15 Secrets Brooke Hogan Doesn't Want You To Know About

With Noelle Foley catching all the headlines nowadays pertaining to hot wrestler daughters, we can’t help but to remember the original herself Brooke Hogan, who began as the first ever viral daughter of a WWE Superstar. With the help of reality television, Brooke bolstered her way into popularity alongside her father on Hogan Knows Best. Once the show was cancelled, the network thought so highly of Brooke that she was given her very own spin-off. From then on, things got a little bumpy and her career kind of suffered as she rarely ever made the headlines anymore.

She recently ended up making headlines for all the wrong reasons as her dad was caught using racial slurs about her former boyfriend. Brooke defended her dad by writing a poem, but it was all for nothing as Hulk suffered the brunt of his actions.

That wasn’t the only thing Brooke wishes was kept a secret. In this article, we’ll look at 15 other points Brooke doesn’t want you to know about, whether it be about her music career, acting career, wrestling career or even her dating resume. These are 15 secrets Brooke Hogan doesn’t want you to know about. Enjoy!


15 Motives For Joining TNA

In one of the more curious moves you’ll ever see, Brooke decided to walk in her father’s footsteps by joining the wrestling business. However, she wouldn’t ink a deal with the WWE but join the lackluster TNA promotion which garnered the very same results, lackluster. She made her debut as an authority figure and basically stayed throughout her run as a non-wrestling figure. Brooke was fondly remembered for her time as a love interest of Bubba Dudley; the storyline was truly painful.

In the summer of 2013, TNA would finally choose to release Hogan due to budget cuts. According to reports, the split was on good terms as Brooke also felt like she needed to move on from the wrestling business. This led to speculation that Brooke only signed with TNA to gain popularity and fan interest on the mainstream platform. Since leaving TNA, she hasn’t returned to pro wrestling only intensifying the fact that she worked in TNA strictly for fame.

14 Her Reality TV Show Bombing


Brooke’s claim to fame took place as a cast member on the VH1 reality series Hogan Knows Best, alongside her father. Hulk and his daughter were the most popular characters on the show and the program was later centered around the two as Brooke attempted to pursue a singing career while her protective father watched over her throughout the process.

The family milked their fame for as long as they could till the show was finally cancelled. Upon the cancellation, VH1 decided to keep Brooke on board by casting her in the networks spin-off, Brooke Knows Best. To Brooke’s credit, it just proved how popular she really was among the masses, earning her own show. However, the results weren’t all that convincing as the program was forced into cancellation after just two seasons. The series ended in 2009 and Brooke is still attempting a comeback in the field of reality television to this day, recently signing a new deal with a network overseas (her new show, A Fashion Hero).

13 Why Hogan Knows Best Came To An End

Say what you must about the content pertaining to Hogan Knows Best, but the show truly thrived in helping to pave the way for reality television. Back in 2005, reality TV was only beginning to scratch the surface in terms of relevancy, and the program helped pave the way for countless reality shows in the future. Just open your television set nowadays and chances are, at least 30% of the networks are playing a reality based show.

VH1 pounced on the program which lasted four seasons and 43 episodes on their airwaves. What most people don’t remember is the fact that the show wasn’t pulled due to ratings, but because of the controversies surrounding the family at the time. Nick was undergoing severe legal issues for a car accident incident while Hulk’s life was crumbling behind the scenes as he and his ex-wife Linda, were undergoing a divorce. With all that tension and heat surrounding the show, VH1 decided to pull the plug.

12 Failed Movie Career


With the success of her reality show career, Brooke stayed in the TV business for a while before making the jump to film, something reality stars typically do.

You might not have noticed, but the truth is that Brooke took part in various films from 2009 to as recent as 2015. It didn’t make any headlines meaning her roles on the various films tanked pretty badly. Her roles throughout her film career included parts in Little Hercules 3D, Sand Sharks, Devour, 2-Headed Shark Attack, Skum Rocks!, Vengeance Wears A Shirt, School of the Bead and L.A. Slasher.

Judging by the names of those movies, it’s pretty evident that her roles on lower budget films weren’t so glamorous. It remains to be seen whether she’ll jump back into these acting gigs at some point as she’s currently spending most of her time modelling and working with other TV shows nowadays.

11 Her Dad Kick-Started Her Music Career

To Brooke’s credit, she did manage to rack up an impressive music career with some songs that managed to break into the Billboard Hot 100. Though, most her star power surely would have never happened had in not been for her celebrity father Hulk Hogan, who basically opened the doors for her career.

As documented on the TV special (Inside) Out: Hulk Hogan, Stage Dad, the documentary showed Hulk taking part in her work and booking gigs to meet with various record companies. Thanks to her dad’s connections, Brooke was able to sign with some pretty high-end music labels and you truly find it hard to believe that, that would have happened if not for the Hulkster.

As it turned out, the documentary on the two would receive such high praise that VH1 would propose the idea to turn it into an entire reality series. It is there where Hogan Knows Best was officially born focusing on Hulk and Brooke’s relationship.

10 Calling Off Her Engagement


After a long history of dating (which we’ll discuss in depth a little later), Brooke finally decided to settle down as her former boyfriend Phil Costa popped the question in Vegas in front of the Bellagio Hotel. Following the announcement, Brooke posted the ordeal on social media claiming it was the happiest moment of her life and that she wouldn’t choose anyone else... mehhhhh.

A couple of month later in November of 2013, the couple announced they were calling off their engagement which was made public the same year at the end of June. We can’t confirm, but surely, father Hulk was probably a little upset that his daughter couldn’t make things work with a former Dallas Cowboys player. The two ended up going their separate ways and Brooke who is currently 28, has not married ever since enjoying her freedom at the moment. Oh, how different things could have been had Brooke married the former NFL player.

9 Her Failed TV Career After Hogan Knows Best

During the time of Hogan Knows Best, Brooke peaked in popularity becoming a face many wanted to know more about. Without a doubt, following the show's finale, surely many TV shows were calling, but Brooke chose to work on her own spin-off Brooke Knows Best, which in hindsight, probably cost her some future gigs. The show ended up flopping and it really hurt Brooke’s overall name. She was soon forgotten, turning into yet another reality star that lost her 30 minutes of fame.

Brooke would try her best to land gigs despite the shortcomings of her reality spin-off. She attempted to stay relevant by appearing in several shows as a guest, including Wild ‘n Out which played on MTV and China, IL. Many believe Brooke decided to turn to wrestling as no new projects were coming in at the time. Today, she’s attempting a comeback, reportedly signing a new deal for a series overseas.


8 Her Short WWE Run


In a perfect world, Brooke would have followed in her father’s footsteps by working for the WWE. What many tend to forget is the fact that she was given a brief opportunity back in 2006 when she appeared for the company in a brief cameo alongside her father.

At that point, Randy Orton was becoming a mega heel for the company so the WWE decided to boost his status as a heel by matching him up against the Hulkster. In order to draw more heat on Randy, the company decided to get Brooke involved who flirted with Randy. The flirting would later cause an attack by Orton on Hogan which resulted in a SummerSlam match between the two. Ideally, for the Hogan family, the plot would have been prolonged by Brooke perhaps turning on her father and working alongside Randy on WWE TV. That however, was not to be as Brooke was gone from the company after the brief cameo and would not return.

7 Her Brother’s Troubled Past

Nick Hogan was another cast member on the reality series Hogan Knows Best. For those of you that aren’t aware, Nick is the brother of Brooke.

Nick was known for his party lifestyle along with his passion for cars. One day, those two elements changed his life for the worse. While driving under the influence, Nick crashed his car which led to the passenger John Graziano, sustaining an awful brain injury which would cause him to require intensive care for the rest of his life. To make matters worse, Nick had an awful history of vehicle incidents as he had picked countless tickets before the tragic event took place.

Bolea (Nick Hogan's real last name) would end up getting his sentence reduced thanks to the parents of Graziano showing mercy towards Nick. He did however, still spend some time in prison and has remained out of the public eye since the tragic event took place.

6 Her Mom’s Behavior


It’s no secret that Linda and her ex-husband Hulk Hogan ended things off on a terrible note as the two divorced after almost 25 years of marriage. What made everything so much worse is how bad things got during the divorce as Brooke’s dad almost lost everything from the separation.

After an alleged affair with one of Brooke’s friends, Christiane Plante, Linda filed for divorce. When all was said and done, Hogan was only able to retain 30% of his assets as his ex-wife took the rest of the chunk, leaving Hulk with a mere $10 million. Hogan went through a very dark time following the ordeal.

Linda’s attitude would only worsen from then on, milking the situation by writing a book which was published in 2011, Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes. Things would hit another low when Linda, who was 48 at the time, began dating a 19 year old by the name of Charley Hill. The relationship was documented on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy.

5 Her Dad’s Troubles

Before we assess father Hulk’s troubling times, let’s give some love to Brooke for staying out of the tabloids for all the wrong reasons. Sure, she made news for her various love interests but certainly nothing in comparison to her dad, brother and mother’s troubling pasts.

We discussed Linda and Nick, and now we saved the best for last, pertaining to secrets that got exposed relating to Brooke’s father Hulk Hogan. Surely, Brooke wishes these secrets never got exposed but they did and Hulk hasn’t been the same since.

Hulk’s troubles began to pile up following his divorce. Linda abruptly ended the marriage without Hogan even knowing, pretty much leaving him high and dry with his entire family. Hogan actually contemplated suicide following the situation.

Things became really bad just recently when a tape that revealed Hogan using racial words to describe Brooke’s boyfriend at the time surfaced. The secret’s now out of the bag and Hulk continues to feel the backlash of it all as he still awaits a phone call by the WWE.

4 Her Album Redemption


Brooke’s first ever studio album was a massive success. Released in 2006, her album Undiscovered was powered by the popularity of her hit single About Us which skyrocketed onto the charts. The song broke into the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, which is truly saying something.

Unfortunately, the same success could not be matched for her second studio album, Redemption. The album was mostly based off of her family struggles. One can attribute the album failing due to her popularity diminishing. Following the cancellation of Hogan Knows Best and the flop of her own reality show, Brooke seemed to fade from the public’s eye and that certainly hurt her album sales. Not to mention the family troubles she was going through; it certainly was not the most ideal timing in the world, especially with her father unable to push her new album. The second album ended up being a flop and put a damper on her musical career.

3 The Release Of Her Mix Tape

Without the help of her father Hulk, Brooke tried to find different ways to gain exposure from her second album Redemption, which ended up flopping nonetheless. Trying to catch some mainstream heat before the album hit, Brooke released a mix tape entitled Judgment Day. On the album, a song entitled Ur Not That Hot was featured. In the song, Brooke was taking a shot at the reality show star and singer, Heidi Montag.

Trying to start a feud with a fellow musician/reality show star (of The Hills) seemed like the right thing to do but ultimately, it really did nothing for the sales of her second album. It failed in comparison to her first studio album, and not even that cheap tactic could have helped Brooke to add to her record sales. Had the family stayed together and the reality show continued, you can only imagine how different things could have been for Brooke and her music career, which ended up being an uphill battle when all was said and done.

2 The Second Album Fiasco


Brooke’s second album release was a disaster to say the least. She was initially set to re-launch an album in 2007, but ultimately decided to wait, deciding that she wasn’t ready. Looking back, that was a big mistake as Brooke could have banked in on her fame at the time as she was still in the spotlight from the show.

Instead, she decided against the release and even changed music labels. Things went from bad to worse when the album was one again prolonged following the cancellation of Hogan Knows Best and all the controversy that surrounded the family. The album was constantly pushed back till its release in 2009. At that point, as we discussed in the article, Brooke became an afterthought and her fame began to subside as her own spin-off Brooke Knows Best was also cancelled because of lack of viewers. The album would end up getting released past its prime and was a major disappointment in comparison her first album release.

1 Her Dating History

Her rise to fame came during the Hogan Knows Best reality show which was mainly surrounded by father Hulk, being overprotective of his daughter with those interested in the lovely Brooke. She became a fan favorite on the show quickly.

Once she turned 18 however, Hogan finally loosened his grip on Brooke and she was allowed to explore. Brooke would make the tabloids for her various relationships. One that made mainstream news was her association alongside rapper Yannique Barker, nicknamed Stacks. What made the coupling so different was the fact that Brooke would tower over her man in paparazzi pictures taken of the two.

Ultimately, her dating history would affect her father in a terrible way. Hulk was caught on tape dropping racial slurs about Brooke’s love interest. Not surprising, Brooke would stand by her father and publish a poem defending his acts. Who would have known her dating resume would affect her father for all the wrong reasons?

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