15Justin Bieber Spits On His Own Fans 

via: dailymail.co.uk

What kind of a person spits on their own fans? Justin Bieber, that's who. That's right, Justin Bieber caused a major media storm when he was photographed spitting on a crowd of "Beliebers" who had gathered below his hotel in the hopes of getting his attention. Pictured with his posse,

he hawked several globs of spit down at his fans, much to the amusement of his friends, who promptly joined in. You can see the look of pure amusement and contempt for the people gathered below as Bieber offers only the most obvious sign of disrespect for the people who love him so much.

Many fans are simply crazy about Justin Bieber, and you'd think that Justin Bieber would be smart enough not to tick off the same people who made him a major star. But there is something in Justin Bieber that just doesn't care about these people. Some pop stars behave with respect and class towards their fans. Justin Bieber is obviously not one of them.

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