15 Shameful Photos Of Eugenie Bouchard

Hello and welcome to another edition of shameful pictures featuring a popular athlete. Most recently, we touched base on Danica Patrick who lost her way due to fame and various endorsement deals. In this article, we cover an athlete facing a same dilemma in Eugenie Bouchard. Unlike Patrick, Bouchard wasn’t a trailblazer in her sport; however, she was a young, exciting and beautiful athlete that was gaining huge success on the court while in her early 20s. Finishing in the semis twice and in the finals in three of the four Grand Slam Tournaments in 2014, many believed she was in the midst of becoming something special.

She’s still something special in terms of social media attention which is in large part due to her look. However, her game has struggled immensely with numerous defeats along with some of the most baffling injuries we’ve ever seen. Tennis critics claim her priorities are elsewhere and that’s a big time shame.

In this article, we take a look at some of the most shameful photos pertaining to the young gem’s career thus far. From vacation pictures to questionable endorsement deals, we’ve got a wide range of photos in this article. Enjoy and like always, be sure to pass along the article to a friend. Let’s begin!


15 The Mallorca Pose

Still only 23, the biggest criticism pertaining to the young Genie Bouchard is her lack of maturity at this point in her career. Like so many others we’ve seen in the past, Bouchard got too much praise way too soon and it might have gotten to her head. The tennis community is very skeptical when it comes to her dedication in the sport as many believe she loves the fame, glitz and glamour that comes with the popularity of being a worldwide recognized face.

With that said, Bouchard loves the pose for the cameras and some might call that shameful. Her recent trip to Mallorca was littered with pictures of Genie rocking the skimpiest of bikinis. It appears as though she had no problem with the picture-snapping as she’s seen in an actual pose during this candid photo.

14 Ridiculous Sponsorship Deals


Bouchard isn’t the first, nor will she be the last athlete to take on a ridiculous endorsement deal for some extra cash. We’ve seen numerous women follow that trend in the past, including a pioneer of such activity, one Danica Patrick who made a living off of numerous endorsement deals alone. As much as most of us cringe at the sight of these commercials, it’s just a part of the business.

Don’t get us wrong, Bouchard has some excellent sponsorship deals, especially with the likes of Nike, which is quite the accomplishment. However, partnering up with a frozen food brand like Pinty’s raised a few brows. In the commercial, Bouchard raved about how good the product was but really Genie, you expect us to believe that an athlete like yourself eats frozen chicken nuggets for supper on the regular? Shame on you!

13 Shortest Short Shorts

Oh, the candid pictures! We here at The Richest just love this type of photo as the realism of it all just adds to the allure of the pic. Yes, the studio pictures of an athlete are nice as well but at the end of the day, we just want the realism shot and not one that spent a month in an editing room.

For this “Not So PG” shot of Eugenie, we take a look at the tennis player rocking some of the shortest shorts you’ll ever see before she took to the court at the All England Club in London . Now we know tennis players aren’t the greatest fans of longer shorts due to lack of mobility but seriously though, these shorts are pushing limits and are borderline  bathing suit territory. One can imagine Bouchard playing a round of tennis in those. Good heavens!

12 Riding Up A Little Too High


After her vacation in Mallorca, it isn’t unreasonable to think that perhaps a bikini company endorsement deal is the next step in line for Bouchard’s many endorsement deals. If she was trying to get one, she did an excellent job of showcasing it on her recent trip flaunting her beach body left, right and center. She’s already got deals with Coca-Cola, Rogers Communications, Babolat and Aviva Canada, so heck, why not add a swimsuit brand onto your resume and make a couple of extra bucks while showcasing that lean shape of yours?

Okay, all endorsement deals aside, this bikini picture was one of the shameful ones taken. Seriously speaking, how in the world was Eugenie comfortable in such an ensemble? As you can tell by the back of the attire, the struggle was real....

11 Insta Fame

One aspect the tennis world would say hurt Eugenie was her role in the world of social media. Nowadays, more so than ever before, we get an insight on the personal lives of our favorite athletes. The perk? It helps to establish their brand even further, something that can aid their overall popularity.

In Bouchard’s case, it's worked wonders for her global fame as some might say they're more intrigued on the details of her life off the court than on it. Bouchard has one hell of a following and a pretty lopsided followers/following ratio. She follows 65 people and has a fanbase of 1.5 million on the social media platform Instagram. Such pics as the one you see above have her fans coming back for more as she poses in stunning bikinis on the most beautiful islands. You’d think she was a model and not a tennis player, and for that we say, shame!

10 The SI Shoot


Okay, first off, kudos to Bouchard for this magazine spread. Getting picked by such a prestigious magazine is quite honorable, especially looking at the amount of high profile athletes that have participated in such shoots in the past. Heck, even Ronda Rousey flaunted her goods for the magazine.

So you’re probably asking, why in the hell is this shameful? Well, for two reasons; one, when people ask what Bouchard is remembered for in 2017, the SI shoot is literally the only memorable part of her year and some say it added more credibility to her as a possible model in the future than a tennis player. 2017 has been another brutal year for Bouchard on the court and you know things are bad when photoshoots triumph your on-court game. Secondly, some of the pics are of the “Not So PG” nature, such as a topless photo that was taken for the magazine. For these two reasons, we’re a little skeptical of her involvement in the shoot.

9 Halloween Bowser Style

Okay, first off we can all agree that Mario Kart’s Bowser never looked better. In the past, Bouchard has used Halloween as a way to really showcase her fantastic look and take it to another level. Remember back in the day when we were young and the day was all about creeping the hell out of people? Well, it turns out that the older you get, the more things slowly start to change and before you know it, it’s all about ogling at beautiful women in “Not So PG” outfits.

Bouchard fits the mold perfectly as you see in the picture above. It wasn’t the first time she rocked a costume that pushed the limits though, just go and take a look at her attempt at dressing up as a cat recently, we bet your eyeballs will get pretty sore looking at that costume as well.


8 She’s Got A Boyfriend?


So this one is a little odd and some would even call it shameful. For years now, Bouchard has been in a relationship but little was ever said about this as it seemed as though Eugenie was a free woman taking on dates via Twitter and even flirting with the Biebs, but we’ll have a little more on those stories later in the article.

Out of all places, it was Instagram that revealed the identity of her boyfriend, although it was only his arm that made the picture along with an emotional message from Eugenie. The person revealed as her boyfriend was a guy she’s been linked to for years, another Quebec native and former NHL player Jordan Caron. He’s rarely in any pictures but the paparazzi did good to get a shot of him in this picture as he ogles at his girlfriend’s backside.

7 The Super Bowl Bet

Now the situation isn’t really shameful and actually pretty funny, however, when you’re mostly remembered for a failed bet and date nowadays instead of your on-court accomplishments, it does become a little more shameful in truth. But hey, we digress.

So if you were not aware, Eugenie ate her words as she made a bet with a fan on Twitter that the Patriots would not come back. Of course, they did, and one John Goehrke got himself the date of a lifetime. Give Genie credit though, as she didn’t shy away from the situation and she even flew the kid out herself with all expenses paid as they attended a basketball game at the beautiful MSG in the front row. So yeah, she wasn’t hiding that’s for darn sure. Give the dude some credit; he had some game purchasing the beauty a gift from Tiffany & Co. Well played little dude, well played.

6 The Biebs Romance?


When asked if she got to date any celebrity in the world, Bouchard answered without any hesitation that it would be Justice Beaver (sorry, Justin Bieber). She also took things a step further telling the interviewer that she hopes Justin was watching...

Well, down the line, one thing led to another and the two would end up pairing up for a charity game. Not only did Bouchard get to partner up with her celebrity crush but it’s also said that the two went on a date, which is pretty weird considering she was likely still dating former NHLer Jordan Caron at that point but hey, who are we to judge? For what it’s worth, funny men Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart were also on hand taking in the festivities of the day as it was an event held by the great Ferrell. Though, the highlight of the event was without a doubt Bouchard meeting her celeb crush.

5 Before The Beef

This picture might be confusing for some given Bouchard’s recent backlash against Maria. However, the shameful part of it all is the fact that Eugenie once looked up to the iconic tennis player and this picture is truly evidence of that, as she seems to be a little starstruck in the photo. On a side note, Sharapova hasn’t aged a day since the darn picture!

Of course, the situation we’re talking about pertains to Maria’s recent suspension for taking banned substances. Bouchard was one of the first to take a stand against the iconic player calling her a “cheater” and even refusing to look at her following a match handshake ritual. Well, recently Maria finally fired back taking a dig at various players in the community, including one Eugenie Bouchard.

4 Branding Machine


Some would argue the validity of this Nike ad that reads “stay dedicated”. Some would argue that Eugenie is more dedicated to her personal life than her actual on-court game which has seen a terrible dip in the last couple of years. Her game is at a standstill at the moment but we can’t say the same for her various endorsement deals that seem to be coming in on the regular.

She’s turning into a branding machine and that might not be the best thing at the moment as it can deviate her game and focus that much more. Bouchard has various commitments outside of tennis including a ten-year deal with Aviva Canada and another three-year deal with Coca-Cola which is now set to expire. It’ll be interesting to see which route Bouchard takes in the future; will she take on more endorsement deals that can jeopardize her game further? Or will she finally put her entire focus on improving her game? We have reason to believe the first option is the likely path at this point.

3 Injuries & Tears

A big part of Eugenie’s on-court struggles have to do with inconsistent playing time due to various injuries and we’re being modest using the word various. Some were straight-up ridiculous. Who can forget Eugenie pulling out of the US Open for sustaining a concussion in the locker room after slipping on a wet surface? To make matters worse, she was advancing to the fourth round of the tournament and many believed her game was back at that point. Though, it ended in terrible fashion as she was forced to withdraw because of concussion-like symptoms. Yes, this is real life.

The bizarre situation didn’t end there as Eugenie took the United States Tennis Association to court for the head injuries she sustained. Since the 2015 incident, her game has suffered deeply, failing to get out of the round stages at any of the prestigious Grand Slam tournaments.

2 The Kardashian Costume


Once again, this dress-up photo went viral as Eugenie and a friend portrayed the look of one Kim Kardashian, poking fun at her nude pictorial which rocked the internet back in the day. Kim’s pic caused an earthquake and Bouchard’s rendition of the costume caused a chuckle adversely.

Bouchard’s claim to fame has come a long way and with a lot of controversy dating back to her early roots. Eugenie was part of a “Tennis Mafia” at the age of 9 as investors took 10% of her career earnings at that point, something unheard of in the world of sports. Just imagine LeBron James having to pay a dude 10% for the stats he puts up.... No. Just no. Thankfully, the court eventually ruled against it as Eugenie had no reasonable way of accepting as a nine year and well, there was no legal claim made, so thankfully the unofficial contract was terminated.

1 All About The Image

On her cell phone in a stylish banana inspired bathing suit, few would actually believe that the person in the picture above is an athlete, instead, you’d think she was in the acting or modelling industries. But the reality is, she’s viewed more so in the entertainment light than her actual game-play which is considered to be shameful, especially for those in the tennis community.

Her glory days are way behind her at this point. 2014 was her year as she reached the semis in both the Australian and French Opens. But who can forget her terrific finish that same year losing in the Wimbledon Finals. Those days are long gone and her record has taken a terrible turn with a 59% winning percentage, which was much higher a couple of years ago before the defeats started pouring in. At the tender age of 23, she’s still got time on her side.


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