15 Seriously Hot Celebs Who Are Seriously Crazy

Crazy is blind. When you look at crazy there are many targets to choose from. In the real world around us, there is certainly no lack of crazy- horrible, weird, and legitimately wacko things happen ar

Crazy is blind. When you look at crazy there are many targets to choose from. In the real world around us, there is certainly no lack of crazy- horrible, weird, and legitimately wacko things happen around us everyday all the time. It even sometimes seems the world has lost its mind these days. But in the "imaginary" world of celebrity, crazy can sometimes be relative.  Sometimes we have no idea how crazy a celebrity really is until they break down and behave badly. Sometimes we know precisely just how nuts that person is but we choose to ignore it for their "art." Remember too, celebrities don't exactly play by the same set of rules that normal people do. Celebrities are on a whole other plane of reality at times. Celebrities often believe that they have no boundaries or rules to keep them under control. With that, some crazy things can (and do) happen.

Keeping that in mind, beautiful female celebrities are often idolized. The extreme nature to which people look up to these women can be very concerning. They are placed on pedestals, whether that is healthy or not. There have been some celebrities who have gone public with their craziness. Their craziness is well-chronicled by Twitter, Instagram and everything and anything online; the insatiable web community cannot get enough of the craziness. Some may be crazy for the sake of crazy while others simply show their true colors. Many of them are, or were, beautiful and their crazy colors came as a great shock to us. Some of them actually succumbed to their crazy and passed on. These then are 15 seriously hot celebrity women who are also seriously crazy.

15 Amanda Bynes


There is crazy and then there is Amanda Bynes. A truly sad and odd case. Amanda was a beautiful young woman coming off of her meteoric television success on the hit show All That and The Amanda Show. Amanda was Nickelodeon’s version of Miley Cyrus. She was a guaranteed entity that the entire network invested in. But Amanda started to grow weary of the pressures in the entertainment industry. And with that, she opted to move on in 2012 and is now listed as a “former actress.” Once Amanda disengaged from the entertainment biz, she started her crazy tour that featured photogs catching her walking the streets of New York smoking weed and her own posted half-naked (or completely naked) selfies. As reports swirl of partying and cocaine use, Amanda’s sweet beauty is quickly getting sucked down the drain.

14 Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell is known for some sexy modeling photos. This eccentric beauty is also known to have a pretty serious temper. On more than one occasion she has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Her list of issues is a timeline of chaos. Back in September 1998, Naomi was accused of decking her then assistant Georgina Galanis. Naomi pleaded guilty to tossing a phone at her and moved on. June 2000 found another assistant of hers under duress when Vanessa Frisbee accused the model of attacking her. In February 2001 Naomi got into fisticuffs with a paparazzi outside her boyfriend's home. Then in August 2004, Naomi's maid was on the wrong side of her angst and accused the model of scratching, kicking, and slapping her. Naomi's assistant Simone Craig accused her of assault and battery and holding him hostage in September of 2004.

The list goes on: in March 2005 Naomi beat another assistant with a Blackberry while in Brazil. Then in March 2006, another housekeeper accused Naomi of yet again of throwing a cell phone at her head. The point? It sucks to be Naomi's assistant or housekeeper. If you see a job posting on Craigslist for either of those, I would take a pass.

13 Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder has had a terrific career in Hollywood. She burst onto the scene in the movie Beetlejuice and was the voice of Generation X in movies like Girl Interrupted and Reality Bites. Winona was writing her own ticket in Hollywood, a big star who seemed to be emerging as an A-list actress. But something strange happened on the way to success. Chaotic romances with male stars like Johnny Depp led to a wild life off-camera. There were reports of rampant drug use and when she was caught on camera in 2001 stealing thousands of dollars of jewelry she could afford to buy, this came to a head in her life. Winona was forced to face her problems and there was no hiding. At first, her attorneys claimed she was practicing for a film role. But soon, reality set in and she had to face facts; Winona was self-destructing. She took two years off from acting and then ran into the industry blackballing her from roles. She is slowly re-emerging, but she gave up her shot at super-stardom.

12 Lil' Kim


Lil' Kim is not known for her subtle behavior. She's been busted for drugs. She has worn outfits that have exposed her body for years. She showed up with pasties on her breasts to MTV for an awards show and got a ton of press over it. Behind her crazy wardrobe, Lil' Kim also has gone through an extraordinary physical transformation. She has had a massive amount of work done, literally getting her skin lightened and her face pulled so tight, she appears to have a slight Asian appearance. Her obsession with crazy outfits and plastic surgery is nothing compared to her mouth and temper, though. Lil' Kim ran into Nicki Minaj during a recording session and attacked her when the two had words. Before Lil Kim could reach Minaj, it was rumored that a champagne bottle was hurled at Kim's head. After the entourages mixed it up a bit and the police were called, things calmed down. It is also rumored that Faith Evans, former wife of Notorious B.I.G., supposedly got into a brawl with Lil' Kim when she came home to find her naked in Biggie's bed. The two went at it and Lil' Kim was escorted away by Biggie's boys who helped get the naked Kim out. One word: Drama.

11 Britney Spears


A teenage Britney Spears rode wearing a Catholic schoolgirl outfit to insane levels of success. She told the world that she wasn't quite as innocent as we may have thought. And this southern cheerleader did not disappoint. Spears started to unleash a series of massive musical successes. Then, an impromptu evening in Las Vegas with an old childhood crush resulted in a sudden marriage. Team Spears freaked out and the drunken escapade was quickly annulled. Then, after more success, Britney started to fall off the crazy wagon and shaved her head, posting the now famous images everywhere on the Internet. There is no denying Spears and her beauty, or success, but this Southern pistol has proved to the world again and again that she is both beautiful and unpredictable.

10 Paris Hilton

Paris has the enviable distinction of being born with a very large silver spoon. And in being born into this kind of American royalty, she has subsequently enjoyed all the perks that come with it. Hilton has enjoyed access to nearly anything and everything she has wanted in her life. She was able to use her family name to evolve this pseudo-reality celebrity persona before anyone even knew who Kim Kardashian was. But Paris has always been a big party girl who is rumored to have enjoyed many drugs, including cocaine (she was arrested for possession in Vegas), and been seen drinking heavily at clubs. Paris is a celebrity who has used her tabloid presence to help her model and actually have her own television shows. But Paris has regularly feuded with other wannabe celebs and gone catfighting in clubs. That doesn't include her wild child personality displayed on her show The Simple Life. Now she has taken to DJing in the environment she thrives most in- clubs that feature heavy amounts of drugs, alcohol, and partying.

9 Nicki Minaj

Some celebrities attempt to stay out of the spotlight. They try to live a normal life away from center stage. Some celebs are soft spoken. All of these descriptions fail to describe Nicki Minaj, however. The R&B and rap queens doesn't hold punches with her words or her lyrics. She has worn outfits in which her breasts were completely exposed. She has changed her looks and hair color to all kinds of extremes. Her personality is off the charts and borders on crazy. Then there are the public tussles she has engaged in. She has gotten into fights with both Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey (both of whom also have their own psycho traits to deal with). Apparently at the VMA’s Minaj gave Cyrus a 1-2 punch for talking smack and then picked her up and body-slammed her. There will certainly be more on this, but Minaj has a crazy-angry side to her.

8 Lady Gaga

Two words: Meat Dress. Lady Gaga is no stranger to being different or original. She displays this in the clothes she wears and the makeup she puts on her face. Gaga also seemingly has no bounds with regard to her talent. A young Gaga always gravitated toward performing. Her well-rounded abilities have been punctuated by not just music awards, but even a Golden Globe for her role on American Horror Story. It all started with Poker Face and since then Lady Gaga hasn't stopped from being successful and eccentric. Her photo array with her man featuring both of them naked in compromising positions is just the tip of the crazy-iceberg with Gaga. She seemingly never holds back and is willing to dump loads of images of herself online. Worth a few hundred million dollars from all her success, Gaga can pretty much write her own crazy ticket and does so with ease.

7 Lindsay Lohan


It's incredible how this beautiful young star went from a curvaceous red-headed hottie to a worthless drug and alcohol partygirl in the snap of a finger. Too much success, too fast will forever be the truth behind LiLo's epic fall. She was the "it" girl, appearing in numerous highly successful teen angst films. As her beautiful figure blossomed, it was clear that Lindsay had quite a bit to offer. She used her sexuality just right in early movies and established herself as a true beautiful talent who could mix acting with music and modeling. But her likable onscreen characters become a stark contrast to the party scene she started to fall deep into. She was hanging out with the likes of Paris Hilton, dancing the night away to heavy doses of cocaine and alcohol. A public lashing by a successful movie producer as she filmed Georgia Rules shined a spotlight on Lindsay's issues. Then public embarrassment over numerous DUI's and accidents finally led to regular appearances in court and subsequently house-arrest and jail. Lindsay has not only fallen far from acting grace, but the partying has done damage to her appearance, causing her to age far too quickly. A truly sad story.

6 Mariah Carey

Mariah is always on fire! She is beautiful. She was beautiful in the late 1990s with her red curly hair while she sang to levels only dreamed of by other artists and she is beautiful now after years of plastic surgery and the rising of her breasts. However, Mariah's physical beauty does little to stem her crazy. She is well-known to be a diva of the highest degree. First off, she enjoys making love to her own voice, a disturbing fact that came out during her failed marriage to Nick Cannon. They would put on Mariah's greatest hits as they made love, a requirement from the diva herself.  If you are Mariah's assistant, you have to enter the shower with her just to wash her hair. Mariah doesn't like to wash those beautiful curls. From spending loads of cash on dog accessories (a reported 40k) to ridiculous green room demands, Mariah is a piece of work. This is all in addition to when she checked herself into a mental facility in 2001.

5 Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul came to fame as a Lakers Girl. She danced and choreographed her way into becoming a top-notch singing sensation. Her single went "Straight Up" and then her singing and dancing took her to the top of the charts. Since then, she has appeared and disappeared in the spotlight like a full moon that comes and goes. Many rumors of pills and alcohol abuse have plagued Paula during the course of her career. After a successful stint singing and being a choreographer, she landed the dream gig of American Idol that gave her renewed success. But the spotlight once again proved to be too great for the singer, who fell into old habits. In interviews she was caught slurring words and sounding despondent. She started to break down and erode, and soon, she lost her gig with American Idol and once again moved on. A few incidents that highlighted her insanity were back in January 2007 when she was on Fox's Seattle affiliate and could barely sit up straight or put a coherent string of words together. In 2007, she also attempted to launch her reality show Hey Paula, where she displayed numerous meltdowns. Paula used to be considered a hot mess. Now...she is just a mess.

4 Whitney Houston


With all due respect to the former Diva of the world, Whitney Houston was America's sweetheart. She glowed as she sang the "Star Spangled Banner." She sparkled on the big screen with Kevin Costner in the movie The Bodyguard. Her 1985 debut on The Merv Griffin Show was the opening act. But by 1992, things shifted. The "good girl" everyone knew began to morph into something different when she married R&B star Bobby Brown. In 2000, she was busted for possessing marijuana at the airport. In 2003, domestic violence popped up at the star's residence followed by a warped reality show chronicling the craziness of her marriage. She admitted she hit him over the head with a telephone and was addicted to drugs. She used cocaine and marijuana, and was rumored to frequently use crack as well. She grew old before her time before our eyes. Her death only cemented concerns about Whitney's tragic drug use and massive instability.

3 Anna Nicole Smith


It may be difficult to remember how truly beautiful this Texas bombshell was. Much like Whitney Houston, Anna Nicole Smith was taken too early in life due to an intense addiction to drugs and alcohol. Anna posed for Playboy numerous times and was impressive in each outing. Her early modeling photos are legendary, drawing her comparisons with Marilyn Monroe. She had been a stripper as well as a regular in adult entertainment. Anna did anything to remain in the public eye while marrying a much older sugar daddy. But the tragedy of Anna's life doesn't just stop at her inability to stay sober. She lost her son to an untimely death. Her appearance on her own reality show was a sad display of a trainwreck. She seemed completely unhinged. Anna was a shell of her former beautiful self, slurring words and often having difficulty even getting up. The massive amounts of pills and alcohol use eventually caught up to her.

2 Demi Lovato

There are varying degrees of hot. Demi Lovato strikes a chord in so many ways. Her mysterious brunette beauty is further enhanced by her lack of assimilation with what others may find sexy. She moves to the beat of her own drum and her independence is just as sexy as her beautiful figure and deep dark stares. She is the anti-beauty queen; her look more antagonistic at times than Playboy-esque. The singer/actress is known to have many skeletons in her closet. Demi Lovato punched a dancer in the face because of jealousy. But her temper isn't the only thing that has haunted her. Demi has sought treatment for emotional issues that have led her to cutting amongst other personal battles. The Disney alum has characterized her main issue as being bipolar. She has also encouraged others to seek treatment for their own issues.

1 Angelina Jolie


Finally we arrive at number one. Angelina Jolie is many things. First and foremost, she is crazy beautiful. Angelina's cat-like eyes are just the tip of the iceberg with this sexy and original soul. She has never been shy to show people her body and she has never disappointed with an amazing figure and brooding expressions of desire. She is a character to say the least, an enigma that has displayed varying degrees of sanity over the years. We all remember when she and Billy Bob Thornton exchanged necklaces that had small vials of each other's blood in them. She has made appearances in movies that have displayed the darkness that lies within her. There have been long-standing rumors of Angelina's past drug use and extreme behaviors. She used to use cocaine and heroine. And who can forget that special kiss she shared with her brother? We now arrive at her acquisition of children from around the world and accusing her soon-to-be ex-husband, Brad Pitt, of a whole variety of abuses. No matter how crazy she might be, we do applaud Angelina's exquisite beauty.

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15 Seriously Hot Celebs Who Are Seriously Crazy