15 Seriously Messed Up Facts About Scream, The TV Series

“What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?” was the opening line to every scary phone call a character received during the slasher Scream franchise. It started with Drew Barrymore when she opened the Scream m

“What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?” was the opening line to every scary phone call a character received during the slasher Scream franchise. It started with Drew Barrymore when she opened the Scream movie by answering a dreaded call. She shocked audiences when she died horrifically before the movie title even came up on the scream. Audiences were shocked that a famous actress would die in the first ten minutes of the movie. Scream proved to fans that it really knew how to do a horror movie properly. All the annoying aspects of most horror movies would not be taking part in the Scream movies.

For all of you that loved those movies just as much as I did, MTV has come out with a slasher TV series, Scream, based off of the original movie. It’s based in a small town where a group of teenagers get stalked and terrorized by a killer. Times have changed since the franchise was out; these days the killer is texting just like everyone else. It’s an intelligent TV series with a lot of twists and turns, and just like the movie, no one is ever safe from the killer and you cannot trust anyone. The storylines are a lot more detailed, and you get to know more about the characters as everything can’t go down in one episode. If you haven’t tuned into the new show, you can do some binge-watching to catch up as the first two seasons are already on Netflix. You can thank me later.

15 No One Is Ever Safe


Just as Drew Barrymore’s character wasn’t safe in the first Scream movie, so started the theme that no matter how beloved a character can be they could still die. The one thing that Scream did that no other horror flick did was to kill off characters that you never expected would die. They did it so well that you never truly felt safe, that even Sydney could be offed as well. The theme runs true with the TV series as well, characters that you assumed are there to stay are killed quicker than you ever thought possible. The great part about the TV show is that it had the same type of opener as did the movie franchise: someone dies horrifically before the show even begins to get started. So begins, the brutal deaths in mass quantities that shake up a small town.

14 Has Billy Loomis Been Reincarnated?

Via Scream Wikia

Billy Loomis was the hot boyfriend that Sydney refused to have sex with, who ended up being part of the psychotic duo that was painting the town in people’s blood. No one saw it coming when he turned out to be the killer, wanting revenge on Sydney for the fact that her mother had an affair with his father. In the TV series, we have Kieran, the hot and caring boyfriend of the lead and he’s definitely portrayed in much the same way that Billy Loomis was; it’s pretty creepy to watch. Regardless of his similarities to Loomis, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are linked in the same way. Can he be trusted to look out for his girlfriend or is he someone that she should be keeping at arm’s length? It will be up to you to discover whether his fate is truly linked with Loomis’s or if the show is taking Kieran down a different road.

13 The Show Forces You to Care

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It’s hard to get attached to characters during a movie that lasts an hour and a half but when it comes to a TV series you end up learning more about them and therefore caring about them. Through a series you get emotionally invested in a character and when they die it hurts more. A perfect example of that was when Glenn died on The Walking Dead; even though many fans knew it was coming, it was still devastating to watch. With Scream, you start to find yourself caring less about “Whodunit” and more about “Why-dunit.” The reason for this is because your beloved characters are dying and there must be a reason for it. So everyone becomes a suspect. People are dying at every turn, so you have to care about why the math teacher is a little too interested in his students or why you get nervous when the cheerleader is mean to the nerd.

12 The Killer Can Get You Anywhere

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In the Scream movie franchise, you were always waiting for the killer to call his next victim. Whenever the phone rang, you were on the edge of your seat waiting to see if it was the killer calling. Things changed for the TV series because nobody ever answers their phone anymore, so the idea needed to evolve a bit. For MTV’s Scream, the killer can link to his victims through any device, he can text them or tap into them while they are on the laptop. He can stalk them without ever leaving his home that is until he wants to “slice and dice” them. He sends his victims threats and plays games with them all in the safety of his psychotic lair, wherever that may be. No one is safe if they have a device. It may be the best reason ever to get offline ever.

11 Original Scream Characters May Show Up

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The big question to the producers of the TV series Scream was whether characters from the movie franchise would have guest appearances on the show. Now that would be pretty cool to see the veterans of one franchise make an appearance on a new one. It hasn’t been done yet, and they are well into their third season, but producers aren’t against the idea. Many of the cast mates have shown interest in bringing Courteney Cox on the show for obvious reasons. She kicked ass throughout the show’s franchise and never once met a grisly fate. Many of the TV series' castmates were quite young when the movies were going strong. The show, however, wants to focus on developing the characters that they already have because there are a lot of stories to tell. Only time will tell whether we will get to see some old faces for fans of the franchise.

10 There’s a New Mask

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It’s hard to imagine having any other mask than the original Scream mask, but the new mask is definitely an improvement. The one from the movie, was the standard issue ghost mask you buy in the store and it’s been used over and over again, even in the Stab movies. Not to mention the Scary Movie franchise took wearing the Ghostface mask to a whole new level. It was probably time for them to make a big change. For the series, they wanted something new and fresh that would separate the movie from the show. The new mask is a homemade version, and it definitely gives a creepier vibe to the Ghostface mask than we’ve ever seen before. The idea that the killer would take the time to create his own mask from scratch speaks of his mindset and implies that he plans on using the mask for a long time.

9 They Brought Back Randy

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They brought back Randy’s character, but he’s definitely new and improved. Randy was one of the survivors of the original Scream movie but met a grisly fate in the second one. He was a fan favorite, and many people were sad that he would not go further in the franchise. So for the Scream TV series, they decided to bring in another Randy-like character. Noah is a TV buff that always has a camera with him. He is constantly taping video segments for his audience. Just like Randy helped his friends survive the original so does Noah in the series. It’s his job to get his friends out of sticky situations and to use his technical knowledge to try to figure out who the killer is. He has a flair for discovering new things and an unusual fixation with serial killers. He’s often under suspicion because he always seems to know a little too much.

8 The Characters Have Different Storylines

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When it came time to make the series it seemed as if all the same characters were set in place. After all, they found themselves a slut, the outsider, the jock, the geek and the new kid at school. Let's not forget the Sydney-like character of the innocent girl next door character. Everyone is there waiting to see who is going to get knocked off. But that’s where the similarities to the movie end. The news reporter isn’t stalkerish; she’s a serious crime journalist, Emma (Sydney) doesn’t have a dead mother; she is alive and well, though she has a lot of secrets. The Sheriff does not have a sidekick; he’s in charge of everything and they even put in a sexy teacher who likes to take his students to bed. The storylines are different, and there are fresh new secrets about the characters that get dug up and put on the show. It’s a new take on a fan favorite.

7 The Killer is Intelligent

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In the original movie the killers ended up being a couple of high school students out for revenge. Although they were fairly clever throughout the movie, they also made some serious mistakes, hence their death at the end of the movie. There wasn’t a whole bunch of genius moves to the movie; it was more gore than anything. The series certainly offers plenty of scares, but the killer is a lot more complex than the original killer. This killer isn’t running around in a Halloween costume; every move he makes is calculated, and he does it wearing a creepy mask that puts the original to shame. The main theme around the movie is still focused on one family and the secrets of their past, and this killer knows how to manipulate every move. He doesn’t just plan on killing everyone in town, but he makes sure he makes Emma’s life a regular hell while he’s doing it. She has no sense of peace even when she isn’t his main target.

6 A New Creepier Family Legend

Via Primetime Addiction

The original Scream movie was based on the fact that Sydney’s mother had an affair with Billy’s father causing his mother to abandon his family. Billy snapped and ended up seeking out revenge on Sydney’s family. It was a dirty family secret that Sydney wanted to deny. In the Scream series, the legend surrounding Emma’s family is far creepier. Her mother is alive of course but has no fewer secrets than the original. Brandon James is a disfigured boy who was bullied during the time her mother was a teenager. It was a story that haunted the town, and that history has come back to haunt the mother in present day. Although, it’s still unclear as to what role that legend will play in the series, it’s pretty obvious the show has a plan for the legend. Will that legend be the focus of all the killings or is it just there to throw us off?

5 The Killings Are Brutal

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Many thought that the series Scream would be a little watered down because it’s television show that involves a bunch of teenagers. But that wasn’t the case at all; in fact, the show has been a horrible bloodbath so far. Many of the deaths are graphic and rather horrific considering the killer often kills people in front of their loved ones. The TV series have taken the killings to a whole new level far beyond what the movie did. Let’s go over some of the most epic kills so far. SPOILER ALERT: The gutting of the town cop, the young lady that was noosed and thrown over her balcony, the protagonist witnesses her ex-boyfriend’s head being cut in half by a blade, and last but not least, the character that bled to death on a rooftop after she was stabbed multiple times in the back. Scream has no problem depicting gory killings.

4 Our Children Have Access to It

Via The AV Club

The show is readily available on Netflix, and it’s one of those shows that most kids and tweens should probably avoid. As I’ve already stated, it’s gory, and the killer is extra creepy. In fact, whether he is walking in the dark or daylight - he will give you the chills. The mask he wears is not that of the original Ghostface, so there is no humor to the image at all. It resembles that of a rotting corpse with no eyes. It’s the kind of image that won’t go away too soon. You can’t escape the mask, and it will follow even some adults into their beds and their nightmares. So, if your kids do tune in without you knowing it, they are sure to be up with nightmares. It is advisable to try to talk to your children about the show in the hopes that they too will avoid it. Between the masked killer and the gory scenes, it’s not a show for the faint of heart.

3 Characters on the Show Don’t Seem to Care that People Die

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There is A LOT of death in the series, especially now that it is going into the third season. The death toll is high, and you would think that with all the dead bodies piling up that people in the town would be a little more freaked out. That’s not the case at all, however, and it’s a little eerie. Aside from the main characters, no one else in the school seems to be fazed at all by the fact that classmates are dropping like flies. I don’t know about you, but I would probably be looking for a way to study abroad if a serial killer was running rampant through my town. It’s disturbing, however, to see that many people in the show don’t seem to be affected by the violence around them. All of them, even the main characters, continue to get their homework handed in on time and attend school, laughing at the latest gossip all the while their friends are being buried.

2 Wes Craven Wasn’t Impressed with the New Mask

There’s one horror fan out there that isn’t impressed with the new direction that the Ghostface mask went. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Wes Craven stated that he felt that the original Ghostface mask was so iconic that it should not have been replaced. The original designer stated there was a reason why they designed the Ghostface the way they did and the new mask just isn’t the same. “It's ineffably haunting. The warped expression. The drooping eyes. The contorted mouth, howling in silence. The Scream mask has become as iconic as the visages of horror staples like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, but MTV is taking the face of the franchise in an entirely new direction.” True enough, but something can be said for the level of creepiness involved with the new mask. Wes Craven wasn’t the only one disappointed, many fans of the original movie were also disappointed that they didn’t keep the mask that everyone was so familiar with.

1 Brandon James is Alive


That was the question that many fans wrestled with at the end of season two, whether the deformed boy from the past is really still alive. After all, there was the note that was left on the tree that Emma’s mother found. The producers have admitted that they wanted the audience to be left wondering whether or not they will be seeing Brandon in the upcoming season. The creators of the show, however, aren’t spilling details on whether we will actually see the grown up Brandon James or not. The season ended with many unanswered questions, like will we see Kieran again or whether his appearances are now limited now that he’s in prison? I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to seeing the next season and how they are going to open it with such a shocking ending to the last one.


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15 Seriously Messed Up Facts About Scream, The TV Series