17 Shady Things The Duggars Wish We Didn't Know

If you haven't heard of the Duggars and of the show 19 Kids and Counting, then you have been living under some sort of rock for the last decade, and all I have to say about that is, do you have room under there for one more so I wouldn't have heard of them either?

19 Kids and Counting was a reality show about the Duggar family, who are strict Baptists who think that God should decide how many children they should have. Well God obviously has a bit of an odd sense of humor since this family should have probably stopped having kids years ago, but then again, if they did that, then they never would have made huge fools of themselves or have become totally famous. These kids were all homeschooled, have limited access to movies and television, are all dressed moderately, and are chaperoned by the parents every time they have a date. In other words, this family life sounds pretty awful.

Not only that, but there are a lot of things they probably feel pretty foolish about, and there are a lot of photos of them that show that side of them. Here are 15 Shady Things The Duggars Wish We Didn't Know About Them.


17 Josh Is A Bit Of A Freak

I am sure the family would pretty much not want you to see any photo of Josh Duggar at this point, it really has gotten that bad with him.  He's been accused of molesting his sisters, watching porn, cheating on his wife, and sexually assaulting a stripper. All of this pretty much brought the show down and caused the family an enormous amount of shame. I guess it's pretty easy to act like you are all moral and religious while a member of your family is messing around with his younger sisters. The whole thing is nasty and brought the Duggar family to its collective knees.

16 Michelle Is A Sub


While it's obvious that in one way, the Duggars are not ashamed of the way Michelle acts when you shine a light on her behavior — the whole thing is totally bizarre. She has said that a wife should always be available to her husband when he wants her in the bedroom and that is part of her role as a wife. While in all honesty, I don't really care too much about what these two oddballs do between the sheets, and the thought of Michelle catering to her husband's every whim is pretty much the opposite of hot. Especially when you think of this being done in a household of 17 kids. Talk about gross — these two take the prize.

15 The Kids Are The Teachers

It's one thing to homeschool your kids, but let's be honest, do you think you could homeschool 19 of them? I doubt that very much. And the worse part is, the Duggars can't do it either, which is why they have settled on a totally bizarre system of homeschooling where which the kids all teach each other. Are you kidding me? That obviously is a total cop-out. They don't want their kids to go to real school, they also they don't want to put in the time to teach them all themselves. So they're just like, "Hey, the kids can all teach each other." I'm not buying it and you shouldn't either.

14 They Have Pretty Strong Views On Abortion 


Obviously, it goes without saying that as strict Baptists, they are going to be against abortion, but at the same time, do we really need to see these people out protesting? Holding signs at pro-life protests is just not a good look for anyone, let alone a reality TV star. That isn't the kind of thing that stops the Duggars though. All they want to do is show how moral they are, while at the same time, there are crimes going on at home. It's probably not best to harass people outside of a clinic and judge other people's decisions when someone in your own family is accused of incest.

13 They Were Extorted

There is a woman named Teresa Hunt who tried to extort the family by saying that one member of the family was having an affair with an older man. First of all, the Duggar in question was a cousin named Amy, secondly, it seemed that the proof was a photo of her with some dude where they were in public and doing nothing promiscuous. Come on, Amy's name doesn't even start with a J for crying out loud. This extortion attempt obviously went nowhere and Teresa Hunt was put on house arrest. When it comes to the Duggars it seems everyone wants to make an easy buck, especially the Duggars.

12 They Have To Be Chaperoned


Can you imagine growing up in a house like this, where you have to be chaperoned by these creepy parents every time you go on a date? So unless you are truly missing the point, the same young women who were molested by their creepy brother while they were in the same house as their parents, can't go out on a date without their parents going with them and protecting them. If you think the whole thing doesn't make a whole lot of sense, then you are correct without a doubt. But then again, when you think about the Duggars, none of it makes sense, especially the fact that they got a reality TV show in the first place.

11 They Are Awful With Naming


10 They Eat A Ton


If you ever wondered why a family like this would ever be on television in the first place, well it's probably because they have to figure out a way to feed them all. The word is, they spend around $3,000 a month just on food. Let that sink in for a little bit. I get that the whole point of the show is that it is so bizarre, otherwise, why would they even do the show at all? While having 11 kids is kind of bizarre, having 19 and raising them the way they do makes them total freaks, so let's give them a show! Still though, at what point do you start realizing that maybe you need to rein it back a little? Probably when you spend $3,000 a month on food, I would think.

9 Jessa Is A Prude

This is no huge surprise, but when one of the daughters, Jessa, was in the process of getting married, she didn't kiss her husband until they got married and refused to hold his hand until they got engaged. Now, I get what religious families are trying to do here, and on the one hand, it's kind of sweet, but still, not holding hands with your boyfriend until you're engaged is pretty extreme. It's seems a little hypocritical when you have a mom that says a wife has to be at her husband's beck and call whenever he wants to do the deed, but this poor guy can't even hold his girlfriend's hand until he puts a ring on it. Totally lame.

8 But Dad Still Didn't Like It


Even though Jessa didn't do anything but hold hands with her husband-to-be until they got engaged, Jim Bob still said they went farther than they should have with the whole thing. Really? Come on. And what is up with the name Jim Bob? There should be some sort of scientific study done on things like this. Do people with names like Jim Bob always turn out to be totally messed up, or is it more that people get messed up because they have names like Jim Bob? It is hard to tell, really. The only thing we can sure of  is that this one particular Jim Bob is a total hypocrite. Once again, his kid Josh is sexually harassing the women in the familyand he's worried about hand holding?

7 Michelle Was Bulimic

When Michelle was growing up, she suffered from an eating disorder called bulimia, which is when someone eats excessively then forces themselves to throw up. This is not meant to shame Michelle or anyone who suffers from this type of thing, but it's just one more thing that doesn't quite add up. This isn't the first time someone with childhood problems uses religion as a distraction rather than deal with issues from their past head on. Her low self-esteem might be one of the reasons why she worships her husband too much.

6 They Think Scientists Are Dumb


When it comes to overpopulation, we don't think the Duggars spend a whole lot of time worrying about it. Imagine if every family had 19 kids, just think about how quickly we would all run out of sustainable resources and how much stress it would put on the world. Well, you might think about it, but we know for sure that Michelle doesn't. She has said that overpopulation is a lie that was made up by scientists. Well, you can't argue with logic like that. Hmm, who should I believe, a person that has spent their life studying the ways of the world and all of life within it, or Michelle Duggar, a high-school graduate with no real-world experience? It's definitely a tough one.

5 Halloween Is For Demons

You would think Halloween would be such a wild and fun time with all of those kids, right? As if these kids didn't have it hard it enough, the Duggars believe Halloween is "the demonic realm" and that "God wants us to stay away from [it]." Can you imagine how bummed out the Duggar kids must be every year while all the other kids are enjoying dressing up and going out to get candy, and these parents are telling them to look out for demons? The whole thing would be funny if it wasn't so sad. It really is amazing that people actually think this way, and even though a lot of reality shows are pretty fake, there is no doubt the Duggars actually believe in the things they say.

4 They Hate Modern Music


One thing is for sure, if you end up going to see the Insane Clown Posse this year, you aren't going to see any of the Duggars kicking around, in fact, you won't even find any of the Duggars at a Taylor Swift show. They are not down with modern music at all because they say it promotes sexual feelings, presumably the same ones that caused Josh to mess around with all of his sisters while they were sleeping. The Duggars only let all of their children listen to gospel music. It would be interesting to follow up with all of these kids, especially the younger ones, later on in life to see how they ended up.

3 They Don't Show Skin

The Duggars play up that they are totally modest, so they don't go to public beaches because that would mean that other people would see their bodies. Even when they do go anywhere that calls for a bathing suit, all of the females in the family cover up. It's rather interesting that there is so much shame around the human body when it comes to certain families and religions. Of course, some kind of modesty is cool, but there is no doubt that the Duggars take things pretty far, which is of course why they got the show in the first place.

2 They Hate NYC


It probably goes without saying that a family like the Duggars would not be all that into New York City. One can find more sin in that city in one single block than the Duggars have seen in their entire lives. At one point, Jinger Duggar said she might want to move there, and Michelle came down on her quickly, saying that she wouldn't be allowed to. This might be a bit of a surprise to Michelle, but Jinger can go anywhere she wants as an adult, and if I were her friend, I would suggest that she gets as far away from the Duggars as possible. But hey, that's just me. You do you Jinger!

1 They Can't Wear Jeans

Of all the things that threaten the Duggar sisters more than anything, even their creepy brother Josh, it seems like jeans might be the biggest one of all. If they want to wear denim it has to be a skirt, but not just any skirt. They have to wear denim skirts that are so long, they practically drag on the ground. Just like everything else about the Duggars, this makes absolutely no sense at all. But after going through this list, does anything about the Duggars really shock us anymore?


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