15 Shameless Celebs Who Love Picking Their Nose

Being a regular Joe or Joan Average can have its advantages. Anonymity is often underrated. Think about it for a moment. Celebrities might have fame, fortune, and all the great things that accompany it but they also have all the not-so-great things that go with it. Privacy is a prime example of the latter. Joe Average can enjoy a nice relaxing day at the beach or a quiet evening out with the family. Celebrities don’t really have that luxury. Regular people can run errands, stand in bank lineups, and attend concerts without being constantly distracted by paparazzi and autograph hounds. Best of all is that the average person’s faults aren’t usually splashed all over the internet and news media. You see? Joe and Joan Average have something that most celebrities could only wish to have.

Everybody has faults and everybody does embarrassing things. This includes celebrities. How would you like it if you thought you were alone and decided to give into the urge to give your nose a quick pick while a photographer surprised you by taking a picture? Let’s go one step further and pretend that the photographer posted the photo on a popular internet site for all to see. Pretty embarrassing huh? Well, Joe and Joan Average don’t really need to worry about that happening but celebrities do. Here are 15 disgusting photos of celebrities who love picking their noses.


15 James Franco

39-year-old James Franco has been a fixture on the big screen for several years now. He has written, directed, and acted his way to stardom while winning awards and nominations along the way. James has done dramas, comedies, action flicks and almost any other type of role one could imagine. He is considered a Hollywood sex symbol and was voted the Sexiest Man Living in 2009. It looks like the panel that is tasked with finding the sexiest man overlooked this photo of Franco as he tried to discreetly dig for gold. For an actor with so much talent, Franco didn’t do a great job acting like he’s just scratching although he might have had the woman to his right fooled. Keep digging James but you should know that there probably isn’t an Academy Award stuck up there.

14 Zach Braff


Just when he thought that nobody was watching, Zach Braff took a quick second to go knuckle-deep. Even though he was in his car and semi-disguised in those dark sunglasses, there is no mistaking the identity of the former Scrubs star. It’s doubtful that this minor embarrassment will set him back any. He is currently quite busy with several ongoing projects such as his directorial work in the new movie Going in Style and his regular television appearances. Braff also has other ventures outside of theatre, television and film. The 42-year-old New Jersey native and staunch supporter of the Democratic Party is also in the restaurant business. He co-owns the Mermaid Oyster Bar which is located in New York City. Let’s just hope that Zach has a better source of fresh oysters.

13 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is easily one of the most recognized actors in the business. He has been acting since he was a child and has been in several blockbusters including Titanic, The Departed, and The Revenant as well as other well-known movies like Inception, Gangs of New York, and The Aviator. He has won several awards and been nominated for many more. The 42-year-old has also been linked to a whole lotta good looking Hollywood starlets. He is currently producing Robin Hood which is due for release soon. This picture shows Leo working on another type of project and it appears to be presenting a bit of a challenge. He’ll get it. Perhaps we might have found a reason why Kate Winslet wouldn’t share the floating plank with him at the end of Titanic?

12 Brad Pitt


A lot of movie fans got their introduction to Brad Pitt in the 1991 movie Thelma and Louise in which he played a hitchhiker. He landed a few more roles throughout the 90s in films like Seven, 12 Monkeys, and Fight Club and is now Hollywood royalty. He has dated several hot actresses and has been married to Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. His most recent marriage to Jolie is over which means that Brad is free to roam. Despite his fame, fortune, and good looks, Pitt might want to avoid getting caught in too many pictures like this one that shows the World War Z actor really going to battle with some kind of a nose zombie. A performance like this certainly isn’t going to win him any awards.

11 Steve Carell

Steve Carell has been making audiences laugh since his days as a correspondent on The Daily Show. He became quite well-known through his role of Michael Scott in the television comedy The Office and he has bolstered his stardom in big screen comedies like Anchorman, 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Get Smart. He showed his fans that he also has some dramatic abilities when he portrayed J.E. du Pont in the movie Foxcatcher. In this unflattering pic of the notorious funnyman, Carell isn’t trying to catch foxes. He isn’t even trying to catch his breath during a morning jog. Instead, he appears to be trying to catch a pesky nose goblin that has been pestering the 54-year-old star. Aside from that little side project, Carell has just finished his next movie, Beautiful Boy.

10 Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler is known for portraying all sorts of whacky characters for over the past 25 years. Like many before him, Sandler got his start on Saturday Night Live and parlayed his comedic abilities into a solid acting career. Now, Adam’s comedy stylings aren’t for everyone and his movies have been panned time and time again. Yet, he still finds an audience with the younger crowd that find his brand of grinding humor to be funny. OK, the fight scene with Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore was pretty funny. He has ventured into some dramatic roles as well such as his parts in Punch-Drunk Love and The Meyerowitz Stories. He really looks like he’s getting into a dramatic act in this shot which shows him attempting to pick a winner. It’s quite possible that he’s rehearsing a scene from one of his upcoming gross-out comedies.

9 Queen Elizabeth

Hey, this kind of thing can happen to the best of us but one would think that Queen Elizabeth would be an exception. Nope. She is dressed to the nines and looks most dignified until she goes digging for some royal treasure. At least she has the class to do it while wearing a white glove although it could leave an embarrassing stain. Oh well, who’s going to reprimand her for her unladylike behavior? After all, British monarchs have been known to send people to the guillotine for a lot less than pointing out a faux pas which should lead us to wonder about the fate of the photographer. One thing that is obvious in this picture is that she has really big nostrils or very tiny fingers. She’s getting pretty deep.


8 John Travolta


John Travolta was a big name in the disco era after his roles in the movies Saturday Night Fever and Grease. Known for being a better dancer than an actor, Travolta’s career went south through the 80’s but he was able to revive it in the 90s. While he isn’t as popular now as he was in his 1970s heyday, he is still a pretty big name in Hollywood and continues to get parts in feature films. His latest project has him playing the role of infamous mob boss John Gotti in The Life and Death of John Gotti. One thing that the ex-Vinnie Barbarino should learn about being John Gotti is that the Teflon Don would never allow a photographer to get away with taking a picture like this one that shows Travolta with a black leather glove halfway up his nose.

7 Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been the target of much criticism for the last few decades and this intensified through the run-up to the presidential elections into his first several months in office. You’ve gotta give The Don some credit. He doesn’t care how he acts or what he says and he cares even less about how people perceive him. Nobody needs to dig up the dirt on Trump when he is clearly able to dig up his own dirt. The woman behind him looks to be a little shocked at his momentary lapse and even the picture of Trump on the book cover seems to be staring him down in disapproval but Donald doesn’t seem to give a second thought to getting a dig in at himself. Doesn’t he have a gold-encrusted handkerchief for those types of jobs?

6 Ed Westwick


29-year-old Ed Westwick is an actor and musician who got his big break in the television show Gossip Girl back in 2007. At around the same time, Westwick got a couple feature film roles that got him some recognition. He has since had parts in J. Edgar, Romeo and Juliet, and Billionaire Ransom. He has also achieved moderate success in his music career. He has had steady work in film recently and has been very busy with various television roles. Despite having such a hectic schedule, Ed found a bit of time to pose for this picture which shows him digging way far up his nose. It actually looks like he may be trying to scratch the bottom of his eye from the inside. Whatever he was doing we hope he succeeded.

5 Hillary Clinton

Some things you just have to do for yourself. Take Hillary Clinton for example. Her handlers make sure she makes a bold statement with her precisely-chosen pantsuit. They make sure her hair is perfect and that her accessories are subtle. They write her speech and give her advice on how to deliver it effectively before they put on her makeup and set her before the cameras to impress the nation and intimidate her foes. They even write down a few below-the-belt digs to throw at her opponent. Everything looks good until this happens. One simple pick of the nose and she tumbles in the polls and loses the election by a nose hair. She might want to consider hiring a specialist to take care of these things next time...if there is a next time.

4 Kelly Rowland


This 36-year-old R&B singer hit the big time when she partnered with Beyonce and some other sexy female singer to form Destiny’s Child. The group pumped out hit after hit between 1997 and 2006 before Beyonce jettisoned Rowland and Michelle Williams to become a megastar. The lovely Kelly continued to find some success in music and has since branched out into movies and television. She will likely never reach the heights of her former bandleader but she’s doing pretty well for herself. She was even voted one of The 100 Hottest Female Singers of All Time by Complex Magazine in 2012. As you can see by this picture, Kelly Rowland is still smoking hot but she kinda messed up this photo by sticking her finger up her nose. That’s clearly not a quick scratch. That’s a full-blown pick. She’s still Bootylicious though.

3 Tom Cruise

This 54-year-old actor should need no introduction. He got his first starring role in the 1983 hit movie Risky Business and he hasn’t looked back. He’s been in comedies, dramas, and action flicks. He’s played the part of the good guy and the villain. He’s been praised and he’s been criticized and he has also been the subject of a few wild conspiracy theories. He’s one of the few guys that would dare to pick his nose in front of the beautiful Cameron Diaz. This picture shows the Top Gun star trying to take out a bogey that he senses to his right. It’s not certain whether or not Cameron caught the smooth attempt at his Mission Impossible but the camera sure did. Look for Tom to not be picking his nose in the upcoming Mission: Impossible 6.

2 Prince Harry


Unlike many of the people on the list of 15 disgusting photos of celebs who love picking their noses, Prince Harry isn’t lowly Hollywood royalty. This guy is the real thing. The youngest son of Prince Charles and the late Lady Di, the 32-year-old prince has led a truly charmed life. He’s also not afraid to get his hands dirty as proven by his active participation in Afghanistan with the Army Air Corps. He was actually deployed twice to the war-torn region. He has since left the army but this picture shows that he’s still isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He might have seen the approaching man look away and thought that it was safe to go for a nose dive but a quick photographer proved the young prince wrong.

1 Aziz Ansari

This stand-up comedian, actor, and writer started out doing short films and sketch comedy before getting his big break when he was cast as Tom Haverford in the television comedy Parks and Recreation. He is now starring in Master of None which is one of Netflix’s new original offerings. He continues to perform stand-up comedy and has been landing more roles in movies as well. He is a commodity on the rise. In this picture of Aziz strolling down the road, he shows us that fame and fortune haven’t spoiled his ability to act like your average guy from time to time. He looks to be in a state of deep concentration as he buries his thumb up his left nostril. This might embarrass a more dignified individual but Aziz couldn’t seem to care less.


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