15 Secrets Behind Buffy The Vampire Slayer

 Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a television series created by Joss Whedon that has become a cult classic and still remains popular to this day. The show ran for seven seasons with over 20 episodes a season. Like most things that featured a likable cast with an attractive blonde as the lead, the show was able to maintain a high level of success while it was on and remains popular through streaming services and hard copies to this day.

When you have a show that has such popularity, a lot goes into it. There’s always a lot that goes into a show that the viewer may not know about. The writing, production, and post-production are all steps that the audience rarely gets to see. However, a lot goes on in these processes that we might never get the chance to know about. Luckily, with such a popular show, there are plenty of people who do interviews and tell fans about all of the secrets that go on behind the scenes.

Sometimes, even plot lines are different, and what they could have been are things that would’ve changed the course of the show forever. Other times, there are things about the production that we would have never believed went on behind the scenes. Sometimes knowing these secrets might ruin the series for you, but for true fans, we can’t get enough Buffy info. So here are 15 secrets you might not have known about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

15 Faith Almost Got A Spin-Off


Eliza Dushku had a short-lived time on the series, but fans no doubt loved the whole thing. Many people even shipped Buffy and Faith together, longing for a romance between the two slayers! Fans might be a little disappointed to find out that Faith actually almost got her own spin-off show! She was offered the part but respectfully declined to go on to do other things. That was probably a good option, however. Although the Buffy spin-off, Angel, did pretty well, that was probably due to the fact that it brought its own uniqueness and spin on the world of Buffy. What would Faith’s show have been called? Faith the Vampire Slayer? It just doesn’t sound right. It’s probably better that she decided to move onto other projects and leave Sarah Michelle Gellar to have the slayer limelight.

14 Xander Was Originally Going To Be The Gay One


When Willow and Tara first got together, fans went crazy. Not only were we dying to see some relationship that didn’t exist between two straight people, but the pairing of the witches together was all the more exciting. Fans everywhere still can’t get over the relationship, and Willow and Tara will forever be our one true pairing. But they weren’t the original homosexual couple that the creators had planned on writing. At first, Joss Whedon wanted to make Xander the one to partake in a same-sex relationship! He decided against it, and though we would’ve loved to see Xander hook up with one of the many hunks that appeared in the city, we were happy enough to see Willow and Tara together for the short time that they were. Xander went on to date Anya for quite some time as well, so we wouldn’t have it any other way.

13 Spike Almost Had A Texan Accent


Buffy, Spike, and Angel were the original vampire love trio. Are you a Buffy and Angel or Buffy and Spike shipper? Either way, you can’t deny that they’re both pretty dreamy. But the thing we love about the handsome Spike was his sexy British accent. But that accent was actually completely fake! If you haven’t seen the actor who plays Spike in anything else, then you probably had no idea that the creators chose to give him this accent. When James Marsters first auditioned to play the role of Spike, he actually used a Texan accent for his character! That definitely would’ve completely changed the way his character operated and was perceived. We’re lucky that he still got the part despite the accent, and we’re even happier that he decided to opt for the sexier British version. What do you think? Would you have liked it better if he was more Southern than English?

12 Nicholas Brendon Has A Twin Brother


Some people disliked Xander’s character and saw him as a geeky dork. Others had a giant crush on the character and couldn’t get enough of his cute awkwardness. Well, if you’re one of the people that loved the character, you’ll be happy to know that the actor who plays him, Nicholas Brendon, actually has a twin brother! The brother hasn’t had that successful of an acting career, probably due to the fact that there is another person out there who looks exactly like him and has had more roles! Throughout the series, there were several times when the characters were duplicated for some reason. Most of the time, they would shoot both parts and be green screened together in post. But when Xander needed a double, they were able to use his brother! We wonder if it was cheaper this way…

11 The Cast And Crew All Have Favorite Episodes


When you’re working on a show, especially one with so many episodes, you’re bound to get sick of the "same old same old." Some episodes can be a little robotic and unoriginal for the viewers, so we’d imagine that for the actual actors who participate, things can get even more boring. But despite sometimes getting sick of the acts, the stars still admitted to having favorite episodes of their own! All three of the main characters, Buffy, Willow, and Xander, would all agree that "Hush" was their favorite episode! Many fans would also probably agree that they liked this episode the most as well. As a close second, they liked "The Body" as one of their favorites. "Hush" was probably a favorite for the actors since they had so few lines to learn!

10 The Show Was The First To Say "Google It"


Nowadays, if you need to know something, you just simply say, "Google it." We don’t say, “look it up,” “let me research that,” or “I’ll find out.” Instead, we all collectively know that when you say to google something, you mean all of these things. Unless you’re Tracy Jordan in 30 Rock and think that googling refers to masturbation, something that we found out after he told Liz Lemon he was going to Google himself in her office. But where did this phrase come from? Perhaps it was in the fourth episode of the final season of the series when Willow asks someone if they have Googled a person yet. When the show came on, viewers might not have known what exactly she meant. But now we know exactly what she means when she said it. The phrase probably caught fire on its own, but it’s always interesting to learn about the origins of the weird things we say.

9 Some Props Were Real And Some Weren't


When you have 20+ episodes a season and seven seasons, you’re going to go through a lot of props. Just think of how many stakes that had to be! And the characters are almost always wearing new and different things. When you have a requirement for so many props and the demand is so high, there’s no possible way that every single thing in the series can be a real item. Among some of the fake props were all of the headphones featured in the cemetery. They were all actually just made from Styrofoam. We wonder if they got the idea from Pinterest, as that’s been a popular trend this year. Although many things were fake, they definitely used some real props. All of the books that were featured in the library were all actually real books! That’s pretty incredible, considering some books can be quite pricey.

8 There Are Some Big Expenses


The show was extremely popular, so the more viewers they got, the more money they got as well. And they definitely needed it. Some of the costs on the show were just downright outrageous. Spike’s jacket was a $2,000 genuine leather designer jacket! In order to get the look that a vampire would wear, it was repeatedly run over with a truck to give it a tattered style. Another pricey cost to the series was whenever a vampire was killed and turned into dust it cost $5,000! This was due to the special effects for both production and post-production. Just imagine how many months of rent you could pay for every vampire that Buffy didn’t kill! Plus that’s two more of Spike’s jackets that he could’ve worn throughout the series for each vampire not killed!

7 Some Actors Auditioned For Different Roles

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Like many big shows, a ton of people auditioned to play the roles of the main characters on the series. But of the actors that ended up on the show, some almost played different roles! Before Sarah Michelle Gellar became the lead as Buffy, she actually auditioned to play the role of Cordelia. And before Charisma Carpenter got the role of Cordelia, she actually auditioned to be Buffy! Charisma Carpenter was worried about playing Cordelia, as her last role was her playing a bratty high school student. But they both ended up being in the roles that they are famous for now, and fans are pretty satisfied with it. Although Cordelia did go on to appear on Angel as well, it would’ve been strange to see her as the lead role. She doesn’t quite strike us as the strong-willed character that Sarah Michelle Gellar is, but perhaps that is due to the fact that they are both excellent actresses!

6 Some Characters Were Based On Real People


Joss Whedon claims that he based several of the characters in the series on real people. He claims that the character of Cordelia is based off a girl that his wife went to high school with. This isn’t surprising, as it seems as though Cordelia is the type of girl that we’ve all met at high school. At first, she was just a typical popular mean-spirited girl, but she definitely grew into much more. We wonder just how much she was modeled after a real person. Joss Whedon also claims that he based the character of Xander on himself! When you’re watching the series, it’s funny to think of a guy like Xander actually creating the show he’s in. Xander did always have the best lines, and Nicholas Brendon claims it's because Joss always wanted his character to look the best and be the best!

5 Ryan Reynolds Almost Played Xander

Before Nicholas Brendon became Xander, the role was actually offered to Ryan Reynolds! The actor has definitely gone on to have a pretty successful career without the role, so it doesn’t seem as though he regrets not taking it. One might argue that Nicholas Brendon’s career wasn’t quite as successful after the series, so perhaps he wishes Ryan would’ve taken it. Ryan claimed that he didn’t want to play the part of Xander because he himself had a bad high school experience. He did state in an interview that he loved the show, but he feared for his happiness and his career because of the role. Fans are probably pretty happy that this happened, however, as he might not have filled the roles that he has if he stayed on a seven season- long series! Maybe the series wouldn't have have been as successful with him either!

4 Other Actresses Were Up For The Role Of Buffy, Too


Before Sarah Michelle Gellar was given the role of Buffy, there were other actresses who auditioned for the lead role as well. Two of these stars were Selma Blair and Katie Holmes! Both girls were teen idols that went on to have successful careers of their own, but we wonder how different things might have been had the role gone to one of these other ladies! Joss Whedon also wanted to see the lead role as a blonde girl, and both of these ladies were known as gorgeous brunettes. Not only would it have been weird to see either of them in the role, but it would have been strange to see them rocking blonde locks as well! But Sarah Michelle Gellar had the ability to be cute and bubbly all while being able to take out a vampire twice her size as well!

3 Angel Was Supposed To Stay Dead


Fans were devastated to find out that Angel had died at the end of the second season. Watching his and Buffy’s romance was one of the things that hooked us to the show in the first place and the way he went out was so tragic! But we were ecstatic to see his return in season three. Fans would be surprised to know, then, that Angel was actually supposed to remain dead! This was the fate that Joss Whedon had actually wanted, but the producers and network executives wanted the opposite! They had the spin-off series in mind for the character, so Joss was urged to bring him back. He did, and then was told to make season three the set up for his spin-off series. If he had stayed dead, that would have made a lot of fans stop watching the series, and then we never would have been able to watch the entirety of Angel.

2 Sarah Michelle Gellar Was Always The First In The Know


When you’re the star of the show, you get special treatment. Without you, what’s the point of everyone’s jobs? This is definitely true for Sarah Michelle Gellar, as she was always the first to know about pretty much everything. Beside Joss Whedon, of course. It still has to sting for the rest of the characters, especially Xander and Willow, as they were only in one less episode than Buffy the entire show! In fact, the rest of the cast didn’t even know that the show was coming to an end until Sarah Michelle Gellar brought it up in an interview with the media! Imagine finding out that you lost your job because your co worker tweeted it. This wasn’t the case, as Twitter wasn’t around yet, but it’s still a similar situation that had to sting for the rest of the cast.

1 Season 5 Was Supposed To Be The End


Remember when Buffy died at the end of the fifth season? That was supposed to be the end of the series. It may be an unpopular opinion, but some of us definitely wish that this would have remained the end. The reason the show continued was because of how popular it was. Joss had stated that he just couldn’t let himself end it. When Buffy died at the end of season five, many fans were curious as to how the show could possibly go on. But it did, and just like The Walking Dead, Buffy yet again brought a character back from the dead. The show almost went on to have an eighth season as well, but Sarah Michelle Gellar didn’t want to do the show anymore. Many people wished the show would have stayed finished after season five, as the quality dropped significantly. What do you think? Would you have wanted to see a season eight?

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