15 Shady Secrets That Reveal The REAL Vanessa Hudgens

We would like you the meet the REAL Vanessa Hudgens, the girl who started her career playing the timid girl and who much later became a huge star thanks to the High School Musical franchise. Think you have an idea of what she's really like? Forget it. Get ready for more nude picture scandals than any other celeb out there, beginning when she was underage and not legal, if you know what we mean. Plus, she's the kind of All-American girl who, before she was famous, reportedly, tried to “attach” herself to successful guy stars. She's also a chick who disses her former co-stars, has gone in for more than her fair share of “publicity dating” and has been sued again and again for reneging on her commitments. What? Not our Vanessa. Yes, our Vanessa, big time. But let's go back to the beginning when she was a school age virgin and take a look at those many, many leaked picture scandals, including some when she was an underage jail bait. Get ready for 15 shady secrets that prove the Vanessa Hudgens you think you know is not the real Vanessa Hudgens. It's not nice. But, it's real.


15 In The Beginning: From Timid  To Eye Candy

What do Disney child stars all have in common? You mean other than "doing it" at an early age and dope as part of childhood? In a word—a momager. Say hello to Gina Hudgens, momager extraordinaire. Barely even school age, Vanessa first tread the boards playing the Virgin Mary. By the time she was 8 years old, mom pushed her into community theater, where her singing, dancing, and acting in shows like Carousel brought the shy kid into the limelight whether she liked it or not. Then, there were endless auditions for commercials, with anything that would pay being Gina's philosophy. There wasn't a lot of money, but somehow when Vanessa was barely into her teens, she landed a commercial that reportedly funded the family's move to Los Angeles. Gina saw to it that her little girl was kept busy pushing shoes or clothes or skin care or whatever. Hey, she wasn't legal, if you know what we mean, but that didn't stop Vanessa from plunging into the adult entertainment world big time.

14 Underage And Available


Rumors of what the couldn't-even-drive-yet Vanessa got up to are pretty hair-raising. See, she was doing commercials and making pretty good money, but momager and hormones-raging Vanessa wanted so much more. They wanted into the movies. They wanted to be rich and famous. Now, it's just a fact that our Vanessa still had a reputation for “publicity” dating, latching onto a famous male celebrity by whatever means necessary. Think of all those wonderful photo ops of little Vanessa and a male star. And so, rumor has it that at least on one occasion, a jail bait Vanessa sent “explicit” pictures to guys who had already hit it kind of big time. Some say, it happened more times than she would ever care to admit. Certainly, if you look at the four or five photo leak scandals that have gone down since 2007, Vanessa has a long, long history of sending guys (and girls?) naughty snaps. But some want to know who took the jail bait picture of Vanessa in her room at home? A certain family member?

13 Disney By Day/Risky Photos By Night

Our Vanessa hit it big in 2005's High School Musical. Scandal number one hit two years later in 2007, when she was 19 years old and already legal. But, rumor has it that the leaked pictures were sent by an underage, pre-fame Vanessa to Nickelodeon star Drake Bell. Of course, the guy denies ever receiving anything. So who knows if Vanessa and Drake really hooked up or not back then... Rumor has it that underage Vanessa was trying to get the older TV star to notice her. Publicly dating number one and counting. People reported the story about Vanessa and Drake back when those first leaked pictures rocked Disney and the High School Musical cast. Disney executives freaked out, reportedly locking Hudgens up in the studio until they could come up with either a denial or an apology. At the end of the day, denying it was just not an option. So sorry, Vanessa said. My mistake. It won't ever happen again. Well, until the next time. And the next time. And the next time...

12 The Next Time


Well, it took two whole years for the next set of pictures to leak. By this time, she is supposedly all loved up with High School Musical co-star Zac Efron. So, maybe they were a treat for lover boy Zac? The quality isn't great, but imagine our Vanessa topless, wearing a little sequin thong thing, a shiny bauble in her belly button. This time around, some say there was no statement issued by Disney or Vanessa or anybody. Hey, let's pretend it didn't happen. She did get lawyered up and sent her legal thugs out into cyberspace to try and get the pictures taken down. But it just wasn't that easy, as the snaps had gone viral fast. What kind of chick has two naughty nudie leaks back to back? Some uncharitable souls say a very “busy” one, if you know what we mean. But by then at least she was finally “legal.”

11 Hanging Out With Kids Who Are Into Adult Things

Wholesome, squeaky clean Disney turned out to be sin city big time. Mouseketeers were trading s*x tips. Britney Spears was “doing it” before she even had her learner's permit. Miley Cyrus was smoking pot and declaring herself bisexual at 14 years old. Demi Lovato was punching crew members and getting drunk. And Jonas Brother Joe Jonas? He was into adult films. He has since said it was an addiction. Something about not “doing it” with anybody else, but having an outlet or some such. Just use your imagination. How about Zac Efron? Well, it later came out that he had become addicted to cocaine and did a stint in rehab. So, did Vanessa indulge in any naughty delights other than a delightful addiction to posing naked? She was already in the dog house for those leaks. So, probably.

10 Of High School Musical And More Leaks


By the time Vanessa hit it big with Disney, she was already a veteran of commercials, stage turns, the odd movie, and (don't forget) seductive pictures that were reportedly sent to guys in hopes of hitching her wagon to a star. So, she and Zac Efron hooked up when she was 16 or 17 years old. Gossips said they were at it early on. Let's face it, it would be hard to find a Disney child star that wasn't into underage s*x. Well, Joe Jonas claimed he waited until he was 20 years old, but he has admitted to finding “consolation” using adult magazines for a bit of self-servicing fun and games. Now back to Vanessa and her leaks. So, when the first leak in 2009 came and went, another scandal hit Vanessa when rumor has it that she sued a website for publishing “self-portraits” taken at a “private home.” This is in itself mind-boggling. So, we are up to three, count 'em...three leaks over a two-year period.

9 Disney, The Girl-On-Girl Hook-ups And...Yes, More Leaks

Demi Lovato got into hot water over her drug and alcohol addictions and ended up in rehab. But when the Disney guys saw her raunchy girl-on-girl shots, they hit the roof. Miley Cyrus was doing the deed with older guys when she was 14. But she was also into girls in a big way, declaring herself as bisexual that same year. Now rumor has it that our Vanessa was not adverse to some girl-on-girl lip locks and much more. Occasionally, gossip sites come up with shots they say are Vanessa and another girl engaging in a hot smooching session. Some have identified the other woman in this shot as actress Alexa Nikolas. According to Crushable, “You can check out the more graphic photos — of Nikolas in her bra and Hudgens nude, with more making out — at the link above.” Go for it, we say.


8 Take The Money And Run


Let's take a break, briefly, from steamy leaked pictures and look at Vanessa Hudgens' approach to life and business. What kind of 16-year-old signs a contract with a guy who agrees to advance her $150,000 to help kick off her music career, earns $5 million or more, and then refuses to pay him back? You got it—Vanessa Hudgens. So Brian Schall sued Hudgens in 2007, claiming “breach of contract.” In other words, she hadn't paid the guy a cent. Reportedly, nobody was denying she owed him the money, but wait, her lawyers say, she was only 16 years old when she signed the deal. She was a minor, meaning it wasn't a valid contract. So, she says 'too bad Brian'. Better luck next time. He was out $150,000, but he probably learned a valuable lesson. Beware of teenage wannabes with a momager in tow.

7 I'm Famous Now. Go Away

Lest you think the Brian thing was a once-off and not typical, here's another tale for you to think about. The year after she walked away from having to pay back any of the money she owed Brian Schall, Hudgens was sued by a guy called Johnny Vieira. That was back in 2008. Seems before she hit it big, she had hired Vieira to manage her up-and-coming career. He was supposed to get a share of her takings from royalties and merchandising her cute “Vanessa” gear. The only thing was when Disney and fame and fortune happened to our Vanessa, she reportedly simply dropped Vieira and his team. Flat. No money. No nothing. Not even at least a 'thanks for everything'. Bye, bye! There must have been something in it, because Vanessa and her suits were forced into settling before the case came to trial.

6 More Leaks?


In the beginning, we said there had been four or five Vanessa naughty leaks. To be honest, if you Google “Vanessa Hudgens” and “leaks” you get so many different pictures and poses that it's hard to tell what's going on. There are at least two (maybe three or four) bathroom naughty selfie leaks, one leaked underwear shot taken at home (by momager?) and there's the lip lock with a girlfriend. Or maybe there were two girlfriends. Or three? One thing is for certain. From an early age Vanessa (and her mom?) flaunted her blossoming charms. In the beginning, it was simply advertising. When the boyfriends came (and went), we had the hot selfies for the man (or men) of the moment. And five or six years ago, we started the girl-on-girl action shots. These days, we are back to the squeaky clean Vanessa posting cute snaps of her dog on Instagram. Well, makes a nice change...for now!

5 Of Spring Breakers And Stabbing Selena In The Back

Now, we know Vanessa is into photography of a certain kind. We know her approach to business. But what about those all important “relationships” with co-stars? Good question. Back in 2012 Vanessa, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson did Spring Breakers. Forget Disney and think “wild girls rob to fund their Spring Break” kind of deal. It was full of s*x, drugs, and stuff like that. Rumors circulated that Selena, then all loved up with Justin Bieber, got it on with rapper and co-star Gucci Mane. In fact, if there was any doubt, Vanessa came right out and told the world the story. Was it jealousy or a spot of “pay attention to me” kind of thing? Vanessa is noted for both. Back in 2015, she was grabbing headlines by saying she helped poor Selena get away from Justin.

4 The Younger Boyfriend And $1,000 Fine


OK, alongside backstabbing, dumping people who helped her get started, and more nasty pictures than anyone else out there, this isn't actually a big deal. But it tells you a little more about the kind of chick Vanessa really is. So, she is hooked up with getting-onto-toy-boy actor Austin Butler and they are spending a romantic Valentine's Day in a National Park in Arizona. In a protected National Park in Arizona. And so she grabs a rock and defaces one of the famous red rocks of Arizona by scratching out a tacky heart and the words “Austin + Vanessa” deliberately. To top it all off, she brags about it by posting some shots on Instagram. She was said to be “under investigation” but she learned not to mess with the Feds. There was a $1,000 fine. And unlike other ones she owed, we are betting she paid this one.

3 A True Mean Girl

Vanessa has a nice side. We all know that. But reportedly, she has a dark side. A very dark side. And we are not just talking her steamy underage antics. Look at the stories of jealous rages over female fans who couldn't get enough of  Zac Efron while the two were dating. Real Mean Girl stuff. Take the young female fan who stopped Zac and Vanessa as they shopped (for sheets!) in Macy's. The totally awe-struck fan was so in awe of Zac and his hunky looks that she was tongue-tied and babbling. And what did Vanessa do? She started laughing at the girl, making fun of her big time. The poor girl was humiliated right there in front of the shocked shoppers. Zac was, by all reports, better-behaved. Don't just take our word for it. Reportedly, she told the Los Angeles Times that her fans are “obnoxious.” Some unkind people said they were just trying to be like our Vanessa.

2 Publicity Dating Then And Now


So, back before she was famous, she reportedly tried to snare older Nickelodeon star, Drake Bell. No word on whether that worked or not. Then Disney and High School Musical happened and she is famously hooked up with Zac Efron. Some said that on her part, it was a smart move and that she did it to cement her claim to fame and fortune. Hey, they broke up years and years ago. But our Vanessa is not done with poor old Zac just yet. Just after her ho-hum TV show, Powerless, premiered earlier this year, she started grabbing headlines again. How? By pulling out stories of her time with Zac. Over and over and over again. She made them seem like star-crossed lovers. And she's also tried to pull the pity thing over all those leaked pictures. Sorry, Vanessa. Despite your efforts, the show got a well-deserved ho-hum response from critics and viewers alike.

1 Will The Real Vanessa Hudgens Please Stand Up?

Let's recap. Vanessa was pushed into the limelight by a momager. However, soon enough, her rampaging hormones kicked in and she became the kind of chick who liked to take dirty pictures of herself and even going to the extent of sending them to guys...maybe even girls. If she's had to endure four or five leaks, just imagine what kind of stuff is still to come. She's been a very busy girl over the years. And we predict more leaked naughties. Then, there is her tendency to dump people once she has gotten what she wanted and a pronounced tendency not to pay her bills. Throw in a bit of publicity dating, backstabbing of co-stars, and an arrogant put-down of two of her fans and what have you got? Well, whatever it is, it certainly isn't what she's trying to sell you these days. Cute little pictures of her with her tiny dog? Give us a break.

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