15 Shady Pictures Of Justin Bieber Doing Things You Won't Believe

Of all the celebrities out there, Justin Bieber might be the one journalists and paparazzi are most thankful for. Without him, the entertainment world would be a lot less controversial, and frankly, less entertaining. Justin Bieber never fails to provide us with a good news story that usually centers around him doing something ridiculous, shameful, bizarre, or all three. Whenever you check the news, it seems like Justin Bieber is in the middle of yet another controversy. And although he has had numerous very public run-ins with various photographers, they probably love him more than anyone. That's because whenever Justin Bieber is in sight, there's a high chance he will do something shady in public. And that means some very valuable pictures for whoever's snapping shots of him.

Looking back, the pop star has been involved in a lot of crazy situations considering he is still in his early 20s. Nowadays, he seems to be chilling out a little bit, but you never know when he's going to go off the rails once again. But even while he's becoming Christian and befriending people like Carl Lentz, he still manages to do some pretty weird things in public. This all started when he was very young, and continues to this day. So strap yourself in and get ready for 15 of Justin Bieber's shadiest photos.

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15 Justin Bieber Spits On His Own Fans 

via: dailymail.co.uk

What kind of a person spits on their own fans? Justin Bieber, that's who. That's right, Justin Bieber caused a major media storm when he was photographed spitting on a crowd of "Beliebers" who had gathered below his hotel in the hopes of getting his attention. Pictured with his posse, he hawked several globs of spit down at his fans, much to the amusement of his friends, who promptly joined in. You can see the look of pure amusement and contempt for the people gathered below as Bieber offers only the most obvious sign of disrespect for the people who love him so much.

Many fans are simply crazy about Justin Bieber, and you'd think that Justin Bieber would be smart enough not to tick off the same people who made him a major star. But there is something in Justin Bieber that just doesn't care about these people. Some pop stars behave with respect and class towards their fans. Justin Bieber is obviously not one of them.

14 Wearing A Gas Mask For No Reason

via: youtube.com

While there are many things that Justin Bieber does in public that have been construed as disrespectful and unbecoming, there are many other things he does that are just plain bizarre. Take the time he went out in public wearing a gas mask, for example. People had no idea why the star chose to wear this odd piece of headwear, and many people were questioning his sanity. The star is usually so conscious of his image, so to see him wearing something so strange was a shock to a lot of people.

Many people compared this instance to Shia LaBeouf's strange choice to wear a paper bag over his head. Shia's choice was admittedly a little stranger, but Justin's gas mask left a lot of people scratching their heads. In the end, it was finally revealed that Justin wore the gas mask as part of a prank to troll the media, which was actually pretty successful in its aim.

13 Assaulting A Photographer

via: hidegems.com

Justin Bieber has proved himself to be quite a violent person over the years. His anger has shown itself in many forms, although he seems especially furious at photographers and paparazzi. Something about them seems to really infuriate Justin Bieber, to the point where he commonly becomes violent and physically assaults them.

At first glance, it seems as if Justin Bieber is on an innocent date with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. But a picturesque scene becomes an embarrassing moment for Justin Bieber and his ex-girlfriend as he becomes violent towards a nearby photographer, striking him and knocking him to the ground. His shoe and hat go flying, and Selena Gomez was the one to calm him down and gather up his lost belongings. In the end, the police, a fire truck and an ambulance all arrived at the scene to respond to this incident.

12 Caught Smoking Illicit Substances 

via: dailymail.co.uk

Justin Bieber, like it or not, is a role model for many young adults. Children these days have looked up to him for years, and in a sense, he has grown up with many of his fans. Whoever is responsible for his image must have been fighting an uphill battle to keep Justin's image as clean as possible. As an artist whose main audience is young children, it was and still is, to some extent, imperative that he stay away from doing anything too controversial.

It's hard to envy the person who was given the job of keeping Justin away from trouble, and in the end, it's pretty obvious that they failed. But we must remember that this job must have been one of the hardest on Earth. In this picture, Justin is seen smoking a substance that looks suspiciously like marijuana. Whether or not it actually was marijuana was never confirmed, but the Swedish police did later confiscate a small amount of the drug from him, as well as a stun gun.

11 On Trial Via Streaming Video 

via: irishtimes.com

As you can see, Justin never really succeeded in staying out of trouble. This photo proves that fact. Justin's biggest run-in with the law had nothing to do with drugs, but it was actually arguably worse. As many of us know, driving under the influence causes an insane amount of deaths and injuries each year, and is a real threat to our well-being as a society. But something that is even worse than drunk driving is drunk driving and then deciding to go drag racing. This is actually what Justin Bieber did one fateful night.

He was arrested and the smiling mugshots of Justin Bieber have become some of the most iconic images of the last few years. However, after the alcohol wore off, Justin's smile faded and as you can see here, he is clearly not happy about his situation. In a unique arrangement, Justin is actually appearing in court via a streaming video.

10  Going Berserk At Photographers In London

via: celebuzz.com

Our previous entry wasn't the first time Justin Bieber would show his extreme anger towards the paparazzi, and it certainly wouldn't be his last. Another famous incident happened in London, England, when he was ambushed by a crowd of photographers outside his hotel. That old familiar anger showed itself once again, and Justin Bieber had to be physically restrained and dragged into his waiting black SUV. The whole time, Justin Bieber was screaming profanities and threats at the photographers. The photographers themselves were probably laughing to themselves – this was better than any scene they could have hoped for, and they just snapped away at the fuming Bieber, taking photos that would earn them good money.

Although this time Justin Bieber didn't physically harm anyone, he uttered many threats and was clearly acting in a violent and uncontrolled manner. Many have pointed out the ugliness of this attitude towards photographers. After all, they're just trying to do their job and pay their bills. People have also pointed out that it's very easy to utter threats when you're surrounded by hulking bodyguards.

9 Hits Photographers In Truck

via: youtube.com

If you thought that was the last time Justin Bieber would be seen getting in a row with photographers, think again. Arguably the most controversial of his run-ins with the paparazzi came when he actually hit a photographer with his giant truck. Things could have easily been very bad for Justin Bieber, because the photographer could have easily gone under the wheels and lost his life. In the end, he seemed to only suffer injuries to his leg, and this injury appeared to be pretty minor.

To Justin's credit, he got out of the vehicle and made sure the man was okay. The man, who could still talk, asked for the services of an ambulance. Also to Justin Bieber's credit, the photographer in question was pretty much standing in the middle of the road when he was hit, and failed to get out of the way as Justin Bieber's truck was maneuvering through a crowd of photographers at night.

8 Being Carried Up The Great Wall Of China By His Crew

via: philly.com

Another example of inexplicable behavior from Justin Bieber was during his trip to China. This time, the young artist decided to visit the Great Wall of China, as one would if they were a tourist in this incredibly old and interesting country. But a strange thing happened as Justin Bieber walked up the famous wall. He asked to be carried up the wall by his bodyguards. Why he would do this isn't really clear – perhaps he was tired. But the more obvious truth seems to be that he wanted to use the opportunity as a bizarre photo opportunity. He seems to flaunting his power over his employees in a really distasteful way, and he made no effort to prevent these photos from becoming public.

This was also the site of a music video he released where he was featured on the Great Wall Of China. This music video was heavily criticized, as he was accused of acting "like a buffoon" and being very disrespectful on this age-old and time-honored monument. In the end, it was yet another example of Justin Bieber's strange and off-putting behavior.

7 Incredibly Racist Graffiti 

via: upi.com

You might not be aware that Justin Bieber engages in other types of art besides singing. Just don't expect it to be any good – or politically correct, for that matter. Yes, this is indeed a picture of Justin Bieber painting his own graffiti on a wall. The fact that Justin Bieber might want to try other types of art is hardly surprising, but what might shock people is the blatantly racist nature of this graffiti mural. According to Justin Bieber, this was meant to be a picture of a monkey, but many have accused it of resembling a cartoonish and offensive depiction of a black person.

What makes this even worse is the fact that this mural was painted by Justin Bieber in Brazil, a country famous for its "melting pot" of different cultures and ethnicities. A massive portion of the Brazilian population would look at this graffiti and immediately take offence by the way Justin Bieber seems to see black people. Needless to say, Justin Bieber got in trouble for this and the mural was promptly removed. Bieber was also charged with vandalism as a result of this incident.

6 Fighting Orlando Bloom In A Club

As you might expect, especially after scrolling through some of the things mentioned in this article, Justin Bieber has amassed a few enemies over the years. A great many of these individuals are celebrities themselves, who are either tired of Justin Bieber's antics or are unimpressed with the way he conducts himself. There are countless stories of Justin Bieber getting into rows with other celebrities because of his brash and cocky attitude.

But perhaps his biggest and most publicized beef with another celeb was his row with Orlando Bloom. The two crossed paths in an Ibiza nightclub in Spain, and it didn't go well. Allegedly, Justin Bieber bragged about hooking up with Orlando's then wife, Miranda Kerr. This made Orlando very angry, to the point where he became physical with Bieber and started swinging punches aimed straight at his head. You can watch the whole video on YouTube. Reportedly, Leonardo DiCaprio was there and was cheering Orlando Bloom on as he swung at Bieber.

5 Dropping Racial Slurs

via: youtube.com

This famous video comes from many years ago. While some would say that Justin Bieber has become worse as he got older, videos like this would prove otherwise. If Justin Bieber was dropping such racist language when he was just 15-years old, then it would seem that the young pop star was always disrespectful and offensive. Has Justin Bieber really changed, or has he been this way for his entire life? It's hard to tell, and even though Bieber claims to be moving towards Christianity and a better outlook on life, videos like this really make you wonder.

You can find the video on YouTube pretty easily, and in this video Justin Bieber drops a major racial slur repeatedly. It's all part of a very politically-incorrect joke the 15-year-old tells. In it, he asks young friends gathered around him, "Why are black people afraid of chainsaws?" Even though his friend begs him not to tell the rest of the joke, Bieber finishes with the punchline, and as you can expect, it is extremely offensive.

4 His Strange Relationship With His Pastor 

via: insideedition.com

As previously touched upon, Justin Bieber is moving in a very different direction as of late. He seems to be maturing a little bit, and of all things he is choosing to embrace Christianity. There is even talk of him becoming a Christian music artist from now on. And it all stems from his strange attachment to pastor Carl Lentz, the man who is spending a crazy amount of time with Justin Bieber lately. Everywhere he goes, he seems to be joined at the hip by Carl Lentz, sometimes physically. The two men have been pictured very close to one another, with Carl Lentz even gripping Bieber close by in an almost possessive manner.

Naturally, these images have sparked rumors about Justin Bieber's sexuality and the true nature of his relationship with Carl Lentz. But there is doubt shed on these rumors as well, since as a Christian Lentz is, at least on paper, opposed to gay relationships. It could be simply that Justin Bieber is in need of a father figure, but that too is equally pretty weird.

3 Getting Filmed Sleeping After A Wild Night In Brazil 

via: youtube.com

If you're starting to doubt Justin Bieber's s*xuality, then this might reaffirm your belief that Justin Bieber is everything he appears to be. This controversial moment in Justin Bieber's life happened in Brazil, when he was on tour. Justin Bieber was actually filmed sleeping after a night of partying by a Brazilian woman. This video went viral, but it wasn't just the fact that he was sleeping that got people talking. Allegedly, the woman who filmed this video was in fact a pr*stitute who had spent the previous night with the pop star.

Obviously these rumors were challenged by many people, including those in Justin Bieber's PR team. But the woman who filmed this short video maintains that she did in fact get intimate with Justin Bieber, even going as far as describing what's underneath Justin Bieber's shorts.

2 He Needs A Shoulder To Lean On

via: insideedition.com

Here's another undeniably strange picture of him and Carl Lentz. This incident actually happened during a bizarre interview with leading members of the Hillsong Church, of which Carl Lentz and Justin Bieber are both prominent members. The Hillsong Church has been called many things, but is best known as a "church for celebrities." They have many famous members, although the addition of Justin Bieber must have been a great boost for their publicity. However, Justin Bieber isn't doing them any favors by acting like this on camera.

He actually leans his head on Carl Lentz's shoulder in much the same way as a girlfriend resting her head on her boyfriend would. This is definitely super awkward, and even if it was meant as a joke, it's hard to understand Justin Bieber's sense of humor in this particular situation. Justin Bieber also lived with Carl Lentz for a period of about two months, along with Lentz's child and wife. God only knows what happened behind closed doors.

1 Creeping On Young Girls On Instagram

via: youtube.com

Another instance that Justin Bieber probably wants to forget is the time he was caught creeping on an underage girl on Instagram. Justin Bieber actually has made a habit of contacting random girls on Instagram, and it doesn't always go his way. In the past, a few women on social media have very publicly rejected his advances, leaving him in a pretty embarrassing situation. But perhaps the most embarrassing of all these situations was when Justin Bieber inadvertently starting hitting on a girl whose identity was never actually revealed.

The media naturally went crazy about this "mystery Instagram girl," and a huge deal was made out of it. Justin Bieber had found some of her pictures and commented saying, "OMG who is this?" This was an obvious reference to the girl's jaw-dropping good looks. But it was Justin who became red in the face when it was revealed that the girl, whose first name was reportedly Cindy, was only 17 and therefore underage, and Justin Bieber was 20 at the time. Creeping on underage girls on Instagram obviously doesn't make Bieber look like a decent guy.

Sources: youtube.com, celebuzz.com

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