15 Secrets Behind The Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures

You're  either one of those people who totally believes in ghosts and shares all of your wild ghost stories with your friends, or you think anyone who does believe ghosts are real is nuts. So is it any wonder that the show Ghost Adventures has become so popular? The show debuted in 2008 on the Travel Channel and is still going strong. It is based around a crew of ghost hunters that visit different locations and investigate whether or not they are haunted.

Even the opening intro of the show is enough to lure you in: "There are things in this world that we will never fully understand. We want answers. We have worked years to build our credibility; our reputation. Working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field; capturing ground-breaking proof of the paranormal. This is our evidence; our Ghost Adventures."

Is any of this actual evidence of ghosts and paranormal activity or are these just a bunch of guys making some pretty good cash pretending to try and catch ghosts on television? Just like you might always wonder whether or not ghosts actually exist, you will probably never know how factual the show actually is.

Here are 15 Secrets Behind The Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures.

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15 Almost Half Of People Believe In Ghosts

woman's ghost

One might not think that a lot of people believe in ghosts, but that is not actually true.  A recent poll revealed that "45 per cent [of people] believe in ghosts, or that the spirits of dead people can come back in certain places and situations. When asked if they believe there’s a life after death, 64 per cent responded 'yes.' While 59 per cent of adults don’t believe they’ve ever actually seen a ghost, 43 per cent also don’t think that ghosts or spirits can harm or interact with living people." No matter how you slice it, there are a lot of people out there that believe in ghosts and that some of the spirits kicking around out there actually mean us harm. With those numbers, it is no wonder that Ghost Adventures is so popular.

14 It Started As A Documentary

While the show is obviously very popular, what most people do not know is that Ghost Adventures actually started off as a documentary. It was on the Syfy channel a few years ago, showing the ghost hunters investigating alleged paranormal activity in a town in Nevada. It was later picked up as a television show. With all of the people that are into ghosts and things of that nature, it truly is a wonder that no one has had a successful show like this before. A few years ago, the thought of going on a ghost tour would have seemed ridiculous, however, many cities, both large and small, now have ghost tours that are very successful. It seems like the business of the paranormal and ghost hunting is here to stay.

13 The Goldfield Hotel Has Been Investigated 4 Times

One of the places that the ghosthunters have visited the most is The Goldfield Hotel in Nevada, investigating it four times. Supposedly, there are several ghosts that are kicking it at this hotel, one of which is a woman named Elizabeth who was a streetwalker who bore a child at the hotel and came to an untimely end. In theory, one can often hear the child crying through the elevator shafts at the hotel. Of course, there are many people that believe this, while others say that it is bunk. I don't know about you, but when I stay at a hotel, I like pay-per-view, room service, and maybe even a nice pool and sauna. The whole "ghost baby" thing just isn't on my list.

12 There Is Hardly Any Real Evidence Of Ghosts

The thing is, pretty much everyone that believes in ghosts either has a good ghost story that has happened to them or they know other people who have somewhat experienced a paranormal activity. But does anyone have any real proof? Nope. There really is no absolute proof out there that ghosts exist. This is exactly why Ghost Adventures is so incredibly popular. You have a show that basically tries to prove whether ghosts are real or not over and over again, but they never really do either, which allows people to keep arguing about whether or not ghosts are real. Plus, if you could film or tape record them, they would be pretty terrible at being ghosts, right?

11 They Rely On Fortean Phenomena

Ghost hunters, whether they are on the show Ghost Adventures or whether they are just your run of the mill ghost hunters down the street, rely on something called Fortean phenomena, meaning that it is strange and naturally occurring and that science has been unable to explain it. This could include anything from aliens and unidentified flying objects to ghosts. It really is kind of tricky since most people tend to believe in something they don't necessarily understand. So what is one to believe? Who knows really, but this show at least shines a light on it.

10 Many Cast Members Have Claimed To Have Been Possessed

You know when you are dealing with some pretty serious ghosts when you get possessed, and I have to say, if I were possessed even once, then it would be the very last time I messed with a ghost in any way, shape, or form. This stuff is really crazy when you think about it. Zak Bagans says he was possessed at the Preston School of Industry and in Poveglia, Italy, and Aaron Goodwin and Billy Tolley both say they have been possessed too. This is just one of those things when it comes to believing in ghosts, these guys were either possessed for real, are totally nuts, or were just pretending to be possessed to make their show seem more interesting and bank on it. What is the truth? Who knows really.

9 Zak Bagans Only Messes With "Bad" Spirits

When it comes to ghosts, it seems to be pretty much common knowledge that there are good ghosts and there are bad ghosts. The good ghosts are just cruising around and chilling and doing their thing, while the bad ghosts exist pretty much to mess with you and scare you to death. Bagans once said, "I don't want the public perceiving us as the taunting, provocative ghost hunters. We do that only to the bad spirits who we know are attacking the living." So there you go. If you happen to be a ghost, at least you know what the deal is. If you are nice to Bagans, he'll be nice to you, but if you aren't, then there's a chance he is going to mess you up and mess you up good. Ghosts, you have been warned.

8 Bagans Has His Own Museum

Bagans doesn't mess around with this stuff, in fact, he has his own museum. The Haunted Museum is located in Las Vegas and holds paranormal artifacts that he's collected over the years. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, "Bagans doesn’t guarantee that people will have spiritual encounters, but says people who’ve been inside have reported everything from hearing strange voices and seeing apparitions to experiencing physical reactions including temporary paralysis of an arm and scratch marks on the skin." That sounds cool, right? When I go to Vegas, I am totally looking to experience some paralysis and scratch marks.

7 Aaron Goodwin Worked For The WWE

Aaron Goodwin has the distinction of being someone who has worked for two different entertainment ventures that people wonder are fake. He not only appears on Ghost Adventures, but he also used to be a cameraman for the WWE. Before working on the show, Goodwin never had any real experience with ghosts and is often used as bait to try to get the ghosts to appear. Hopefully the money and fame is worth it for Goodwin because being put in a situation that is potentially dangerous and scarring might not be an ideal way to make a living. But Goodwin seems pretty happy, for now anyway. After all, no ghosts have got him yet, as far as we know anyway.

6 Billy Tolley Had His Own Paranormal Group

Billy Tolley comes by his experience with ghosts naturally. Before being on the show, he started the Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations of Mysterious Phenomena Squad, also known as the LV P.I.M.P.S. It is interesting that the show does have people who truly are ghost hunters, since reality television is often anything but that. While we might have to wonder whether or not ghosts are real, there is no doubt that many of the members of the cast think that they are, and while that isn't all that matters, it does matter quite a bit when you think about it.  Tolley actually got the job after he shared some of his supposed audio captures of ghosts with Bagans.

5 Former Cast Member Nick Groff Says He Has Been Possessed Numerous Times

While some of the members of the cast say they have been possessed, Nick Groff, a former member of the cast, has without a doubt been possessed the most. He claims he was possessed in Savannah, Georgia, East Los Angeles, and Natchez, Mississippi. You have to really wonder what it is like to be possessed so many times. Does it get scarier each time because you have been through it before, or is it just a situation where you start to accept it and write it off as a bad day? This is where people start to wonder, is a guy like Groff really in tune with the spiritual world or is he just some sort of carnival huckster playing a long con? The answer to that is why the show is so popular.

4 If You Have Been Possessed, Hire An Exorcist

So with all of this talk about possession, what do you do if it happens to you? Well, you get an exorcist of course. You might think that I am joking but no, there are numerous people out there that will do an exorcism on you, for a price of course.  One you could hire is the Reverend Bob Larson who has been performing exorcisms and getting rid of ghosts and demons for years now. Nice work if you can get him. In an interview with The Miami New Time, Reverend Bob said, "Last Friday night, in my last seminar, I did an exorcism of a huge guy, 6'4", 200 pounds, trained to kill in the Army Special Forces. He had a demon that had been in the family bloodline for four generations, and it was wanting to use his training to kill people." Well good job for taking care of that Reverend Bob.

3 Many Celebrities Have Made Guest Appearances 

There have been a lot of celebrities on the show, because hey, celebrities see ghosts too you know. Some of the celebrities on the show include Vince Neil, Brit Morgan, and Loretta Lynn, among many others. Although, with a lot of the things that have been coming out in the news as of late, there really seems to be a lot of celebrities that might have ghosts in their closets that they might need help with. I sincerely doubt that Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey want to hire a bunch of ghost hunters to see if they can rid themselves of demonic forces — one never knows. Stranger things have happened, both in the world of Hollywood and in the world of Ghost Adventures.

2 There Was A Fake On The Show

While a lot of people might wonder if all of Ghost Adventures is fake, we do know that for sure that Robert Bess, the inventor of the Parabot Containment Chamber, is a total fake. During his appearance on the show, Bess said that his EMF meter was knocked out of his hands, presumably by a ghost. However, after rewatching  the footage, it was obvious that he threw it, and Bagans even did a video to call him out on it. I suppose if you run a show that many people say might presume is  a little fake and you actually find a guy who obviously is, you jump all over it.

1 It Is Shown All Over the World

No matter what you believe about Ghost Adventures, it is a really popular show that is shown all over the world, including Australia, Canada, Poland, Italy, and France. This just goes to show you that it isn't just Americans that love a good ghost story, it is the rest of the world as well. No matter whether you believe in ghosts or not, if you can tell a really entertaining ghost story, everyone will listen.  The world loves a good ghost story and as of right now, the cast and crew of Ghost Adventures are the best around at telling them. So no matter whether it's real or not, you can't help but tune in.


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