15 Secrets The Hot Females Of Modern Family Don't Want You To Know

How time flies when you're having fun. Modern Family hit our TV screens way back in 2009. And for all those years, we've loved and laughed with the hotties on the show. Sofia Vergara is the Latina bombshell Gloria. Ariel Winter has gone from an awkward 11-year-old to a stunning and curvy beauty as Alex Dunphy. And Julie Bowen has been everybody's favorite soccer mom Claire. But what goes on behind the scenes? What secrets are out there about our favorite Modern Family hot babes? Well, there are leaked pictures, topless photoshoots, wardrobe malfunctions and rumors about feuds between some of the cast members. And let's not forget the weirdest lawsuit we've ever heard of. So, read on and learn about side boobs, nip slips, lawsuits, private parts and lots and lots (and we mean lots) of cleavage. Here are 15 dirty little secrets they don't want you to know. You'll love it.

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15 Sofia Vergara Sued By Her Own Embryos


If we were to do a list of the biggest WTF headlines of all time, Sofia Vergara being sued by two frozen embryos would be right up there. In 2014, Vergara was all loved up with Nick Loeb. They went through IVF and produced a couple of embryos that sit in frozen storage. To make a long story short, Vergara and Loeb split and now Loeb has gone to court in a bid to take control of the embryos. See, he says he wants to implant the embryos in a surrogate. Now, his biggest problem is that he signed a deal saying they both would have to consent for the embryos to be used. But, he's found a State (Louisiana) that has laws that protect embryos and he is filing there, claiming the things have a "right to life". This is going to be interesting. Some say he's in it for the money...

14 Sofia Vergara Goes To Emmys Bare Cheeked


OK, Sofia Vergara may not be the greatest actress in the world. But back a few years ago when both co-star Julie Bowen and Sofia were both up for a Best Supporting Actress Emmy and Julie won, Sofia still stole the headlines. Why? Well it seems that the sparkly, skin tight, cleavage revealing dress the Latina bombshell was wearing malfunctioned, leaving the cheeks of her bum on display. And what a bum. She posted some pictures that in close up look like extreme cleavage. But it's the other end she was worried about. So, quick as a flash a seamstress stitches her up, which considering the fact the dress was so, so tight that is was difficult to make it work without stitching that bum as well.

13 Underage Ariel Winter Caught In Bed With Older Boyfriend


Hey, she was an 11-year-old with cleavage when in 2009, Ariel Winter made her debut on Modern Family as adorable Alex Dunphy. Even then, those curves were unmistakable. A few years later and rumor has it that her mom Chrystal Workman, caught Ariel in bed with an 18-year-old boyfriend. They were, apparently, doing "inappropriate" things. Let your imagination run wild on that one. Only thing is Ariel claimed her mother lied. Why? Seems (for reasons we'll talk about in a bit) that Ariel was seeking to sever all ties with her mother and mom decided to lie in hopes of getting Ariel back into her clutches again. Anyway, no word on who the lucky guy who was being "inappropriate" was.

12 Wardrobe Malfunction Ariel Winter Style


Well, she may have had those 34Fs reduced, but there's still a lot of the twins left. And sometimes they escape. Now, to be fair, there are times when Ariel does the side boob, under boob, over boob (i.e. cleavage) and does it on purpose. But sometimes there's just too little dress and too much boob. On the other end of things, getting out of cars can sometimes be problematic. Like when she wore that little white number and boldly stepped out of a limo to reveal the color of those undies. You know the kind of shot: Black bars, big hearts or funny faces cover the lady bits. But there's always Google and searches for those uncensored ones to occupy you.

11 The B-Cup Versus The F-Cup


They are the main "adult" hotties on the show. Julie Bowen is the tall, blonde All-American soccer mom type and Sofia Vergara is the totally hot, curvaceous Latin bombshell. Both are funny and talented. But, see, when it comes to the "fame" thing, Sophia just has Julie beaten. Of the two, Sofia is the better known (and some say better paid). So a while back the gossip websites were saying the two hated one another and that Julie was jealous of Sofia's fame. Not so, say the two hotties. It is so, say the gossip sites. So, Julie goes on TV wearing Sofia's off-the-shoulder blouse in an effort to prove they are share-everything-girlfriends. Some uncharitable souls say Sofia looks a lot hotter in it than Julie. It's like the B-Cup versus the F-Cup. We vote Sofia. Here comes another feud.

10 Ariel Winter Too Hot For Sofia Vergara?


There are persistent rumors that say Ariel Winter will be axed from the show. WTF? Why on earth would they do that? She's one of the most popular cast members. One rumor that comes and goes is that she is too hot to handle for the show's family audience. Some say that she is too womanly and "competes" with a certain hot Colombian star whose initials are SV. Other stories say that Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara keep demanding more and more money and that, at some point, other cast members will face the ax. Maybe Ariel will be the first to go? We can hear the loud "NO!!" from here.

9 Ariel Winter And Those Abuse Rumors

Ariel Winter and her sister Shanelle. Don't expect mom Chrystal Workman to be invited to Christmas with her daughters Ariel Winter and actress Shanelle Workman. Ariel, has dished the dirt on her mom big time, saying that her mother was physically and emotionally abusive towards her and that she also mismanaged the stack of cash she made from the show. Mom hit back, to no avail. Back in 2012, Shanelle went to court and had mom axed as Ariel's guardian. She was appointed instead. It's all kinds of water under the bridge these days. In May of 2015, Ariel hit the big "1-8" and was legally legal to do most stuff. Emancipated they call it. Rich, free, happy and gorgeous she is these days. But then mom counters with some nudies.

8 Sofia Vergara No Shame


Sofia Vergara ain't stupid. She plays stupid, just like tragic Marilyn Monroe did, because that rakes in the big cash. Gloria Delgado is THE dumb, hot bombshell who comes out with lines like, "This is my second language. I don't know English very goodly." So, wouldn't it be funny, she thought, to introduce Sylvester Stallone's two daughters, Sistine and Sofia, at the 2017 Annual Golden Globe Awards and in the process make some Gloria-like gaffs and mistakes. So she launches into her speech and pretends to confuse "annual" with a couple of "a" words, like "an*l" and "an*s". Boy, did she get dissed for that on social media. Too crude and too rude. Put Gloria back in the box next time.

7 Ariel Winter's Style


Now, a while back Ariel Winter went from a 32F to a 34D. Why? Well, she had the reduction because, at 5 feet 1 inch, she looked, well, top heavy (big time). Plus, the practical side of things is that those Fs are tough on the back. All that weight, you know. But the reduction hasn't done much to stem the flow of those boob shots. Ariel does boobs every which way. Her tops and dresses go for under boob, over boob (cleavage) and side boob. And some of the side boob ones feature her breast reduction scars. Brave girl! So, if she combines under boob, over boob and side boob in one top, what would you get? Topless. Yes please. By the way, she has done some topless shots. Go Google Images go.

6 Sofia Vergara "Slip" At The Emmy Awards


Oops, she did it again. And again. And again. A few years back Sofia Vergara shows up at the Emmys, showing a lot of cleavage in a little white number. So Modern Family wins a bunch of awards and everybody's giving thank you speeches, hugging everybody and generally just being very happy. Then comes the after party and Sofia takes to the dance floor with Dancing with the Stars' Derek Hough. He is dancing. She is writhing. And then all of a sudden, surprise, surprise. He scoops her up and she keeps writhing and then, oops, the girls break free. Sofia doesn't seem to notice. Nor does Derek. But then there are all those stories of gay romance in his life. Like the house he bought with another male dancer...

5 Back To Ariel Winter's Mother And "Bare" Pictures


Chrystal Workman is a persistent little (or big) thing. And thank goodness the nude shots are NOT of her! But they're not of Ariel either. A few years back, when her daughter Shanelle was appointed Ariel's guardian, a publicist says that she called him and promised to send him nudies of Shanelle to prove that the young actress was not a fit guardian. He says the pictures did indeed show the "private parts" of the actress. What kind of mother would do that? A bad one. So, it's been Chrystal versus Shanelle and Ariel ever since. Chrystal was up in arms. No, she said, she did not send nudies of her older daughter. She would never do anything like that, would she? Many say, oh yes she would. Ariel is sticking with Shanelle. Smart move babe.

4 Happy 2017 - Ariel And All That PDA Down Under


She's 18-years-old and boyfriend Levi Meaden is pushing 30. So has Ariel got a thing for older men? Obviously. The two were having a January love fest down in Australia, with a number of pictures of serious PDA hitting the Internet and tabloids. Kissing, hugging, holding hands. And that was all while they were in public. So behind closed doors, it must have been fun. And when he took her to the airport for her flight back to the States, many were saying: "get a room". It was Levi who probably took that hot twerking video of Ariel in her little blue bikini in Cabo San Lucas. Talk about breaking the Internet. You should check out the YouTube version. Hot.

3 Sofia Vergara And The Wild Things


OK, we know businessman and politician Nick Loeb is filing suit to claim the frozen embryos the two produced. It's bizarre, totally bizarre. Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb were together forever and some thought they might end up marrying. But the truth? While the chemistry was great, they fought, broke up and got back together so many times that people lost count. Loeb is a handsome, serious kind of guy who wants to focus on business and politics. And Sofia? By all accounts, she loves to party hard with the jet set and Hollywood crowd. Another bit of gossip that might explain the embryo fiasco lawsuit is that Loeb kept going on and on about having kids when they were together. It got old, Sofia's friends say. Girls just wanna have fun.

2 Ariel Winter Goes Bare. Thanks Kim K.


Not long ago, Ariel Winter did a topless photoshoot for Self magazine. And she insisted that the pictures not be retouched. Not one little bit. What we get is a body confident, fun young woman who seems totally comfortable in her own skin. But wait, what's the thing with Kim Kardashian? Why on earth would Ariel Winter thank the 30-something reality star for anything? Well, Winter has said that all those Kim K. nudie selfies were really a statement for body positivity. And you thought it was just Kim K. being an exhibitionist and maximizing publicity. Ariel has had her fair share of body shaming from trolls on the Internet. These days, she's loved up, stacked, curvy and loving life.

1 Julie Bowen And The Unfunny Barron Trump Gaff


Now, everybody knows that many in Hollywood are not great Trump fans. And the whole family seems to be fair game for the trolls. Take when has-been Rosie O'Donnell made a crack about Barron Trump having autism. Well, Melania threatened to sue. She does that a lot and then usually doesn't follow through on it. Anyway, in January, Julie Bowen tunes into the Inauguration and is posting some not totally nice Tweets about what is going on. Seems she's not a big Trump fan. In fact, quite the opposite. Anyway she jokes that Barron looks as if he's playing with a Gameboy instead of paying attention to his dad's big moment. Gameboy? Like did she take a time machine back to the 1990s or something? Awkward moment.

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