15 Shameless Facts About The Girls From Geordie Shore

Based on the American reality show Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore is a reality TV program shot in Newcastle in the North East of England. Newcastle, which is known for being fun and exciting, is one of the most popular places to party in the UK.

"Geordie" is the nickname given to those who come from there, so the show's title seems only fitting to those who are involved. Now up to its sixteenth season, the show has shocked audiences worldwide with its heavy focus on partying. However, although shocking, the program is extremely popular, which is mostly due to the characters that are included. Focused on four girls and four boys, who live together in the "Geordie Shore" house, the cast has changed and developed throughout the years, although some have appeared since the beginning. In fact, some of them have become so famous that they have gone on to appear in a number of other British reality TV shows as well as making media appearances around the world.

It is the girls who have received the most press coverage, due in part to their messy drunken antics on and off screen. From drinking, fighting and making up, to girlfriends, boyfriends, and affairs, the Geordie Shore girls are definitely entertaining, to say the least. So to celebrate British culture at its very best, here are 15 shameless facts about the girls from Geordie Shore.

15 Charlotte Crosby And Pete The Plant

One of the most popular members of the show, Charlotte Crosby has been in the Geordie Shore house since the very beginning. Now a star in her own right, Charlotte has appeared in a number of reality TV shows including the UK version of Big Brother. However, it is her antics on Geordie Show that have really become memorable, especially her on/off relationship with fellow cast member Gaz Beadle. But, Gaz wasn't the only love in her life, with Pete the plant also catching her attention. Forming a grounded and stable relationship, Pete the plant and Charlotte were often caught canoodling together with Charlotte partial to wrapping her legs around Pete's pot. In fact, the two were so in love that they were also seen swimming together in the pool. How sweet, here's to a growing relationship...!

14 The Shorter The Better

Newcastle is one of the most vibrant cities in The UK and is known for a number of amazing and beautiful things. Situated up there in the northeast, Newcastle can get a little cold in the winter, with their summers also a little dreary. Famed for its cold and rainy weather, the cold breeze doesn't stop those from dressing up and going outside to brave the cold. However, dressing up it's not, with Geordie girls also famed for dressing down. Yep, with skirts famous for being shorter than the average, Newcastle has become notorious for its lack of clothing on both men and women. With the girls from Geordie Shore no exception, Charlotte, Marnie and Chloe can regularly be seen wearing next to nothing, despite the Newcastle winds and heavy storms. Well, at least they are making an effort right?!

13 They Ain't Camera Shy 

Definitely not camera shy, the cast of Geordie Shore have all gotten down and dirty on screen at least once. In fact, hooking up is extremely encouraged within the Geordie Shore house, which even has its own bedroom dedicated to such acts. With the boys notching up the highest numbers during their time in the house, the girls are not that far behind and are often filmed "tashing on" (Geordie slang for kissing) with random people they met while out partying. But what happens when they don't get lucky? They get with each other, of course! That's right, no stranger to each other's private parts, the cast of Geordie Shore often bed each other when there is no one else around, crossing those ever so important friendship boundaries. With showering together and naked hot tub parties also a regular occurrence, we can see why!

12 Chloe's Complete Transformation

Born and raised in Newcastle, Chloe Ferry joined the Geordie Shore house in 2015. One of the loudest and most provocative cast members to have appeared on the show, Chloe is also known for her love of cosmetic procedures. With it reported that the Geordie star is addicted to plastic surgery, Chloe is almost unrecognizable to how she looked before she joined the cast. From nose jobs, lip enhancements and cheek fillers, Chloe has also admitted to having Botox regularly as well as a number of other treatments. In fact, family members estimated that the reality TV queen had spent more than £40,000 on changes to her face, leaving her almost penniless. Seemingly not bothered by her avid use of plastic surgery, Chloe recently stated, "I love surgery. I’ve had loads of fillers in my face and a nose job, but I still don’t like my nose so I want another one." Fair enough!

11 Fight Night!

Fighting is a common occurrence in the Geordie Shore house, especially after a night out on the town. That's right, with most of the fighting occurring after a heavy night on the booze, it is the girls who seem to beat each other up the most. However, it was one night in particular that really shocked audiences, quickly dubbed the "fight night". "Fight night" started when housemate Aaron Chalmers got a fake tattoo of Marnie's name as a prank. Marnie was far from amused and felt that Aaron had done it to make fun of her. To get back at him, Marnie began flirting ferociously with new boy Marty McKenna. This, however, enraged Chloe as she had previously slept with Marty in the episode before. Difficult to keep up? Let's keep going. Marnie and Chloe went at it with Charlotte Crosby also stepping in because.. well why the hell not? In the end, the security team was forced to intervene as the boys' feeble attempts to stop them fell flat. Typical!

10 Numerous Transformations  

Along with her fellow cast members, Charlotte Crosby is also partial to a bit of surgery and she ain't afraid to deny it! From cheek fillers and lip enhancements to nose jobs and Botox, it was also rumored that Charlotte has had her breasts enlarged after a picture was released showing a rather large bust. Extremely happy with the results, Charlotte posted on social media that she was "very happy" with her new nose as well as her voluptuous lips, writing, "I’ve been getting my lips done for about two years now, I get them done every five or six months at a place in Newcastle, and I love them". However, fans weren't so sure and likened the reality TV star to pop sensation Michael Jackson. We think she looks great!

9 Bleaching Their...

The cast of Geordie Shore (l-r Vicky Pattinson, Rebecca Walker, Charlotte Crosby ) hard at work preparing for the launch of L’eau de Geordie – the kebab scented Geordie fragrance. Geordie Shore Season 2 premieres on Tuesday January 31st at 10pm on MTV.

Known for their dramatic transformations throughout the sixteen season run, the girls of Geordie Shore have undergone weight loss, weight gain, and numerous cosmetic procedures. But that's not all. Keen to keep up with their ever-expanding beauty regimens, the girls are also open to new and exciting escapades. Bleaching their bums was hot on the list of what to do next with a trip to the salon resulting in one of the rudest episodes of Geordie Shore to date. That's right, in graphic scenes, viewers were shocked when cast member Sophie lifted up her skirt to showcase the results of her bleached nether regions to fellow cast member Marnie. Seemingly unfazed by the nature of what she had just witnessed, Marnie then went to find other cast member Nathan and inspect his bleached bits too.

8 Indoors, Outdoors, Anywhere That's Convenient

Joining the cast in 2013, Marnie Simpson was also runner-up in the yearly Miss Newcastle competition. Joining the series with a bang, Marnie managed to upset most of the girls within seconds when it was revealed that she had romantic intentions for two of the boys in the house. However, things soon changed (as they usually do in the Geordie Shore house) and Marnie was off chasing boys from other British reality TV shows. That's right, known for her numerous romantic liaisons, Marnie is no stranger to getting down and dirty and has often been vocal with regards to when, where and who she has done it with. From doing it live on UK reality show Big Brother, to numerous times on Geordie Shore, Marnie has also confessed to getting it on by the side of the road in a bush. We could think of worse places!

7 Their Boyfriends Are Much More Shameless 

Although the girls of the Geordie Shore house may be loud and obnoxious, they are nothing when compared to their boyfriends and part-time housemates. Said to have slept with over 1,000 women, Gaz Beadle is also known for his antics with fellow cast member Charlotte as well as half the cast. And if you think that's bad? Wingman and ultimate player Scotty T joined the show in season 4 but has likely bedded double what Gaz has. In fact, Scotty T is every mother or father's worse nightmare and is often seen bragging about his manhood or his glorious muscles. However, it's cast member Sophie Kasai's boyfriend, Joe Corry, that really takes the gold medal for worst boyfriend ever. Caught passed out due to excessive amounts of alcohol, Joe was found to have soiled himself while sprawled out on the sidewalk. Lovely.

6 Party Then Pass Out!

Life in the Geordie Shore house often centers around drinking and bed hopping with a whole load of alcohol. In fact, it was recently revealed by cast member Chloe Ferry that during a six-week filming stint the cast consumes a whopping 1,300 bottles of alcohol per season. Think of the hangovers! Ferry, who is a recent addition to the series, also claimed that they were forced to go out despite their lack of sleep and hefty hangovers. With nightly parties, a common occurrence on the show, drinking every day can most definitely have detrimental effects. However, some eagle-eyed viewers have suggested that the cast is actually drinking water in place of vodka. That's right, audiences claimed that they saw the show's producers swapping bottles of water in place of transparent spirits... Scandalous!

5 Vicky And Holly Were Once Arrested

It is no surprise to hear that the cast of the Geordie Shore household have had their fair share of trouble. Both the boys and the girls have had meetings with the law along with a few hefty fines and threats of imprisonment. In fact, cast members Vicky Pattison and Holly Hagan were once arrested on suspicion of assaulting a glamour model with the heel of a shoe! Eyewitnesses claim that the Geordie girls were involved in a heated discussion on the street which then resulted in a violent fight. The fight, which left one girl streaming with blood, was eventually broken up by the police. The victim was later taken to the hospital and was said to have facial injuries so serious that she was left with a scar above her left eye. Vicky and Holly were swiftly "removed" from the Geordie Shore house but put back in once the whole thing had blown over...

4 Wetting The Bed

One of the most popular cast members, Charlotte is also one of the filthiest and downright dirtiest. That's right, seemingly unable to make it to the toilet after a heavy night of boozing, Charlotte has wet her own bed on a number of occasions. An experience which would be extremely embarrassing for most people, the Geordie lass often appears unfazed by her dirty habit and has let her bladder run lose throughout the sixteen seasons. Charlotte has also been known to wake up in her own urine after not noticing the warm liquid trickling down her leg as she sleeps. In fact, while appearing on UK reality show Big Brother in 2013, Charlotte shocked housemates after declaring that she had "weed herself" during the night.

3 Exes And Ohs

No stranger to one night stands and casual dating, the Geordie Shore girls have been known to have real-life relationships. From members of the cast to non-celebrities, these girls have had their fair share of men and women. However, it is Chloe Ferry and Marnie Simpson who seem to make the headlines these days, especially with regards to who they are dating. Although mostly attracted to men, Chloe has often discussed her attraction to women. In fact, she was even caught on Snapchat straddling the lap of a mystery lady who she then went on to kiss. Plus, if they are not dating other people they are likely dating one another, with Charlotte dating fellow cast member Gaz and Holly dating Kyle Christie.

2 Holly's Transformation

Appearing on the show since the very beginning, Holly Hagan has had one hell of a ride. Insecure with regards to her weight, Hagan embarked on a journey of exercise and healthy eating, eventually losing a mighty 42 pounds. However, after 111 appearances, Hagan had had enough and left the house in 2015. Since leaving the house Hagan has continued with her weight loss and has been pictured on vacation a number of times. In fact, Hagan seems to be worlds away from her former self and has even released her own exercise book. Discussing her transformation and her book in a recent interview, Hagan stated, "The fact is I let myself go a bit in Australia and when I was papped wearing that blue bikini I felt horrible with myself, I'm pretty sure I'd gone over a healthy BMI too, so when I got home I picked up my 12 Week Body Bible diet book and I set to work."

1 Far From Shameful!

Not afraid to show a little skin, the girls of Geordie Shore are all extremely proud and confident with their bodies. And well why the hell not?! If you've got it flaunt it we say. From "forgetting" their underwear to showing a bit of leg, the Geordie Shore girls are all keen advocates of body confidence. In fact, Marnie recently raised a lot of eyebrows when she was caught knickerless while attending the National Television Awards. And it's not just Marnie. Holly was recently spotted sharing a bit more than usual when returning home drunk from a night out. Snapped without a bra while flaunting her fabulous figure to the paps, Holly looked a far cry from early Geordie Shore days having lost a whopping 42 pounds! And as for Chloe? Well, that's just a standard night out.

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