15 Shameless Photos Of Usually Steamy Celebs

The big thing about being a celebrity is that a lot of the time it’s selling an image. Often that image is a hot, well put-together actor who has a life that most people covet. They have a personal trainer, a chef, a makeup artist, and a stylist to help keep them looking like a star. Just like in The Wizard of Oz, sometimes these fantasies are shattered when the regular people get a glimpse of what goes on behind the green curtain.

In a time where Photoshop, social media filters, and PR present the best possible foot forward, it can be quite a realization when it’s discovered that celebrities are normal people with flaws, and gross, embarrassing accidents, just like the rest of us. Fortunately for most people, when something really embarrassing happens the biggest fallout involves untagging yourself from a Facebook post, or running into someone you know. It wouldn’t involve becoming the cover story in a gossip tabloid or marring the seemingly effortless and flawless image that has been carefully crafted for years. Here are 15 shameless photos of normally really hot celebrities, that they probably wish they could wipe from all of our memories (and the internet) forever.


15 Fergie, The Most Famous Black Eyed Pee

Anyone who knows anything about The Black Eyed Peas also knows that singer Fergie spends a significant amount of time pumping her body into Fergilicious shape. The 42 year old knows that being fit is part of what it takes to be able to continue to give her fans what they want when she performs, which is how this unflattering photo surfaced in the first place. In 2005, the band was running very late for a show and had to rush out onto the stage and perform right away – no bathroom breaks permitted. Apparently Fergie couldn’t hold it in any longer and peed her pants on stage. Jokes were made about the performance as people quipped, “What is this, the Black Eyed Pees?” Sometimes people pee their pants, and guess what, Fergie is a pro because she understands the show must go on.

14 Christina Aguilera’s Strange Leak


Some celebrities like to show off a golden healthy glow without exposing their skin to the harsh UV rays of the sun. That’s where spray tanning comes in. Unfortunately for Xtina there was some poor timing around when she scheduled this particular tanning session. When Christina Aguilera appeared on stage at the funeral service for Etta James, fellow mourners were distracted by a rusty brown liquid running down the diva’s legs. Rumours flooded the internet that Aunt Flow was in town and Christina had a poorly timed leak. A spokesperson later reported that the drips were caused by spray tan, with her sweat causing a very visible streak. No matter what the liquid was, there’s no unseeing this image, which many found incredibly unsettling.

13 Kendall, Do You Have Something In Your Teeth?

Sometimes taking a risk in fashion can make a person a trend setter. Other times it can make people question what said celebrity was thinking because they look so silly. There is no denying that Kendall Jenner is a hottie, but her choice to wear a sweater that resembled an afghan blanket knit by somebody’s nana (although it was in fact a Burberry item) and some false gold veneers had just about everyone scratching their heads. Most people were confused as to whether the gold dental bling was a planned accessory or some left over spinach salad left in Jenner’s teeth. US Magazine even ran a reader poll as to whether or not people thought the young celeb was fashion forward or an absolute flop, and over 80 percent of people surveyed voted a hard fail.

12 Kim Kardashian’s Unfortunate Extra Padding


Kim Kardashian has a rump that won’t quit. Around 70 percent of her persona is based on this fact. In this photo it’s revealed that maybe Kim does have a little more cushion than most, as it appears that she’s wearing some padding to enhance her rear end. While it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that many of Kim’s best social media or magazine spread photos involve the best possible lighting, make-up and airbrushing, it still seems strange that the star has obviously stuffed her trousers. Perhaps she hadn’t had a chance to practice her regular rigorous squat routine, but more likely this is just one of the few occasions she’s been caught with a little assist to her assets.

11 Katherine Heigl Strips Down

Katherine Heigl was an “it” girl for her girl next door qualities when she was on the small screen. When she left TV to pursue a movie career a lot of people were rooting for her. Roles like Knocked Up had people hopeful of her potential as a leading lady. Then rumours spread about Heigl being difficult to work with and the roles slowed to a near halt. At this point we’re betting that Heigl is just happy to be working. Perhaps this is why during the filming of the movie Doubt the star didn’t retire to a dressing room for a costume change. Instead she stripped down giving the entire street a prime view of her unmentionables. People are bound to notice this ‘full moon’ in busy New York City.

10 Victoria Beckham’s (Ahem) ‘Spilled Drink’


There’s nothing posh about being escorted out of a party with urine soaked pants. One would think that hubby David Beckham would do the gentlemanly thing and lend her his jacket, particularly since the event they left  in the 'wee hours' of the morning was the one year anniversary party of her boutique. Maybe they thought no one would notice, or maybe they don’t care? While many speculated about the sunglasses and notable crotch stain on Victoria Beckham being a result of partying way too hard, a rep for the former Spice Girl confirmed the stain wasn’t urine, it was something else. The rep told E! News, "This was simply the result of the most unfortunate positioning of a spilt drink, whilst Victoria was sitting down."

9 Beth Behrs Your Spanx Are Showing

No one has ever had any issue with making fun of character Bridget Jones for her granny panties, to help suck everything in. 30 Rock character Liz Lemon often jokes about wearing multiple pairs of Spanx every day to help maintain her size 4-6 physique, for which she’s still mocked quite frequently. These are characters meant to be the “everywoman” not someone for men to pant after. Spanx often feel like they should be the undergarments of the peasants as opposed to stars at a gala event. Beth Behrs has a slight frame, so people wouldn’t necessarily think about her need for using an undergarment to suck it in and smooth it out, but here she was caught ‘beige handed’ with her knickers showing.


8 Kaley Cuoco On Her Porcelain Throne


Kaley Cuoco is the hot girl next door whose role on The Big Bang Theory is the type of gal that even a giant nerd can manage to win over. This somehow adds to her approachable hotness, but that doesn’t mean we want to see her sitting on the can. When video footage, along with some nudes, were hacked and leaked of the star, including a video her ex-husband Ryan Sweeting took of the celeb sitting on the toilet, the star decided to release some photos of her own. The star felt that since so many people had already seen her sitting on the toilet she’d release another photo from her porcelain throne, this time to Instagram when she was getting ready for her TV appearance on The Talk.

7 JLo’s Bad Angle

Aging as a woman in the Hollywood spotlight has to be rough. Just ask Jennifer Lopez after she was shot in this unfortunate angle that showed that although the singer’s rump may be insured for a whopping 27 million dollars, judging by this candid photo odds are her legs are not insured for anywhere near that number. Real women have cellulite, and as unflattering as this may be it’s a reality. While these may be dancer’s legs that doesn’t mean that they necessarily come without marks or spots. Apparently her new beau baseball star A-Rod doesn’t mind the little extra wiggle in her walk. At 47 years old this star still works hard to maintain her fit body, but it doesn’t matter how many squats you do, sometimes cellulite just happens.

6 Jennifer Lawrence Pole Dance Flop


One of the things people like best about Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is her girl next door sexiness. She’s the type of person that guys want to hook up with and girls want to go out and party with as her new BFF. That’s why there are so many stories and so much footage of Jennifer Lawrence partying hard. These photos show that someone can’t always look red carpet hot, particularly when they’re pounding back shots of tequila. Jennifer was unapologetic for her hard partying ways when footage was leaked of the star and an awkward incident on a stripper pole, posting to Facebook, “Nobody wants to be reminded that they tried to dance on a stripper pole, by the internet. It was one of my best friend's birthdays and I dropped my paranoia guard for one second to have fun. I'm not going to apologize, I had a BLAST that night.”

5 Patricia Arquette Can’t Keep Her Pants On

This photo is just so confusing. Just days after looking super-hot at The Oscars, and even coming home a winner for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 2014 film Boyhood the star couldn’t squeeze herself into a pair of jeans and just rolled with it. Maybe it’s the post-celebration champagne bloat, or perhaps it was that she accidentally put on her 12 year old daughter’s pants that morning and didn’t have the time to change. Most non-celebs avoid going out of the house in pants they can’t do up. Has Patricia Arquette never heard of a nice loose pair of jogging pants, or even some leggings? She even smiles for the paparazzi who has literally caught her with her pants down. I guess good for her and her confidence!

4 Katy Perry Pic That Signaled The Beginning Of The End


There are certain relationship deal-breakers. You don’t binge-watch a series on Netflix ahead of your partner; another one is that you want to avoid posting unflattering photos of them on social media. When a person is a celebrity with their bread and butter being a glammed up cutesy look, odds are it's bad for your branding when your hubby decides to post a picture of you sans make-up in a beat up hoodie for the world to see. Perhaps Russell Brand posting this photo of his now ex, Katy Perry, was the writing on the wall that their relationship was doomed. Did he really think this photo of Katy was cute, or was he being passive aggressively mean to the pop star?

3 Ariel Winter Scars & All

We get it, Ariel Winter is proud of her post breast reduction body. Some people criticized the Modern Family star for wearing a gown that showed off her surgery scars, whereas others applauded her for being real. While she looks stunning in this gown, scars tend to draw away from the polished look many celebs are looking to put forward, but that isn’t most people’s beef. Others criticize the star for her constant need for attention with endless posts on Instagram in next to nothing. Sure, it may be hard for a young actor to play the dowdy younger sister on TV throughout their entire adolescence, however the constant stream of bikini shots is a little cliché. We’re expecting some seriously sexy Maxim spreads and some extra revealing parts as soon as her role on the hit family sitcom comes to a close.

2 David Hasselhoff Wants Fries With That


Believe it or not David Hasselhoff was once a really big sex symbol. He was the aging ‘silver fox’ character on Baywatch that brought in the slightly older female demographic. While the video footage captured of the star does have him shirtless, it’s certainly something that lifeguard Mitch Buchanan would cringe at alongside the rest of us. In this 2007 footage, Hasselhoff is a sloppy drunken mess, pounding a burger like it’s his last meal. We’re certain this footage was meant to humiliate the star, and odds are it did. His daughter later said, “Alcoholism is something that is dealt with every single day and unfortunately because our life is so public it was put out there. It was never supposed to be shown to anyone but our family.”

1 Justin Timberlake Baseball Bloopers

Justin Timberlake is hot and charming. This is a fact that most people can admit. But just like everyone else he has less than ideal moments caught on camera. Remember the time on Jackass when they played a mean joke on Justin where they were pretending to repossess all of his furniture because of unpaid back taxes and he cried, a lot, and called his mommy. We’ve all been there, just thankfully for us a camera crew isn’t there and no one cares. Just like when Justin drinks too much beer at the ballgame…He doesn’t look like a celebrity elite, he looks like a sloppy every-man whose going to throw up on his own shoes on the subway on the way home.


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