15 Shameful Photos Of Ronda Rousey

It truly doesn’t get more polarizing that Ronda Rousey; some love her, while some just do not. You cannot however discredit her contributions in not only the MMA but worldwide. Many make the claim that Rousey transcended the role of females in professional sports. Her dominance in the UFC not only paved the way for new female Mixed Marital Artists, but it also did the same for other women in sports as well. Still only 30, Rousey still has a long way to go despite her two crushing defeats; the next step seems to be the WWE as she continues to tease a possible debut. We wait in anticipation!

With the good, has come the bad. Whether it be shameful defeats, or Rousey coming across as a hypocrite, she hasn’t had a squeaky clean image in the past. In this article, we showcase some of her most shameful moments through 15 images. These photos include Rousey looking “Not So PG”, her devastating losses and even, personal pictures from her past.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s now begin with these 15 shameful pictures of Ronday Rousey. We get this article started with a questionable photoshoot that featured Ronda alongside an adult star.... Ring the bell!


15 Working Out With Carmen Electra

Here’s a photo not many expected to see, and that’s of Ronda Rousey training alongside the “Not So PG” celeb, Carmen Electra. Not only did Rousey take part in this shameful shoot but she was also dressed up in some steamy clothing. Whether it was her petite Lululemon top or skin-tight yoga pants, the shoot didn’t make the headlines for them boxing gloves, that’s for darn sure. Looking at what Ronda has claimed she stands for in the past, such a shoot made absolutely no sense.

This was only the beginning for Rousey as she would take things a step further in terms of “s*x selling” as you’ll see throughout the article. Most would regard the picture above as one of her many, “Not So PG” shameful moments, taking part with a celebrity notoriously known for taking it all off (something she's criticized women for in the past).

14 Carl’s Jr. Ad


We’ve seen it with countless female athletes in the past; once you reach a certain point of popularity, you become a marketing machine. Look at the great Danica Patrick for example, she took the world of NASCAR by storm, becoming a trailblazer in stock car racing. Her success led to even more success off the track with countless sponsorship deals. Nowadays, Patrick is more so known for her various ad campaigns with the likes of Go Daddy, compared to her actual racing career.

Some believe the same took place with Rousey as the fame got to her head. Along with various TV and film appearances, Ronda also took part in numerous commercials as a sponsor, even the likes of Carl’s Jr. got Rousey to take a bite out of their burger. Seriously though, Ronda representing a fast food joint? Oh goodness.

13 Youth & Revolt

This throwback picture certainly isn’t the most heartwarming as Rousey flips off the camera “Stone Cold Steve Austin” style. It seems like she had an edge long before her days as a UFC fighter.

Her mother was a World Champion in Judo, so you can say taking part in combat sports ran in the family. Ronda enrolled in the sport at the age of 11 and it was rather obvious early on that she had unlimited potential as she embraced the physical sport with ease. By 17, Rousey was already qualified for the Olympic Games, she set a record that year becoming the youngest judoka ever. Retiring from judo at the age of 21 proved to be the best decision of her life. Making the transition into MMA, her brand would eventually blow up, becoming an icon in the sport and brand of UFC.

12 Body Paint & SI Shoot


Not that there’s anything wrong with an athlete showcasing their body, as it gives off a sense of pride nowadays, instead of being viewed as a piece of eye candy. Though, in the case of Ronda Rousey, things were a little different as she was quite skeptical to such shoots in the past. For that reason, many were confused when Ronda took part in this smoking hot shoot with SI, literally wearing no clothes and just being sprayed with body paint. Appearing on the cover of the SI Swimsuit Edition in February of 2016, her past feelings were out the window.

She blasted Miesha Tate for her “body exposure” via various shoots in the past. Looks like Ronda was quite the hypocrite at the end of the day as she took the exact same path as Tate, despite all her criticisms of taking part in such shoots. One word to describe this: shameful!

11 More Magazine Shoots

"With all these ring girls and their va***** – all of this goes back to advice my mom gave me. She gave me this one piece of advice, which I still hold dear. She said, 'Look, whatever pictures you put out there are going to be out there forever, so just think that one day your 12 or 13-year-old son or daughter is going to see those pictures. Whatever you want your son or daughter, or even your 13-year-old little sister to see, keep that in mind.' So, whatever I’m not going to show on a beach, I'm not going to show in a magazine. These girls are going to have to explain to their kids one day why mommy's a** and va**** are all over the place." A Ronda Rousey quote!

So that quote is exactly why some frown when Rousey works such "Not So PG" shoots. This is another magazine pictorial she took part in, and ironically, it’s also on a beach with Self Magazine.

10 A Candid Wardrobe Malfunction


The paparazzi salivate when they get a chance to snap such a picture. Of course, being such a high profile athlete, the paparazzi have followed Ronda Rousey around quite a bit in the last couple of years. It also doesn’t help her cause that she lives in a location littered with candid photographers, Venice, California.

This picture certainly isn’t as shameful as some of the others on the list, though it’s still a picture Rousey likely wants deleted from the internet. Isn’t that the case with most candid pictures as they can catch anyone at the wrong place and at the wrong time? In Rousey’s defense, she was actually in a good mood in the other pictures from that day rocking a smile from ear to ear. She likely wasn’t smiling any longer once she viewed this picture that exposed a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

9 Weird Relationship With Dana White

Looking at the picture above, you’d likely think two things if you didn’t know anything about the duo in the photo. One: they were a couple, or two: they were friends that turned intimate after a night of boozing... Seriously, take your pick here.

The answer however is option three: a boss and his employee pose for a selfie. Yes, Rousey and White have enjoyed a weird relationship with one another in the past, and some call their closeness shameful and unprofessional. The two have a slew of candid pictures whether it be walking alongside one another in an airport, or rocking smiles from ear to ear at press conferences. Without a doubt, the two have grown quite close to one another; it also helps how successful both have been in growing the UFC together. You can likely assume that White was hurting a bit when Ronda began her demise, losing back-to-back fights.


8 First Ever Loss To Holly Holm


The date was nearly two years ago today, November 15th, 2015, a day the world of mixed martial arts will never forget. In her seventh title defense, Rousey was a massive favorite in this matchup taking on the huge underdog, the soft-spoken Holly Holm. Quietly during the buildup to this match, some discussed Holm’s superior striking ability, though in truth, many thought it would just be a classic Ronda takedown and submission finish, but man were most ever wrong.

Inexplicably, Rousey chose to go toe-to-toe with Holm and it cost her the embarrassing defeat, the first of her MMA career. With a brutal kick in the second round, Holm knocked Rousey out-cold, ending the former champ’s three year title reign. Not only was the defeat shameful, but her attitude post fight was even worse, as she came across as a sore loser.

7 Second Loss To Amanda Nunes

In late December of 2016, everything was falling back into place for Dana White and the UFC. Cash cow Conor McGregor, was back on top of the MMA world, and all that was left to put the cherry on top was Rousey also getting back on her throne as champion. Unfortunately for Dana, things went terribly wrong.

Her comeback was halted in stunning fashion as she was destroyed in just 48 seconds. This loss came across as even more shameful in comparison to her first defeat, given how quick and brutal the match was. Again, Ronda stood toe-to-toe but got absolutely rocked with shot after shot. The bout was so bad that Rousey literally went into hiding for months and faced various points of depression. Following the second defeat, many believe her MMA days are done for, as she now looks to revolutionize another field, the world of sports and entertainment with the WWE.

6 Airport Fiasco


Following her first defeat to Holly Holm, Rousey just made things so much worse following the fight; you can call her behavior truly shameful. Instead of accepting the result and taking it like a true champion, Rousey chose another route, and that was to run and hide, not wanting to show weakness (which in truth did the opposite).

Making her way through the LA Airport, Rousey was mobbed by paparazzi who were on sight ready to get a glimpse of the former champion. Rousey was having none of it as she completely covered her face wearing a hood, along with a purple pillow to cover the battle scars everybody wanted to see. When you’re in a sport like mixed martial arts, taking such a route is regarded as shameful. We believe that if Ronda would be able to do it again, she would have done things differently on that day.

5 Rousey In Jail?

Okay, we’re teasing you a little here, this is not a picture of Rousey in jail, but rather, this is the way the former UFC Champion dealt with her defeats and that’s by taking on television and film projects. The picture you see above is from a cameo on Blindspot, appearing as Devon Penberthy. She would appear in various other roles shortly after including spots in Mile 22 and Road House.

Along with the numerous films and TV shows, Rousey also took part in a slew of talk show spots such as an emotional cameo on the Ellen Show, in which she opened up about her recent battles against depression following her defeats. Not to worry though, it looks like she’s finally back on her feet and ready to make a new mark on the world, this time, with the WWE as she’s set to make a big time debut in the very near future.

4 The Weigh-In With Holly


Critics believe Rousey’s shameful downward spiral began at this very press conference, hyping her match against Holly Holm. At that point, it appeared as though the fame and popularity of it all got to the former champion, as she appeared arrogant as ever, while rocking the most fashionable dress on the market. Looking at that Rousey compared to her previous ways back in the day when she was a somewhat humble champion, you can certainly tell that the fame got to her.

During the press conference, she basically talked down to Holm and even bullied her, another aspect Ronda is apparently totally against but she wasn’t doing the greatest job selling it on this day. If anything, the defeat to Holly might have been a sign to humble the former champ a little bit, but given her reaction following the fight, we’re not really sure if it did.

3 Prior Relationships

This particular story does have a happy ending for Rousey who recently tied the knot with Travis Browne. The two were married in Browne’s native land of Hawaii in late August. We’re truly happy for Rousey, especially because of her rocky past at finding love.

She dated the guy above, Brendan Schaub, for a little bit; ironically her current husband Travis, would knock Schaub out, and she would later date the fighter... you can’t make this stuff up folks. She also had an abusive relationship that she discussed in her autobiography with a person she named “Snappers McCreepy”. Rousey claims the ex-boyfriend took nude pics of her while she was asleep and without her consent. For that reason, Ronda claims she accepted photoshoots that showed her in a different light so it would allow her to do so on her own terms.

2 Ronda’s Instagram Posts

A post shared by rondarousey (@rondarousey) on


Social media is a crazy tool athletes did not have access to back in the day. With social media today, stars like Rousey can use the platform to further their own brand. With close to ten million followers via Instagram, Rousey is certainly taking advantage of that platform.

Her recent posts have changed big time, and some call it shameful. The shameful post you see above was published by Rousey; it was one of her many “depressing” posts from the past. For someone as popular and viewed as a role model to millions, the route she took wasn’t the greatest. Instead, dare we say she was better off taking a page out of Conor McGregor’s book and exiting a loss with her head held high? Feeling sorry for herself only made things worse, as she came across in a negative light.

1 “Not So PG” Past

Okay, so we can’t compare her “Not SO PG” past to the likes of Tiger Woods or Michael Phelps, but, given the evidence we have at our disposal from the past, Rousey loved to have a good time back in the day, and by good time, we mean having some drinks and feeling a little loose.

This steamy picture has made waves time and time again as Ronda looks like she’s having the time of her life as her friend goes for the belt buckle, while Rousey appears to enjoy every second of it while rocking the patriotic Brazilian top and bandanna around her neck. Minds likely started to race at the sight of such a picture but don’t get your hopes up, the adult industry isn’t in Rousey’s future. But hey, if she ever chooses to though, she’s got a partner in Carmen Electra, right?


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