15 Shady Secrets Kaley Cuoco Wants Hidden

Kaley Cuoco is the hot blonde 30-something star of TV's long-running mega-hit The Big Bang Theory. She comes off as a kind of straight-talking, street-wise American sweetheart type. But in Hollywood, what you see is not necessarily what you get. The image can be just that--an image. Rumors of a shady and sketchy side where mood swings and narcissism cause friction on the set of The Big Bang Theory, persist to make the rounds. Throw in a tendency to take naughty nudes, her habit of running through guys at a crazy pace, her totally bizarre social media behavior, those persistent rumors of cheating, her freaky and bizarre "addiction", and so on. Plus, she is the kind of chick who truly believes that she's the center of the universe and, some say, an emotional immature mess of a woman. Think you know and love Kaley Cuoco? Let's go through the list and you can decide for yourself. Here are 15 shady secrets Kaley Cuoco wants to remain hidden.

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15 An Insecure, Self-Absorbed Emotional Mess


The chick seems to have it all together. But in reality? Reports are that she's something of a narcissistic and an insecure mess. She's the kind of babe who reads what trolls write on social media in response to her posts and adjusts her behavior accordingly. WTF?! No kidding. If some troll says she looks a mess while out shopping, the next day she's hitting the streets in head-to-toe designer, with perfect hair and makeup. Then, she's surprised when they say that she's putting on airs, trying to be perfect. So the next day, it's back to being something of a mess. What kind of person goes on week after week, month after month, and year after year behaving that way? You might as well just ask her. "F*cked in the head" is the phrase that comes to mind.

14 Dissing The Flag


OK! It's July of 2016 and Kaley, being a "fun" girl, wanted to post some pictures to celebrate the 4th of July. So, there she is in what some people said were low-rent, disrespectful "Merica" clothes emblazoned with bits of the American flag. That got her a little flack. Then, she posts her rescue dogs, in the dirt, sitting on an American flag. OMG! The trolls went nuts. The flag was not supposed to be sat on. It's not supposed to touch the ground. She got tons of people so hot under the collar that she ended up pulling the snaps. Still, people were ranting and raving. So, she posted apology after apology after apology--something about how proud she was of being an American and how it was all done in the spirit of fun. What we want to know is why can't a chick who makes $1 million per episode on The Big Bang Theory pay a publicist to vet this kind of junk?

13 Kaley And Hubs Bare On Beach?

Back in September of 2014, just after the Fappening happened, most of the hot celebrities hit by the scandal were red-faced, just plain upset and threatening to sue anybody and everybody. Not our Kaley! For her, it's an attention-grabbing moment. She and ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting, were in Mexico having a great time and so she decides to post a "nudie" of the two of them on a beach. Sorry, it was censored. Then she adds, "What a fun day that was, frolicking with my hubs on the beaches of Mexico! Feels like we forgot something?" Like your bathing suit. Duh! Well, it was supposed to be funny, but some weren't laughing saying the whole Fappening scandal was an outrage. Kaley just kept frolicking on that beach and posting attention-magnet pictures.

12 The Most Hated Chick In Hollywood?


Gossips say that Kaley can be a bit of a diva. Well, more than a bit. There is talk of mood swings and demands. Some say there have been dramatic scenes over salary and scripts. There was even talk of replacing Kaley with Christina Applegate, who presumably is better behaved. Radar Online reports that co-star Mayim Bialik is so totally not into Kaley and her "overpaid" salary of $1 million per episode. She gets $100,000 and is cheesed off. Kaley is rumored to have been furious that Bialik would dare criticize her or her salary. Some say that she is demanding even more for the next season. Keep Christina Applegate on speed dial, we say.

11 Soaring With Publicity Dating

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We'll get to her tendency of picking up and putting down guys at an alarming rate...but, just for a moment, let's look at Kaley and "publicity dating". Publicity dating is when a girl or a guy goes out with a more famous celebrity in order to get attention and further their career. Look at what happened when minor leaguer Amber Heard batted those falsies at Johnny Depp. Same with Kaley. See, there are just so many successful TV shows out there that the stars get lost in the crowd. Back a few years ago, Kaley decided she wanted to get the paparazzi dogging her trail. So, what does she do? She dates Superman. Well, the show's star Henry Cavill. She told Cosmopolitan that the attention she got from that stunt "was crazy". Hey, that's the point! Go straight to the A-List by hitching your wagon to a Superman.

10 Of Substances And DUI

Ryan Sweeting is a "tennis player". Not a very successful one, but he has knocked around the pro circuit. So, he and Kaley met four or five years ago and got married after they had known each other for only six months. He was "the" one. Right? Wrong. They married in 2013 and divorced less than two years later. Why? Well, get ready for the Kaley-friendly version--like a lot of pro athletes, he had back problems and reportedly became addicted to painkillers. Then there were reports of a DUI or two. Kaley is standing by her man and he is flying high. Not like Superman, mind you. So, finally our brave KC gives up and divorces the guy. True? Read on.

9 Partying Without Her Wedding Ring


Now, the other side of the divorce coin. Forget the flying high addict and meet the swinging wife. Yep! InTouchWeekly had a different take on the Sweetings and their totally not-wedded bliss. Seems our Kaley liked to party. Rumor has it that she went out (leaving that wedding ring at home) to party with friends. Sometimes she was spotted with "mystery men". She was dancing and clubbing while hubby and his back problems sat home alone. And talk about flying high, gossips said she could go through two bottles of wine faster than a speeding bullet. Man, that's fast! Who knows what happened after that? You can use your imagination.

8 Those Leaked Pictures

When the Fappening happened a couple of years ago, so many celebrities were caught up in the scandal and embarrassment of having nude (or nearly nude) pictures leaked by hackers out there for the world to see (and enjoy). Never mind. They were only intended for a "loved one's" eyes to witness. Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton were pretty red-faced. Unfortunately, Kaley Cuoco was not spared. There were those ones of her in the bathroom mirror with her boobs barely covered by her hands and a few wet and wild ones of her in the shower. They were some kind of steamy. We mean, she's hot enough with clothes on, but out of them? Totally too much! She took it pretty well, though. Hey, it was a "look at me" moment. She loved it, really.

7 I'm Good. Who Cares About The Others?


Either she doesn't have the sense to hire a publicist or she isn't listening to what they say. So, is she dumb or arrogant? After the American flag-gate, you might wonder. These days, she says she's a feminist. But awhile back, when she gave an interview to Redbook, she went on and on about how she wasn't "that feminist girl demanding equality" because she never suffered inequality. So, if she's okay, then the rest of the world can go fly a kite? Something like that. Self-absorbed on steroids, the trolls said. Oops! In a flash, she's on Instagram saying she didn't mean what she said. When she said she wasn't a feminist, really was saying she was. Got it? Neither did we.

6 Lookie, Lookie At My New "Girls"


Penny, Kaley's character on The Big Bang Theory, is noted for her zingers. For example, in response to someone saying guys like girls with brains, she came out with a classic humdinger: "No one ever bought me drinks because my brains just popped out of my shirt." Get it? So, while most celebrities keep quiet about that nip and tuck or those implants, Kaley goes on TV and goes on and on and on about her new boobs. It got old. And the trolls were outraged. Some said enough already. Nobody, but nobody, cares. But our Kaley just assumes she's the center of your universe. So, she told us all about her nose job and that filler in her neck. Are you snoring yet?

5 Low-rent Divorce


When she divorced Ryan Sweeting, there were all those (Kaley-inspired) rumors about his addiction to painkillers, his DUI history and by the way, his being busted for possession of drugs with intention to sell. True? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Then, she does a total wipe-out of him on her social media accounts, like she wanted us to pretend he never existed. Some said, that was vindictive at the least and just plain delusional at the most. Sweet girl next door or nasty piece of work? Or maybe just an immature, self-absorbed woman prone to mood swings and diva fits? We know how we would vote on that one. Compare her very public, low-class dissing of her ex-husband to the respectful silence of the Brangelina divorce. Our Kaley needs to grow up fast.

4 She Was "Addicted" To What?

Nasal spray. WTF? We know. We know. More of Kaley spilling the totally boring beans about her ho-hum private life. She had nasal drip and never left home without her Afrin. Are you yawning yet? Then, she hits the talk shows and shows us a video of her asleep after her nasal surgery. She's snoring. Isn't that just too cute? Ellen DeGeneres tells the world. Our sweet little Kaley snoring. Why on earth would this chick think anybody cares? It's standard operating procedure for our center of the universe, Kaley. It was more fun when you were naked in the shower or naked on the beach with "hubs" Ryan Sweeting. Bring back Ryan and those steamy shower shots. Like fast.

3 The Guys: Pick 'Em Up And Put 'Em Down


OK, we know about hubs Ryan Sweeting and Henry Cavill. She managed to get engaged to both of them, but only managed to make it up the aisle with Ryan. Henry got away...fast. Then there was her wham, bam, thank you ma'am thing with ex-hard druggie rocker turned "addiction" therapist Josh Resni. After she obliterated Sweeting, she ripped through country singer Sam Hunt and Arrow star Paul Blackthorne. Then there was the "secret" dating of her TV co-star Johnny Galecki. That little gig lasted off and on for a while. But the rest? Weeks or months at the most. These days? She's latched onto son-of-a-billionaire and equestrian Karl Cook. She's all over Instagram declaring her undying love and saying he's her number one. Sure, we believe you, Kaley. We don't! Get the prenup Karl. Take our advice.

2 It's All About Me, Me And Me


If there's one constant thread running through the Kaley Cuoco story, it's that her worldview is clear and concise--it's all about me. If I am okay, then everything is just peachy with the world. If I am upset or hurt, then it is a disaster. Look at her sharing and sharing and sharing every boring detail of her life. Don't bother to look for Kaley doing anything to help anybody else. Don't bother looking for her good works because there just aren't any. Hey, look at my new boobs, she says! Watch me snoring after surgery, she shouts. And then just take a look at her low-rent behavior during her divorce from Ryan Sweeting. Sweet girl next door? Or self-absorbed diva? You decide.

1 From D-List To A-List Kaley Style

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Being self-absorbed and selfish has its benefits. Not getting enough attention? Date Superman. Better yet, get engaged to Superman. Going through a divorce? Make certain you get plenty of attention by dissing the ex and pretending to be the victim. Don't worry about who you hurt along the way. Act like "America's Sweetheart", but fight dirty-nasty to get what you want. And don't spare a thought for your co-stars on The Big Bang Theory. Keep demanding more and more and more. More lines. More jokes. More money. So, you get to being the second-highest female earner on television. Then what? Aim big and try to dethrone Sofia Vergara to become number one. Will she do it? Remember, Christina Applegate's on speed dial. Maybe our Kaley is riding for a fall. Some people out there (like Ryan and Henry and Mayim) can't wait.

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