15 Shady Secrets Scarlett Johansson Wants Hidden

Scarlett Johansson, that bombshell of catsuits and leaked nudies and rumored hook-ups has been making movies for over twenty years now. I know. It made you think about your age, right? She started young and was pushed out of the nest by a (some say) greedy momager. Our Scarlett blossomed early and was getting up to stuff with boys before she could even drive. These days, she's all grown up and makes movies in which her femme fatale characters parade around in catsuits and skintight everything, exposing her voluptuous body. Then, ironically, she complains about being called a s*x symbol. Rumors of men coming and going, feuds with female co-stars, and diva demands get shoved to the background by her staff. What do we get? A smiling, all-American, nice girl hottie. Well, that's the story she wants you to believe. Trust us when we say that from her early teenage years, she has had her share of scandals with reports of hook-ups, adult content, and more. So, you think you know our ScarJo? Read on. There's still a lot more stuff you might want to know about her that she wants to be kept hidden.

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15 A Very Flirtatious Little Girl


From the time she was about 8 or 9 years old, a very young Scarlett was working in the adult world of TV and movies. Pictures of the underage Scarlett show an equally confident and sexy young girl who knows that she wields a potent weapon in the "battle of the sexes"—her equally seductive face and body. She had said that by the time she was 16 or 17, she felt like an adult. In fact, she was acting like one. She started early, having her first "real" boyfriend when she was only 14 years old. She talks of "exploring things you've never explored before." And we all know what that means. By the time she hit high school and was dating indie rocker Jack Antonoff, she was getting up to all sorts in the back seats of limos. She has acknowledged all this underage "activity" herself, saying that she was a "very flirtatious little girl." Some say it was a whole lot more than flirting.

14 In The Beginning: The Pushy Momager

Scarlett Johansson with her mother Melanie promoting the film "A Love Song For Bobby Long". Hollywood, CA. October 18, 2004. © Armando Gallo / Retna Ltd. ** NO USA UNTIL JANUARY 18, 2004 ** ** NO ITALY ** ** NO TABS / SKIN MAGS **

Little Scarlett was born into a "money-challenged" New York City family in 1984. Never mind, momager Melanie Sloan said. We'll put the kids to work. So, by the time she was 8, Scarlett was being dragged to endless auditions for commercials, TV shows, and movies. The second grader would get upset whenever she lost an audition. Never mind, momager again said. On to the next big thing. Scarlett was acting before she even got to third grade. And by the time she was 10 years old, she had made her first movie, North, alongside another budding child star, Elijah Wood. After that, her public school got fed up with all her absences so she ended up in New York's Professional Children's School where other momagers and their little gold mines hung out. It wasn't really childhood, as you know it.

13 Of Ageing Hunks, Josh Hartnett, And Getting It On Tantric Style

via People

Mom/Manager Melanie Sloan kept her little moneymaker pretty busy all through the 1990's. There were many forgettable parts like Home Alone 3. But then in 1998, momager struck gold when a teenage Scarlett starred alongside the ageing hunk Robert Redford in The Horse Whisperer. It was getting harder and harder to hide the fact that Scarlett was "blossoming," but she kept hiding her curves until she did 2003's Lost in Translation with Bill Murray. Finally, fans saw Scarlett, curves and all! In 2006, a very luscious 22-year-old Scarlett starred with Josh Hartnett in a film called Black Dahlia. The movie was based on a real-life Hollywood murder in the 1940's. They did the hook-up thing for a couple of years, reportedly doing the deed Tantric style. Think slow, spiritual s*x. WTF! Well, they broke up in the end. Maybe it was all too spiritual and not whacky enough for our Scarlett.

12 Those Leaked Pictures And Plugging A Dud Film

via Fappening photos & videos

OK. So her cell was hacked way back 2011 and some nudies intended for her man...or men...at the moment hit the Internet big time. So, name one big female celebrity who hasn't had her pictures leaked. Ariana Grande tried to claim that the nude ones of her out there were fake, but then there was her cat or dog or whatever in the background...gotcha! So, jump forward to 2017 and Scarlett is plugging her (looks to be a dud) film Ghost in the Shell and is subjecting herself to all kinds of indignities, including an hour-long brutal interview with Howard Stern. The chick who totally and shamelessly flaunts herself as a s*x symbol complains about being treated like a s*x symbol. And she goes on and on and on about the indignity and embarrassment of those leaked nudies. Why? Well, it made headlines all over the world. Publicity angst, that's what it's called.

11 Doing It In A 5-Star Elevator

via Ritely

Speaking of edgy Scarlett being in a hurry to do the deed, what about the story that hit gossip sites in 2005 that our (finally) totally legal ScarJo did it in an elevator at the swanky Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont with hunky Benicio Del Toro? Talk about fast! The place only has eight floors. Contact Music reported that Scarlett fessed up, saying, "We were making out or having s*x or something, which I think is very unsanitary." Now Del Toro may be a hunk, but he is a smart one. He neither confirmed nor denied the incident by simply saying, "Let's leave that to somebody's imagination." Okay, let the imagining begin. Those doors slide shut... By the way, after she said she had done it, Scarlett claimed that it was a joke. So, you decide.

10 Of Girl On Girl Lip Locks

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - JUNE 06: Scarlett Johansson (L) and Sandra Bullock onstage at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios on June 6, 2010 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

By the time her then hubby Ryan Reynolds made 2009's The Proposal with America's cutie Sandra Bullock, the sh*t had long since hit the fan in their brief marriage. Reports of Scarlett dropping in unexpectedly (maybe to catch him at it with Miss Congeniality?) and of the two engaging in loud shouting matches in his trailer just wouldn't go away. At the time, ScarJo was the bigger star and some say she lorded it over the less successful Reynolds. "My pay check is bigger than your pay check" kind of thing. Not nice! But then, it's Hollywood. A year later, gossips say Scarlett got her own back on the (some say) philandering Reynolds. When she appeared with Ms. Bullock at the 2010 MTV Awards, the two engaged in a long and lusty girl-on-girl smooching session.

9 Cat Fights With Gwyneth


Now, take Sandra Bullock for instance. She's not the kind of star who really gets into cat fights or feuds with other actors and actresses. And our Scarlett? Well, her list of feuds and diva fits is as long as her list of lovers. Way longer even. We're still in 2010 and 20-something ScarJo is rocking Iron Man 2, playing femme fatale Black Widow. Yes, yes, it's another Scarlett in a skintight jumpsuit gig. But she doesn't want you to think of her as a s*x symbol. Here comes 30-something (nearing 40-something) Gwyneth Paltrow, playing Iron Man's personal assistant Pepper Potts. It was, by all reports, all-out war between the two. So much so that the movie makers contrived to keep them apart as much as possible. When Paltrow was obviously absent from publicity stills for the film, Scarlett rubbed salt in her wounds, saying she was "out of the loop."  And you thought she was nice?

8 Ryan And Scarlett And Blake: The Divorce


The weird thing with Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson was how little chemistry they had. There she was, the bigger star and, rumor has it, lording it over her Canadian (then) B-List hubby. Even her best buds say she is strong-willed and stubborn (some say pushy as heck). In Touch put it on the line saying that the two just had no warm and cozy stuff going on even from the start. So was it a publicity thing? Probably. Many say that Scarlett was just pissed off at the whole Ryan Reynolds thing. There were shouting matches and jealous accusations all over the place. Then, in 2011, came Green Lantern and (rumor has it) a much less witchy (and by the way, younger) Blake Lively. Did Scarlett like having a younger woman waltz in and steal her thunder? Maybe she called Gwyneth for advice. Or not.

7 More Feuds And The Brush With Scientology


Ten or twelve years ago, Scarlett Johansson was due to star alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible III. But, she pulled out due to "scheduling conflicts." Not so, say some. It was maybe a clash of egos, Scarlett on the up-and-coming fast track and the ageing Cruise only treading on water. But whatever happened, nobody but nobody on the ScarJo side would confirm or deny the rumors. Did Cruise try to seduce Scarlett? We mean into Scientology of course. Or maybe more than a spot of religion was on offer. Whatever happened, she ran a mile and kept her mouth shut about what had gone down. Makes a nice change for our Scarlett, we think. Reportedly, she was once again...well...pissed off.

6 Getting Vulgar In A Toilet

via Socialite Life

Way back in the 90's, the very young meal ticket, we mean Scarlett Johansson, was considered for the cute little girl lead in Disney's The Parent Trap. It went to another (younger) child star by the name of Lindsay Lohan. Yes, of trainwreck, jail, and passing out fame. Undeterred, momager then pushes Scarlett into The Horse Whisperer. And soon, the big time was calling. The only thing was that Lindsay went on to tank and Scarlett went from cute kid to megastar/s*x symbol. Sorry for using the "s" word, ScarJo. So way back ten years or so ago, Lindsay goes into a public toilet (probably worse for the wear) and scrawls "Scarlett is a c*nt" on the walls. Some asked why? Maybe Lohan was jealous? Or maybe our little Scarlett is just the kind of chick people don't like? There certainly are a lot of diva fit stories out there about our girl.

5 The Brattiest And Most Spoiled Babe In Hollywood?


Let's do a bit of a recap. We have a chick who flaunts her body and then complains about the "s*x symbol" tag. She gets married, gets angry, and then gets divorced. She falls out with other actors and actresses. And she jokes about doing it in elevators. Then there are stories of her pitching a diva fit when she has to wait for her turn at a picture booth at a wedding. And reportedly, there was this flight attendant on a private jet who said she had encountered Scarlett and found her to be the "brattiest and most spoiled" person she has ever rubbed elbows with in almost fifteen years of serving the rich and famous aboard private jets. Whoa! Of course, celebrities are human. They have good days and bad days. But our little Scarlett seems to have way more bad days than most. And did we mention she sacked her momager when she became a big star?

4 The Black Widow—So Many Men, So Little Time

via 10meilleurs.fr

We know she started the hook-up thing as a teenager up until she became a star. Back then, she was exploring "things," if you get our drift. Later, she runs through (in no certain order) rocker Jack Antonoff, Josh Hartnett, Justin Timberlake, Jude Law, Jared Leto and elevator man Benicio Del Toro. Rumor has it that she and Timberlake fell into and out of hook-ups over the years, including once when he was hooked up with Jessica Biel. Biel won the day. Undeterred, our little Scarlett weds, beds, and discards Ryan Reynolds, has a run at everybody's ageing bad boy Sean Penn and (probably exhausted) beds and weds French businessman Romain Dauriac. He was "the one." The divorce is pending. Hey, there are tons of guys, but you probably get the point. Black Widow, indeed.

3 The Open-Minded Blonde


Here's another shot of ScarJo trying not to be a s*x symbol. No, we don't get it either. Scarlett herself has said that she's "open-minded" about the deed. Look at the guys. Lots and lots of guys. And then there's the occasional girl-on-girl lip lock. Reading between the lines, our little Scarlett is a lusty kind of girl. Maybe, just maybe, she's up for some kinky stuff. Some of her photoshoots seem to support that theory. Plus, she is totally upfront about her raunchy side, telling Allure that she likes adult entertainment. Seems like it has its uses for her. Whatever. And with her love life, it also won't surprise us to hear that she has come right out and said she gets an HIV test twice a year.

2 Scarlett Lays An Egg: That Embarrassing Movie Flop


Success in Hollywood never lasts. Look at poor old Johnny Depp, once sought after and now getting shunned. And ScarJo has had a good run at it. But hey, she's 32-year-old, while the likes of Blake Lively are still in their twenties. But there was a big buzz for her appearance as a Japanese anime character kind of character in 2017's Ghost in the Shell. The Asians complained that Asians were not cast in the film and called Scarlett a liar because she said she would never try to play a person of a different race. Her character in the movie? Major Motoju Kusanagi. It sure sounds Japanese to us. Plus, it looks like the movie is going to be a first for ScarJo: A spectacular flop. Hey, do we hear Gwyneth and Ryan and Lindsay celebrating? Probably.

1 Looking Older And No Wiser: A Nasty Custody Battle


When ScarJo was recently spotted out and about in Los Angeles with her daughter, Rose, some commented on how cute the kid was. And some commented that Scarlett looked older, heavier and (maybe) sadder than we've ever seen her. She started dating French rich guy Romain Dauriac, in 2012 and Rose came along a couple of years later. They eventually got married. But by summer of 2016, they had split up, with Scarlett filing for divorce in March of 2017. Seems Romain has worries about Scarlett being a single parent in Hollywood and has asked for custody so that Rose can have a stable base with him in France. He fears she will be raised by nannies, while mama jets all over the world to her latest film gig. It could get nasty.

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