15 Shameful Game Of Thrones Scenes The Producers Probably Regret

Few shows in the history of television have been as thought-provoking, game-changing, and as intense as Game of Thrones has been. Debuting back in 2011, Game of Thrones has put the entire world on the edge of their seats, and the series just wrapped up its seventh successful season. One of the better aspects of the show is the development of characters who have survived throughout the series, and the show's writers have done an exceptional job in showing the flaws that each character has. Because this show deals with many adult themes and because it's on HBO, the directors have had no issues with pushing the boundaries of decency from one season to the next.

Gratuitous nudity, incestuous relationships, and beheadings are a seemingly normal part of the series, and we, as fans, have been hooked since our very first time watching it. Some scenes, however, are incredibly hard to watch, and the 15 scenes that we chose for our list are some of the most notorious scenes that have been shown to fans throughout the series. Because we're sure that you're rewatching the series while you're patiently waiting for the eighth and final season to debut, you'll no doubt come across the scenes on this list in due time, and we can guarantee that they'll make you cringe even more so than you did the first time you watched them. Buckle up, fans, because these 15 scenes are about to bring back some painful memories for some of your favorite characters.


15 Ramsay And Sansa’s Wedding Night

On the surface, it would seem like Sansa had the much better life when compared to Arya, but a closer look at what she dealt with over the course of several years might leave you questioning the validity of this. While Arya was making her way through life sleeping outside and pretending to be a boy, Sansa was living in a palace and enjoying comforts that are reserved for very few. However, she was betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon, and the entirety of their relationship was full of Joffrey playing mental games with his wife-to-be. Showing Sansa her own father's head hanging on a spike above the city is just one example of the terrible things that Joffrey did.

Eventually, Sansa was able to escape and make her way back home to Winterfell, but by the time she got there, the Boltons had taken over. Littlefinger, the man that she trusted, practically sold her into marriage to Ramsay Bolton, who was even worse than Joffrey. As you can imagine, their wedding night wasn't exactly a beautiful moment, and seeing what Ramsay did to Sansa was a painful reminder that despite being in the comforts of the Kingdom, Sansa was nothing more than a beaten and battered woman.

14 Joffrey Torturing His Uncle’s Gift


From the moment that he opened his mouth in the series, it was evident that Joffrey Baratheon, the boy who would become king after his father's death, was nothing more than a rotten human being. This selfish, entitled, and emotional little brat was truly awful to every person he came across, and he had no issues with throwing around the title of Prince to those who would dare get in his way. His uncle Tyrion chalked this up to the boy needing to let off some steam, so he decided to get him a couple of prostitutes in order to help burn excess energy.

What no one expected, however, was that Joffrey would have these two young women torture each other, and because of his status in the Kingdom, there was nothing that they could do about it. It was easily one of the most painful scenes to watch, and it was a moment where you truly felt bad for fictional characters.

13 Daenerys Eating The Horse Heart

Oh, the things we do for love. After she was sold into marriage by her brother Viserys, Daenerys was forced to learn the customs and courtesies of the Dothraki people in order to impress Khal Drogo. In one of the most disgusting acts that we had to witness Daenerys do early on, she was forced to eat the heart of a horse in front of a riotous crowd of Dothraki people. Personally, we're not really sure how she was able to muster the strength to get through the entire thing, but alas, she's the Mother of Dragons for a reason.

Daenerys successfully completed eating the entire heart, much to the delight of her new husband, and their relationship took another step forward. She slowly gained a little more respect from the Dothraki people, who saw her as nothing more than an outsider. As she was hooking up with her cousin Aegon Targaryen, we can't imagine a scenario where she'll have to do something that disgusting.

12 The Brothel Refund


Coming from nothing and turning yourself into a powerful figure in a place like Westeros is no easy feat, but then again, most people aren't as cunning as Lord Baelish, better known by his nickname, "Littlefinger." The young boy with nothing grew into a man who seemingly had everything, and he ran one of if not the most successful brothel in King's Landing. Littlefinger excelled at giving men exactly what they were looking for, and seeing him train the women that would work in his brothel was weird enough, but one scene, in particular, was absolutely disgusting.

As one man came in to complain to Lord Baelish about his experience, he quickly sent another young woman his way. Unbeknownst to the man, the young lady had just finished another client and was in the process of cleaning up before she went and planted a kiss right on his lips. It was vile, hard to watch, and a clear indication of the type of person that Lord Baelish was. Thanks to the Stark siblings outsmarting him in season 7, we won't have to see Littlefinger run amok in Westeros anymore.

11 Sam’s Surgery On Jorah

In order to do great things, you have to take a great risk, and sometimes, that means sticking your neck on the line for someone that you hardly know. After it was revealed that he was suffering from Greyscale, Sir Jorah was commanded by Daenerys to go and find a cure and eventually returned to her. After not seeing him for a while, we learn that Jorah actually turned up at the Citadel where Samwell Tarly was busy learning how to be a Maester. Well, the head Maester seemed to have very little sympathy for Jorah, who was knocking on death's door, and Jorah's life was all but over.

Samwell decided to take matters into his own hands, and he completed an experimental surgery in order to rid Jorah of the disease. Of course, after everything was successfully completed, Sam and Jorah lied to the head maester in order to save some skin. The Maester was able to see right through this, but instead of kicking Sam out of the Citadel, he decided to keep him on board for his heroic actions. Nevertheless, the surgery itself, from what little we saw, was disgusting, and the way that the camera zoomed in before panning to a bowl of soup that looked like the puss from the wound was disgusting.

10 Theon Losing His Favorite Toy


Despite the fact that this was one of the more brutal punishments we have ever seen in a television series, we can't say the Theon didn't have it coming. After all, his decision to turn his back on the Stark family and give the impression that he had murdered their two youngest siblings had massive implications on the war that was at hand. Theon was already a very arrogant character, and seeing him take things to the next level was more than some fans could handle.

Eventually, Theon ends up the prisoner of the twisted and demented Ramsay Bolton, and from there, Ramsay put Theon through some of the most heinous tortures known to man. Above all of the things that he did to him, Ramsay cutting off Theon's favorite plaything might be what ultimately broke the young man. It was super hard to watch, and seeing Ramsay eat the sausage in front of Theon while taunting him was pretty funny but was also very messed up.

9 Littlefinger Kissing Sansa

Oh, what a pathetic man he truly was. Lord Baelish spent his entire life being in love with Catelyn Stark, only to see her and up in the arms of Ned, which no doubt put a target on Ned's back. After the death of Catelyn and Ned happened earlier in the series, Littlefinger quickly turned his attention and all of his affection to Sansa, who reminded him of his long-lost love. Littlefinger pretended the entire time to have Sansa’s best interest in mind, but of course, we know this wasn't the case. He was simply using her in an attempt to create chaos to make his way up the ladder in order to sit on the Iron Throne.

At one point, when the two are having a private conversation, Baelish finally makes his move on Sansa, and he planted a kiss on the young woman. Needless to say, Sansa didn't share the same affection, and the whole situation was very awkward. Eventually, his luck would run out, and Sansa would have him put to death.


8 Maester Pycell In His Brothel


Early on in the series, it seemed that we spent an egregious amount of time inside of the walls of a brothel, and character after character would eventually make their way in to find some satisfaction. One character we didn't expect to see in a brothel, however, was old Maester Pycelle, who seemed to struggle to walk everywhere he went. We quickly learned that this wasn't the case, and Maester Pycelle was doing nothing more than putting on an act.

After he finishes his session with his lady, Pycelle is quick to stand up and stretch out, walking over to get dressed and eventually making his way out in the town. Seeing such an old, deplorable human being in a brothel was already weird enough, and learning the fact that he was putting on a front made him even more despised in the eyes of fans. Like nearly every character on the series, Pycelle would meet his demise, much to the delight of fans.

7 Meryn Trant In The Brothel

Even though this gave way to one of the most satisfying deaths in the show's history, we must say this character’s dark, deep buried secret is one of the more deplorable things we've seen. In the first season, we see Arya getting a lot of training from Cyrio before eventually having to escape the city after the death of her father. The man responsible for killing her trainer was Sir Meryn Trant, and Arya had spent years waiting to get her hands on him. Next to Cersei and Joffrey, Meryn Trant was one of the more prominent names on Arya's kill list, and she would recite this list to herself every night before she went to sleep.

Unexpectedly, Arya saw an opportunity to kill Meryn Trant after learning that he was a pedophile. While visiting a brothel, he requested a woman for the evening, and each one that was brought in was quickly sent away because she wasn't young enough for him. Eventually, Arya was able to do what she does best, and she killed Sir Meryn Trant, effectively ridding Westeros of another pedophile.

6 Theon Feeling Up Yara


Theon Greyjoy went from becoming one of the cockiest characters on the series to a man who was a shell of his former self, dealing with a serious case of PTSD. But, before Theon endured an incredible amount of torture, he was sent to the Iron Islands, his former home, in an attempt to coax his father into teaming up with Robb Stark. Upon Theon's arrival at the Iron Islands, he was greeted at the pier by a young woman who was eager to take him to go see his father.

Theon, being a lady’s man, decided to flirt up a storm with this young woman and even copped a feel as they were making their way to his father. He later finds out that this young woman was, in fact, his younger sister who neglected to tell him who she actually was. It goes without saying that her opinion of Theon -- and their initial relationship -- quickly went down the drain.

5 Viserys Creeping On Daenerys

Before growing into the strong woman that we see today leading an army of Dothraki into Westeros, Daenerys was just a young teenage girl who was being sold into a marriage by her greedy brother. It quickly became apparent that Viserys was a despicable human being who would stop at absolutely nothing to get his hands on the Iron Throne. As he's giving his younger sister a pep talk, she slowly gets undressed, and seeing him go full creep mode on his sister by inspecting practically every inch of her body and making sure that she was perfect for Khal Drogo made a lot of people gag.

Incest has long been a part of the show, and while the two didn't hook up, the way that Viserys looked at his little sister was questionable, to say the least. Fortunately, all's well that ends well, and Viserys finally got the crown of gold that he so desperately sought, though it wouldn't come in the way that he expected, giving fans one of the most satisfying deaths in the show’s history.

4 The Red Lady Birthing A Demon


Ever since her introduction on the series, the Red Lady, better known as Melisandre, has honestly been one of the creepiest characters that we've had to watch. She's been responsible for the death of a ton of characters due to Stannis Baratheon following her every step of the way. Among the more despicable things that she's done was giving birth to a demon child in order to kill Stannis's brother, Renly.

Seeing Melisandre in the cave giving birth to this disgusting creature was one of the nastiest things in the show's history, and watching this haunted spirit take Renly's life while Brienne of Tarth had to sit there helplessly was truly despicable. Needless to say, many people believed that Brianne was the guilty party, and she soon found herself serving Catelyn Stark. From that moment onward, our favorite Onion Knight, Davos Seaworth, has been patiently waiting to get his hands around the neck of Melisandre.

3 Jon And Daenerys Finally Hooking Up

You knew it was coming, and when it finally happened, it was still cringe-worthy. The entirety of season 7 revolved around the budding relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, the rightful Queen to the Iron Throne, and the king in the North. Despite starting off on uneven ground, they eventually found a common cause that banded them together. Throughout the seven episodes of the season, the bond between the two started to strengthen, and in the season finale, it finally happened.

While they were on a ship out to sea, John eventually made his way to Daenerys’s room, and the two finally hooked up. What made this scene super creepy is that while the pair were hooking up, Jon Snow's brother, Bran, narrated the scene, letting viewers at home know that Jon Snow was, in fact, the nephew of Daenerys Targaryen, meaning that we were watching incest unfold right before our eyes.

2 Jaimie And Cersei Love Scenes


Talk about starting off a television series with a bang. The very first episode of Game of Thrones immediately captured the attention of audiences everywhere, and although it was a slow burn at first, the end of the first episode had everyone hooked. It seemed as though there was immediate tension between the Baratheon and the Stark family upon the Baratheon's arrival at Winterfell, and each member of the family, including Jaime and Tyrion Lannister, was very arrogant and thought that he or she was better than everyone else in Westeros.

But we all have skeletons in our closet, and at the end of the episode, for the first time ever, we seem Jaime and Cersei engaging in an incestuous scene. The duo was caught by young Brandon Stark, and instead of coercing him to keep his mouth closed, Jaimie elects to push Bran out of the window, eventually sending the boy into a coma and crippling him for life. That scene set the tone for the rest of the series, and it's been an absolute roller coaster ride ever since.

1 Jaime R---s Cersei

As if the relationship between Jaime and Cersei Lannister throughout the series wasn't weird enough, we were forced to watch a scene in which things reached a new level of weird. After the death of Joffrey Baratheon, the duo was in the process of mourning the death of their child when Jaime decides to confront Cersei about her lack of affection for him. Jaime had been away for quite some time, and upon his arrival at King's Landing, Cersei had continually given him the cold shoulder.

Apparently, at the altar where their child dead body was lying, Jaime had finally decided that enough was enough and forcibly raped Cersei in front of their child's lifeless body. Seeing Jaime act this way toward Cersei was not only odd but was also flat-out deplorable, though the two would eventually patch things up. The incest between the two had already left a sour taste in fans' mouths, and despite Jaime being on the road to redemption at that point, this scene made people hate him even more.


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