15 Secrets Nikki Bella Shared About Her Skincare Routine

Nikki Bella is considered to be one of the best-known female wrestlers in the world thanks to her starring role in both Total Divas and Total Bellas. Even though she is currently on hiatus from WWE because of a recurring neck injury, Nikki is also the longest reigning Divas Champion in the history of the company and has been able to use the spotlight that this got her to kickstart a revolution in the Women's Division.

Nikki and her sister Brie have become the faces of the Women's Division over the past few years, and it seems that despite being almost 35 years old, the twins have always been able to show off their perfect skin. Their skincare routine has become one of the things that many fans have wanted to know because they have kept much of their routine a secret throughout their career and many fans have wanted to know how they remain looking so young.

The travel schedule of some of the WWE's biggest stars usually catches up to them and it seems that Nikki and Brie have been able to hide how much of an impact this has had on their skin. Despite most of these being seen as well hidden secrets, it seems that Nikki has still been able to share some of these routines with her fans.

The following list looks at 15 secrets that Nikki and her sister Brie have shared throughout their careers when it comes to their skincare routines. Some of these are definitely secrets that many women will keep and go on to use in the future.

15 Dermalogica And Jane Iredale Products Keep Their Skin Clear And Matte

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In a world where Nikki regularly appears on WWE TV in HD so all of her blemishes would be in full view of the world, it seems that the former Divas Champion has her own secrets when it comes to ensuring that she doesn't have any breakouts.

In an interview with The Powder Room, Nikki revealed that primer is her best friend, she uses Dermalogica, and depends on Jane Iredale foundation. It seems that the most important thing that both of the twins revealed was to always allow your skin to breathe and choose a foundation that allows them to be able to do this, otherwise they would cause breakouts. They also revealed that they both avoid hair gels and sprays in their hair because it could cause the skin to become greasy. One thing is for sure. Nikki and Brie have never been seen on WWE TV with greasy hair.

14 Reducing The Bags Under Your Eyes

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One thing that is well-known about WWE superstars is that because of their hectic traveling schedule, they are unable to get the amount of sleep that an adult needs to not only function but to avoid having puffy eyes.

Nikki has this problem all the time and revealed that she puts cucumbers on her eyes and ice underneath to reduce the darkness and swelling. She also drinks a lot of hot lemon water.

Nikki relies on this on TV days and says that it helps to thin out the face and take all of the water weight off. These are the things that Nikki has done throughout her career to ensure that she still looks incredible even though she hasn't had enough sleep. Her sister also revealed that sometimes she uses eye cream to give her face a fresh look as well as allowing her skin to remain healthy.

13 Cellulite Buster

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Nikki Bella always wears the shortest shorts in the business when she wrestles on national TV, which means that cellulite will always be something that she is trying to avoid. The former Divas Champion revealed that it isn't something that she has ever had to turn to skin cream for.

Nikki stated that one thing that she learned from her boyfriend, who is fellow WWE superstar John Cena, is that it is all about squats and focusing on moves that enhance the look of your behind. It seems that these are the key to ensuring that you will not be a victim of cellulite, but you will also make your behind look much bigger. Nikki is also a fan of lifting weights, which has obviously allowed her to increase the intensity when it comes to her squats and ensure that she has one of the best bodies in the business.

12 Adding The Glow

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Naomi may be the female wrestler who has become known for "the glow" but it seems that Nikki Bella has a glow of her own when it comes to her tan. Nikki always looks stunning regardless of what time of year it is and that's because the star of Total Divas revealed that she uses bronzer.

She does not use just any bronzer either. Nikki uses Victoria's Secret's bronzing products. She revealed that this is the product that always ensures that her legs are red carpet-ready and the rest of her skin is able to always look flawless, even in front of WWE's HD cameras.

It seems that this is something that both sisters have always relied on and even though the products in question are a little bit pricey, they could make the difference between having a patchy tan or having flawless skin like the Bella Twins.

11 Beauty Care Essentials

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It seems that every woman has their essentials when they go anywhere. They are the things that will always be found in their handbag and the serums or creams that they rely on to ensure that they always look acceptable.

Nikki Bella revealed that one of her essential beauty products was Oxygen Serum; this is something that the fiancée of John Cena has recently become addicted to. Since she has been flying around the world quite a lot running her own business, starring in Total Divas and appearing on WWE TV, it seems that this is something that has allowed her to keep her skin hydrated the entire time. She also revealed that she drinks a lot of water and opts for oxygen-based foundations as well because these allow her skin to breathe when she is having a stressful day or when she hasn't had a lot of sleep.

10 Contouring

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It seems that even the celebrities have become obsessed with contouring, which is when you use cosmetics to sculpt the structure of the face or other body parts. It seems that this has been a huge new beauty trick that women all over the world have been following over the past few years thanks to a number of videos that have spread across social media.

WWE Divas are no different. It seems that Nikki and her sister Brie have managed to become obsessed with contouring, which is something they admitted in an interview with E! Online. The women of WWE are always looking out for ways that they can improve the way they are seen on WWE TV and even though makeup is something that often wipes off in the ring, it seems that Nikki has never had a problem with this, which means that she always makes smart makeup choices.

9 A Diva Also Has To Smell Her Best

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It seems that being a Diva isn't all it's shaped up to be. Not only does Nikki Bella have to be worried about looking fantastic after a lack of sleep, making sure that her skin is red carpet-ready, and that her hair isn't greasy, but it seems that she also has to ensure that she always smells great.

With all that traveling, Nikki has come to rely on a roll-on perfume because she knows that there is no way that the cap will break.

She revealed that the one she often finds herself drawn to is Hanae Mori Butterfly Rollerball Parfum, mostly because it is available in travel size, easily fits in her clutch bag, and is always there when she needs to refresh herself.

It seems like a smart idea, which shows how long Nikki has been doing her job because she has worked out a routine that counters any issues she may experience.

8 Sticking To A Fitness Regime

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It seems that it isn't just about what creams or foundations the women of the wrestling world apply; if they aren't up to a peak fitness level then they wouldn't be able to do what they do in the ring. Exercise is also scientifically proven to help your skin look much clearer.

It seems that Nikki's standard week when it comes to exercise is for her to do the elliptical at least 3-4 times a week and focus on weightlifting. Since many of Nikki's in-ring moves rely on her ability to pick up her opponent, she is aware that weight lifting is important.

She also revealed that she has become obsessed with Barre Class, because that allows her to work on her strength as well. She said that she has learned that being able to lift her own bodyweight is important, and Barre has helped with this.

Exercise is one of the most important things when it comes to having healthy skin.

7 Eating Healthy Keeps Her Skin Healthy Too

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One thing that will always ensure that skin looks healthy and that your body is in great shape is eating healthy. While this is always hard to do, it seems that Nikki has been able to ensure that she has a standard set up for each week that she can sometimes deviate from if she needs to.

She revealed that six days out of the week, she allows herself to eat meat, poultry, fish and vegetables but she doesn't eat any sugar, starch, or dairy. This means that on the seventh day she sees it as a treat day that she works towards each week. It means that she is also able to drink wine, something that she is often seen doing on Total Divas. Nikki sticks to a strict training regime when it comes to her fitness and eating healthy, so this is why she is able to do this.

6 Facials And Staying Away From Sugar Keep Her Skin Clear

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Nikki hasn't been seen on WWE TV since WrestleMania 33 but it seems that the former Champion has spent the past few months sharing a lot of her secrets as part of Bella Body on YouTube. Nikki stated that she has eaten a lot of sugar since she was proposed to as part of WrestleMania and that has caused her face to break out a lot.

Nikki revealed that she relies heavily on facials when her skin does break out, because she decided to eat too much sugar on one of her cheat days. Nikki has never hidden the fact that sometimes she has problems with pimples and blemishes and it seems that she is OK to share this with her followers on YouTube and show them that she's only human and she has her own ways of dealing with these issues too.

5 Cryotherapy Chamber

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It seems that there is a new obsession when it comes to skin and anti-aging and that is called cryotherapy. Of course, the Bella Twins have jumped onto this new hype and it is one of the things that has been able to help the two remain looking so young even though it is obvious that they have put their skin through a lot more than any regular 34-year-old.

Cryotherapy is where your body is frozen to a really low temperature so that your body is forced to work harder. This goes on to allow your body to burn calories, fight aging and then help to heal old wrestling injuries as well. Brie herself revealed that this was something she was doing up to twice a week because it is something that her sister originally got her into. The routine takes just three minutes and Nikki and Brie would always do this together to help each other through the last minute, which she said was the hardest.

4 Laser Treatments

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Even though Nikki's sister Brie has always been an advocate for all things natural when it comes to her skin, Nikki has relied on laser treatments a number of times. She decided to do laser treatments when she found out that WWE was going HD.

Nikki said that she only has the laser treatment to help with some of the scarring that she has on her face from more than a decade in WWE and some of the lines she is now picking up at 34 years old.

Nikki said that the treatments have incredible results and leave her skin looking so fresh, so it seems that it is something worth doing if the treatments are not considered to be too expensive and women are looking to improve some of their lines and scars. Obviously, this isn't a quick fix; this is just something that should be used as a one-off.

3 Hot Yoga

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It seems that even though Nikki often breaks a sweat in the ring when she's battling her opponents, one thing that she feels is the reason why she has remained in shape for so long and been able to keep her skin looking clear is hot yoga. This allows her to work up a sweat and means that her body is able to replenish itself.

Hot yoga is a vigorous form of yoga performed in a studio that is heated to 105 F. The humidity in the room is around 40%. Each session is said to last around 90 minutes and not only does it help the skin, but yoga has also been known to help with core strength, flexibility and keeping in shape.

It seems that hot yoga could be a well-kept secret that Nikki just let out of the bag.

2 Water

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Nikki Bella was asked during an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal what the biggest tip is that she can give to her fans when it comes to looking healthy and her response was water. It seems that this is one of the most underrated things about skincare since water can help your skin to replenish itself.

Nikki revealed that you should drink as much as you can in a day and you will see that suddenly your cellulite is going away, your skin is looking good and your water weight is leaving you. It seems that when it comes to being healthy and looking good, water is the number one best thing for everyone and, most of the time, it's free. This is definitely one of the best tips that Nikki has shared with her fanbase and it seems that it is something that the star herself often takes advantage of.

1 Best Tips For Looking Your Best?

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Nikki definitely has experience being forced to look her best under pressure. She travels from venue to venue on a regular basis and has to perform sometimes without being able to get a lot of sleep. It seems that every wrestler develops their own way of adapting to their life on the road and Nikki's is about always being able to get as much sleep as possible.

She stated that sleep is the best thing for allowing your body to recover from all of the stress that she puts it through on a regular basis. She revealed that she sleeps with an eye mask on and earplugs in her ears so that nothing will disturb her and then sets the temperature in the room between sixty and seventy degrees.

It seems that Nikki always strives for eight hours of sleep because when she wakes up, her skin is refreshed and she feels like a new woman.

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