15 Shadiest Things The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory Has Ever Done

The hardest thing about being in the public eye is the fact that your entire life becomes public knowledge, which includes all of the personal details that many celebrities try to hide. While many of the stars of The Big Bang Theory were already semi-famous before they were cast on the show, their portrayal of the characters on the show has seen their popularity soar over the past few years, which means that many of the stars are now considered to be household names all over the world.

The three main stars of the sitcom have benefitted so much from the success of the show in recent years that at one point they were all earning around $1 million per episode. Raj and Howard were not seen as main cast members at this point, so they were earning a little less. It seems that everyone knows about The Big Bang Theory and all of the great things that the characters of the show have done over the past few years, but with every good story, there is something bad that celebrities are trying to hide.

There are many shady things that the cast of The Big Bang Theory have done in real life that they would prefer to keep from their adoring fanbase. The following list looks at just 15 of the things that this young cast has done over the past few years that they have tried to keep a secret, but ultimately failed.


15 The Real Reason For Kaley Cuoco's Divorce

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Kaley Cuoco has made a name for herself all over the world as Penny, the main female character on the show and the main love interest for Leonard, but it seems that while Penny comes across as a loyal and dependent person for Leonard, Kaley herself is completely different.

Kaley was married to tennis player Ryan Sweeting from 2013 until 2016, a marriage that actually only lasted 21 months. It seems that while the details of her divorce are sketchy, and most of the blame is placed Ryan's addiction to painkillers, it seems that Kaley played her part. A report by In Touch suggested that while her husband was recovering from back surgery, Kaley would be out drinking with her friends and not wearing her wedding ring. It was also reported that she would be drinking about two bottles of wine to herself, which isn't an appropriate amount for anyone to drink in one night.

14 Mayim Implied That Only Attractive Women Are Assaulted

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Recently all of the headlines have been taken up by Harvey Weinstein, as many of his victims come forward now that his crimes have finally been brought to the public's attention. It seems that Mayim decided to write an essay for The New York Times, entitled "Being a Feminist in Harvey Weinstein's World" based on the recent news, but this was something that she gained a lot of negativity from.

Fans went to social media to state that the article seemed as though Mayim was implying that only attractive women are the victims of s*xual assault. Bialik was forced to issue an apology on social media after her comments were seemingly blown out of proportion where she stated that she applauds the bravery of all of the victims who have come forward. She went on to state that this wasn't what she was implying, before later asking for forgiveness from her fans.

13 Jim Parsons Snubbed His Cast Mates At The SAG Awards

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After making more than 10 seasons of The Big Bang Theory together, it would be assumed that the cast would have become like a close-knit family at this point. Judging by their comments towards each other on social media, it seems that the main cast members are like a small family, which could be why Kaley reacted to Jim Parson's snubbing his cast mates in quite an extreme way.

Jim had decided to sit with his Hidden Figures castmates because they had been nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. He would usually sit with his Big Bang Theory castmates, but it seems that he had told them a few weeks before the show earlier this year that he thought this was the correct option. This didn't' stop Kaley from overreacting on the red carpet and threatening to sit with the cast of Modern Family, though, which was slightly odd.

12 Kaley Moved On From Her Divorce Very Quickly

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Kaley is a star who has always been linked with a number of other celebrity stars throughout her career, but it seems that many fans frowned upon the fact that Kaley was able to move on from her marriage falling apart so quickly.

Within months of Kaley and Ryan announcing that they were going their separate ways, it was reported that she was romantically linked with Arrow star Paul Blackthorne before she moved on to country singer Sam Hunt, and even her co-star on The Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki. Kaley then went on to date professional equestrian Karl Cook. While Kaley denied the rumours about Galecki for a number of months before the couple went public, it seems that she hasn't denied any of the other relationships which have seen her date four different stars in the space of a year since her divorce from Ryan was only finalized last year.

11 Mayim's Controversial Thoughts On Parenting

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Mayim Bialik is a mother of two outside of her career as Amy on the popular show, something that has been the subject of a number of her online posts over the past few years. Mayim posted about how she breastfed her son Fred up until he was four years old and allowed her two sons to share a bed with her in a parenting philosophy called co-sleeping.

Mayim explained her reasons why, but she was still under fire from a lot of parents who didn't agree with this. While her comments were made back in 2013, she admitted recently that whilst she's supportive of however parents want to raise their children, she still receives a mixed reaction from many parents who disagree with her methods. It seems that Mayim had a lot of opinions about things that are important to her, and sometimes she needs to understand that opinions are not gospel and people will disagree from time to time.

10 Kaley Disrespected The American Flag

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Kaley is no stranger to controversy, but back in July 2016, she posted a photo of her dogs sitting on the American flag in what was meant as a cute Independence Day message. However, many fans turned on her as they felt she was disrespecting the flag of their country.

The US Flag Code states that it should never touch the ground, which could be why fans came down so hard on the actress. As the negative comments continued to flow on her Instagram post, she was forced to remove the photo and issue an apology stating that she had made a mistake. Kaley herself has admitted that she is obsessed with looking at what her fans are writing about her online, so this onslaught of negative attention couldn't have been something she enjoyed. At least she found a way to quickly rectify the situation before it got out of hand.

9 Kevin Sussman Rudely Ignored A Writer Thinking She Was A Fan

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Stuart Bloom has finally become a regular as part of the popular show, which means that Kevin Sussman is now gaining much more screen time that he did in the earlier seasons of the sitcom.

It seems that much like Raj, this success could have gone to his head, as recent reports have revealed that Sussman once saw a writer of the show called Maria outside of work and didn't know who she was, so he treated her like she was a fan. Maria recalled that she wanted to say hi, but he didn't even know who she was and kind of pulled up and acted like a fan was interrupting him on his date. Kevin later stated that he just couldn't remember her name, but it seems that Maria saw the interaction a little bit differently. We thought that Stuart was the nice one on the show!


8 Kaley's Backstage Antics

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Kaley is one of the main stars on The Big Bang Theory, but there have been reports over the past few years that her backstage antics could be causing a lot of problems for other members of the show.

It was reported back in 2016 that fellow cast member Mayim Bialik thought that Kaley was earning far too much for each episode of the show, considering she was only earning a fraction of that. Kaley was furious at the woman who plays her best friend Amy on the show for trash-talking her to the press, but this isn't the only time she's had a problem. Kaley is said to have a problem with mood swings and will flip out about the smallest thing, including makeup, wardrobe and even the food at catering. This has caused a lot of tension backstage and even led to a rumour that Christina Applegate was going to be brought in to replace her for season 10 of the show.

7 Success Went To Kunal Nayyar's Head

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Raj is perhaps one of the best-liked characters on the show, as fans have been able to witness his growth as a character over the past 10 seasons, but Kunal Nayyar himself admitted that he wasn't like Raj when he first started working on the show.

Nayyar said that he would go around demanding to be let into clubs based on the power of the show and his name when he had only made eight episodes of the show at this point. He said that he got big headed and allowed his ego to take over after becoming part of the show after season one. Kunal revealed that Chuck Lorre had to sit down with him and teach him about how he should be acting in the industry before he calmed down and started to behave better and be more respectful towards people. It seems that Kunal has been able to keep his ego in check ever since.

6 Mayim Revealed Her Controversial Thoughts On Thanksgiving

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Mayim is a member of the cast that is known to be just as smart as her on-screen character on the show. She has created her own shampoo because she doesn't trust other chemicals on her hair, but it seems that many of her views on things have managed to get her into some controversy over the past few weeks.

Mayim shared her thoughts on Thanksgiving last week where she stated that she didn't like the food, hates the slaughtering of innocent turkeys, and feels ashamed that her country celebrates a day of genocide. Obviously, these comments didn't make Mayim very popular before the traditional holiday, but once again it seems that she felt the need to share her thoughts on something that fans didn't really need to know. It seems that Mayim is completely different to Amy in real life, which is something her fans are now picking up on.

5  Kaley Cuoco Admitted That She Hates Working With Children

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Leonard and Penny are now married on The Big Bang Theory and since Howard and Bernadette have recently welcomed their first child and already announced that they are expecting their second. It seems that many fans are wondering what's next for Penny and Leonard now that the unpredictable couple is finally husband and wife.

Many fans wondered if the couple would be welcoming their first child in the upcoming seasons of the show, but it seems that Kaley epically ended this speculation on Late Night With Stephen Colbert back in 2016 when she admitted that she hates working with children. She said that they are the biggest divas, they make all the wrong noises, and only have to work for around six minutes. She even said she wishes she only had to work for six minutes. It seems that Kaley herself actually likes children, she just doesn't like having to work with them.

4 Mayim Bialik Talked About Kaley Cuoco's Paycheck

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On The Big Bang Theory, Penny and Amy are considered to be best friends, with Amy trying so hard over the past few seasons to ensure that Penny became her friend because she had never been friends with a popular girl.

It seems that in real life, Kaley and Mayim aren't actually that close since Mayim actually spoke to the media a few years ago about Kaley earning $1 million per episode when she was only earning $100,000 as Amy. Mayim stated that she thought that Kaley's pay was a little bit steep, which left Cuoco furious that she had gone behind her back and spoke to someone about it. The main cast members later took a pay cut so that Mayim and Melissa Rauch could have a pay increase, which probably made Mayim feel even worse about going behind her co-stars back to make a point.

3 Kaley And Johnny Lied To Their Fans For Two Years

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Kaley and Johnny Galecki are not the first TV couple to step into a real-life relationship after acting out a relationship on-screen, but it seems that the couple thought that the best idea was to lie to their fanbase for two years about whether or not they were together in real-life.

The duo had been the subject of a number of rumours that suggested that they were more than just friends and were forced to come forward and state that they definitely weren't dating. The couple later confirmed that they were in a relationship and had been throughout the rumours, but they decided to lie about it and hope that their relationship would last longer, and they would then come forward as a couple in the public eye. Needless to say, fans weren't happy about the decision they made, which left the characters in an awkward position with their fans for a while.

2 Kaley Has Some Controversial Views On Feminism

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Kaley has been around the celebrity world and in the public eye for much longer than any of her co-stars since she appeared in a number of successful TV shows before she was cast in The Big Bang Theory. That doesn't mean that she doesn't often say the wrong thing in interviews, though, which is exactly what she did back in 2014.

In an interview with Redbook, Kaley admitted that feminism isn't something that she thinks about because she's never faced inequality. This interview caused a lot of backlash and forced Kaley to once again issue an apology on Instagram where she stated that her "words had been taken out of context" during the interview. She then stated that she was obviously a feminist by listing her accomplishments including the fact that she gained equal pay and owned her own home, which is not really the soundest defence she could have used.

1 Simon Helberg Bluffed His Way Into A Film

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It's a relatively creative skill to be able to bluff your way through a job interview even though you know nothing about the job, but it seems that Simon Helberg actually bluffed his way to being cast in a film just so that he could meet Meryl Streep.

Florence Foster Jenkins was released back in 2016, and Helberg plays the part of the pianist for Steep's tone-deaf character. The Big Bang Theory star even plays the music himself throughout the film. Simon, who plays Howard on the show, admitted that he wasn't at the highest level as a pianist at the time, but he managed to bluff his way through the interview by being blunt with director Stephen Frears and telling him that he wouldn't find a better actor who could play the piano, even though he would be able to find a better piano player who could act, which seems to have worked out well for him.


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