15 Secrets Hollywood's Biggest Gold Diggers Don't Want You To Know

Both men and women dream about living the lavish lifestyle of those in the entertainment industry, but the road to Hollywood isn't always the easiest to manage. While there are those that seemed to have been plucked from the masses, the majority of the other stories of success in Hollywood have been filled with incredibly difficult struggles and a whole lot of perseverance. Yet, not all of the celebrities in Hollywood got their big break through their dedication to their craft or their incredible work ethic. There are a surprising number of Hollywood celebrities that obtained their place through some sketchy maneuvers, and they aren't looked upon in the same light as some of the others.

There always seems to be some pretty young thing that managed to make her way onto the red carpet and people typically look at them with a side eye. These individuals seem to be motivated by financial gains and have been dubbed "gold diggers" due to their lack of morals and willingness to do anything to get their share of fame and fortune. While not all gold diggers are the same in the way they managed to get to their position, they all have a few things in common. Many gold diggers have some questionable personality traits and some skeletons in their closet, and almost all of them have some hidden things that they would like to keep secret from the general public. Check out our list of the 15 things Hollywood's biggest gold diggers don't want you to know and see if you can spot some of the most infamous gold diggers in the entertainment industry.


15 Their Cheating Tendencies

With so many gold diggers only being interested in the money, it shouldn't be surprising that they often step out on their partner while they're in a relationship. In a relationship that's based solely on the financial gains, it's not like there is much love involved in the partnership. Yet, having outside s*xual partners isn't something that the gold diggers would want known by anyone else. This only makes them look even worse because not only are they using their partner for money, but they are also making them look like a fool by cheating on them. A great example is when Kendra Wilkinson was carrying on a romantic relationship with Hugh Hefner and living at the Playboy mansion while there were reports that she was cheating on him.

14 Knowing About Other Partners


While people often look at the moral fiber of the gold digger in relationships where the woman is seen as a sketchy character, it's interesting how the man's role has quite a lot to do with the woman's persona. While the woman can profess her undying love and swear that she's not in the relationship for the money, it's hard to keep up that façade when the man is having other s*xual relationships. A great example is when Hugh Hefner walked around with a veritable harem on his arm. Holly Madison tried desperately to make it seem like she truly did have a loving relationship with her "puffin," but it was hard to believe when he had so many other "girlfriends." This made her look really sketchy because it seemed odd for her to be able to truly love him while he disrespected her in such a way.

13 Previous Marriages

The ultimate win for a gold digger is when she gets her man to pop the question and the two finally make it down the aisle. Crystal Harris seemed to do the impossible when she got Hugh Hefner to pop the question, especially since he had previously been seen as a man that would never commit himself to only one woman. He had been seen with a throng of women on his arm when he would go out to Hollywood events and he famously starred in The Girls Next Door television series. Kendra Wilkinson, Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison were his girlfriends for years and it didn't seem like he would ever be truly monogamous. Although Crystal Harris got him to put on a ring on it, it didn't stop the gold digger rumors surrounding their relationship. Undoubtedly, Harris hoped to make the world believe that Hefner had finally found his true love, rather than snicker about the fact that he had previously been married and had children.

12 The Age Difference


Gold diggers are often categorized by the pursuit of financial gains, but there are also stereotypes regarding the age difference between the man and woman in the relationship. This was never made so clear than in the relationship between Anna Nicole Smith and the billionaire, J. Howard Marshall. The two got married when she was just 26 years old and he was 89. After only one year of bliss, there was a huge media firestorm regarding the fact that he had never included her in his will. There was a bitter fight between her and the family estate, namely J. Howard Marshall's son, and photos of their personal interactions hit the media. People could have probably got onboard with a man falling head over heels in love with Anna Nicole Smith because of her incredible beauty, but the age difference was just far too much to bear.

11 Reality Show Participation

Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander was a contestant on the reality series when Flavor Flav was looking for a romantic relationship. Flavor of Love seemed like a joke of a show since Flavor Flav seemed to be stuck in the past, wearing the same old oversized clocks and outdated tracksuits. Yet, people were captivated at the prospect of him finding true love, and it seemed like "Hoopz" was the perfect pick. She seemed much more down to earth than the other contestants, and it looked like he had really found a winner in her. Yet, the two never went on to become an actual couple. Instead, she just used her 15 minutes of fame to move onto the next big Hollywood celebrity. When she was romantically linked to Shaquille O'Neal, people were not happy about their relationship because she had already labeled herself a reality-show gold digger.

10 Numerous Past Partners


While gold diggers are often thought of as young girls trying to catch an old man for his loot, it isn't always the case. Sometimes, a gold digger is trying to cash in on far more than just a sizable allowance payout. A great example is how Kim Kardashian was first thrust into the public eye as the girl that Paris Hilton hired to help her organize her closet. While she's dressed up this story over the years to make it seem like she was a personal stylist to the stars, it's hard to deny the fact that videos of her being belittled by Paris paint a completely different story. From these humble beginnings, she went on to date so many celebrities that it's hard not to look at her with a sketchy eye. Although she's made herself into a brand over the years, people still can't help but remember all the many names that had been notched on her bedpost.

9 No True Love Loss

When the relationship ends between two people who have truly loved one another, there is a time of sadness that follows. Yet, this isn't always the case when dealing with a gold digger. There isn't ever any real love loss when this type of relationship ends, even if it's due to an untimely death. This became evident when Tila Tequila was dating the Johnson & Johnson heiress, Casey Johnson. The two were supposedly engaged and had been seen flaunting their love (and Tila Tequila's new ring) all over town shortly before Johnson's death. At the young age 30, Johnson's death was a tragedy that should have been completely devastating to her fiancé, Tila Tequila. Yet, that wasn't exactly the case. Instead, Tila Tequila was seen smiling and posing for photographers outside her home during her time of "mourning," which caused many to believe that she was trying to use Johnson's death to further promote herself.


8 Humble Beginnings


While having a stripper past seems like the very worst that could be in someone's work history prior to landing a Hollywood celebrity, there are other embarrassing jobs that these gold diggers would want to keep hidden. Someone working a menial job and then all of a sudden landing a Hollywood A-lister is the stuff of fairy tales, but it doesn't translate well in the real world. People tend to look at them like they are just a fish out of water and it's hard to turn them into the other half of a glittering Hollywood couple. Oftentimes, these relationships don't last and they take a tumultuous turn for the worst. That's exactly what happened with Mel Gibson's ex-wife, and both of them were made to look bad during the entire ordeal.

7 Shady Personal Behaviour

When Hollywood starlets started to come out of the woodwork with allegations against Harvey Weinstein, it seemed like the media was late to the party. Everyone in the entertainment industry had already been aware of the way Harvey Weinstein treated the female stars that he worked with, and it seemed to be the worst kept secret in Hollywood. Once stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd started telling their tales, so many other women came forward to tell their own stories of what was done to them at the hands of this high-powered Hollywood executive. Yet, the biggest shocker was the fact that Weinstein is married and his wife is absolutely gorgeous. He isn't exactly the best looking man and Georgina Chapman is starting to get the side eye because she was married to a man that she most certainly knew had serious issues against women.

6 Details Regarding Prenuptial Agreement


When two people get married in Hollywood, they almost always have a prenuptial agreement. In this day and age, where marriage seems to be completely temporary, it's only wise for everyone to set an agreement to ensure that everything is divided fairly if the marriage were to be dissolved. Yet, gold diggers definitely don't want the details of the prenuptial agreement to be divulged. While it would probably be best for them not to have a prenuptial agreement at all, it would be difficult to find someone that would agree to that. In the meantime, many prenuptial agreements have specific guidelines that would put up large red flags for anyone that knew these small details. If the agreement allows for an extra set amount of money after the 10-year mark, people would jump on this detail if the marriage were to dissolve shortly after the 10-year mark.

5 Plastic Surgery

While the world would love to think that some of these impossibly beautiful Hollywood women are just blessed with good genes, there are more than a few that have been touched by a plastic surgeon's hand. Yet, no one wants to own up to the fact that their looks have been enhanced. In fact, many of them have gone out of their way to make it seem like they are all natural and that they can even bounce back after having a baby without any trouble at all. When Blac Chyna became pregnant with Rob Kardashian's baby, the family was up in arms over the fact that she would be connected to the family. Yet, they didn't have to help with the demise of their relationship since the two of them were quite destructive. Rob even took to Twitter and divulged the fact that she lied about losing the baby weight naturally and then went on to say that he paid $100,000 for plastic surgery for Blac Chyna.

4 Previous Divorce Settlements


While men typically try to pretend that the women they are with have never been with anyone before them, that can be a bit tricky for some of the most infamous gold diggers in Hollywood. This is definitely the case when it comes to some of the most famous divorces that have made headlines. While gold diggers aren't able to hide all of their past relationships, they definitely don't want all of the figures of their divorce settlements known to everyone. This was the case with Eddie Murphy's ex-wife, Nicole, since the entire world became privy to the fact that she received $15 million in her divorce settlement. On top of large payouts, gold diggers don't want their alimony or child support payments known because it shows off their greed for wanting even more with the next man.

3 Bedroom Secrets

S*x lives are supposed to remain private, but that isn't always the case with those in Hollywood. From secret s*x tapes to leaked photos and text messages, it seems like the public knows far too much about some of our favourite celebrities in the entertainment industry. While it's damaging for everyone, it is far more damaging for gold diggers to have their personal details about their s*x life revealed. A great example was when Mariah Carey had some details emerge about her s*x life (or lack of one) prior to walking down the aisle with Nick Cannon and James Packer. Although Carey has more than enough money, she has always been seen as materialistic and a bit of a gold digger ever since her first marriage to music mogul, Tommy Mottola.

2 What Was Their Previous Profession


When a Hollywood celebrity brings a beautiful new woman onto the red carpet, there's always speculation as to how she caught the eye of some A-lister. When the woman has a particular look and gives off the air of being opportunistic, people instantly think that she might be a gold digger trying to land a cash cow. Something that can add fuel to the fire is if the media finds out she had a sketchy job before she became arm-candy. In some cases, the jobs have been quite money-focused. This only proves there is a good chance that she's only with the celebrity for his money. A great example is how Amber Rose was a stripper before she became Kanye West's arm candy, which didn't exactly paint her in the best light.

1 Spending Habits

While everyone in Hollywood seems to live the lavish lifestyle, gold diggers don't exactly want their spending habits known to the world. Showing off their extraordinary spending tendencies can be a huge turnoff to individuals they might want to snare in their net in the future. Not only does it hurt their chances for future relationships, but it also puts a bigger spotlight on them in the eyes of the public. A great example was when Taylor Armstrong flaunted her over-the-top spending habits while she was a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a child's birthday party didn't exactly put her in the best light and it didn't help her when she had to transition into a new existence after the death of her husband.


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