15 Shameless Photos Of The Girls From Geordie Shore

Following in the tradition of shows like Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore is a reality show which follows a group of cast members from around Newcastle, UK. This means that their accents are often particularly hard to decipher, especially if you’re not from the UK yourself. But as it happens, it often doesn’t matter – as most of the time, all they seem to do is get drunk and slur their words anyway.

The girls on Geordie Shore have mostly gone through pretty much every shameless TV act you can think of. They dress in skimpy clothing, get so drunk that they fall over on the pavement, kiss each other, fall into bed with each other’s boyfriends, and sometimes even do the deed right there on camera. You name it, they’ve done it. Most of them have also managed to pull off a miraculous transformation from overweight and gobby to lingerie model and, well, still gobby.

There are a lot of cast members on the show, naturally, with some being more popular than others. Marnie Simpson and Chloe Ferry are the two who tend to make headlines the most these days, although neither of them have been in every season of the show. The list has also included, at various times, the likes of Sophie Kasaei, Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hagan, Vicky Pattison, and Chantelle Connolly. If you recognize any of those names without watching the show, it’s probably because of the kind of antics you are about to read more about.


15 Marnie Takes A Dive

The circumstances of this shot would actually be quite horrifying, as the cast members all had to be evacuated from a club after a suspected fire broke out. You can see all of the other club-goers standing around on the pavement, waiting to find out what happened. It would be, if it wasn’t for the fact that you can’t really feel sorry for Marnie Simpson at all. while everyone else around her is clearly sobering up in the cold air and the shock of the evacuation, she is so drunk that she is falling over even while barefoot. The ground looks frosty, too, so she is certainly under-dressed – and yet there are none of the other girls, or even guys, from the show around to help her out. She’s just taking a dive all on her own. We bet her parents were really proud when they opened the papers to see this one.

14 Gaz Carries Marnie Out


Getting so drunk that you need to be carried out of the club isn’t a new experience for these girls. This time, it was Marnie Simpson getting carried out of the club and put into a waiting car, after Gaz (or Gary) Beadle came to her rescue. Just as well, too, as she doesn’t look like she would have been capable of getting out there on her own. One of her knee-length boots has fallen off to somewhere near her ankle, and she is only just managing to cling on to him for dear life. Well, at least there’s one person in the whole cast who is decent enough to make sure that she gets home safely. The other members of the cast drunkenly tried to help, all of them wearing either devil or angel costumes, but not to much actual effect. It’s a good job he wasn’t living up to his costume that night.

13 Anyone For Wine?

The beach is a place to relax and sunbathe for most people. As those shameless Geordie Shore girls know, however, it’s really just another excuse to get drunk and wear as little as possible. Holly Hagan and her friends were definitely living up to that as much as they possibly could when this shot was taken. The girls are shown here prior to shedding the weight and posing in the smallest lingerie possible, at a time when a bit more fabric was required to cover the important bits. There are numerous bottles of drink around them as well as plastic cups containing both red and white wine. Considering that their only job is basically to look slutty and get into catfights with one another, it’s really no wonder that they seem to be drunk 90% of the time. They probably don’t remember filming most of the shows and have to find out the gossip when they air like the rest of us.

12 Taking Another Tumble


What is it with these girls and falling over in the street all of the time? It’s probably something to do with the fact that they always go out wearing ridiculous shoes and then spend their time getting drunk before walking down cold and slippery high streets. Here, Chloe Ferry made an undignified fall to the ground which was captured on camera as her so-called friends screamed with laughter at the sight. Chloe won’t have had much protection or padding from her outfit, which consists of nothing more than a pair of knee-high boots and a catsuit made of such cheap material that the camera flash makes it all but see-through. All of this on a cold night out in the north of the UK. We think they might have been better off if they all got into that taxi they’re walking by instead of trying to stumble any further forward.

11 Getting A Mud Treatment

Where do you get your beauty treatments? At a salon, perhaps? Inside a spa? Or on the beach where everyone can ogle your bikini and watch you smearing mud on your private parts? It’s not hard to imagine which of those options the Geordie Shore girls would go for. Holly Hagan, Charlotte Cosby, and Sophie Kasaei all decided to get this mud treatment together, which involved another woman rubbing them down with thick mud all over their bodies. Once they were covered on their faces, backs, arms, and chests, they were taken further back into the sea to wash it all off. This process involved the girls tipping their heads back so that the other woman could pour buckets of water over their chests. We’re sure there were actual health benefits to this, instead of it just being an excuse to grab attention and get as many shots of their beach bodies taken as possible. Totally sure.

10 From The Beach To The Club


As the show continued filming on location in Ibiza, of course all of the girls had to head out for a night on the town. They chose to go to the LYT nightclub in San Antonio, but their choice of clothing was what raised the most eyebrows. The girls generally look like they are going to a beach, not a club, wearing barely any more than a skimpy swimming costume each. They walked hand in hand in pairs on the way through the streets, flaunting their ripped fishnet tights and bare midriffs. Most girls would feel a bit self-conscious wearing outfits this revealing on the beach itself, but it’s a whole other story taking them into the club. If it was anywhere but Ibiza, they might have been turned away by bouncers at the door and told to come back when they were wearing actual clothes. Marnie also happened to be debuting her brand new surgically-enhanced nose.

9 Putting On Some Fancy Dress

This shot, which looks as though it was taken at an inappropriate moment by a paparazzo, was actually used by the show as promotional material. That’s how low we’re sinking right now. It shows several members of the cast all wearing fancy dress, and even though the night is clearly only just beginning, they are already starting to look worse for wear. One of the girls can’t even manage to raise her head while she makes a peace sign at the camera! Once again, it’s clear that the aim of these costumes is not really to create a fun character, but instead to show off as much of the girls’ bodies as possible. Even so, you’d have thought that they could put more effort in than just wearing a catsuit and a headband with a pair of ears. They pretty much just went for whatever was already in their closets, clearly.


8 Sitting On The Toilet


Yes, this is how low the stars on the show are willing to go. One of the girls took this shot of Charlotte Cosby sitting on the toilet with her underwear around her knees, looking like she has passed out drunk. Not only did they take the photograph to embarrass her, but they also posted it on social media, like a real friend would. No one is even trying to help her, either to help cover her up or make sure that she is actually alright. They’re just happy to leave her with the toilet door wide open, exposing her to the world. We understand that some people think it’s fine to get this drunk, but to leave a friend vulnerable and share it with the world is just completely shameless. Then there’s the possibility which is somehow even worse – that the whole thing was staged and Charlotte actually thought this would be a good idea for her public image.

7 Chloe And Marnie Falling About

Chloe Ferry and Marnie Simpson are definitely two of the most disruptive factors in the Geordie Shore house. They are happy to create conflict wherever possible, and particularly enjoy going out and getting as drunk as possible on nights out. When this shot was taken, the two girls were stumbling around outside a nightclub, obviously already very much for wear. They were kissing each other, falling about, and generally making a scene of themselves. Then this photographer got a bit closer, and it seems like it was too close for the girls to handle. One of them lashed out furiously (although with an open hand, suggesting she’s trying to, what, scratch the lens?) while the other looked on, laughing. Their greasy faces, sweaty hair, and dazed expressions clearly suggest that the night has taken a turn for the worse. Time to go home, ladies? No – they carried on posing for the press for a while longer even after this incident.

6 Holly Crashing On The Sidewalk


Holly Hagan can never be accused of being the classiest person on the show. Here she is, living the drunk girl cliché: sitting down on the sidewalk with her legs out in the road because she’s so drunk she needs to sit down and it doesn’t matter where. Her tight dress leaves very little to the imagination at this angle (or any other angle, to be fair), but she doesn’t seem to have any concerns about covering up. Instead, she’s rifling through her bag for something and swaying around dangerously. She appears to be loaded up with jewellery, but when this kind of behaviour is on display, you know she’s likely to lose just about anything on her person – her phone could already be making a break for it if she forgets where it is before she stands up. The small pink shrug she is wearing doesn’t look to be doing anything for keeping her warm, either.

5 Zahida Gets Carried Out

Despite the fact that Chloe Ferry and Zahida Allen were apparently fighting on the show, just one week later they seemed to be back to besties again. They shared a snog in a car in full view of the press cameras, and then as Zahida started to feel worse for wear on their night out, Chloe scooped her up in her arms. Unfortunately, this caused the pale pink dress she was wearing to drop away, exposing her rear end to the world. Thankfully, another helping hand was nearby to hold the dress in place as they walked along. It’s another rainy night out by the looks of things, and as usual all three of them are wearing clothes so skimpy that they might have been chilly in the Caribbean. Zahida can count her lucky stars that Chloe didn’t pull off one of her own famous falls at that moment.

4 Snow? What Snow?


The number one rule of the Geordie Shore girls is this: never wear more clothing than you absolutely have to. Marnie Simpson is embodying that fully in this photograph, which shows her dressed in a short denim dress without much styling to it and a matching jacket worn off the shoulders. She has paired this with a bandana (for some reason) and a pair of thigh-high boots, which nevertheless feature peep toes and holes all the way up the front. And this is what she chooses to wear in the snow. There’s a man behind her wearing a duffel coat, and she still looks like she’s dressed for Ibiza. If you ever needed proof that flashing the flesh is more important to these girls than their health, this shot has to be it. It was probably a wasted effort, however, as this outfit is not the most attractive she has ever worn.

3 Fishnets And Tape

What do you need to make a good outfit? If you ask the Geordie Shore girls, the answer is this: first, take some fishnets or a different kind of lacy fabric. So long as it’s see-through, you’re fine. Next, add in some knee-length boots to add a touch of class. Finally, use tape to cover up anything that would get you thrown out of the club. Now you’re ready to go out! Charlotte Cosby and Holly Hagan are literally wearing nothing more than lingerie in this shot, and judging by the greasy hair and the abandoned can behind them, they have probably already been out drinking for some time. It’s not the classiest of looks, and again not something that their parents are probably happy to see. Their take on bondage gear is highly suggestive, and even includes a collar complete with a lead – not your average nightclub look.

2 Marnie Goes Commando


When Marnie Simpson stepped out on the red carpet at the National Television Awards, there were a lot of raised eyebrows. Presumably most of them came from the parents who had brought their children along to see the stars. You can see that people in the crowd behind her are laughing, because Marnie decided to show up commando with nothing but a completely see-through lace dress on. Just to drive the point home, she also posed beforehand wearing nothing at all for a social media post. Her ex-boyfriend, Aaron Chalmers, says that it’s totally okay, though. His justification? The fact that Marnie hardly ever ears underwear anyway. Oh, right – that makes perfect sense. While many famous women don’t seem to mind a nip slip or two, it’s the fact that she went without underwear on her nether regions that attracted the most criticism. Even fellow cast members, such as Scotty T, called her out on the shameless outfit.

1 Snogging On Snapchat

This shot was posted to Snapchat by a friend of Chloe Ferry, catching her antics on camera. It shows her straddling the lap of a mystery woman in a green dress, while going in for a deep snog. By the look of the screenshots, it lasted for quite a while, and there was probably more than one person filming it. Chloe herself was wearing skin-tight cropped yoga pants with a lacy bralet, and nothing much else. She and pal Marnie Simpson ended up going outside of the club and baring all as they drunkenly rolled around on the floor, causing their tight tops to slip down. All in a night’s work for the Geordie girls! Chloe clearly doesn’t have any shame about using her friends to get a few more hits on Snapchat or a few more headlines in the morning tabloids. While many will appreciate this snap, most girls would think going this wild is a step too far.

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