15 Secrets These A-List Celebs Don't Want Us To Know

Being an A-list celebrity is great: you’re popular, you earn lots of money and you can pretty much do what you like. However, being world famous also comes at a price – you lose your privacy and your ability to keep your dirty secrets.

Because let’s be honest – we all have secrets, big or small. But because most of us are not famous, and probably never will be, we have no fear of these secrets ever coming out. But celebrities have to worry all the time.

Saying the wrong thing in an interview or being spotted in an inopportune place by paparazzi can pretty much ruin an A-lister’s image, and in consequence, career. Similarly, angering or annoying your former friends or employees can also result in A-lister’s secrets being exposed.

Sometimes when secrets come out, celebrities confess but still hope that most fans will gloss over this new, dirty information. Other times, they vehemently deny whatever it is they are accused of. Sometimes their denials work and we believe them. Other times, there’s no running away from the truth.


15 Kanye West Uses Pirate Bay For Illegal Downloads

Remember that time Kanye West released his album The Life Of Pablo and then had a meltdown because people were downloading his album illegally off Pirate Bay when he was apparently $53 million in debt? According to Kanye, those illegal downloads were costing him millions.

However, a few weeks later Kanye tweeted a picture of his tabs to show his fans that he was listening to Sufjan Stevens on YouTube. However, he forgot that he left some of his other tabs open, one of which was Pirate Bay.

Apparently, Kanye was using the website to illegally download Serum, a music program that is basically a digital synthesizer that sells for less than $200. Awkward.

14 Mark Wahlberg Faced Attempted Murder Charges


Nowadays Mark Wahlberg is an extremely popular actor whom we best remember for his tough yet funny roles. We can’t imagine him doing anything bad or immoral, yet back in the day Wahlberg was pretty much a thief and a criminal.

Before Wahlberg was 14 years old he was already a drug addict. He lived in a tough part of Dorchester, MA, and he spent his teenage years dealing drugs, robbing people and hanging out with other teenage criminals.

So it is no surprise that at the mere age of 16, Wahlberg was in court, facing attempted murder charges. Wahlberg had almost beat a man to death after one of his robberies went wrong. He ended up blinding the man forever. Wahlberg pleaded the charge down to assault and got away with 45 days in prison.

13 Tom Hardy’s MySpace Account From Before He Was Famous

Before Facebook there was MySpace. And we all used it just as much as we use Facebook today. But once Facebook took over, we decided to let MySpace ago. It was just too outdated. However, very few of us bothered to delete our MySpace accounts. But maybe we should go back and do it, just in case we do become famous one day.

Take the example of Tom Hardy, for example. Nowadays he’s a huge celebrity. But back in the early 2000’s he was an avid user of MySpace, just like the rest of us. And he filled his profile with lots of embarrassing pictures that look like they belong in an audition tape for Magic Mike.

He also posted some weird posts such as “I am a goldfish walking through a desert” and “x I’m cooking a turkey yo x x.” Once the account was discovered, it was instantly deleted, although Hardy said he’s not ashamed of it – “In America, they say ‘you should be ashamed of this,’ but I’m actually not remotely ashamed – this is me in my natural habit, thank you.”

12 Taylor Swift Is A Total Cat Lady


Apparently, Taylor Swift is a total cat lady. She has a few cats and is absolutely crazy about them. One of the cats is named after Detective Olivia Benson from Law and Order.

According to Swift’s former employee, the singer is so crazy about cats that her whole house is filled with pictures of cats. And of course, there is cat hair everywhere too although Swift does try to combat this by constantly brushing her cats.

If you follow Swift on social media you’ve probably noticed that she constantly posts pictures of her cats. But according to Swift’s former employee, all of this is not enough for Swift. Apparently, she also leaves food and milk outside her house to try and attract the neighborhood’s stray cats.

11 Brad Pitt Used To Be A Pool Boy

Before Brad Pitt became a world famous actor he had many other, far more ordinary, jobs. Some of the more notable jobs include a dancing mascot for a restaurant, chauffeur for strippers and a pool boy for a soap opera writer, Thom Racina. Racina has earned five Emmy nominations and has written the script for soaps such as General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and Santa Barbara.

Some time ago Racina published a blog post about the time when Brad Pitt used to work for him as a pool boy. Apparently, Racina put up an ad that said – “Needed: an actor to be a personal assistant. To walk the dog when he needs it. Drive the scripts to the studio.”

Pitt handed in his resume and was hired – “He had his own life and yet we became buddies.” However, once Pitt became famous, he forgot all about Racina – “He got famous, and famous people have layers of people protecting them, I guess, from old friends.”

10 Tom Cruise’s “Girlfriend Auditions”


We have all heard the rumors that claim that after Tom Cruise split up with Penelope Cruise because she failed to embrace Scientology, he allowed senior members of the Scientology religion to organize “wife auditions” for him.

During these auditions, famous actresses such as Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth were invited to audition for a non-existent part in the Mission: Impossible series. In 2005 Cruise settled on Katie Holmes.

Unfortunately, their marriage did not last, and Cruise began looking for prospective girlfriends/wives again.  According to a secret FBI file, Cruise’s ex Scientology girlfriend, Nazanin Boniadi, had to audition for the “role” of Cruise’s girlfriend.

The FBI file further says that Boniadi was “put through a month of security checks, auditing and interviews. The interviews were often video recorded. The Church wanted to make sure there was nothing unfavourable in her background.”

9 Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Care Much For Clothes

If you’re an avid fan of Friends then you’ve probably noticed that the actress Jennifer Aniston who plays Rachel Green rarely wears a bra in any of the episodes. However, it turns out that Aniston is not a fan of bras in real life either. Or any clothes, for that matter.

Aniston’s former bodyguards have revealed that Aniston is seldom fully clothed when she’s at home and she often answers the door in just her underwear or less. One former bodyguard has even said – “I can name all the moles on her body – that’s how many times I’ve seen her undressed!”


8 Ben Affleck’s Family Owned Slaves


A few years ago the actor Ben Affleck agreed to make an appearance on the PBS genealogy program Finding Your Roots, thinking that by participating in the program he’d find “the roots of his family’s interest in social justice.”

And the researchers did find a few ancestors that were social justice activists, such as his mother who belonged to the Freedom Riders and an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War. However, the researchers also found an ancestor who was a slave owner.

Affleck was so embarrassed by this newly uncovered information that he convinced the producers to cut it out from the show. They agreed but emails with the information were hacked and leaked on WikiLeaks.

7 Christina Aguilera Doesn’t Wash Her Hands After Using The Bathroom

Christina Aguilera always looks incredibly put-together when she’s out in public - so you could never tell that she has some disgusting, filthy habits. But she does! According to her housekeepers, Aguilera doesn’t wash her hands after she uses the bathroom. She then goes ahead and eats food with her filthy, unwashed hands.

Aguilera’s housekeepers are not the only ones who know about her dirty habit – Aguilera’s friends also know that she doesn’t wash her hands. For example, years ago Aguilera was at Belly club in West Hollywood. She went to the bathroom with her friend but did not wash her hands afterwards. Then, when Aguilera was leaving the bathroom she supposedly asked her friend – “Do I look hot? I feel so insecure.”

6 Matthew McConaughey Smells So Bad His Colleague Offered Him Deodorant


Most women worship Matthew McConaughey, and we can see why: he’s extremely good looking and he doesn’t have a bad personality either. But apparently, he doesn’t smell so great. That’s because he doesn’t wear deodorant or cologne, and hasn’t worn it for 20 years.

When McConaughey was shooting Fool’s Gold with Kate Hudson, the latter kept offering him deodorant, especially when he was shirtless – “She always brings a salt rock, which is some natural deodorant, and says ‘Would you please put this on?’ I just never wore it. No cologne, no deodorant.”

According to McConaughey, his smell has never been a problem – “The women in my life, including my mother, have all said, ‘Hey, your natural smell smells, one, like a man, and two, smells like you.’”

5 Kim Kardashian Used To Call The Paparazzi On Herself

Some celebrities genuinely hate paparazzi to the point where they show them obscene gestures or even go after them. However, other celebrities only pretend to be exasperated by the paparazzi. In fact, some A-listers call the paparazzi themselves, especially when they are wearing perfect make-up and immaculate clothes.

Some celebs that have been guilty of calling the paparazzi themselves include Kim Kardashian, Tori Spelling and Lindsay Lohan. Stephen Rodrick, a contributor to The Rolling Stone has said – “The ugly secret is, some stars want to be hunted. [...] Kim Kardashian routinely tipped off the paps in her early days. Someone falling off the fame radar, like Denise Richards or Tori Spelling, will make arrangements for paps to come over and shoot them with their kids.”

4 Leighton Meester Was Born While Her Mother Was In Prison


She may not be an A-list star, but this was too good not to share. It turns out that Leighton Meester’s actual life was, and still is, no less dramatic than Blair Waldorf’s, a character she played in Gossip Girl. Apparently, Meester’s mother, Connie, as well as her then-boyfriend Doug (Leighton’s father), her father (Leighton’s grandfather) and sister (Leighton’s aunt, see image above) were all part of a drug-smuggling ring in the early 1980’s.

In 1983, Connie and her gang were arrested for trying to smuggle 1,200 pound shipments of marijuana from Jamaica. After arrest, Connie’s sister (Leighton’s aunt) escaped from prison, thus becoming the first woman in US to end up on U.S Marshals 15 Most Wanted List.

Leighton was lucky enough to be born in a hospital but right after giving birth Connie was forced to serve out a 16 month prison sentence.

3 George Clooney Burps And Farts Excessively Around His Staff

George Clooney is probably the most elegant, charming and gentleman-like actor in Hollywood. You’d never expect him to show bad manners in public. You’d never expect him to burp or fart in the presence of others.

And yet, according to his staff, Clooney burps and farts all the time around his staff when he is at home. And of course, he doesn’t at all feel ashamed or embarrassed. In fact, Clooney farts and burps around his staff at home so excessively that some of his employees have taken to calling him a “disgusting pig.”

2 Christina Aguilera Used To Leave Seductive Costumes On The Floor For Her Maid To Pick Up


Remember back when Christina Aguilera was married to Jordan Bratman? Apparently, Aguilera liked to keep their relationship spicy and so she used to run around in risky costumes all the time. Then, after the costumes had served their purpose, she would just drop them on the floor for her maid to pick up.

One of Aguilera’s housekeeping staff has said that she’s always picking up “maid’s dresses, nurse’s uniforms, and other risqué clothing off the floor!” Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like all these costumes were enough to keep Aguilera’s marriage to Jordan Bratman intact. Nowadays, the singer requires a bottle of Dom Perignon chilling at all times in case she wants a drink.

1 Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Exchanged Steamy Notes While Pitt Was Still Married

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie first met on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. They had such good chemistry in the film that many people soon began speculating whether it was down to good acting or actual chemistry between the two actors.

It turned out that it was actual chemistry – sometime later Pitt said that Mr and Mrs Smith is his favorite Jolie movie because that was when he fell in love with her. However, at the time, Pitt was still married to the Friends actress Jennifer Aniston.

Pitt and Aniston soon divorced however and Pitt swore that nothing happened between him and Jolie until the divorce was finalized. But a bodyguard revealed that he was passing notes between Pitt and Jolie during the filming of Mr and Mrs Smith. And the notes weren’t exactly innocent.


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