15 Shameful Backstage Photos The WWE Wishes Didn’t Exist

As wrestling fans, we love the on-screen product but also have a fascination for what goes on behind the scenes.

As wrestling fans, we love the on-screen product but also have a fascination for what goes on behind the scenes. In truth, it’s like a soap opera for men; we drool over the gossip from the backstage area and just keep coming back for more. The words "backstage" and "shameful" are the reason you likely clicked this article. We’re all suckers for some good old fashion controversy behind the curtain!

In this article, we take a look at some of the more shameful moments to take place behind the scenes. These are photos the WWE basically wishes didn’t exist. From bitter rivals looking buddy/buddy, to blacklisted wrestlers hanging out backstage, these are shameful pics the WWE won’t be showing us anytime soon, especially nowadays in its PG-friendly environment. If you haven’t noticed, the company is a different place both on and off screen.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 15 shameful backstage photos the WWE wishes didn’t exist. We start with a certain trailblazing late WWE Superstar who had quite the run with the company, only to see it end in flames. Let’s begin!

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15 Chyna & Vince Share A Laugh

It’s sad to think that all of Chyna’s trailblazing accomplishments have basically been kept under wraps by the WWE given her controversial departure. In truth, the fact of the matter is that the first ever female IC Champion did nothing wrong, she was simply caught in the crossfire of a relationship that featured the boss’s daughter and one of the more higher up Superstars in the company. For that reason, her contract was terminated and so was her legacy with the company.

What the WWE doesn’t want us to know is that before that, the late Chyna’s relationship with Vince was actually extremely genuine and even great. Despite Vince not buying into Chyna at first, he grew to buy into the Superstar and before he knew it, she was one of the most popular faces in the entire company. That all went south eventually, and even with her passing, the WWE is still reluctant when it comes to publishing Chyna-related content.

14 Triple H Snubs The Miz Backstage

Triple H wasn’t always the easiest to deal with. Constant stories from behind the scenes make a similar claim that his ego was through the roof. Well, maybe that was also the case when he started working alongside Vince at the Gorilla Position as documented by this shameful scene. Following the biggest win of his career retaining the title in the main event of WrestleMania, The Miz was snubbed by Triple H when he extended his hand towards The Game. Triple H simply looked at his hand leaving Miz hanging following the biggest win of his life.

Oh, how things have changed since then! Miz is now by far one of the best heels in the entire company while Triple H has put his ego aside in order to advance the younger generation down in NXT. However, we’ll always have this shameful backstage moment to remember the days of Hunter’s toxic ego driven attitude.

13 Undertaker Breaks Character

We understand, calling this moment shameful is a bit of a stretch but given Taker’s commitment to his character over the years, we’re quite surprised he took part in such a picture behind the scenes. Throughout his career, such photos have been few and far between, which really adds to the shock factor.

In the picture, Undertaker is posing with long-time buddies Sean Waltman aka X-Pac and former WWE employee Billy Gunn. The backstage photo is meant to be playful, however we doubt any of us were supposed to see such a shot, especially with Taker rocking the green and black colors. Without a doubt, both Taker and the WWE wish such a picture didn’t exist given how protective both sides have been pertaining to The Deadman’s mysterious persona. In the words of Matt Hardy, this photo is better off being “deleted”.

12 Triple H & CM Punk Share A Laugh

It appears as though the two put up some good acting during their relationship behind the scenes. Since the very beginning, Hunter wasn’t the biggest fan of Punk and the feelings would eventually grow to be mutual. Once Punk departed, he let the beans spill pertaining to his actual feelings towards Hunter. Referring to him as the “doofus son-in-law”, Punk wasn’t holding back that’s for sure.

This is a shameful picture the WWE surely wishes didn’t exist, after all, Punk content in general is pretty much invisible with the confines of the company. Even during a Money-In-The-Bank video package recently his victory footage was totally neglected by the powers that be. With that in mind, pictures showing Punk and Triple H being buddy/buddy won’t be exposed anytime soon and for now, it’s simply regarded as a shameful backstage photo.

11 Jerry Lawler Almost Passes Away

Looking at Lawler today, it’s surreal to think that he not only still appears on WWE television, but he's also taking independent bookings as an in-ring talent. When this gut-wrenching situation took place, the last thing we were thinking about was Lawler one day returning, but he has somehow (at the age of 67).

The life-threatening incident took place during Raw in Montreal back in 2012. Lawler collapsed live on the air and was immediately stretchered off after it was deemed he suffered a heart attack. Thanks to the quick CPR response, he survived the scare and as we said, somehow fully recovered. However, such pictures are truly shameful showing Lawler during a near death experience. For some reason, WWE cameras were rolling documenting the entire ordeal. How this was acceptable is truly beyond us, shame on the WWE for taking such measures during such a scary situation backstage.

10 Triple H With A Script In Hand

Most wrestling fans can agree, the new writing system in the WWE is truly shameful in comparison to what it used to be. Back in the day, wrestlers were simply given bullet points on things they should touch base on, everything else was straight from the heart. Stephanie McMahon pulled the plug on those days, she even went a step further releasing the “wrestling mark writers”, and hiring Hollywood based composers. With a slew of writers backstage, years later, the change still hasn’t been welcomed by the WWE Universe.

We see a snippet of what those scripts look like with Triple H in this candid backstage shot. Wrestlers are now expected to memorize exactly what’s written down for them. According to the rumor mill, Hunter wasn’t the easiest to deal with when it came to this as he’d tear up scripts in front of writers. Yikes!

9 Bray Breaking Character

Some Superstars need to protect their identities more than others. A similar eerie character compared to The Undertaker, Wyatt must also keep his persona under wraps. For that reason, social media platforms really aren’t a thing for Wyatt as he keeps that mystique behind closed doors.

He’s done a great job keeping that gimmick alive, though he shamefully slipped in this candid backstage photo that made the rounds online. In a rare side of Bray, we see Wyatt having fun and posing in a Diva-like position, something that’s truly unthinkable given his dark character on-screen. Stephanie’s also seen smiling, but that's a little less shocking as most of us are well aware that she’s quite the sweetheart backstage. It appears as though Renee Young is the only one in the right during this photo. Shame on Bray for not keeping kayfabe alive.

8 Bella Booty & Backstage Map Unveiled

When it comes to everything backstage, the WWE is still very strict with what goes on behind the scenes. Heck, Vince himself is cooped up in an office away from the talent before the show. This is a crucial component that the WWE still wishes to keep a secret.

However, thanks to some candid footage and pictures from the past, we’ve been able to get a sneak peek at the backstage area during shows. This picture is a bit of a double whammy as not only does it showcase a map of the backstage area and everything it entails, but it also features a creepy candid shot of the Bellas' backsides. For most of the WWE Universe this picture is a win-win type. From directions to the Pre-tapes and Production Meeting, this is a picture the WWE wishes never got leaked.

7 Anything Sunny & Shawn Michaels

Known as one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all-time, Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon shared quite the bond back in the day and still, to this very day as Michaels is still employed by the company. The WWE was very protective when it came to Shawn, however he hurt his name a couple of times in the past. For one, his backstage feud with Bret Hart didn’t necessarily make him come out of the ordeal looking like an angel, though thankfully, years later, the two finally resolved their differences.

Something that hasn’t been resolved is the WWE’s relationship with Sunny. Ironically, both HBK and Sunny were to be inducted in the same Class. Following the ceremony, things went south between the two sides as Sunny not only put her HOF ring for sale, but she also took a turn for the worst entering the adult industry. Everything regarding Sunny is shameful in the WWE’s view, so such pictures won’t fly and the company very likely wishes it did not exist, especially given the history between these two.

6 Xavier & Paige

2017 has been a trainwreck of a year for Paige who was constantly in the headlines for negative reasons. From leaked pictures to abusive relationships, Paige’s career took a turn for the worst. Though, somehow, it seems like there’s light at the end of the tunnel as Paige recently posted a picture of herself returning to the Performance Center. With her injury finally healed up, we might be seeing Paige sooner than later.

Her return will certainly spark some interest, especially given her past relationship with a certain WWE star....(Xavier Woods). In all likelihood, the WWE won’t make any reference of the two together, leaving that memory far away from the minds of the WWE Universe. It also helps that the two are on separate brands, far away from one another. Without a doubt, the picture above is the last thing the company wants the fans to see especially with a possible Paige return coming.

5 Bryan’s Post-WrestleMania Celebration

In terms of feel good moments at WrestleMania, this one is certainly atop the 33. Bryan was basically slotted into the main event because of the fans and not only did he compete, but he won the championship. The night was truly perfect as the New Orleans crowd celebrated in the confetti making their “Yes” chants heard around the world.

Unfortunately for Bryan, backstage, he didn’t get the classic Mania handshake from Vince McMahon following the show, which some call a shameful act. Vince had left the building in order to attend to The Undertaker, who was rushed to hospital following his first ever WrestleMania defeat to Brock Lesnar. Thankfully, Taker’s injuries weren’t too serious, and you appreciate Vince’s respect for The Deadman but in truth, Bryan not getting congratulated by Vince was regarded as a little disrespectful. Rumor has it that Vince isn’t the greatest fan of Bryan’s because of his “vegan” way of life.... Nope, we’re not even joking.

4 Bret & Hulk Together

Bret Hart in particular would call this photo shameful as the bad blood between these two continues till this very day. Problems began way back in the early 90s when Hogan was reluctant to put the young Hart over. Hogan believed nobody would by Hart beating him so instead, he chose to suffer a defeat against the bigger Yokozuna.

Of course, that infuriated Hart and problems would only continue once they crossed paths in WCW. With Hogan constantly protecting his character and Hart taking a great amount of pride in what he did, it isn’t too hard to see why these two clashed the way they did. This is a rare shot of the two together, a rarity and it’s that much better given that it’s behind the scenes. Vince looks like he’s trying to smoothen the situation over, but Bret’s not buying it.

3 The Mysterious Black Eye

This is one of the greatest WWE backstage urban legends that remains a question mark to this day. With Macho Man basically black-listed from the company till his passing and Hogan enduring an up and down relationship with the WWE, this situation was never addressed by the company. Instead, we leave it to the urban legend out there and that’s probably true depending on how you look at it.

According to the shameful rumor, it was Macho Man who gave Hulk the black eye and not some freak accident. According to the story, Randy clocked Hulk right in the face for introducing his ex-wife, the late Miss Elizabeth, to another man. The two also had a rocky relationship which leads us to believe the shameful speculation might actually be true. Unfortunately, we’ll never know for sure.

2 A Forgotten Hero

The picture itself is the opposite of shameful as it shows the man Owen Hart was behind the scenes. He was a playful soul and a proud father that did it all for his kids and wife. Owen was also tremendous with the younger fans as you see in the picture above.

Unfortunately, for new fans of the product, such information is brand new. What’s so shameful is the fact that Owen’s legacy remains buried in the WWE archives because of on-going problems between the WWE and his wife. Due to these legal troubles, the Owen footage and stories are few and far between, instead the likes of YouTube and various shoot interviews from other wrestlers are suffice in telling us how great of a person he was. It’s a damn shame we know so little about his career because of court troubles!

1 Chyna At The WWE HQ

A picture most WWE fans would think was photoshopped, this behind the scenes photo is actually legit as Chyna visited the HQ in an attempt to get a job with the WWE. Trying to put her foot back in the door and get a proper exit, Chyna was relentless calling the WWE on the regular. She was desperate to try and change her legacy, though her phone calls did not work as planned. Even showing up to the HQ got her nowhere.

Sadly, we all know how this story ends; Chyna ended up passing away without a proper goodbye or an induction into the Hall Of Fame for her brilliant accomplishments. How Snoop Dog is in there, and someone like Chyna that was a trailblazer in the industry isn’t, is truly beyond us. What a shame.

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15 Shameful Backstage Photos The WWE Wishes Didn’t Exist