15 Shocking Confessions Surrounding Angelina Jolie's Past

We seem to know more about Jolie’s personal life these days than we do about her professional life. Not that we should really be surprised; Jolie hasn’t exactly been one to shy away from drama. Her children are about the only aspect of her life that she's tried to keep as private as possible. Ever since her breakup with the love of her life, Brad Pitt, it’s been a free-for-all when it comes to digging up what really went wrong with their relationship. There have been speculations about cheating, physical abuse, and also the fact that Jolie might just be one cold fish.

We know Jolie as an amazing actress and humanitarian, but she also has a lot of skeletons in her closet, and recently, they've been screaming to get out. She’s one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry, but lately, her personal life has taken a serious swan dive. She's been criticized for the choices she's made in her life, from wearing vials of her boyfriend’s blood to having her own blood on her boyfriend’s t-shirt -- man, this girl has a thing for blood! But usually, when she's been scandalized in public, she always has the last word. She rarely apologizes for anything she does, including stealing husbands. You may think that you've heard it all, but there have been some pretty huge confessions that have come out about things that haunt Jolie’s past.


15 Knife Play in the Bedroom

Angelina’s confessions during her younger years were some of the most disturbing that people had ever heard. In 2003, Jolie had a rather candid interview with ABC’s 20/20; she confessed that one of her first sexual experiences was quite painful because they cut each other. At the same time that she discovered her love for knife play, she was also dabbling in bisexuality. She explained to Barbara Walters, "I was surprised when I suddenly found myself having these feelings I always had for men, but for a woman, and wanting to kiss her and wanting to touch her … Early on in my first sexual relationship, I got out knives and had a night where we attacked each other. It felt so primitive and it felt so honest… and then I had to deal with, you know, not telling my mother, hiding things, wearing gauze bandages to high school."

14 She Doesn’t Share Emotions with Her Kids


We can’t deny how much Jolie loves her many children; she's made it pretty clear that she's insanely protective of them. Things haven’t been easy for Jolie in the past couple of years; her marriage to Pitt is in shambles, and she's had some pretty serious health problems, one of which caused her to have a voluntary mastectomy. She also chose to have her ovaries removed in 2015, which put her in early menopause, and everyone wondered why Jolie was going to these extreme measures without ever having cancer of any sort. That manifested itself into her being way too overprotective of her children. "I was very worried about my mother, growing up—a lot," she said. "I do not want my children to be worried about me. I think it's very important to cry in the shower and not in front of them. They need to know that everything's going to be all right even when you're not sure it is."

13 She’s Still Best Buds with Jonny Lee Miller

The first man she ever married was Jonny Lee Miller, a man that she had met while working on the movie Hackers. The two got married while Jolie wore a t-shirt with Jonny’s name written on the back in her blood. They had a three-year marriage, and she broke it off because she needed time for her self-actualization. "We knew that we married young and that we needed to keep growing and that there would be times when we'd grow in different places and spend time apart. But it was very difficult to separate from him … I wasn't sure what compromise was or what freedom was when you were always sharing everything — what was the positive and the negative side of that. We were working separately a lot, and maybe now I understand that it is good to have your individual journeys and it doesn't have to separate you. And I think that probably because I just wasn't feeling very good about myself … I just wasn't whole as a person, I guess, and now I know that you never are completely, and it doesn't matter." Despite that cold departure, Miller has said that they remained friends and are still friends to this day.

12 By the Sea Caused Strife in Her Marriage


By the Sea was a story of a marriage falling apart, and it probably wasn’t the best movie for Brad and Angelina to become a part of. It turned out to be a quite destructive to their marriage, as their marriage was already on shaky ground. They said that it had no effect on their marriage, but then, they separated only a matter of months after filming it. "It was not easy. We just had to be brave and say, 'OK, honey, we're strong enough to do this; let's somehow use this to make us stronger.' We had to stay in our corners, like boxers, and not be husband and wife. It was very hard to do those scenes without Brad and I taking care of each other. Normally in between takes, you'd make sure that the other's OK, but we had to be able to really get ugly."

11 Things Got Truly Ugly Between Her and Brad

It’s not hard to see that things got bad between Jolie and Pitt. After all, she did accuse him of being abusive toward their children. She kept her opinion about their separation locked up tight until she had an interview with Vanity Fair in July 2017. She uttered the words “got bad” in reference to things between her and Brad. She then corrected herself by saying, "I didn't want to use that word… Things became 'difficult.'" She went on with the interview making weird comments that made her look like a wounded bird when, in reality, we know that she’s much more calculated than that. She started speaking about her children, “They've been very brave. They were very brave… in times they needed to be," she said. "We're all just healing from the events that led to the filing," she continued, perhaps alluding to the infamous flight from France to New York that reportedly catalyzed Jolie to make a move. "They're not healing from divorce. They're healing from some… from life, from things in life."

10 She Wanted to Marry a Woman


There was a time that Jolie wanted to get married to a woman. The only problem was, she was already married to a man. She must've been talking about this when she was married to Billy Bob Thornton because she was dabbling with bisexuality around the same time. At the time, she was fooling around with model Jenny Shimizu and considered her to be her girlfriend, even though she was married. She would have married the girl had she not already been married to Thornton. We suppose that Thornton must have been okay with her going around with women during their marriage; maybe he even joined in on occasion. In 1997, she told Us Weekly, "I would probably have married Jenny Shimizu if I hadn't married my husband. I fell in love with her the first second I saw her."

9 Wearing Blood Was Just a Growing Period

Her time with Billy Bob Thornton was just weird for all of us. Between wearing vials of his blood around her neck and their public make-out sessions, we couldn’t keep up. She chalked it all up to just wanting to make the guy happy. We would just cook him a nice dinner, not wear his blood, but that’s just us. She told ABC, "I wanted him to feel good. I believe that's something that you do. That's something a wife would do, for … to or for her husband. And, and at the time, I meant it. I thought he was amazing. And now, I just feel like I don't know him. … We're not friends. I think you make mistakes, and you learn from them, and if you become a better person from those lessons learned, then that's good." She chalked the weird behavior up to her just going through a growing period of learning. "I went through a period when I felt my film characters were having more fun than I was. It might partly explain why I ended up tattooed or doing certain extreme things in my life."


8 Her Mother Affected Her Greatly


We already know that Jolie underwent a lot of surgeries in order to avoid the same fate as her mother. Her mother passed away in 2007 due to ovarian cancer, and it’s been something that's haunted Jolie ever since. Her mother’s death obviously had a huge impact on Jolie, but it was more so what her mother endured while married to her father and then their eventual divorce that affected Jolie so much. Jolie spoke of her mother during an interview with UK Express:, "She studied to be an actress but married my father and by 28 was divorced with two kids. She gave up her dreams … I am my mother's daughter. My love of children, my values, caring about what goes on in the world, all of that comes from her…I miss her terribly every day. I try to raise my children the way that my mother raised me. I didn't ­really have a father around."

7 She's Calculated When It Comes to the Public

Well, surprise, surprise. We've always believed that Jolie spins her webs for the media to have them believing whatever she wants. When it comes to dealing with the media, Jolie has become quite good at preserving her image at all costs. The older she’s gotten, the less weird things we've heard about her in the media, and there’s probably a reason for that. “I like to hide behind the characters I play. Despite the public's perception, I am a very private person who has a hard time with the fame thing. I would like to be open with the public. I don't want to keep secrets or be careful when I talk. I don't want to have to plan things. I want to be outspoken! I want to say my opinions and I hope they're taken in the right way. I don't want to stop being free. And I won't."

6 She Wants Her Family to Be Stronger Because of the Divorce


That’s usually not how it works, but we’ll just leave it at that. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on her part since she just wants what’s best for her children, but divorce is always ugly; there’s no way around it. Attacking Pitt in public hasn’t made things any easier. These days, Jolie is maintaining that she and Pitt are still a united family. While promoting First They Killed My Father, which she directed, she told BBC News a few things about her marriage to Brad. "It was a very difficult time. Many people find themselves in this situation. My whole family have all been through a difficult time. My focus is my children, our children," she explained. "We are and forever will be a family, and so that is how I am coping. I am coping with finding a way through to make sure that this somehow makes us stronger and closer."

5 She Wanted Her Children to Know Their Grandmother

We’ve already stated that Jolie’s mother's death had a huge impact on the actress. Jolie had to deal with her mother dying when she was young, as well as the effects of not having her mother around. She was also wounded by the idea that her own children would never know their grandmother. She wrote to the New York Times about her decision to undergo surgery, saying, "My mother fought cancer for almost a decade and died at 56. She held out long enough to meet the first of her grandchildren and to hold them in her arms. But my other children will never have the chance to know her and experience how loving and gracious she was. We often speak of 'Mommy's mommy,' and I find myself trying to explain the illness that took her away from us. I don't really cry in front of anybody. As Brad [Pitt] will tell you, I hate crying. I have this practical self. I feel like it's not accomplishing anything. But when I lost my mother, I cried, and I cried big."

4 She's Obsessed with Her Mother’s Passing


While working on the movie A Mighty Heart, Jolie had a reaction to her mother’s passing. It seems to have been a huge thing for her to overcome. At the time, she spoke with Dateline NBC about her mother’s passing, which, at the time, was recent. "If I am even a sliver of the woman my mother was … she was one of those women who would spend weeks to plan the right birthday party," she said. "And to write or you know, four drafts to get the right birthday card ready that said all those things that were emotional and you could say them, and that meant she lived her life to be a mom. Was just kind. And really taught me in her passing, the strength of that. That is the most important thing to be," she said. "This Easter, I spent so much time. Like, make the biggest baskets. I obsessed on it… out of just somehow an understanding of there is nothing more important right now going on in my life than this Easter basket … Everything else stopped to do that. And that's my mom."

3 She Doesn’t Get Along with Her Dad

They may look happy in this picture, but Jolie and her father, actor Jon Voight, have always had a strained relationship. There are many reasons why Jolie hasn’t gotten along with her dad. The main one was because of Voight’s infidelity when it came to the marriage with her mother, though it’s shocking that she would be so judgmental when she's been involved with breaking up a few marriages. Anyhow, her father also publicly declared that she suffered from mental problems. She thanked him for those kind words by dropping his last name. "I don't even think I was a year [old] when the separation started and she discovered the affair," she said on 60 Minutes. "They didn't have a great relationship … and they had a lot of fighting — so I grew up fighting with him a lot over things, usually regarding her. There was a certain point where it just got to a breaking point, and things were said and things went too far, and I decided that I felt it was an unhealthy relationship because it was making me feel sick, and it was making me feel bad, and it was making me too emotional, so I stepped away and called my mother and said, 'We weren't speaking anymore.'"

2 She Outgrew Billy Bob Thornton


It was probably the fact that she was a wild child that drew Billy Bob Thornton to her. He was willing to leave his fiancee, Laura Dern, the moment he met Jolie. For the time that they were dating, they were wild together. Then, in 2000, Jolie made a trip to Cambodia, which is where she eventually adopted her son Maddox. Cambodia changed Jolie into a humanitarian, and when she returned, she had a hard time relating to her husband, who didn’t have the same passions as she did. "He started focusing on certain things, his music, and different films. I started focusing on traveling a lot, and really wanted to, and knew Cambodia, and really wanted to adopt a child," she explained. "Billy and I just became very different people, and that was before Maddox even came home. And, by the time Maddox came home, we were kind of living apart."

1 Filming Changeling Freaked Her Out

Jolie starred in Changeling, a story set in the '20s about a single mother whose child goes missing. Instead of the LAPD helping her to find her lost child, they treat her like she's crazy and try to give her an imposter child, forcibly trying to convince her that the child is hers. The movie was so disturbing to Jolie who couldn’t help but associate it with her own children. "As a mom, it was horrible. I had my kids with me as much as possible at lunch, and after a day at work, I'd just run home," she explained. "I just wanted to be silly. I was so emotional that I just found myself being very, very goofy with them. I was so happy that I knew where my kids were and that they were okay." She actually originally considered not doing the project because she found the content so disturbing.


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