15They're A Lot More Sensitive Than They Like To Let On

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Most guys have a really strong idea of what masculinity means to them in their own minds, and from the time that they're little kids, they're all taught that showing their emotions is "unmanly." That's a real crappy thing to teach them for a lot of reasons, and one of

the big ones is that they're just left with a whole lot of internal feelings that they know they're not supposed to ever make external. But as kids, girls learn almost the opposite life lessons; that it's okay to be upset and express yourself and that it is in fact a "girly" reaction to have to things. So while a lot of women might assume that their man is completely dead inside or feel frustrated at his lack of sharing, he actually has just as much of an inner emotional life as you do. But dudes, do not keep this a secret from your girls! If there is one thing women know how to deal with, it's emotions, and there's no one better to show you how to deal with yours.

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