15 Secrets MTV Doesn't Want You To Know About Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore was an MTV reality show that followed the lives of young Italian-American d-bags and hussies as they experienced summer on the Jersey Shore. Airing for 6 seasons from 2009 to 2012, we quickly became obsessed with their lives, which largely comprised of getting ready, drinking, going out, fighting in clubs, and eating large servings of pasta at 4 a.m. There were some love triangles, some cosmetic procedures, and lots of spray tans. And let's not forget the valuable life lessons we learned like the importance of GTL (gym, tan. laundry for those of you who lived under a rock) and how Sunday family dinner is a weekly must. Put all that together and you've got a hit TV show. MTV would never be the same again. And in case you didn't get enough of the cast, Jersey Shore is making a comeback in 2018 with a "family vacation" theme for the reunion season!

By season 3, close to 9 million viewers were tuning in to watch the premiere; making it one of the most successful programs in MTV's history. To keep people intrigued, plot twists and ridiculous scenarios were written into the show. Of course, we were meant to believe  these people were actually entirely ridiculous and shallow, but much of the nonsensical Snooki moments were actually pre-planned. Sorry!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie strongly opposed the contents of the program, stating that the gang badly represented his state, which was bad for tourism. Can we actually add a "laugh out loud" here? Despite Christie's unfavorable opinion, polls indicated that viewers actually had a positive vision of the state and tourism was up significantly in the years that the program was airing. We have all the fun tidbits of information that you never knew about Jersey Shore. Here are 15 Secrets MTV Doesn't Want You To Know About Jersey Shore.

15 Fight Scenes Were Filmed In Multiple Takes

Fans and critics have speculated for years that Jersey Shore was completely scripted, and now that the show is over,

even the cast have admitted to several aspects being more produced than others.

The famous fight scenes that brought in millions of viewers, for example. We would love to think that Snooki and Angelina actually got down and dirty in Season 2 with no coercion, but photos taken of still frames would point to other conclusions. At the beginning of the fight, a smug JWoww is standing in the living room watching the girls brawling, with socks on her feet. Fast forward to less than 30 seconds later, and she is barefoot. Later, when the fight is finally broken up, she has socks on again. Gotcha, MTV!

14 JWoww And Sammi's Feud Was Fake

Who could forget the Sammi/Ron love spats that always seemed to be encouraged by the Jersey Shore roomies? This couple was like gasoline and fire — it didn't take much for them to erupt. When rumours started to circulate that Ron had cheated on Sammi, JWoww and Snooki wrote Sammi an anonymous letter filling her in on the shady details. This very immature (and probably also very fake) interaction led Sammi to have an on-screen war with JWoww, which lasted for seasons. Fans were made to believe that Sammi was angry about the letter, coupled with some jealousy that JWoww and Ron used to be close friends. The two girls were clearly not fans of each other on the show, but in real life, they are pals.

13 Snooki Didn't Even Poof Her Own Hair

It seems like one quarter of the show revolved around the gang getting ready to go out. The infamous line "GTL" was made popular by the guys of the Shore, and stood for "gym, tan, laundry." Looking like a perfect douchebag is harder than you'd think! So, hold on to your dear hearts as I break this news.

The getting-ready scenes were a lie!

The entire cast had their own personal stylists, make-up artists, and hairdressers on set, ready to whip them into orange buffoons before they went out. Wondering about Snooki's famed hair poof? That was created by a professional. All of the getting-ready scenes were staged for our viewing pleasure, but none of the cast can take credit for their finished looks. We're not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

12 The Show Gave The Cast Psychological Stress

Remember Deena? The slightly more squeaky-voiced version of Snooki? She was added in season 2 as a cast regular and quickly adapted to a life of dramatics, hair gel, and pasta hangovers. Although Deena admittedly enjoyed her experience rising to fame as an MTV starlet, she also spoke out about the not-so-glamourous aspects that the cast experienced. Being forced to fight, be ridiculous and basically drink 24/7 to entertain people can have some negative consequences. Not to mention, the show focused so heavily on dating and "getting some," so they were highly encouraged to meet people in bars and engage in fleeting romances. Most of these were set up before shooting, but it's still pretty gross. We can understand why Deena was happy to go back to her normal life after filming.

11 Almost All Of The Girls Wound Up With Body Image Issues

One recurring theme in Jersey Shore was the cast's constant quest to look a certain way. They were obsessed with tanned skin and fit and enhanced bods, and spent gruelling hours in the gym in pursuit of the All-American-Italian guido and guidette look. Sadly, though, many of the girls were young and susceptible to outsiders' criticism and critiques.

This resulted in almost all of the female cast members undergoing quite dramatic transformations

and we're not sure how healthy their journeys were. Snooki lost a ton of weight, and by the looks of things, she also got a nose job, lip fillers, and a possible facelift. JWoww continued to enhance herself. Even Sammi Sweetheart, who was the most natural of the gang, has succumbed to surgery.

10 The Show Encouraged Unhealthy Drinking Habits

If you were to watch every single episode of Jersey Shore, you'd have a hard time finding an episode where alcohol was not consumed. The show relied heavily on booze, and drinking was a part of almost every scene. Whether it was drinking homemade cocktails at the house or pounding shots at a sleazy club, these kids consumed way more than the recommended amount of alcoholic units on the reg. Sadly, this drinking culture led to many of them having subsequent problems with alcohol. Deena said she would have such bad panic attacks from hangovers, that the only way to feel better was to drink more the next day. Many scenes revolved around the girls being sick the morning after a big party. And, most notably, Mike "The Situation" had to go to rehab for alcohol and drug abuse.

9 The Cast Weren't All Italian

This shouldn't be too shocking, but some of the cast members of Jersey Shore are not of Italian descent.

JWoww and Snooki have zero Italian blood

while Ron was only half Italian. According to JWoww, being a guido or guidette is a "lifestyle" choice that transcends heritage or ethnicity, which is what they all identified as. Some critics didn't think that non-Italians should be representing the culture on such a popular TV show. Italian or not, these kids didn't exactly represent anything in a favorable light. The Situation, Sammi, Pauly D, Vinnie, Deena,and Angelina are all true-blooded Italians. Snooki was born in Chile, but adopted and raised by Italian-American parents.

8 The Cast Is Smarter Than MTV Let On

Viewers love nothing more than watching a bunch of dumb kids do stupid things. Hence, the popularity of MTV's Jersey Shore. There is definitely an audience for this kind of mindless ridiculousness and MTV unashamedly delivered it for 6 seasons. One thing the producers don't want you to know, however, is that the gang isn't as dumb as they let on. They capitalized on Snooki's air-headed ways, even though in real life, she is quite intelligent.

Before joining the cast of Jersey Shore, Snooki was in line to become a veterinarian technician.

JWoww also has some activity going on upstairs. She studied computer programming for close to three years before deciding to become a reality TV star.

7 MTV Wasted No Time Marketing Jersey Shore Merch

Not wanting to miss any opportunity to capitalize off of the Jersey Shore franchise, MTV quickly learnt that Jersey Shore merchandise would be a hot commodity. T-Shirts with popular slogans like "U Mad Bro?" and "DTF" flew off the shelves (and the online store's warehouse, no doubt!). Also sold were bobbleheads of the cast members, Halloween costumes, a GTL water bottle, a beach game set, and of course, The Situation's mobile app. A CD compiling songs that were played during the show's reign was released, as were DVD sets of the 6 seasons and several books. Who wouldn't want to have some Jersey Shore merchandise to remind them of the glory days, right? Snooki has also penned several autobiographical books for those that want to delve deeper into the mind of the little meatball.

6 They Were An Embarrassment In Italy

Season 4 of Jersey Shore was filmed almost exclusively in Florence, Italy. The cast did exactly what was expected of them — they ate too much, drank too much, wore outrageous outfits, and acted extremely loud and "American" while out on the town. The season was further exaggerated with written-in and staged altercations with the Italian police, arguments with locals, and some standard fights within the group. Needless to say,

the opinion of Jersey Shore in Italy is not fantastic.

For those who actually know what the show is, they find it a butchery of the Italian culture, and proof that Americans don't know how to behave in public. The episode was challenging to watch, as it packed in even more awkward moments than we were used to. At least in New Jersey, the cast kind of blended in among the fluorescent-dressed, drunken teens on the boardwalk.

5 They Wanted To Cover Up Snooki's Pregnancy

Season 6 would be the final season of Jersey Shore, with a pregnant Snooki opting out of future commitments to stay home and raise her child. This would start a trickle effect of other cast members deciding that the time had come to wrap up. In fact,

Snooki was already pregnant when filming season 6,

so the writers and producers had to get creative with their filming and editing. Snooki  was given the option of not addressing her pregnancy during the season, but she refused those terms. Instead, she chose to stay in an apartment next door to the Jersey Shore house where she was able to enjoy more down time and rest between shoots. The season revolved quite heavily around her struggles with being pregnant while everyone else is still partied.

4 Their On-Screen Jobs Were Fake

The cast of Jersey Shore was filmed "working" various jobs over the 6 seasons. First there was the T-Shirt stand on the boardwalk, and then even a pizzeria in Florence called O'Vesuvio. As it turns out, MTV rented out the Italian restaurant during their 6-week visit and all of the work scenes were acted.

The people in the restaurant were all extras who were paid with free pizza

and forced to sign confidentiality agreements. Furthermore, anyone over the age of 30, who didn't have the right "look" was turned down. MTV crew were put to work behind the scenes, kneading pizza dough, handing out flyers to attract extras on the street, and staging the perfect decorations and outfits.

3 Snooki's Car Accident Was Not Much Of An Accident

It would appear that almost everything that went down in season 4 was either staged or scripted. Who doesn't remember Snooki's famed car crash, where she drove the group's rented Fiat into a police officer's car? Coincidentally, the car she rammed into belonged to the police escorts that were assigned to look after the cast. Coincidence or plan? MTV doesn't seem to have any limits on what they'll do for the sake of entertainment. Two police officers were injured in the crash and had to be hospitalized. Snooki, meanwhile, had her international driver's license revoked (good!) and subsequently walked around Florence in a neck brace for a few days after the fact. Most people think the neck brace was just added for dramatic effect and that she wasn't injured at all during the incident.

2 Eyewitnesses Have Talked About Shoots

People who live in proximity to the Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights, New Jersey have had the luxury of seeing some of the show being filmed. Many have claimed that they have witnessed scenes being shot over and over, with dialogue repeated and instructions being screamed out by the cameramen. Furthermore, there are always makeup and hair people on set, and they often jump in to make altercations to the cast before proceeding with a scene. If you needed any more proof that these scenarios are genuinely not happening organically, this is it! People in Italy have reported similar sightings of the cast being directed to say, do, and act out certain scenes many times.

1 They Were Filmed Big Brother Style

One way the producers were able to get the best content was to keep cameras rolling pretty much 24/7 in the Jersey Shore house. During the filming months,

cast members were not allowed to watch the news, connect with people who weren't involved in the show, or go on the Internet.

Essentially, they were in a prison of sorts: they had no choice but to interact with each other all the time. The over-exposure to each others' bubbles clearly led to tension, animosity, and fights — just what the producers wanted to see. With dozens of cameras rolling nonstop, the crew was sure to get the best bits on record. Snooki has said that the reason the group drank so much was out of boredom. They literally had nothing else to keep them busy, so the bottles were constantly being popped open.

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