15 Shady Things That Have Happened In Hollywood That Just Don’t Add Up

Hollywood is a strange place. On the outside, everything seems perfect, glamorous, and exciting. But on the inside, there's a whole different side that most of us never see. Recently, there's been tons of abuse allegations directed towards some of the most powerful people in the business. While these developments are shocking the world right now, the truth is that Hollywood has always been a very shady business. From the very beginning of this industry, there have been many incidents that made people question just how glamorous and perfect Hollywood really is.

These incidents include mysterious unsolved tragic ends that continue to be a subject of much debate. There have also been horrific, gruesome on-set accidents that were never really explained. And then there are the countless stories of sets being haunted by ghosts, often while horror movies are being shot. Sometimes actresses simply vanish from the face of the Earth. Even though we see actors and actresses as "untouchable," many of these people have suffered incredible tragedies in their lives. But whatever the case, one thing's for sure... Hollywood isn't all that it seems... These stories will remind of a simple fact - Hollywood is actually a really sketchy place to be...

15 The Tragic End Of Marilyn Monroe

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The death of Marilyn Monroe was one incident that shook the entire world back in the day. She was probably the biggest and most famous s*x symbol the world has ever known, and she was more popular than any female celebrity today. People were simply obsessed with her. She rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names of that time, including president John F. Kennedy. Everybody wanted to be around her, but behind closed doors she was a very different person. She suffered from depression and anxiety, and was heavily medicated.

When she died, people couldn't believe it. Not only that, but they struggled to accept the official explanation of her demise – that it was a result of suic*de. A barbiturate overdose was said to be the cause, although no autopsy was ever conducted. Many conspiracy theories arose to try and explain the real cause, and some suspected foul play. She allegedly had an affair with John F. Kennedy, and some say that she was killed by either JFK or the CIA in order to make sure she didn't talk.

14 The Passing Of Brandon Lee

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Brandon Lee's death was another tragic event in Hollywood's history. Without a doubt, his father was the most talented and interesting Kung Fu practitioner that ever lived, and his presence on the big screen was electric. He was so skilled and so fast in his movements that directors had to tell him to slow down – he was moving too fast for the cameras to see him. He had been trained in China by traditional Kung Fu experts, and for the first time Western audiences were able to see this secret art come to life.

When Brandon died, people could hardly believe it. He was another celebrity many people had fallen in love with and idolized. But what was even more stunning was the cause of his demise. In a bizarre freak accident, a prop gun on the set of a movie fired, shooting a real bullet into Brandon Lee during a fight scene. He died not long afterwards. The official story is that this was simply an accident. But some say he was assassinated. The reasons for this vary, with some saying he was in a dispute with the Chinese Mafia, and others saying it was revenge for his father sharing secret Kung Fu teachings with the outside world.

13 The Freak Accident Of Natalie Wood

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One of the strangest and shadiest deaths in Hollywood's history was the end of Natalie Wood. This actress was a well-known performer at the time of her demise, and she had appeared in many amazing films such as Miracle On 34th Street. This strange story involved actors Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner, as well as the captain of the boat where the accident took place. They were sailing off the coast of Catalina Island, a well-known getaway spot for celebrities at the time. Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner got into a heated argument, an altercation took place, and at the end of the night Natalie Wood was found dead in the water.

The investigation is actually ongoing, and it remains an unsolved incident. Officially, it has been ruled accidental, but the authorities are still keeping the case open in case new evidence comes forward. There are many suspicious things about this incident, such as the fact that bruises were found on Natalie's body. Also, it seems inconceivable that all three men on board have no idea what happened. Many think there is something that the men are not telling us...

12 The Terrible Accident On The Twilight Zone Movie

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Probably the worst accident in movie history happened on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie, and people are still trying to figure out what exactly went so horribly wrong. A helicopter was part of the fateful scene, and it was hovering above three actors, including two child actors. A pyrotechnic effect was detonated too close to the helicopter, and the tail rotor snapped off the helicopter. The pilot lost control, and the helicopter crashed into the three actors. All three actors were killed – with one child actor and one adult getting decapitated and mutilated by the helicopter blades. The other was crushed.

The subsequent investigation revealed that the scene was created in a very irresponsible and unsafe way. The people in charge knew that there was a huge danger of "losing the helicopter," but they went ahead with the scene anyway. Instead of directing the helicopter to back away from the dangerous pyrotechnic effects, people in charge told the pilot to get lower. This incident exposed just how far people are willing to go to get a good shot.

11 The Secret Life Of Errol Flynn

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One of the most interesting and mysterious men who ever lived in Hollywood was undoubtedly Errol Flynn. He was alive during World War 2, and performed in countless movies, although he was most famous for his role in Robin Hood. He always played swashbuckling heroes, and was well-known in Hollywood. But that was only the surface of who Errol Flynn really was, and in private he lived a very different life.

How different this life was depends on who you talk to. There are those who believe that Errol Flynn was actually working as a Nazi spy during the second world war, and was recruited by one of his Nazi friends when they traveled to Spain together. Others accuse him of having relations with underage girls. And Errol Flynn also had a strong relationship with L. Ron. Hubbard, the father of modern day Scientology. While it is true that Errol Flynn was known for anti-Semitic views, no evidence was ever found that proves he was actually a Nazi. He did try to join the OSS, but was rejected due to poor health. But one thing's for sure - we'll probably never know who Errol Flynn really was.

10 The Disappearing Blonde From Scarface

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Scarface was one of the most iconic movies of the 80's, and it has gone down in history as one of the most popular gangster movies. It tells the story of a Cuban immigrant who eventually rises to the very top of the Miami drug trade, becoming a major kingpin and one of the richest men in the city. But behind the scenes, there was a very different, real crime which took place - the disappearance of Tammy Lynn Leppert.

Tammy Lynn Leppert played a small but iconic role in the movie, and you may remember her as the blonde girl who distracts the character who is supposed to be keeping lookout while a bloody scene takes place in an apartment above. It is alleged that her body and torso were used for the movie's poster. The strange thing about her is that she simply walked off set and was never seen or heard of again. A long search for her was conducted, but now she is assumed dead. She was acting strangely before her disappearance. No one knows what happened to her, but the general consensus is that someone in Hollywood knows.

9 Lightning Strike During The Passion Of The Christ

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One of the most controversial films of our generation was The Passion Of The Christ. This movie retells the crucification of Jesus Christ in stunning and at some points brutal detail. The actor playing Christ had to endure many torture scenes, and at many points he was injured accidentally. Strangely enough, this wasn't the worst injury he sustained while filming the movie. He was struck by lightning not once but twice during filming, once while on a mock crucifix. He also separated his shoulder while carrying the crucifix in the movie, a scene that was kept in the final cut.

Assistant director Jan Micheli was also struck by lightning, not once, but twice, just like the actor playing Christ. This earned him the nickname of "lightning boy" on the set of the movie. The fact that two different people were struck by lightning numerous times is certainly unsettling. And even more so when you consider what this movie is actually about - God. A more superstitious person might believe that it was God throwing those lightning bolts down at people working on this movie...

8 Creepy Things Happened On The Set Of The Possession

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There are many movie sets that have legends of being "cursed," and funnily enough, this often happens with horror movies. Some might say that it's all part of an elaborate marketing ploy to get people to watch the movie. But some of the stories from these movie sets are truly haunting. One of the most haunted movie sets was on The Possession. This movie told a story of a young girl who gets a mysterious force attached to her. Her possession is the main focus of the movie.

But behind the scenes, the crew were extremely afraid of the things that were happening while the cameras weren't rolling. Lights exploded for no reason. Chilly breezes swept through the film set seemingly out of nowhere. But the climax happened when a storage facility holding all the props burned to the ground, and its contents included a replica "dybbuk box" (the source of the possession).

7 The Haunted Set On The Ghost Of Goodnight Lane

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Another seemingly haunted movie set was used for the movie The Ghost Of Midnight Lane. But the craziest thing about this story is that the producer knew the set was haunted before he even used it. In fact, he specifically requested the set because it was haunted. While this might have seemed like a great idea at the time, the people working on the movie weren't so happy about it. Previous incidents on this set included a person getting slapped by an unseen hand, and film equipment getting moved around mysteriously. A paranormal team confirmed that the set was indeed haunted.

The producer of The Ghost Of Goodnight Lane thought this was all awesome, but he probably changed his tune when he saw how haunted it actually was. Lights started falling from the ceiling, and other lighting fixtures flickered mysteriously. To top it all off, crew reported hearing their names called by disembodied entities.

6 The Strange Happenings During The Filming Of The Conjuring

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Another movie set that was just as cursed was that of The Conjuring. This movie was based on the real life story of a family that moves into a haunted house and suffers greatly from the experience. In fact, the family was invited to the movie set multiple times. The mother and wife in the family was so traumatized that she refused to go near even a recreation of the haunted house she once lived in. As it turned out, the set became just as haunted as the actual house it was based on.

Strange winds and chilling sensations plagued the movie set. One on occasion, a particularly strong and cold gust went through the set, and when they looked over at nearby trees, none of them were moving. At this same moment, the real life wife and mother in the family collapsed miles away. The climax occurred when the hotel holding all of the cast and crew caught fire and had to be evacuated.

5 The Mysterious Crash On The Set Of Top Gun

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Top Gun was another iconic movie from the 80's, and one that really made Tom Cruise's career. This fast-paced and exciting movie followed a squad of jet pilots in the US Navy, and was essentially one long recruitment advertisement for the US Armed Forces. To this day, it remains one of the most loved military films of all time. What made the movie so great were the awesome and realistic flight stunts. One of the most talented stunt pilots working on the film was a man by the name of Art Scholl.

Not many people know this, but Art actually died during the filming of the movie. If you watch the credits, you will see that the movie is dedicated to his memory. Despite being one of the most skilled pilots in Hollywood, Art Scholl was not able to recover from a flat spin, a stunt maneuver that he had done numerous times. This death was amazingly similar to the character Goose's in the movie. Neither the plane or Art's body was ever recovered, and to this day no one really knows what caused the accident or why Art died that day.

4 The Hanging Body In The Wizard Of Oz

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One of the most famous and disturbing urban legends in Hollywood comes from one of the most innocent and beloved movies of all time - The Wizard Of Oz. Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man go skipping down the Yellow Brick Road in one scene, and it was only years later that someone noticed something very strange about it. They noticed that in the background, it appeared as though someone was hanging from one of the trees. This caused a huge amount of speculation about who that person was and why he was hanging there.

A story started to spread that it was one of the Munchkins who had hung himself. This actor was apparently suic*dal for some reason, and decided to hang himself from a tree. The general consensus is that this is just an urban legend. But there are those who believe it actually happened, and the grisly incident was covered up by the studio.

3 Crispin Glover's Legal Battle

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Crispin Glover is one of the interesting and unique actors of our generation, and his presence on screen is enthralling. Many of you will probably recognize him from his roles in movies like Charlie's Angels, or more recently Alice In Wonderland. But probably his biggest role came in the 80's, when he appeared as George McFly in Back To The Future. This was a great role for him, and the movie wouldn't have been the same without him.

But many people don't know about the insane amount of stress and trouble that this movie caused for his career. According to Crispin Glover, he was offered half as much money as the other actors for the second movie. He refused, and so another actor was hired to take his place. But the production actually forced this replacement actor to wear prosthetics on his face to appear identical to Glover. Crispin saw this and sued the production company for using his likeness without his permission. Since this is indeed illegal, he won a large settlement in court. You always got the feeling that Glover had been "blacklisted" in a way after this incident, and false rumors were spread about him that impacted his ability to get more roles. It's yet another example of Hollywood engaging in some seriously sketchy and illegal activities.

2 The Superman Curse

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Superman is perhaps the most well-known superhero in history, and one of the most recognized fictional characters in history. He's appeared in countless comic books, video games, TV shows and movies. There have also been a number of actors who have portrayed the man of steel. But there is one urban legend that never seems to go away in regards to Superman - the famed "Superman curse." Legend has it that everyone who played Superman has been very unfortunate in their personal lives.

Sometimes this curse just means that the actor never really finds much work after playing Superman - the curse seemingly killing his career. In other cases, most notably with Christopher Reeve and George Reeves. George Reeves was found dead from a gunshot wound from an apparent suic*de, but his fingerprints were not found on the gun. There was also talk of him being murdered after having an affair with a high-level exec's wife. Christopher Reeve suffered a tragic horse-riding accident which left him as a quadriplegic.

1 Charles Manson And The Brutal Attack Of Sharon Tate

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Charles Manson, one of the most famous murderers of our time, died in prison. His crimes have been widely publicized, and countless documentaries and books have been made recounting his strange life leading up to his incarceration. The general gist of it is that he went into the desert to start a cult, and things became very strange. People start to view him as a messiah and followed his every word with complete loyalty.

One day, he convinced certain members of his cult to go with him to a house that belonged to a music exec that had refused to give him a record deal. But the house had since been sold to film director Roman Polanski and his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate. The cult broke into the house and killed Sharon Tate in an extremely gruesome manner. This was the main crime he went to jail for. The official story is that the murderous group was acting on the orders of Manson. But Manson wasn't actually at the scene of the murder. Why did he want to kill Sharon Tate? We'll probably never know...

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