15 Secrets They Don't Want Us To Know About Bachelor In Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise is the latest reality dating show to come out of the Bachelor franchise. The sleazy reality show follows former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants as they make friends and hook-up in an elimination-style game. Let’s just say, there’s a lot of booze, making-out, and a whole lot of drama involved, but that’s what keeps the fans coming back for more.

Even though the show has only been on the air since 2014, there have already been tons of scandal-worthy moments that the producers wish viewers could forget about. From alleged sexual assaults, questionable living conditions, and mixing booze with drugs, there’s a lot of drama to go around in Paradise.

This past year alone, the show faced its biggest controversy when contestant DeMario Jackson was accused of assaulting Corinne Olympios after a one-night stand, though he was later cleared of misconduct. That’s of course not the only crazy thing to happen on BIP! Check out these behind-the-scenes secrets the producers don’t want you to know.

15 The Paradise Isn't Actually Very Luxurious

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From the looks of things on TV, Paradise seems like heaven. The contestants are surrounded by a blue ocean, tropical trees, and an unlimited source of drinks (plus tons of hotties to gawk at). But former contestants have admitted that the conditions aren’t always that lavish. Actually, paradise sounds like it kind of sucks.

BIP alumn Tenley Molzhan once said, “We don’t have air-conditioning. I feel like people assume that because we’re on a television show that we’re actually set up to the nines. The ‘resort’ was essentially glamping.” She added, “It was a little intense: the bug bites, the heat—we still love Mexico though! I think half of the reason we didn’t have A/C was for the acting; it was on purpose.” Her co-star Jared Haibon added, “They want you hot and bothered. Emotional.”

14 Mexico Pays For Most Of The Show

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BIP might be an American reality show, but it’s largely paid for by the Mexican government. That’s right. The Mexican Tourism Board covers most of the major costs of the show since it helps show off the beauty of the country and resultantly brings in tourism.

However, it doesn’t sound like Mexico has always been a fan of the negative publicity the show has sometimes brought them. “They pick up the tab for practically everything in exchange for all the free publicity the show gives them – but is not a good look and is not likely to be something Mexico Tourism wants to welcome back,” a source explained to People magazine.

BIP is known for being one of the sleazier shows to come out of the Bachelor franchise. Perhaps Mexico wishes they’d invested their funds in something a bit more wholesome!

13 There’s Nowhere To Run From The Cameras

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When we say the producers always have an eye on the contestants, we really mean it. Evidently, there are cameras all over to make sure that any and all drama is caught on camera. Yep, that means even the intimate moments that aren’t shown on TV are recorded. How would you feel about your sexy time being filmed?

“There are cameras everywhere and there’s nowhere to hide, so when cast members behave outrageously, they allow themselves to forget there are cameras — and just get caught up in the moment,” a producer from the show once told People magazine. This ensures that all of the gossip-worthy moments are caught on camera, which makes for better TV. But we can’t imagine how the contestants must feel having their every move being watched.

12 Not All Contestants Are Single IRL

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Viewers are led to believe that all BIP contestants must be single. After all, they’re here to find love, right? But it turns out that some contestants just up and leave their very real girlfriends or boyfriends back home for a chance to appear on the show. DeMario Jackson was exposed during Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette season, proving he’s not as charming as he seems.

During filming, a woman named Lexi came forward claiming she’d been in a relationship with DeMario for seven months before he ghosted her. The next time she saw him was when he was romancing Rachel on TV. How shady! This ended with Rachel giving him the boot. “I’m not here to be played,” she told DeMario as the drama unfolded. “I’m not here to be made a joke of, which is what I feel like you’re doing right now with me.”

11 Some Contestants Have Criminal Records

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Not all the stars of Bachelor In Paradise have squeaky-clean records. Most notably, Robby Hayes was arrested for a DUI in 2012 after he crossed the double solid lines on the road.

The police report from the arresting officer read, “I observed the defendant to have bloodshot and watery eyes. I smelled a moderate odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the defendant as he spoke to me.” He went on, “The defendant’s speech was slurred and talked with a thick tongue.”

On the scene, Hayes denied being intoxicated and instead insisted he was the designated driver. When he refused to take a breathalyzer, he was arrested. Eventually, the charges against Hayes were dismissed in September 2013. Hopefully, Robby learned his lesson!

10 Has There Been An LGBTQ Romance On The Show?

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Some fans of Bachelor In Paradise have criticized the show for only promoting heterosexual couples. As of now, there have been no gay couples on the reality show. Or has there been? Former contestants have hinted at one naughty, shirtless romp that unfortunately didn’t get caught on film between some of the male contestants. Was it a bromance or an actual romance?

“There was this gigantic moth the size of a bat and me, and Dan and Josh were in bed, shirts off with our pillows, just trying to like kill this thing,” Jared Haibon once said. “I’m running and this thing flew and hit my back. Dan is trying to hit it with the pillow and Josh was throwing stuff at it. This happened for 45 minutes before we got it down.” Mikey added, “Let’s be honest, it was just his shirtless bromance, that’s all it was.”

9 You Better Watch Out For (Real) Crabs

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No, we’re not talking about THOSE kinds of crabs! We’re referring to the ones that might sneak up and pinch you if you’re not mindful of where you’re sitting or stepping. Evidently, contestants have complained about how serious the crab situation is. This might make you rethink wanting to go to paradise in the first place.

BIP’s Mikey Tenerelli said, “The first night after we all met each other, I walked into my room and I saw two crabs fighting. They were literally duelling. I was like, ‘This is going to be a long trip.’” Tenley has also said, “Crabs were everywhere—in the showers, in our beds. And it’s true: Ashley S. did walk around with one for a couple days.” Who would want to make friends with one of those little buggers?!

8 Is One Of The Contestants A Predator?

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No, we’re not talking about DeMario! Former contestant Alexander Woytkiw was arrested for alleged loitering in March 2011 when a security officer for sorority Chi Omega spotted “two males crouched in the bushes on the northeast corner of the house.” The security guard says Woytkiw and his friend claimed they were just “messing with a friend.”

After a warning, Alex and his pal agreed to leave the premises, but the security guard found a hammer after he left. Um, were they planning on attacking someone? This prompted the guard to call the police. Alex later admitted to going to the sorority with the intention of taking the sorority letters off the side of the house as a prank. He completed the requirements of the Misdemeanour Diversion Program in May 2011 as punishment.

7 Contestants Are Pressured Into Storylines

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Unsurprisingly, all of those on-screen romances you witness on the show aren’t always authentic. Former contestants have admitted that the producers push them into storylines that they think will increase viewers’ attention, but that doesn’t really reflect how the viewers feel.

“Some people have really great experiences and it’s going to be different for everyone,” former contestant Leah Block once said. “But in my situation, I definitely felt like I was being pushed to do things and pushed to say things. It definitely didn’t get out of hand, but more so my edit was not what actually happened and that was totally out of my control.”

She added, “So they definitely set things up to make sure things the way they want it to.” Rumour has it that the producers also pushed Corinne and DeMario to hook up before their infamous sexual assault scandal.

6 They Take Consent Very Seriously

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Given all the drama, there’s a lot that can go wrong on the set of BIP. That’s why the producers are said to be extra-sensitive around the subject of consent. Most of the producers present during filming are women in case a sensitive issue arises. This is why the producer who saw the questionable footage between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson had an investigation launched into the alleged assault immediately.

“Let me start by saying the safety and care of the cast and crew of our show is of the utmost importance to us,” a producer for the show once explained. “It is with this thought in mind that we made the decision to suspend filming. An investigation into the situation was started immediately. Warner Bros. is handling the details of that investigation. They’re moving quickly to gather all the facts, and once that’s done, a clear, concise decision can be made about where we go from here.”

5 No One Stepped In To Prevent The Assault

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Bachelor fans were shaken after the scandal between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson hit headlines. But perhaps the most shocking (and overlooked) part of this scandal is that the production team seemingly looked on as the alleged assault was taking place.

Corinne has since admitted to blacking out after mixing prescription meds with alcohol. The pair’s encounter was caught on tape, which means the production team couldn’t have been too far away when it occurred. Actually, it sounds like most of the cast was present during the incident, but no one did anything to stop it.

“DeMario was in the pool. Next thing you know Corinne comes over and hops on his lap,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “Everyone is just going about their business. Cameras are rolling. Producers are everywhere.” So why didn’t anyone step in to prevent things from going further?

4 Some Of The Contestants Use Illegal Substances

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Though it’s got a reputation for being sleazy, there are certain things that BIP doesn’t want to be associated with their name… like contestants mixing drugs and alcohol. However, a recent scandal made it clear that taking pills while drinking is kind of the norm in paradise.

Amid the Corinne Olympios vs. DeMario scandal, it came to light that Corinne had mixed prescription medication with drinking, causing her to forget the moments leading up to their hook-up. The reality star had blacked out during their encounter, but BIP producers eventually determined that no misconduct on DeMario’s part had taken place.

“I drank a little too much when I was on medication. I shouldn’t have been drinking that much and mixing different alcohols,” Corinne said in a statement afterward. “The only regret I have is letting myself drink too much — that’s it,” she adds. “It was unfortunate. But you know what, I’m an adult and I have to move past it.”

3 Living In Paradise Is Actually Pretty Boring

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You would think the contestants would have tons of things to do on the tropical island, from sunbathing, swimming and of course flirting. But former contestants have said the days can be long and boring when they’re not filming scenes for the show. Thus why they always end up back at the bar!

“In Paradise, it’s always five o’clock. I woke up in the morning and I had a glass of vodka soda—actually two—before I went down to the house,” Chris Bukowski said. "I didn’t eat anything. There’s not much to do.” But then Tenley added, “I was always busy! I was laying out, I was having conversations, I was in the pool making up synchronized swimming routines. I had a couple guys on the side—just kidding!”

2 Contestants Have Zero Access To Technology

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Paradise doesn’t include Internet or cell phone reception! Former contestants have admitted that the producers ban all technology from paradise, so there’s no way they could spoil the drama via social media before the show airs. However, they don’t just ban media. Air-conditioning isn’t even allowed on the humid island. Doesn’t sound very luxurious to us!

“When you’re in Paradise, there are no phones, no television, there’s very little air-conditioning or fans. If you’re just concentrating on one thing and doing that every day 24/7, you’ll become great at it, no matter what it is,” host Chris Harrison has said. “Whether it’s working out, religion, whatever it is, my theory is that you’ll become great at that job. If you’re pouring all that attention into love and finding out if you and I work, you’ll figure it out.”

1 The Contestants Don’t Live Happily Ever After

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For many lovers who met on BIP, the drama continued long after the cameras stopped rolling. Amanda Stanton’s first time on the show ended with her engagement to Josh Murray, but these two didn’t live happily ever after. Shortly after filming wrapped up, Josh called the cops on his fiancée to deal with a dispute over their car.

Josh allegedly asked Amanda to give him $30,000 to help pay for the Audi Q5 he bought her. Guess that was too expensive of a gift! When she refused, he got the police involved. “Amanda told Josh she wanted to work out the car situation when she got back from vacation,” a source said at the time.

“But instead of waiting any longer, he called the police on the day she came home,” they added. Evidently, both parties were cooperative, but these two unsurprisingly called it quits not long after.

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