15 Shameful Photos Of The Hogan Family

Oh, the Hogans; the family started off as beloved figures and soon, after the launch of their reality show, that all changed as things took dramatic turns, usually for the worst. The show was a great success for VH1, but what followed the family in their personal lives was anything but that. Nick Hogan ended up in jail, Linda Hogan dated a teenager and also ended up behind bars, Brooke had a couple of failed relationships (which isn’t too bad compared to the others), while Hulk has had it the worst getting his privacy hacked, while being caught using racial slurs.

So as you can tell, the family has encountered some shameful moments. In this article, we look back at some of the very worst pictures the family wants us to forget about. From Hulk lathering up his daughter with tanning cream, to Linda posting naughty selfies, we’ve got it all in this article.

Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the link with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 shameful pics the Hogan family doesn’t want us to see. We start with the Hogan family member that’s revealing a little too much nowadays; no, not Brooke, but the 57 year old Linda!

15 Linda Hogan Revealing Way Too Much

If she was living the cougar life on the rebound at the age of 40, then perhaps such pics would be more acceptable and not shameful. Instead, Linda’s been divorced since 2009 now and inching towards her 60s, she’s still posting several “Not So PG” like photos, which has become nothing but embarrassing.

You likely don’t but for those of you that do, the minority are aware that Linda still posts edgy photos via her Instagram and heck, even Twitter. This picture is an example of the types of outfits she rocks, wearing minimal clothing and showcasing way too much skin in her bathing suit. To make matters worse, the pic is that much more shameful as it features her very own son Nick, and his buddies in the photo. You just have to love the Hogan family, folks!

14 Brooke’s Music Attire

Many tend to forget, but the reason behind the show Hogan Knows Best was tracking the relationship and progress between Hulk and his daughter, while finding her a music label to showcase her talents. With the show premiering on VH1, Brooke’s musical career gave the show that platform and network to produce the series.

The show itself was actually a huge success and regarded as one of the first popular reality series. When the series made its debut back in the summer of 2005, reality TV was barely scratching the surface and the Hogan family certainly took advantage of that. As for Brooke’s music career, asides from a couple of tracks, it basically became extinct shortly after the show ended. She’s made the jump to country, but nothing has really come from it. Instead, some shameful pics have poked fun at Brooke for her choice of outfits when performing. She’s a beautiful woman, but this jean cut attire seems like it was created by an eight year-old for an art project....

13 Hulkster Rocks The Speedo & Vacation Hat


Not sure what’s more shameful here: Hulk rocking the Speedo or, Hogan without the bandana and rocking the vacation inspired bonnet. Since wrestling fans have seen him in similar trunks back in the 80s and early 90s, we’ll give the edge to the hat.

This shot was a candid picture that once again, hurt Hulk’s image a little bit. Poor dude was just trying to enjoy some sun but instead, numerous pictures were posted even showing Hulk without his hat, and rocking the bald spot we rarely see. We wonder, does he sleep with the bandanna on? In any event, we credit the Hulkster for still looking incredibly buff at the very least. Inching towards his mid-60s, we credit the Georgia native for maintaining such a physique. Though the Speedo, that needs to be thrown out ASAP.

12 Nick In Handcuffs

In terms of shameful, this picture might be the very worst from the entire list. Nick isn’t the only one to be arrested however, even his own mom was placed behind bars for a DUI charge. Though, what Nick did was far worse.

After numerous tickets and accidents, things reached a terrible low for Nick in May of 2008, when he pleaded a no-contest and was sentenced to eight months of prison. Along with that, his driver’s licence was taken away from him for three years. To make matters even worse (even though it seemed like it couldn’t get any worse), John Graziano was a victim in the vehicle at the time of the accident. Without a seatbelt, John was basically disabled and needed full-time care for the rest of his life. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Nick was caught in a phone conversation saying John was a “negative person”. In every aspect, this situation was shameful.

11 Linda Takes A Selfie

Oh, the selfie. Nowadays, pictures are the way to go. You don’t need to ask anyone permission to take a pic, it’s truly easy and quite effortless. The easiness however, can cause some regret, for like, let’s say the likes of Linda Hogan. Take a quick peak at Linda’s Instagram and Twitter, and you’ll quickly find out that she likely has a slew of regrettable and shameful selfies like the one you see in the picture above.

Whether she’s rocking a bikini top or a revealing outfit, you’d think Linda was an adult worker and not a former reality star. She’s kicked things up a notch since the divorce, and that’s evidenced by her social media accounts, which are just downright shameful. With less than 6K followers via the ‘Gram, at the very least not many people are keeping track.

10 Brooke Looking Tall With Her Ex

One can argue that dating somebody named Stack$ is kind of shameful, though in truth, Brooke doesn’t have a trashy past as she’s been selective with her men. However in aiding her ex during his concerts, it seemed like Brooke put on quite the show as she got pretty “Not So PG” with her dance moves while rocking a short, red dress. We have reason to believe that Papa Hulk, who’s always overly protective of his daughter, was none too pleased.

Making matters worse, Brooke towered over her ex in several pictures such as this one. Even a slew of beach pics showed just how much taller Brooke was than her ex. In truth, Brooke has got height, which leaves us baffled as to how her father never trained her to work in the wrestling business... Instead, she was shaking it during rap battles. But hey, whatever makes her happy.

9 Hulk The “Not So” Movie Star

Dominating the wrestling scene during the 80s and early 90s, Hulk decided to depart from the WWE looking to add to his name value, this time on a movie set. Despite his high level of fame, his acting chops did not work out as well, as he failed to make an impact. If that wasn’t bad enough, his movies were heavily criticized and some would even call his acting career shameful. Movies like Mr. Nanny really didn’t help his cause.

Once Hulk knew acting just wasn’t in the cards, he wisely decided that he missed wrestling. With a lucrative contract, Hogan put his shameful acting career aside joining WCW, and adding more years to his legendary wrestling career. Some would argue, his brief time in WCW was as impactful as his WWE run. We can thank his failed Hollywood career for that.

8 Hulk Goes Too Far?

This is the point when things got so creepy, that Brooke herself needed to post on social media in defense of her father. For some unknown reason, Hulk decided to post this creepy picture via Twitter and write, “those legs”. Now, if this was Brooke’s boyfriend making the comment it would be one thing, but the fact that it came from her dad, it made the entire ordeal quite shameful and something we believe Hulk likely regrets when looking back.

The comments section was littered with inappropriateness and as we stated, Brooke stepped in defending her father, though the damage appeared to have already been done. However, as you’ll see later in this article, it wasn’t the first nor the last time Hulk acted in a creepy manner with his daughter Brooke.

7 Brooke’s Failed Engagement

As we stated earlier, Brooke hasn’t been involved in the most relationships, however she did have a serious love interest at one point in time, so much so that two planned on getting married before the wedding was called off. Brooke had found love with a former NFL player and Dallas Cowboy, one Phil Costa. The two seemed to be hitting it off with a slew of romantic pics alongside one another. Costa would propose to Brooke on the Vegas strip and a teary-eyed Hogan accepted. Though shortly after, the future marriage was called off.

In November of 2013, the two announced their separation as the engagement was cancelled, leading to a breakup. The terms were never disclosed as to why this took place. Maybe Brooke got cold feet? We’ll never really know, but in any event, it wasn’t something Brooke would want us to remember.

6 Linda’s Shameful PDA

Hitting rock bottom, things went from bad to worse for Linda following the divorce. You’d think she’d quietly stir away from the public with her millions in divorce money, but instead, she did the exact opposite dating a teenager. At the time of the relationship, Linda was nearing her 50s while Charley Hill, the ex, was 19! Yup, she was basically dating a dude similar in age to her kids.

The photos of the couple were cringe and just downright shameful. Thankfully, the two would end up breaking up and it looks like Charley wanted a little more from the relationship. Back in 2014 after the breakup, Hill sued Linda for $1.5 million in money he claims she owed him. According to Hill, he was not compensated for constant labour around the house... In the words of Hulk, “oh, brother”.

5 Nick’s Car After The Accident

This disturbing/shameful picture was taken of Nick’s totaled Toyota Supra following his terrible accident. Nick was 17 years old at the time of the accident and he already had four speeding tickets to his name in under a year. While racing to a steakhouse (of all places), Nick crashed into a median, tarnishing his vehicle to shreds. The fact that he’s still alive is truly a blessing after this one.

As we stated earlier, the unlucky passenger was John Graziano. He sustained terrible injuries, particularly to his brain because of the magnitude of the crash. Because of the accident, he was forced into life-time intensive care. The entire incident not only left a black eye on Nick, but the entire Hogan family for not addressing their son’s reckless behavior behind the wheel earlier.

4 Hulk & His Girls

We’ve seen several pics surface online of Hulk alongside his “girls”, and by girls, we mean his daughter Brooke, and new wife Jennifer McDaniel. Following his divorce, Hulk quickly found love again dating his future wife back in 2008. Shortly after in ’09, the two got engaged and by 2010, Hulk was once again a married man tying the knot with his wife in Clearwater, Florida.

The relationship between the two hasn’t really been shameful, as McDaniel is rarely in the headlines. However, many were said to be creeped out by the resemblance between Brooke and Hulk’s new wife. Seriously, when they put on a pair of shades, it’s hard to tell them apart. As for this picture, Brooke may have taken things a little too far wearing one of the skimpiest bikini bottoms one would ever witness.

3 The Breakup Chick

This is a photo that nobody in the Hogan family wants to see, especially Hulk. Christiane Plante was deemed as the one to break the entire family apart. Being a friend of Brooke’s, she grew close to Hulk and eventually, the two did the dirty deed (Plante was in her early 30s at the time). After National Enquirer ran the story back in 2007, it was basically downhill for Hulk and the family after that.

Linda would file for divorce shortly after, taking Hulk for a disturbing 70% of his entire assets. In addition, the show Hogan Knows Best was also cancelled due to the controversies surrounding the family following the divorce. The show tried to extend its shelf-life with Brooke Knows Best, but as you can imagine, that show fizzled out quite quickly.

2 Pushing Limits (Once Again)

It truly wouldn’t be a Hogan family article without including this picture. In truth, we’ve showcased this photo time and time again, but do you really blame us? In terms of shameful, this pic is a must on such a list.

The photo went absolutely viral and was of the candid nature. Without a doubt, the Hogans had no idea they were being snapped. In one of the most questionable Hogan family acts you’ll ever see, Hulk rubbed lotion all over his daughter’s backside. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also caught checking her out in multiple other pictures (or at least we think he was, judging by the looks he’s giving her). Again, with Hulk’s wife right there, why in the blue hell could she not have applied the cream on Brooke? Oh, brother...

1 The Tape Leak

It truly doesn’t get any worse than this one. Back in April of 2012, Hulk’s life changed forever when a tape was leaked showcasing Hulk and Heather Clem. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was what was said during the tape that was even worse.

The tape revealed Hulk using racial slurs to describe a man that Brooke was talking to at the time. The sound clip sent shockwaves across the board, even the likes of the WWE released Hogan immediately after the slurs were revealed. In fact, still today, rarely does the WWE acknowledge Hogan and he’s yet to return. Although he’d end up winning some serious money due to his privacy being compromised, this situation will forever be regarded as one of the most shameful Hogan family moments.

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