15 Selfies These Celebs Wish They Could Get Back

Celebrities are often their worst enemies when it comes to selfies. The need to promote themselves and maintain a social media presence means celebrities occasionally make bad decisions, and really bad decisions when it comes to posting selfies. Years of cultivating a certain image can get thrown to the wind with one bad selfie posted online.

A bad selfie can take many forms. Maybe it’s just as simple as an unflattering photo. Bad lighting. A bad angle. No makeup. An odd expression. Either the celebrity just doesn’t care what they look like, or it never occurred to them that the photo might hurt their careers in some unexpected (or highly predictable) way.

There’s also those selfies that are just wrong – showing the celebrity doing something that’s controversial, offensive or extremely damaging to their image. So why did they post it in the first place you ask? Impossible to say. But let’s face it, we all do it. And it doesn’t matter how many times you tap that DELETE button, that photo is never going away. A bad decision in a moment of idiocy, and you’re stuck with a lifetime of explaining what the heck you were thinking.

Here are just a few selfies that celebrities wish they’d never posted, or really should have re-thought before sharing it with the world.

15 Chris Pratt

A lot of Hollywood celebs these days are going with the rejuvenating facial mask. That’s understandable – Hollywood is all about youth and staying young.

But what’s with all the celebs chronicling their facial masking with selfies? Did you really need to share your best Hannibal Lecter impersonation? And hey, you can understand perhaps a Jessica Simpson or an Adele or a Lady Gaga going with the mask, but Guardians of The Galaxy’s Chris Pratt? The guy who battled dinosaurs in Jurassic World is worried about soft skin? Are open pores and smoothed-over wrinkles really important for the action star?

Pratt donned the mask a few years ago and took a photo while biding his time backstage at Late Night with David Letterman. So maybe he was just having a lot of fun playing mummy and wanted to share the joke? I guess we’ll never know. Still, a lot of folks seem to be liking it on his Twitter.

14 Rihanna

Not just a regrettable selfie but a criminal one that led to several arrests. The pop star was on tour on the island of Phuket in Thailand when she visited a local market. It was there she snapped this photo of herself with a Slow Loris. The monkey - a tiny, cute, moon-faced and mild-mannered critter -  sat meekly on her shoulder for several moments. “Look who was talkin’ dirty to me,” Rihanna wrote in the post.

Apparently, Rihanna had lots of Instagram fans with the Phuket police department. Barely a day later, the Thai police swooped down on the same market and arrested two men for using the animals – which are protected – for photos with tourists. Two monkeys were also confiscated in the police raid.

13 Lady Gaga

While we fully support the idea of most women celebrities photographing themselves looking beautiful without makeup, maybe that support shouldn’t extend to Lady Gaga. We love the Born This Way singer because she’s so over-the-top and flamboyant when it comes to all those outrageous costumes, wigs and glitzy makeup. A meat dress – yes. Sweats and no makeup? Definitely not.

Seeing her hanging around the house looking facially au natural kind of spoils the mystique that is the Gaga lady. That big piece of pie is all dressed up and looking gorgeous, so why not her as well? A chocolate and whipped cream dress? Now we’re talking. Fans love to fantasize that Gaga is outrageous even while lazing around the house eating pie. This selfie sadly busts that illusion

Still, while she should stop posting the lazing-around-in-yoga-pants selfies, she still looks very pretty. Maybe not as pretty as that quintuple layer piece of pie, but few people do. Wonder if she’s going to give scary dude behind her a piece?

12 Eminem

What’s the matter, Mr. Marshall Mathers III? Don’t like the Mona Lisa? Does fine art make you sleepy? She’s smiling, so why not you? And if you’re that angry and disinterested about life, why take a photo at all? Are you trying to show all your fans how much you love the classic painting, hate it, or really don’t care all that much either way? It's unclear. Maybe, just maybe, you had no idea who was behind you and this was some sort of Leonardo da Vinci photobomb.

It seems doubtful. If this selfie’s purpose was to show folks that you remain a sullen rap star, then no regrets. That mission has been accomplished. Come to think of it, you really don’t see Eminem smile all that often. Maybe he is smiling in the selfie and we just can’t tell.

11 Khloe Kardashian

That other Kardashian has seen her share of tabloid attention over the years – and not all of it good. In 2014, she drew the ire of Native American groups when – for the second time no less. Khloe Kardashian was attending a birthday party for niece North West when she snapped the “dress-up” pics. She went on to post photos of herself in a native-like headdress, posing beside a mini teepee.

Criticism emerged online immediately. Undaunted, Khloe responded to the criticism by posting the comment “You’re still going to get criticized, so you might as well do whatever the f**k you want.”

Khloe is by no means the only celebrity to earn criticism after electing to don a native outfit. In the same year, singer Ellie Goulding snapped a selfie of herself in another native headdress and experienced much the same how-dare-you backlash.

10 Brooklyn Decker

Followers have no idea what the actress and former Victoria's Secret model was thinking at this moment. Was Brooklyn Decker rebelling against always having to look good for the paparazzi by posting the most unflattering images she could concoct? That sure would explain this. Or maybe the Battleship star has a sense of…humour is it? Self-esteem? Wickedness? Or maybe she was having a good nostril day and wanted to share. Again, it’s hard to explain.

Here’s a rule – if you make your living off of your looks, best not put a photo out there that shows people that you too can look bad on any given day just like the normal folks. Chances are, this photo gets shared a lot more on social media than her runway pics. And that’s for all time.

And for the record, shooting from a low angle is never your friend. Never, ever, ever. Avoid it at all costs.

9 Kim Kardashian

Frankly, no one believes Kim Kardashian regrets anything she does – let alone her posts on social media. Once you post a naked selfie or two or 10, it becomes hard to believe you are bothered by even the slightest, briefest moment of self-doubt.

Still, this sunburn selfie is disturbing. What were you thinking, Kim? That the sun doesn’t burn celebrities? That those obviously over-sized glamor girl sunglass would protect your entire face? You must stay out of the sun if you want to stay flawless and wrinkle-free.

Not to mention the fact that this looks really, really painful. One hopes you had some cream or something to put on it. You must have peeled so bad.

No one wants to see Kim Kardashian looking like a burned raccoon. Except maybe Kim herself. She looks rather proud of her sunburn – like a mom showing off a newborn baby.

8 Tyra Banks

Is former model/TV host trying out for a role in the upcoming Avatar sequels? Because Tyra Banks really looks alien with them big eyes and the teardrop shaped head. Director James Cameron wouldn’t even have to digitize Banks to get that Avatar look. Just slap on a coat of blue paint and she’d be ready to go.

Very strange. Still, Tyra shared it with her fans and the public. So one must guess she’s okay with looking a little spacey in the selfie. Good for her. Can’t say it’ll help her career-wise though.

Perhaps Banks was trying to show us what she looked like without makeup. And she still looks really great. Just not all that human. Which, perhaps, you can kind of say about any supermodel. If they looked like the rest of us, they wouldn’t be models.

7 Nicolas Cage

To be fair, this is obviously not Nicolas Cage’s selfie. He was approached on a plane by a fan and nicely obliged to allow her to capture the moment with a phone camera. Or did the Leaving Las Vegas star just wake up from a booze-fuelled coma and not know what the heck was going on? I heard a click – did I miss something? Or is Cage about to sneeze?

Either way, it’s not exactly the most flattering photo. And considering the eccentric actor’s recent string of bad movies, the selfie doesn’t exactly make you think he’s at the top of his Hollywood game. Or even the middle. But to be honest, we’ve all had those days when the camera captures that one-tenth of a second when we just aren’t looking our best.

6 Lindsay Lohan

Here we have yet another Hollywood actresses fall for the facial mask craze. But unlike Chris Pratt, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t seem to be having any fun.

Not sure why the actress felt compelled to share it. Considering the amount of trouble Lohan has been in over the years (criminal and personal), we’re not sure the Hannibal Lecter look is really a good choice for the Mean Girl actress. Her first priority in restoring her once-promising career would be not to appear bonkers or serial killer-like in public. Posting weird selfies would seem to contradict that plan. Though, let's face it, it's nowhere near her biggest misstep in the public eye.

Lohan looks really serious about looking silly. Is this meant to be funny? Or is the fact it is in fact pretty funny a surprise to Lohan? Still, with that fair skin and freckles, she probably needs the rejuvenating facial mask more than most folks. The sun is not the friend of gingers.

5 Amanda Bynes

A few years back, the All That star began having a lot of problems with the law as well as serious mental issues. That’s what made this photo so alarming to a lot of people. What’s going on with the Nickelodeon star, folks wondered? Had the young actress from Hairspray gone a little bonkers? As it turned out, yes. Amanda Bynes became one of the first celebrities to meltdown on social media with a series of truly awful tweets (involving Hitler and slams against Rihanna and her father) and unfortunate selfies. She was in trouble and here was the visualization of it.

Too bad for Amanda. No matter what she does now, this selfie meltdown (and several others) will always be out there to remind people just how crazy things got for her. Apparently, she’s doing much better these days, though no one is going out of their way to retweet Amanda looking sane selfies. They're just not that interesting.

4 Elijah Wood

Not so much a celebrity selfie as a photo of a celebrity taking a selfie. Of himself. And of himself on a movie poster. Elijah Wood probably should have waited till he wasn’t around the public to snap this photo in front of himself as Frodo from The Lord of The Rings.

Maybe he was just kidding around – an attempt to spice things up for the paparazzi perhaps? In that case, thanks. But for the haters out there, the whole act reeked of celebrity self-involvement.

It doesn’t appear Elijah ever posted the pic of himself photobombing himself, so his motivations appear unclear. Nor is there a record of Wood having gone on to take a pic of himself standing in front of the pic of himself in front of the poster of himself? That would have been pretty cool.

3 Chrissy Teigen

The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model has posted a lot of selfies over the years. A whole lot. So it’s no surprise some of them have been somewhat regrettable, if not downright kooky. Maybe Chrissy Teigen just got tired of looking so good for so long and wanted to spice things up a little. She’s been angry. She’s been disheveled. She’s been crazy-looking. And in this photo, she looks, well, just strange. Not to mention somewhat unrecognizable. Is she happy, scared or surprised? Maybe a little of all three? On the plus side, people do remember this pic more than most of her beautiful posts. So if that was her goal, she totally succeeded.

Once again, we also see a celebrity shooting from a low angle with the usual unflattering results. The low angle is not your friend folks. Don’t do it.

2 P. Diddy

Jeepers, are there not any celebrities out there who are impressed by the Mona Lisa? First Eminem posts a grim-faced selfie of him being photo-bombed by the Da Vinci painting. Now here comes P. Diddy himself for a tete-a-tete with the painted lady.

P. Diddy, however, looks none-to-pleased to be standing in front of a painting masterpiece. Yes, we get it. You were there. But what’s with the non-committal expression? Happy? Sad? Disappointed?

But, then again, it’s P. Diddy. He rarely seems impressed with anything in his selfies. Or in his life, for that matter. He’s one cool customer.

And to be even fairer, P. Diddy’s non-smile isn’t all that different from what’s on the face of the Mona Lisa. Maybe grim rappers don’t impress her either? Hey, she has hung with Eminem. So, been there, done that.

1 President Barrack Obama

It's very likely that Obama posed for hundreds of photos and selfies during his two terms, but we bet he still he regrets this one just a little. In 2013, he attended a South African memorial for Nelson Mandela with over 100 world leaders. Sometime during the ceremony, however, he was photographed posing for a selfie with Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Britain’s PM David Cameron. There were smiles all around as the trio leaned in for the snap.

Though it wasn’t a funeral per se, many felt the photo opportunity was a little inappropriate considering the solemn occasion.

The big question though is – who’s phone took the photo? We got two prime ministers and a president here. Why would they need a phone in the first place? Or keys. Or a wallet. Isn't that something the secret service detail handles?

For her part, First Lady Michelle Obama looks unimpressed. Not a selfie fan, Michelle?

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