15 Seriously Disgusting Bad Hygiene Pics From WWE

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of wrestling promotions all around the world, but none of them measure up to the financial monster that is World Wrestling Entertainment. Vince McMahon has a total monopoly on what he calls the “sports entertainment” industry and as a result, owns the most profitable company on the planet for a professional wrestler to make a living. The men and women between the ropes of a WWE ring are living the high life with outrageous salaries and are bona fide celebrities. Just look at the successes of John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and how the E! reality show Total Divas has helped the business spill over into the mainstream world even further.

Also like other celebrities, WWE Superstars are put on a pedestal and held up as an example of all that is and should be complete perfection. They are marketed as real-life superheroes and that is how we see them, not unlike some of the biggest music and movie stars of our time. The actual reality is, however, that these are normal human beings like all the rest of us and they have to shower and brush their teeth every morning just like we do. We know this on some subconscious level, but take a look at these fifteen photos of WWE Superstars being particularly disgusting in the hygiene department.

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15 Kane’s Awful Teeth

Before he was the scariest Superstar of the entire Attitude era and long before he burned Jim Ross alive or was accused of having sex with a corpse, Kane was a dentist. Not in the strictest terms, of course, but the man behind the mask of the Big Red Machine, Glenn Jacobs, has worked with WWE for much longer than the character of Kane has existed. Before becoming the Undertaker’s psychotic burn victim of a brother, Jacobs portrayed Isaac Yankem, DDS, the deranged dentist of Jerry “The King” Lawler.

The angle went nowhere, obviously, and Jacobs truly lucked out when the company created Kane and he went on to participate with the Undertaker in one of the best-written wrestling stories of all time. Isaac Yankem, however, will go down as one of the WWF’s more ironic storylines considering Yankem himself had some of the worst teeth imaginable.

14 Doctor Of Slobbernomics

We all know that John Cena is the poster boy for WWE. He has been Vince McMahon’s absolute favorite cash cow over the past fifteen years and has proven to not only be completely untouchable but also a major threat to any budding young career. No matter how much Cena and WWE claim this to be an urban myth, the facts don’t lie: one young Superstar after another has encountered John Cena only to see their early momentum stomped and they hardly ever seem to be able to recover.

Though there are plenty of reasons the WWE Universe claims to despise John Cena, his killing of startup careers seems to be at the center of all of it. The negative feedback never affects him though, and Super Cena always manages to bounce back, something we wish would happen with the loogie stretched across his chin in this cringe-worthy shot.

13 Owen Hart’s Spittle

Owen Hart, the late brother of Bret “Hitman” Hart, is, unfortunately, most famous for falling from the rafters into the wrestling ring to his death in front of thousands of people in the middle of a WWE pay per view in 1999. Owen’s legacy, though, is unmistakably legendary and he has become one of the most in-demand Superstars for an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. He was and always will be one of the greatest in-ring technicians to lace up a pair of boots and perhaps the biggest night of his career came at WrestleMania X when he wrestled his own brother Bret in an all-time classic.

While that match is near perfect, some of us found ourselves distracted by the everlasting spittle on Owen’s face that night. No matter how hard we yelled at the screen, Owen just would not take a moment to wipe it away and it was seriously gross.

12 Maria Menounos’ WrestleMania Moment

It is difficult to say how television personality Maria Menounos got so involved with the world of pro wrestling. Several years back WWE partnered with her for a big WrestleMania match where she and Kelly Kelly teamed up to face Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. Maria was not altogether awful, though, and carried herself very well for someone who didn’t compete in the ring for a living. She had her WrestleMania moment, but sadly for her, it was overshadowed by a big brown stain on the back of her white pants.

For her part, Maria Menounos has said that this stain was made by her opponent Eve’s makeup, but the eyes see what the eyes see and, with perception being reality, it is hard for anyone to go back and see that spot on her rear and think about anything other than a skid mark.

11 Triple H Has An Accident

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the future of this company we all complain about on a regular basis but still hold very dear to our hearts. We all hope that the two will not just keep WWE running well, but take the industry to new heights when they have full control over it, which is why it is a little bit sad, but mostly just funny that the two of them are topping a list of the worst hygiene pictures in WWE history.

Leave it to pro wrestling’s most powerful couple to both have the same accident on live television. Just as Stephanie did, Triple H once urinated on himself during an altercation with Brock Lesnar and, unfortunately, the camera angles showed everyone in the world all the disgusting proof.

10 A Rock Bottom On Poop

The Attitude Era is fondly remembered by most fans as a time full of the most creative and pure genius ideas the professional wrestling industry has ever known. With most of the industry’s top moments taking place in the era that is a sentiment that mostly holds up over time, but we shouldn’t forget that the turn of the century also brought us a fair amount of bad ideas.

One of those ideas came in the midst of a rivalry between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the late “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith. Someone on the WWF writing team thought it would be incredibly hilarious to have The Rock land his rival with the Rock Bottom – The Rock’s finishing move – on top of a slab covered in a massive mountain of dog poop. Needless to say, Davey Boy probably showered more than once after this moment.

9 Stephanie Wets Herself

Today we as wrestling fans have Stephanie McMahon to look up to as a shining example of what it means to be a powerful woman. She is certainly a good role model for young women watching the program, as she is a woman largely running an industry that has been dominated by men for decades. Stephanie is also known for her domineering on-screen personality; she is an unshakable ruthless employer who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, so it is rare that we see her in a vulnerable position.

But that’s just what happened on this night when Stephanie was slapped by Brie Bella and went running out of the ring, showing the world an obvious spot on the back of her dress after apparently having an accident.

8 Dolph And AJ Get Slopped

It might be best to start ourselves off with a bit of a softball considering we are all likely to lose our appetites by the end of this experience. A few years back Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee made one of the best heel pairings in recent memory and they were just begging for karma to come looking for them. One fateful night on WWE Raw Dolph and AJ were in the middle of the ring looking pristine dressed entirely in white (by no coincidence, surely) when gallons of some of the most disgusting slop you have ever seen in your life was dropped right on their heads.

This was a storyline on WWE television so it is not a personal failure to keep themselves hygienic, but the stark contrast of the slop against their white evening attire made this scene particularly gross.

7 Luke Harper’s Unfortunate Shirt

As a member of the Wyatt Family, Luke Harper’s talents were seemingly going to waste as he sat constantly in the background as a backup performer. When he was split from Bray Wyatt a while back there were high hopes that he would be able to finally make a successful solo career for himself on SmackDown Live, but as of yet that still remains to be seen.

Harper is one of the most solid big men in the ring today and has a lot of charisma, but as per the requirements of his character over the past few years, he has also had lots and lots of grime and sweat all over him when he competes in the ring. He’s sweaty and unkempt in general, but the shirt he wrestles in gets the worst of things. It is almost always dirty and stained and one has to wonder just how smelly it is for his opponents.

6 Titus Hurlwide

Recently Titus O’Neil might have been enjoying one of his most entertaining runs since signing a deal with WWE. His long-running tag team with Darren Young as the Prime Time Players never got off the ground despite years of attempts by WWE to get them going, and the company has tried over and over again to kick-start a solo career for him to no avail. His “Titus Worldwide” angle with Apollo Crews and Akira Tozawa has been somewhat memorable, but not as memorable as one specific night on Thanksgiving a couple of years ago.

On a special holiday edition of SmackDown, after Titus O’Neil had a little too much of a Thanksgiving feast, he got sick at ringside and vomited in JBL’s hat and all over former WWE talent Zeb Colter. According to a later interview, the whole thing was unplanned and Titus simply has the ability to hurl on cue.

5 Paige Is A Sweaty Mess

Ironically, WWE Superstar Paige has become an even bigger star since being off television with an injury than she ever was as a two-time Divas Champion. Paige is no doubt one of the best female workers in the entire wrestling industry and already had a huge following when her personal drama began to overshadow her in-ring career. In 2016 she was suspended from WWE for testing positive for an illegal substance and therefore violating the wellness policy. Since then, as she has recovered from neck surgery, she has constantly been in the news for her very public and apparently rocky relationship with former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio.

Hopefully, Paige will make a return soon. She is one of the most talented and beautiful women in all of WWE, but this photo shows a much sweatier side of the former champion.

4 Hacksaw’s Snotty Nose

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is one of the many WWE Superstars of the 1980s era to make it big without ever winning an actual championship. This was a time when it was so easy for Vince McMahon to make a star out of someone that few truly needed a championship, but that’s not to say that Duggan wouldn’t be credited with other accomplishments. In 1988 he won the very first Royal Rumble match, and despite that match not actually coming with any WrestleMania related accolades it was a huge deal at the time.

Jim Duggan was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011, and while his career was certainly worthy of such an acknowledgment nothing is as worthy of its own wing in a Hall of Fame as this massive wad of snot all wrapped up in his mustache.

3 Bastion Booger Is Gross

Back in the earliest days of the World Wrestling Federation’s flagship program Raw, there was a rotund wall of a man who went by the ring name Bastion Booger. This was a man who went through a few different characters during his time with the WWF but none of them ever worked and it didn’t seem as if this big guy was getting off the ground. That was unfortunate for him, but it was a good thing for us because as Bastion Booger he was particularly difficult to watch.

By design, Bastion Booger was completely filthy; he would come to the ring eating the sloppiest, most disgusting of foods in the least sophisticated sort of ways. He would get right up in the camera and bury his face into his food, making him one of the sickest WWE Superstars of all time.

2 Sharmell Gets The Boogeyman Treatment

WrestleMania 22 was not an awful event, but it certainly had its moments we were left wishing we could unsee. Leading up to the big show the legendary Booker T didn’t have much else going on, so he was thrown into a program with the creepy Boogeyman, a character who never really accomplished much in WWE except for managing to create many of the sickest moments to have ever been caught on film.

Once Booker T and the Boogeyman had their match, the whole thing ended, predictably, in horror. The Boogeyman ultimately grabbed Booker’s wife, Sharmell, and spat live worms from his own mouth into hers. This was a trick he had used many times before, but there was something about seeing it happen to a woman as beautiful as Sharmell that made it that much worse.

1 Snitsky’s Worse Teeth

If Glenn Jacobs’ Issac Yankem, DDS, had some of the sickest teeth you have ever seen, then Gene Snitsky had literally the worst. To back up just briefly, Snitsky had been hanging around the low to mid card in WWE for a few years and was known for little more than kicking a fake baby into the crowd in a demonstration of what he would do to Kane and Lita’s storyline unborn child.

When the company decided to take him in a different direction, they took an already unfortunate looking man and made him into the foulest thing to ever live. Now simply known as Snitsky, his teeth were unbearable to look at and his skin was dirty and gross. You could almost smell this walking garbage bin through the television.

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