15 Shameful Photos Of Danica Patrick

With a staggering net worth of $60 million, one can say that Danica Patrick has done quite well for herself. However, despite the numbers, she’s faced the backlash of many, time and time again. Is the backlash because of jealousy? Possibly; although, she has been caught in a couple of shameful acts in the past. In this article, we look at 15 specific pictures that highlight that very statement.

From her lackluster career nowadays, to questionable edgy pictures from the past to even, leaked photos, 'shameful' describes these 15 pictures featured in this article. Heck, most likely, those reading this article tend to forget that Danica even still drives. Taking a look at her social media account you’d think she was a fitness guru and not an Indy Stock driver. Her placement as of late certainly hasn’t helped her cause but we’ll dive into that a little later.

Sit back, relax and enjoy these edgy and controversial pictures featuring the 60 million dollar former Go Daddy face. So without further ado, here are 15 shameful pictures of Danica Patrick. Be sure to share the article with a friend. We start off the piece with one of the most forgettable moments of Danica’s career - the leak!


15 The Leak – Part One

Unfortunately, for many of those athletes and celebrities in the spotlight, this problem continues to persist nowadays as several of those in the limelight have seen their private content exposed for the world to see. Yes, we, the viewers usually rush to see such content but in truth, for the athlete or celebrity themselves, seeing such pictures get exposed isn’t the most flattering part of their careers. In 2014, several pictures were exposed including a couple of pics of yes, you guessed it, Danica Patrick.

Compared to other athletes (like let’s say, Hope Solo), Danica’s content was extremely tame and rather PG. Here’s a snippet of what we’re talking about as yes, Danica appears to be in the buff but she’s also fully covered up. Not many athletes and celebs can say the same unfortunately. We’ll feature the second picture from the leak a little later (that one is a little more “Not So PG”).

14 Using The Racing Suit In SI Spread


Without a doubt, Danica has added a fame factor to the Indy Car Series, however, not all the drivers are all that thrilled about it. Many have gone public in the past discussing their displeasures with Danica, seeing her as nothing but a marketing machine and not an actual race car driver.

Well, Patrick’s SI shoot really didn’t help her cause with the other drivers either, and some claim that using the Indy suit was a shameful move on Danica’s part that disgraced the sport. Nonetheless, the SI shoot was extremely steamy and only aided Patrick’s popularity. However, many believe it came with a cost and the nature of it all was quite shameful on Danica’s part. No matter what opinion you might have about the actual shoot, there simply is no denying Patrick’s stunning good looks from the spread. Without a doubt, it was her very best from her career, driver or not.

13 Music Video Spot With Jay-Z

Here’s something many tend to forget about Danica; not only did she appear on countless ads in the last couple of years, but she also made a couple of cameos in music videos. If you needed more evidence that Patrick was regarded as eye candy, here’s another example as the Indy Car driver appeared in a video for Jay-Z, if you can believe it! Once again, most of the other drivers likely called this appearance shameful!

Obviously, Patrick put her car skills to good use in the Jay-Z video driving a Pagani Zonda Roadster in a video clip for a song entitled Show Me What You Got. It wouldn’t be her only cameo however, as she also took part in other music videos such as Fastest Girl In Town by Miranda Lambert (in which she was once again driving, this time a Camaro SS) and Drivin’ Around Song by Colton Ford.

12 The Tattoo


Here’s another aspect of Danica's image which many failed to realize, and that’s the fact that she has the famously labelled “tramp stamp” on her lower back. Now some of you might be confused by this because during the SI shoot, there was no sign of such a tattoo. As a matter of fact, that was intentionally done as SI airbrushed the tat during the photoshoot. The decision to do so got SI into a bit of hot water as many were none too pleased that the American flag tattoo was taken out for the shoot. SI responded to the claims, stating that the tattoo was a little too edgy for the shoot... which um, doesn’t make all that much sense given how edgy the pictures were.

Nonetheless, following such an event Danica likely felt a little bit of shame pertaining to the tattoo. Even nowadays, we rarely ever see the tat, leading us to believe it's actually been removed for good.

11 Prior Marriage

Whether you’re a celeb or an athlete in the spotlight, more times than not, a relationship the first time just doesn’t work out. With a lack of time and lack of connection, it isn’t too hard to figure out why things can easily go south.

You can add Danica to that list unfortunately. Going way back to 2005, Patrick married Paul Edward Hospenthal, a physical therapist. Ever wonder why Danica’s so into yoga nowadays? Well, we have reason to believe that’s because of her ex as he used the practice on his ex-wife in order to relieve her from the various injuries she had sustained.

The two appeared to be very happy together, though in 2015, it was announced that they were in fact going their separate ways after a seven year marriage, which is actually quite lengthy for an athlete. Although the two got divorced, they ended things on amicable terms, another rarity that doesn’t usually happen.

10 Heated Encounters


Don’t be fooled by her petite frame, Danica has got some serious edge and fire, particularly on the track as she’s been in one too many disputes with her fellow drivers in the past.

From Denny Hamlin to another female counterpart in Milka Duno, Danica has lost her temper quite a bit; most of the time, fans and critics of the sport frowned upon Danica’s problems with other drivers. Even recently, Patrick confronted fans out of all people as she was booed by a couple of people in the crowd only to answer back: “I’m a person”. At this point in her career, you’d figure such incidents wouldn’t get to her but it looks like they still do and keeping her cool really isn’t one of her best characteristics.

9 Lackluster TV Appearances

You really can’t fault Danica for trying; like so many other athletes in the past, Patrick tried to take her fame onto the Tube (the television tube that is). Some of you might be scratching your heads right now trying to think of something you saw Danica in... That’s our exact point, as her cameos were lackluster (to put it nicely).

Her first official appearance took place on the set of CSI:NY, playing once again, a race car driver. She was a murder suspect during her cameo on the show. Danica would appear in a plethora of other not-so-famous shows, although we give the race car driver some major props for her appearance on the iconic Fox show, The Simpsons. Aside from that cameo, all the others are rather shameful, and quite forgettable in truth.


8 The Recent Fine


For those of you that might not be aware, yes Danica is still actively driving. Her placement hasn’t been the greatest of late, but we’ll get to that a little later. Some would argue the biggest race car driving news she’s been involved in came at the expense of a fine back in 2016. Of course, when it comes to controversy, Patrick usually finds her way into the headlines. For that reason, many call her driving career shameful.

This situation didn’t help her cause as Patrick was fined $20,000 for getting out of her car following a crash which is an absolute “no-no” in the sport. Patrick was furious following lap 120 as she spun out into the wall colliding with Kasey Kahne. Nonetheless, she should have handled the situation better, although it was one of the few recent moments featuring the popular driver that actually made the headlines.

7 The Recent Struggle

Back in the day, drivers weren’t too fond of Patrick joining the circuit. Heck, drivers like Robby Gordon even went as far as to claim that the female driver had an unfair advantage due to her size and weight. Okay, maybe that’s a little too far? Those same claims never really happen anymore nowadays, and there’s likely a reason for that.

The reason we speak of is simple and that’s Danica’s lack of impact on the circuit as of late failing to secure a top 20 spot in her most recent races. Looking at Patrick’s most recent races in August, she finished a lackluster 22nd and 25th at the Pure Michigan 400 and the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race. To make matters worse, her current Sprint Cup Series leaderboard position has the 35 year old ranked 28th without anything close to a victory. Finishing 24th, 24th and 28th in the last three years in the Nationwide Series, it’s rather clear that her best days are a thing of the past.

6 Recent Dangerous Crashes


Adding to the recent shameful performances on the circuit, Danica has also been involved in some terrible crashes. Just recently, she was involved in a dangerous collision at Daytona alongside Kyle Busch, among others in the pileup. The accident was a terrible collision. However, that wasn’t her worst.

The worst took place in 2016 at the Talladega circuit. Patrick hit the wall way too fast and her car even caught fire. Danica needed an X-ray following the crash as her chest was injured from the impact of the collision, she described the incident as the worst of her career. Edging towards her 40s, health concerns must be something Danica is starting to think about. Looking at the recent crashes, one has to believe that Patrick might be contemplating retirement sooner rather than later with these recent accidents adding up more and more.

5 More SI Sizzle

Oh, Sports Illustrated; they just have a knack for showing another side of an athlete. Even the most brutal combat sport athletes came out of the shoot looking like absolute smokeshows (yes, we’re talking about you, Ronda Rousey). SI loves to take edgy athletes and showcase them in a manner we’ve never seen before. With Rousey for example, they used a painted-on bodysuit which caused quite the stir, however some referred to this as being shameful, particularly because of Ronda’s past comments pertaining to such shoots.

Well, the same backlash resulted from Danica’s shoot. Like Rousey, Patrick was and still is, a massive role-model to women around the world. Working such an edgy shoot was regarded as shameful by some, particularly mothers of young daughters that looked up to Danica and of course as we mentioned, the racing community.

4 The Nature’s Bakery Incident


Nature’s Bakery was yet another company that Patrick worked for, using her name to showcase the brand. However, this time around, things ended on a shameful note for both sides. The relationship went south between the two after the company ended ties claiming Danica’s promotional skills on social media were lackluster and if that wasn’t bad enough, they also made the claim that she endorsed a rival product, which is an absolute “no-no”.

The dispute was taken to court for breach of contract as Patrick was set to continue her relationship with the company till 2018. Patrick made the claim that the company just didn’t want to pay her any longer and didn’t have the resources to accommodate the deal they had agreed on. It was a recent dispute that was made public and really didn’t help Danica’s overall look, especially seeing her Go Daddy relationship come to an end. Speaking of Go Daddy....

3 Final Go Daddy Days

Go Daddy and Danica Patrick worked wonders together for years and years (like lamb and tuna fish). Both the brand and the NASCAR driver were elevated because of the relationship. However, as they say, all good things must come to an end and in 2015, that came to fruition when Go Daddy finally announced that they were ending their long relationship with the 35 year old. 2015 was her last year with the company as a sponsored driver.

Her run was tremendous, though the content featuring Danica seemed to get worse and worse as the years moved along, such as this ad campaign with Patrick, looking less like a sex symbol and more so like she is just a straight-up-laughing-stock, rocking the fake muscle suit. It appears as though both sides were trying to clean up the commercials but in truth, that just led to shameful and lackluster results.

2 Too Much "Dirty" With Go Daddy


During the final portion of her run with Go Daddy, the edgy content certainly took a backseat compared to her earlier days. When Patrick first started with the company she was all about the edgy material and it led to some of the most popular commercials of the time, including the one you see above with Danica looking “Not So PG” while getting a massage.

Her decision to accept such edgy content landed her in some hot water, specifically with her peers from the racing community. Back in 2013, NASCAR driver Kyle Petty claimed Danica was nothing but a “marketing machine” and not a race car driver like the others on the circuit. The sentiment was felt by many other drivers, though Danica didn’t let those comments affect her one bit claiming she simply didn’t care what others thought.

1 The Leak – Part Two

We promised a part two and here it is. Danica was featured in a couple of leaked photos, but this one was the most graphic as it showcases an exposed part of her chest area. As you can imagine, the photo went viral as it was the first and only time Danica appeared to bare it all, though shamefully, it was unintentional as it breached her personal privacy.

The leaked photos are still an ongoing problem nowadays. Even more recently, a famous female athlete comparable to Patrick, Lindsey Vonn saw her personal property get exposed by hackers. Among the stolen pics was even a shot of Tiger Woods looking “Not So PG”. Seriously, the dude just can’t catch a break. Without a doubt, the likes of Vonn and Patrick will think twice when taking such photos nowadays.


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