15 Secrets Stacy London Doesn't Want Us to Know About What Not To Wear

How could we not love What Not to Wear? We got to see Stacy London and Clinton Kelly change the lives of so many people by just changing their wardrobes. It was so much fun when the person would go in the fitting room and we got to see the horrific outfits they wore on a daily basis. The makeover show was on the air for a whopping ten years and when it was canceled in 2013, we were all very sad.

We loved seeing makeup artists and of course, Kelly and London go to work on these people so that they could walk with their heads held high. Those were certainly the days when we got to meet people who are seriously clueless in fashion try to learn what it meant to even have a little bit of fashion sense.

The thing that we loved most about the show was the chemistry between Kelly and London, they seemed like best friends. They certainly spend a lot of time together. But things aren’t always what they seem. Would you be surprised to learn there are secrets behind the scenes from the show? Are Kelly and Landon even friends? What other secrets has Stacy London been keeping from us? If you are dying to know, then check out this article. Here are 15 secrets Stacy London doesn’t want you to know about What Not to Wear.


15 Stacy London And Clinton Kelly Fight

Well sure, doesn’t everybody fight at some point or another? The two of them spend an awful lot of time together. It’s natural for them to have a tiff now and then. It sounds like things are a little worse than that, actually. Clinton Kelly recently posted on Twitter that

he was blocked by his former co-star, London. 

That's pretty intense. Kelly posted a screenshot of the blocked situation and added, "Alllll righty then.” He told people he didn’t really care, and he thought it was hilarious. Stacy London has yet to respond to the fact that she blocked him and to let us all know why she would do that. He told American-Stateman, "We spent so much time together for 10 years, it was funny in the beginning when we completed each other's sentences. It got to be like, 'Okay, we need a break from each other.'"

14 Guests Got Put Up In A Hotel


We just loved those scenes where Kelly and London go into the poor unsuspecting soul's home and steal all their scary clothing. It’s kind of cold, but also really funny. The guests, of course, acted shocked because all their wonderful clothes are now on racks to be judged. We say “acted” because apparently,

the guests of the show were put up in a fancy hotel while people were scavenging their closets.

So much for the surprise. What was also weird was when they won $5,000 of clothes they didn’t receive cash or a gift card to go shopping on their own. They had to go shopping with a production assistant and everything was charged to a corporate credit card. Hopefully, they get a lot of clothing from the deal because it’s very true that all the clothes get dumped, so the guest is left with very little.

13 Some Contestants Had Issues

The show was fun and all, but sometimes there are deeper issues for a person who chooses terrible fashion choices. Some people choose clothing that hides their figures because it makes them feel a certain way. They look in the mirror and they see things that may not really be there. What the show didn’t realize is that

there were people on the show that actually had psychological issues

called body dysmorphia. So, when it came to contestants who were forced to stand in front of a 350-degree mirror, it became difficult for them. One girl didn’t like seeing her body on camera and found the whole experience disturbing. The show is meant to break the contestants down only to build them up into more confident people, but if someone has a mental issue, then the breaking down part can be dangerous.

12 The Hosts Were Rarely There


The way the show is edited, it seems like the two hosts are there every step of the way. They help the contestants find new clothes, try them on, and then they are there for the grand finale.  It turned out that the hosts were rarely ever there. Now that just takes all the fun out of things. There were some contestants that said that both hosts were there for the two days that they shot the episode and were supportive and wonderful. There were other contestants that didn’t have the same experience, however they stated that

the hosts were only there when it was time for them to try on clothes.

Now, that would really suck and it’s really not fair to the participants. They only did that so that they would get genuine reactions for the show. That’s pretty sad.

11 $5,000 Means Nothing

We know that when the participants on the show finish the episode, they are given $5,000 to revamp the wardrobe that they lost. After all, their old, unfashionable clothes have literally been thrown in the garbage. The problem, though, is that it appears as if $5,000 wasn’t nearly enough to get them a wardrobe that mattered. What the show doesn’t tell the audience is that most if not all the clothing that they purchase needs to be altered to fit them perfectly and that amount comes out of the $5,000 budget. “Literally everything you buy is later tailored to you,” a contestant stated. Not only that, but

the wonderful makeover service at the end that provides hair and makeup is also taken out of the budget.

Now that hardly seems fair. After all, they need to get a lot of clothes and it makes sense that they should get the full amount.

10 Episodes Take A Long Time To Film


Everything looks pretty simple on the show, but it’s just not the way it works. Judging by what the audience saw, the show looked really fun. What we didn’t know was that the show was not only time-consuming, but exhausting as well. It was worse for the crew who were always involved in details that often took a long time. One former contestant, Amanda Rodriguez spilled some secrets on her blog Dude Mom. She claimed that filming took days just to give the audience a 45-minute episode. Even the contestants had to do filming

that required them to repeat scenes and lines over and over again.

They always had to have the perfect scene, the perfect shot every single time. Another contestant exposed the fact that the camera crew was often asked to do multiple close-up reshoots. “Every time he pointed at something during the course of the show, they'd do a reshoot later that focused solely on his hand. "We learned toward the end to just stop pointing," he said.

9 Clinton Didn’t Like One Contestant

What’s not to like? You might find it odd, but Clinton Kelly actually keeps in touch with some of the contestants on the show. "I keep in touch with about 100 of them, believe it or not, whether it's on Twitter or Facebook or a text message here or there," Kelly said. That’s so nice. But there is one contestant that he doesn’t keep in touch with and hopes to never see again. Her name was Megumi and

she said he needed Botox

when she was in the 360-degree mirror. Just because she didn’t like being in the mirror doesn’t mean that she needs to lash out at others. "I've really only gotten into fights with about two women out of 350 (over the years), and Megumi and I had it out! I actually feel a little bit bad about it. I mean, she told me I needed Botox and I just went off on her," he said. "Not that I have anything against Botox — I really don't. I've had it before. I was like, 'Don't you tell me I need Botox, this isn't about me!"


8 Guests Had To Pay Taxes


We already revealed that the $5,000 worth of winnings had to include the tailored services and makeup services, but what you didn’t know was that the guests had to pay for the taxes on everything as well. Which means they had even less than they thought they did. That totally sucks. Guests were constantly warned not to spend too much. "One of the producers told me the first day to not spend all $5,000 and set aside some of the money for taxes." The contestant found it hard not to spend the money because

she was never certain how much she really had. "

As you are shopping, someone else has control of your money. It isn't like you are walking around with $5,000 in your pocket, so it is difficult to know how much you have spent and when to stop. I constantly checked in on where I was money wise!"

7 Clothes Were Donated

We always sort of felt bad when we saw the reactions of some of the contestants when they watched their clothing being thrown in the trash. We can’t blame them, we all have our favorite outfits and it’s hard to let go of clothes sometimes, even if it’s the right thing to do. When it comes to their clothes, they have to allow people into their homes to rummage through their things. When the clothes get thrown in the trash, they are actually donated to an organization. But what you may not know is that usually,

they were allowed to take some clothes back, especially if some of them had sentimental value to them.

That never happened, however instead, nothing was kept, all was donated, even against the contestant's wishes. It’s really kind of cold and we don’t know why they just don’t give the clothing back since the $5,000 doesn’t cover much.

6 Some Celebrities Were Ticked Off


They had some celebrities on the show, like Mayim Bialik, which was kind of surprising because celebrities have the money to buy whatever they want and usually, if they are clueless, they just have stylists to help them out. They did have a few celebrities on the show such as Shannon Elizabeth, which you would think would be super fun. But what Stacy London probably doesn’t want you to know was that some of the celebrities just weren’t impressed with the show. Elizabeth was one of them. She was on the show and did not like the advice of the hosts and made that perfectly clear. After checking out an outfit that they chose for her, she said,

"I think this is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

I wouldn't be caught dead in this. I have a casual, no-style kind of look. I'm okay with that, I'm happy with that. I'm comfortable," she said. "It just takes me a few hours to get ready and I'm lazy!"

5 Hosts Didn’t Care About Contestants' Needs

You would think that people would love going on the show because they get to get new clothes and great fashion advice. But some contestants didn’t like the experience and it had

a lot to do with the hosts not listening to their needs and concerns.

A contestant by the name of Addie Broyles was nominated by her fiancé but thought the hosts didn’t understand “the Austin style and how dressed-down mothers need to be when chasing after young children.” Even Mayim Bialik was on the show and had similar issues. She dresses very modest for religious reasons and made sure producers knew that. She even told the hosts that while on camera, but that footage was cut, and in the end, she looked like she was whining about the clothing choices throughout the whole episode. Now, that’s not very nice.

4 Secret Footage


Lots of reality shows in the past have been exposed for airing secret footage or for pushing contestants in the direction they want for a more dramatic ending. It’s rare that a whole episode is authentic without areas that are scripted. Sometimes,

they tell them exactly what they want them to say

even though it might not be what the person would actually say in real life. They liked stirring up drama and they would film secret footage in the hopes that it would get them to the “good stuff.” They often got secret footage during the two weeks where they would follow the person around before they were on the show. But the contestant always knew that it was happening. We believed that it was stuff that the contestants didn’t know, but it was never a surprise to them.

3 They Had A Challenging Contestant

We’ve seen some pretty challenging contestants on the show, ones that are reluctant to give up their clothes or not really into the clothes that are chosen for them. But there was one such contestant that was so challenging,

there was almost not enough footage to show because it was all terrible.

It’s not considered a good episode if the contestant isn’t willing to listen to anything the hosts have to say. One particular contestant loved her camo-inspired clothing and didn’t want to give it up. What was worse, when it came time to go shopping, she refused to go to any women’s stores to buy clothing. It was a disaster and they ended up having to air a partial episode with a lot of behind-the-scenes footage because they didn’t want to show the bad contestant.

2 The Clothes Were Never Off The Rack


We already know that the clothing was tailored and that’s one of the biggest scandals on the show. The reason for that is they made it look like these women were taking clothes right off the store’s rack and they fit amazing. Every single item they found looked good on them. It wasn’t because they found miracles in the store while shopping. It was because the clothing was all tailored at the expense of the contestants before it was filmed. When it came time for the contestants to go shopping,

they were told not to worry about the sizes,

to just grab what they could find when it came to what the hosts gave them for guidelines. What they failed to mention was that they would have to pay for their own tailoring. Wouldn’t it make sense for them to pick out the proper sizes and then not be charged the tailoring fees?

1 They Had Personal Shoppers

When you watch the show, it looks like the contestants have free reign to go to the stores and buy whatever they want. That’s not the case, though. The biggest secret Stacy London doesn’t want you to know is that the contestants had personal shoppers with them to pick out the clothing for them.

Some of the contestants said that they learned more from the stylists that were shopping with them then the hosts

and that’s definitely something London doesn’t want anyone to know. “I learned more from her than anybody else,” said Casey. Another participant stated, “I learned more about clothes from power-shopper Jess, my stylist, than London and Kelly combined.” That's got to sting!



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