract with the film studio, 20th Century Fox. She had given interviews to magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Life and posed in a photo shoot for Vogue. Monroe was also getting ready to play in the biographical film on Jean Harlow. And then she supposedly committed suicide. It just doesn’t seem very probable. Plus, the police was not contacted immediately after Monroe’s body was discovered, further adding to the perception that she did not commit suicide.

14 Monroe Died Of Pill Overdose But No Pills Were Found In Her Stomach


Monroe supposedly overdosed on drugs which led to her untimely death. During the investigation accidental death was almost immediately ruled out due to the amount of drugs found in Monroe's blood. The amount of drugs found in her blood was twice the lethal limit. Interestingly, no pills were found in Monroe’s stomach. The lack of pills in Monroe’s stomach was later explained to be the result of the actress’s extensive history of drug use. It was said that because Monroe took drugs so often her stomach digested the pills more quickly. Of course, some argue that no pills were found in Monroe’s stomach because she was actually purposely killed. Furthermore, according to Dr. Noguchi who was in charge of Monroe’s autopsy, the actress’s stomach samples and intestines were destroyed, which meant that the autopsy could not be completed.

13 Monroe’s Death Scene Was Staged

Those who believe that Monroe was killed claim that her death scene was staged. And there’s quite a lot of proof to this theory. For example, it is said that when the police officer Sergeant Jack Clemmons was called to Monroe’s house he supposedly said that it was the most obviously staged death he had ever seen. Monroe’s body was laid neatly on the side of the bed (although in some reports it is said that the star was laying face down on the bed) and there were a number of drug bottles arranged orderly on her bedside table. It is said that Monroe’s diaries had disappeared and her bed sheets had for some reason been washed by her housekeeper.

12 Monroe Rang The White House On The Night She Died


Over the years Monroe’s last day on earth has been reconstructed over and over again. According to some rumors, right before her death Monroe called her hairdresser friend, Sydney Guilaroff, twice. Guilaroff claimed that Monroe was hysterical on the phone and that she told him that Bobby Kennedy and Lawford recently paid a visit to her house and threatened her. Bobby Kennedy and Monroe had allegedly had an affair and Monroe was going to tell the world. Of course, Bobby Kennedy did not want that to happen. Supposedly, the last phone call that Monroe made before her death was to the White House. But who was she calling? Was she seeking protection? Was she trying to get through to John F. Kennedy? Some say Monroe even talked to John F. Kennedy’s wife, Jackie.

11 JFK Couldn't Deal With Monroe

It has long been alleged that JFK had an affair with Monroe. Supposedly, JFK did not think that the affair was a big deal. He was seeing and sleeping with many women and he knew that Monroe was no exception and that he would not be with her for long. However, it is said that Monroe felt differently. She fell in love with JFK. She became obsessed. She became needy. Supposedly Monroe believed that JFK would leave his wife Jackie and marry her instead. Of course, JFK was going to do no such thing and so he began to distance himself from the actress. But Monroe was undeterred. She kept ringing the White House. So JFK decided to send his younger brother and U.S attorney general, Bobby Kennedy, to persuade Monroe to stop calling him. However, it is said that Bobby Kennedy fell in love with the actress himself.

10 Bobby Kennedy Ordered The Murder Of Monroe


A few years ago two journalists released a book in which they claimed that Monroe was killed by JFK’s younger brother and attorney general Bobby Kennedy. Supposedly, Monroe had an affair with JFK. When the latter got bored of her, he sent his brother Bobby to tell Monroe to stop calling him. But once Bobby met Monroe, he fell in love with her himself. The two started an affair. According to the actor Peter Lawford, the two began seeing each other almost every day. But just like JFK before him, Bobby grew bored with Monroe rather quickly. However, things were complicated. Monroe supposedly kept a little red diary in which she wrote political secrets whispered to her initially by JFK and later by Bobby. And because Monroe refused to surrender the little diary, Bobby had no choice but to get rid of her.

9 Actor Lawford Was Involved In The Cover-Up

According to the actor Peter Lawford (brother-in-law to President JFK and Bobby Kennedy), Bobby Kennedy and Monroe spent their first night as lovers in his guest bedroom. Lawford supposedly claimed that "almost immediately the affair got very heavy, and they began seeing a lot of each other". After Bobby grew tired of Monroe and after she threatened to expose their relationship and other political secrets to the public, Bobby threatened to cut all contact with the star. However, soon after the fight, Bobby returned to Monroe's house with one of his bodyguards and Lawford. They searched for the little red book, also known as a "diary of secrets". When things awry, Monroe had to be killed. Lawford was present when this happened.


8 Monroe Was Murdered Because She Was A Communist


Some believe that Monroe might have been killed because she was secretly a Communist. Monroe had publicly admired activities in China and spoke of her disapproval at the McCarthy era “witch hunt” against supposed Communist sympathizers in Hollywood. According to FBI files on Monroe, the FBI was worried about the star's leanings towards communism. The FBI began monitoring Monroe after one of her successful films became a hit but their concern grew when she befriended Cornelius Vanderbilt, a man with extremely leftist views. The FBI file also said that Monroe had tried to get a visa to Russia. Some believe that the FBI might have tried to get rid of her although shortly before her death the FBI chiefs supposedly decided that Monroe did not appear to be a communist sympathizer.

7 Monroe's Housekeeper Killed Her

Some believe that Monroe's housekeeper, Eunice Murray, had something to do with Monroe's death. She certainly does not appear completely innocent, anyways. The first police officer to arrive at Monroe's house was Sergeant Jack Clemmons and he claimed that Murray was acting strangely and was rather evasive when Clemmons asked her questions. Furthermore, Clemmons said that when he arrived, Murray was already washing Monroe's bed sheets. Detective Sergeant Robert E. Byron, who arrived shortly after Clemmons, also stated in a report that Murray was acting weirdly. Detective Sergeant Byron did not consider Murray to be a reliable witness, saying that "it is officer's opinion that Mrs. Murray was vague and possible evasive in answering questions pertaining to the activities of Miss Monroe during this time." Both Sergeant Clemmons and Detective Sergeant Byron were soon taken off the case and more senior officials took their place.

6 Monroe’s Psychiatrist Was Responsible For Monroe’s Death


It is generally believed that Monroe's psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, had something to do with Monroe's death. Apparently, Greenson believed that traditional psychoanalysis was doing nothing for Monroe's mental health. Instead, he chose to experiment with new approaches: he pretty much replaced traditional therapy with invitations to dinner parties and social gatherings. Greenson encouraged Monroe to cut ties with her old friends and persuaded her to buy a house near him. Monroe even decorated her new house to resemble the Greensons house. Greenson apparently also asked his brother-in-law to take care of Monroe's legal affairs and asked his friend Eunice Murray to become Monroe's housekeeper. Some biographers have called Greenson a "proprietary control freak" who brought about Monroe's demise by prescribing her too many drugs. Some say Greenson accidentally gave Monroe an overdose. Others say Greenson was Bobby Kennedy's accomplice.

5 Monroe Was Murdered Because She Was Going To Leak Evidence Regarding Extraterrestrials

Recently, a new theory regarding Monroe's death has been proposed. The new, rather bizarre theory proposed by a new UFO documentary 'Unacknowledged' claims that Monroe was killed because she had threatened to leak highly secret information about extraterrestrials. Monroe had an affair with both JFK and Bobby Kennedy. The two brothers had confided in Monroe and revealed to her top-secret information about aliens. JFK had supposedly even told Monroe that he visited a secret air base in order to inspect extraterrestrial things. When the two brothers broke Monroe's heart, she threatened to go public with highly sensitive information. According to the ufologist Dr. Steven Greer, "It's a tragic situation because she was an actress, she didn't understand the national security state and the viciousness of those who want to keep those kind of secrets".

4 Fake Suicide Attempt Gone Wrong


Another rather strange theory says that that Monroe had attempted to fake her suicide in an attempt to revive her career and make the Kennedy brothers realize that they wanted her back. Apparently, the actor Peter Lawford found out about the fake suicide attempt Monroe was planning from another friend and told Bobby Kennedy. After Monroe's and Kennedy's stifling affair, Kennedy actually wanted Monroe dead. So Lawford came up with a plan and got Monroe's psychiatrist, Dr. Greenson, and Monroe's housekeeper, Eunice Murray, on board. Dr. Greenson prescribed Monroe a bunch of drugs. Monroe took the drugs thinking that the pills could easily be pumped out of her body. After Monroe took the pills, her housekeeper Murray called Dr. Greenson and the two waited until Monroe died before they called the police.

3 Monroe Was Killed By The Mafia

According to the investigative author Darwin Porter, the mafia boss Sam Giancana gave the order to have Monroe killed. It is said that Monroe became involved with the mafia after she slept with Giancana’s mob man Johnny Roselli. Giancana used his influence to get Monroe her first ever Hollywood contract. In return, the actress was supposed to seduce powerful men the mafia wanted to blackmail. So when the two affairs with the Kennedy brothers left Monroe heartbroken and she had promised to go public, it wasn’t just the Kennedy brothers who were going to lose out. Many also believe that Bobby Kennedy might have been involved and that he hired the mafia hitmen to kill Monroe. The mob men sneaked into Monroe’s house and forced a chloroform-soaked washcloth over her nose. They then administered Monroe an enema of drugs.

2 Monroe Was Killed By The CIA


In 2015, an article published in the World News Daily Report claimed that a dying CIA agent named Normand Hodges confessed to killing Monroe. Hodges supposedly claimed he had committed 37 assassinations over the course of his career as a CIA agent. He was often employed by the organization to kill those who posed a threat to the country's security. Hodges was quoted saying that "we had evidence that Marilyn Monroe had not only slept with Kennedy, but also with Fidel Castro. My commanding officer, Jimmy Hayworth, told me that she had to die, and that it had to look like a suicide or an overdose." However, the story turned out to be fake.

1 The Police Were Not Contacted Straight Away

At around midnight on August the 5th, 1962, Monroe’s housekeeper, Eunice Murray, supposedly saw the lights on in Monroe’s room. Murray knocked on the door but Monroe didn’t answer. Several hours later, with Monroe still not answering the door, Murray called Monroe’s psychiatrist Greenson. Greenson broke down Monroe’s bedroom door and saw the actress lying lifelessly on her bed. Greenson supposedly then called Monroe’s medical specialist who, at 3.50am, pronounced her dead. But, for some strange reason, the police was not called until 4.25am. Some even say that an ambulance had been called at the same time that Monroe's medical specialist was called and that Monroe was still alive when the ambulance arrived. And when the police arrived, they instantly felt something was off. For one, there was no drinking glass in the room. So how did Monroe swallow all the pills? Plus, the body appeared to have been moved. So perhaps that explains why the police were not immediately called.

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