15 Secrets The Cast Of Orange Is The New Black Wants To Bury

We, as fans of TV and film, have a tendency to compare actors to the characters they play. Obviously, when you’re dealing with a show like Orange is the New Black, it would make sense that accurate comparisons are less likely than normal, but that might not be the case. Amidst the diverse and talented cast of OITNB are some scattered oddballs, criminals, and scandals. While many of the secrets from the cast’s lives have been kept quiet, there are some hideous skeletons in these closet. Some of these secrets are things that have been discussed in the past that people may have forgotten and the things that the cast just wants us all to forget about. Others are things that have not been openly discussed, things that have been kept quiet until now. Some things weren’t even kept secret on purpose. They just might not be widely known. We’re dealing with all these here.

What we want to do is highlight all the strange and unusual, the dark, and dirty from the cast’s lives. If they weren’t before, they’re famous now, so they might as well get used to having all their uglies out in the open. We all have done things we aren’t proud of. We’re not trying to say that these mistakes make the actors who made them terrible people. But, part of our penance as human beings is never being able to live down our past. This is what it means to be human. Alright, maybe this is just what it means to be a celebrity. In that world, having your secrets come back to haunt you comes with the territory. So, with that in mind, why don’t we peer into the lives of the OITNB cast and see what dirt is there? Here are 15 Secrets that the Cast Of Orange Is The New Black Wants To Bury.


15 Natasha Lyonne And Illegal Substances

It’s difficult to say how much of this is true but, when in doubt, go with your gut. Natasha Lyonne has admitted that she was addicted to drugs, and they took a toll on her health. More than a decade ago, Lyonne’s career was in the dumpster, and she was basically living in one, with reports of her being homeless at times. Then, news broke that the actress (then a has-been) was found in a hospital suffering from hepatitis C, a heart infection, and a collapsed lung. One reporter claimed that her arms were covered in track marks as well. Lyonne has opened up about her destructive drug use, saying it almost killed her and she required surgery because of it, so we tend to believe these reports.

14 Ruby Rose And The Cockroach


Something strange happened in Sydney, Australia that involved Ruby Rose. It doesn’t quite make sense, but we’ll try to piece it together. So, one day, an article comes out in the tabloids that claims Rose and her girlfriend were eating at Neil Perry’s acclaimed Spice Temple restaurant in Sydney when they were served a cockroach. Not long after the article was released, Rose responded on Twitter, calling out celebrity publicist Max Markson for “leaking” the story. Her anger at the story being leaked made it seem, at first, that the cockroach thing never happened. But then, why did she say the story was “leaked” instead of just “false?” Also, how did these publicists get their hands on the story if Rose didn’t want it to be told? This all leads us to believe the story is true but Rose just didn’t want the information broadcasted. Or maybe she did want the story told, but this was just some elaborate plot to get some free publicity and make her look like an honorable celebrity poo-pooing the leaking of something so negative?

13 Taryn Manning’s Real Jail Time

Just by looking at Taryn Manning, you just know she’s got some weird friends and does some weird stuff when she’s at home. Well, according to her trouble with the law, that would be an accurate judgement. You see, Manning was arrested after she violated a court order that kept her and her strange friend, Jeanine Heller, away from each other. In fact, both parties have served time in jail for stalking the other. Taryn also added some death threats into the mix by threatening to kill this ex-friend, Jeanine, through text and social media. According to the court documents, Manning said, “I will kill you, b***” and “Go f*** yourself and die.” She seems like a nice girl.

12 Jason Biggs And The Call Girl


There was this weird thing that happened when Jason Biggs’ wife, Jenny Mollen, wrote a book about her life. She tried to make herself seem fun, open, and honest, but the result was a story with a little bit too much information. She also brought on a hailstorm of criticism and questions for both her and the more famous participant in the story, her husband Jason Biggs. The story in question took place on Biggs’ birthday. Apparently, to celebrate, Mollen ordered a prostitute for her and her husband. She tells some elaborate story of ordering three different prostitutes until one finally worked out. By the end, we feel like this couple has some serious intimacy problems. They were only married for a year by this time. What’s going to happen after 10 years?

11 Taryn Manning’s Other Real Jail Time

Taryn Manning has a strange batch of friends. Just like how Manning fought with Jeanine Heller, who was a long-time friend of the actress, Holly Hartman was also caught in Manning’s crosshairs, and they too were supposed to be good friends. Manning, the star who plays the unbalanced Pennsatucky on Orange is the New Black, was arrested after punching and kicking Hartman during a fight. The event took place in a hotel and resulted in Manning spending the night in jail. Manning’s lawyer said that the entire thing was just blown out of proportion, but where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. Manning has been at the center of two weird fights with two weird friends, so we’re just going to go ahead and say that she might be a bit of a weirdo herself.

10 Alone Time Is A No-No


When we watch television, we suspend disbelief to allow ourselves to enjoy the programming more. With Orange is the New Black, most of us know nothing about the female prison system, so we tend to believe most of what we see. There are some things that the show is not telling us or rather, not representing properly. One of the biggest things the show gets wrong is alone time. Every episode has various characters speaking alone and in private, hatching plans, passing weapons, burying bodies. What the hell? None of this would ever happen. These women going off and having private time would have so many eyes on them they would never have a chance to even whisper to each other.

9 Michelle Hurst Was In A Coma

Although this is not a secret that Michelle Hurst should be ashamed of, it is something that isn't well-known. Hurst plays Miss Claudette on the show and her character disappeared for a time after the first season. Many of us noticed the absence, but thought they just let her go. However, the real reason is pretty intense. Not long after shooting, poor Hurst was involved in a very serious car accident and was put into a medically-induced coma. She went through a number of major surgeries and awoke after 16 days. There was a fundraiser in her name to help her pay for the hospital bills, which raised a fairly substantial amount of money. Once she fully recovered, Hurst returned to the show after a couple seasons.


8 Samira Wiley And The Writer


There’s no secret that Samira Wiley (Poussey) and one of the writers from OITNB, Lauren Morelli, are together anymore. They’ve been married. That's old news. These days, this relationship is seen as a magical and wonderful gift for all humankind, but there appears to have been plenty of secrets there at one point. In December of 2013, Morelli was still married to a man. She had apparently discovered that she was gay on the set of OITNB and was trying to reconcile these feelings. Not long after she announced that she had split from her husband, she also announced that she was dating Samira Wiley. So, the question then was if Wiley was the one who helped her realize that she was gay. Who knows? We can only guess. And we guess yes. Yes, it was. Really, the point of the story here is that Morelli left her husband for Poussey. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

7 Kate Mulgrew Disliked On Set

When you get a bunch of women on set together like Orange is the New Black does, there are disagreements and some bickering that are bound to happen. We expect it, but we rarely hear any of it from the hushed set of OITNB. Allegedly, there have been some issues and most fingers point to Kate Mulgrew. One person close to the set claimed that some of the actresses feel that Mulgrew is too dominating and controlling, perhaps because she’s the most experienced of the bunch. Still, no actresses have come forward and openly spoken about that, so we’re not sure if it’s as bad as it seems.

6 Dance Parties Would Be Riots


You know that we’re talking about Orange is the New Black when we talk about dance parties in jail. These women always seem to be dancing and celebrating. The cold harsh truth is, dance parties are just another name for riots in prison. If real guards ever saw 20 women shaking their booties in a common room, they would throw the place into lockdown so fast that the women’s heads would spin on their way back to their cells. What kind of prison is this place anyway? Dance parties? People don’t even get dance parties at work, and we’re expected to believe this prison is allowing it every other week?

5 Jackie Cruz And Kourtney Kardashian

In a can’t-miss episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, heh! We can’t even write that with a straight face. Honestly, we just discovered that this was a show. Either way, in one of the episodes in what was or still is probably a really amazing show, Kourtney Kardashian met Jackie Cruz (Flaca from OITNB) at an art class and invited her out to party. During the night, the two were seen dancing and flirting. Then, some television magic happened. The two stared into each other’s eyes and kissed romantically. After that, they lived happily ever after. No, not really. The next morning, Kourtney woke up sober and realized what she had done, saying, “Jackie is calling me nonstop and I’m so embarrassed I made out with her. I did not mean to lead her on.” Sure, pal.

4 Nudity Is A Lie


Of course, there’s going to be nudity in Orange is the New Black. You can’t have a show that features that much s*xuality with no nudity. They make women’s prison seem like no one ever needs to wear clothes. Women walking from shower to cell totally nude. What a world! Well, this is make-believe, though. The prison system, both men’s and women’s, is very strict when it comes to s*xual assault and harassment. If a guard saw a nude woman walking around in the open, he/she would very quickly order her to put some damn clothes on. This isn’t a college movie from the ‘80s. Women don’t wait until their hair is bone-dry to finally put clothes on after their shower. This is prison. In prison, you get dressed right away. You walk around in public fully clothed. We’re sorry we had to burst this magical bubble.

3 Natasha Lyonne Hates Animals

Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word. But, Natasha Lyonne certainly doesn’t love animals. Even though she takes pictures of herself with dogs and seems to have cleaned up her act, Lyonne had a curious way of having fun back in the day. The story of Lyonne and the dog came to light when she refused to show up to court on four separate occasions to answer for a complaint placed against her by a neighbor. This neighbor claims that while high, Lyonne banged on her door maniacally. She then threatened to “s*xually molest” the neighbor’s dog, which is a weird place to take a threat. Although Lyonne never did follow through on the threat, at least not that we know of, the fact that this was in her bag of threats shows that maybe dogs aren’t her favorite animal. Or maybe they are and that’s the whole point.

2 Lea DeLaria Is Crazy


Lea DeLaria has been controversial for a while, but she’s a comic, so that sort of thing was to be expected. Now that she plays Big Boo on OITNB, however, people have started to take her more seriously. That’s also probably why people were a bit taken aback when she posted on Twitter that she wanted to kill every person who voted for Trump with a baseball bat. Seriously. That’s gunning it up to 88 on the crazy meter. Here are her exact words, “pick up a baseball bat and take out every [expletive] republican and independent I see. #[expletive]trump #[expletive]theGOP #[expletive]straightwhiteamerica #[expletive]yourprivilege.” Slow down, Big Boo, you’re making too many friends too quickly.

1 Natasha Lyonne Is A Bad Tenant

Natasha Lyonne has had a ton of bad press in the past, but there was probably nothing as bad as when actor Michael Rapaport, a former friend of Lyonne and her former landlord, came out and bashed her for trashing his place. In an open article, Rappaport published pictures of the trashed apartment and slammed the actress for her disgusting habits. “People were going in and out of the apartment,” he said. “[One of her friends] was telling me about the late-night parties, and random dudes sprawled out on her sofa at all times.” Lyonne was eventually evicted, but this was back in 2005. Has she learned from her mistakes? “At the time I didn’t understand,” she said when asked about it. “But now it’s like, if I owned a nice brownstone [apartment] – and [someone] was constantly moving pianos while listening to Richard Pryor CDs and trying to figure out how to play ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’ on the piano for days at a time – I would potentially be pissed too… It’s the fallout of shenanigan-based behavior.” It appears that she’s downplaying the problems. Rappaport wasn’t upset about Richard Pryor being played too loudly. He was mad that used heroin needles were piled to the ceiling. Well, at least she’s taking baby steps.

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