15 Secrets All Girlfriends Take To Their Graves

Women are the best and the worst keeping secrets, and boy, do they have a lot of them. Women often seem like they are very complicated and hard to figure out and this is probably due to the amount of secrets that they tend to keep from not only you but everyone else around them, with the exception being their best friend. As a man, it can be hard to know when your girlfriend is telling you the truth about something, or if she has been keeping some dark secrets since the very first date.

There are many things that women are afraid to come forward about, especially to their partners, many of which directly affect your relationship and would change the way you think about her. Some of these things are kept secret from you because they do not want to wind up embarrassed or having you think any less of them, but other times it is because if you knew the truth behind some of these things then you would probably break off the relationship right away. In this article we will go over 15 of the top secrets that all women will take to their graves. Hopefully this should not make anyone freak out and accuse their significant other of things such as cheating, because while the majority of women do lie about these things, there are still some honest people out there in the world and it is never good to accuse a woman of something out of nowhere.

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15 Almost All Girlfriends Have Cheated

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Cheating is something that happens in almost every relationship at some point in time, whether we like to admit it or not. It is a subject that no one likes talking about and apparently it happens way more than we realized. Usually when we think of cheating we automatically assume a man is having an affair because men are better known for infidelity than women are, but it turns out that women cheat just as much as men do. Something that most women will never admit to is the fact that nearly all of them have cheated on at least one of their boyfriends at some point in time. Studies show that around 95% of women have cheated on their significant others at least once in their lifetime, but for some reason most women still will not own up to their actions and claim that they are the most faithful people you will ever meet.

14 Most Lie About How Many People They've "Been With"

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A secret that a lot of women will never let get out is exactly how many intimate partners they have had in the past. This could likely be because when guys sleep with a lot of women they tend to receive praise for it from their male friends, but when a girl is intimate with numerous men, she is called all sorts of nasty names and people tend to think less of her. So, it is very likely that the reason that so many women do not admit to the actual number of men that they have been with is because they do not want their boyfriends to think that they are gross or think less of them. It is a fact that about 98% of women lie about the true number of partners that they have had. Perhaps if people saw women in the same way that they saw men when it came to intimacy then we would not have to worry so much about keeping secrets like these.

13 They Lie About Missing An Ex

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We have all been there; we have all found ourselves missing an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend at some point in time. It is a totally normal thing, yet so many women keep this hidden. Usually the reason women keep this a secret is that they do not want their current partner finding out and getting upset, but odds are that their partner also thinks about one of their exes from time to time. It is hard not to think about someone who was probably such a huge part of your life for so long and although no one likes to admit to it, we all do it. Missing an ex does not mean that you want to dump your current partner and go running back to them, so it really is nothing to be ashamed of, yet so many women seem to keep it a secret, and we may never really understand why.

12 They Try To Make You Jealous

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Not many women are going to own up to this one, but we all love seeing our men at least a little jealous. It makes us feel more wanted, and so we will occasionally do things like casually flirt with another man just to see our boyfriend’s reaction. Whether we admit it or not this is something that we all do to some extent. It could be something as simple as sending a bunch of cute emojis in a Facebook conversation to something a little more over the edge like touching and hitting on another man in public where your boyfriend can see you. This may seem like a horrible thing to do, because it kind of is, but there is just something about seeing our men jealous that really makes us feel better about ourselves. As crazy as that may sound, it is true and it is something that every girl hides from their partner.

11 They Are Guilty Of Snooping On You

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This is something that, whether you admit to it or not, all women do. We can blame jealousy and being cheated on in the past for this one, but it really all comes down to whether or not you truth the person that you are with. We women like to assume the worst of things all the time and so when we see our boyfriends smiling at their phone or acting secretive in any way at all, we automatically assume that there must be someone else, and that is when the snooping begins. Some women are very blunt with their snooping. They do not care if their man knows that they are doing, while there are other women who will do anything in their power to hide the fact that they are going through their man’s phone and computer. Whether you try to hide it or not, whether you like to admit it or not, we have all done it at one point in time.

10 They Lie About Their "Experimental" Years

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Okay, so maybe this one does not apply to all women, but it does apply to a great majority of women. Most women, when they were young, were very curious about things and at one point it was cool to kiss another girl and experiment. Maybe it was Katy Perry’s song "I Kissed A Girl," or maybe it was just how accepting everyone was starting to be of the idea, but girls at one point became very interested in knowing what it was like to be with another girl. A lot of women who experimented (and did not like it) like to keep it as a bit of a secret, especially from their partners, because they find it embarrassing and do not want their partners teasing them for it or thinking that they are suddenly into that sort of thing. While there are a select few women who brag about that time that they kissed a girl to their partners, because they think that it might turn their boyfriends on, most women try to keep it a secret that gets locked away for life.

9 They Lie About What Really Happens During Girls' Night Out

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A girls' night out is what all exhausted and overworked women look forward to. Most men probably think that when their ladies have a girls' night out that they are just sitting around drinking and eating with their friends while they gossip about stuff, but they would be wrong. Apparently these girls' nights out can get pretty out of hand, especially when there is alcohol involved. A lot of girls have anonymously admitted that while on one of these nights out they usually wind up flirting with other men in exchange for free drinks, sometimes kisses are exchanged, sometimes numbers are given out, and sometimes they even get in trouble with the law. These women work hard to keep what happens during their nights out a secret from their boyfriends, and they have all said that they will never let what really happens slip out of their mouths.

8 They Lie About How Great You Are Vs. How Their Ex Was

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Everyone needs a confidence boost at some point in time. Men seem to need that boost the most in the bedroom. This is why often times women will say things like, “I have never had anyone as good as you,” or, “You put my ex to shame.” It's those little comments that really make a guy feel good about themselves and more confident, which, believe it or not, is something that a lot of men struggle with. This is usually always just talk, though; we never really mean it. In fact, for women, most guys are all the same in that department and although we will not own up to it, we don't actually mean it when we say that you are the best that we have ever had. We just want to make you feel good. This is not to say that our exes were actually better than you, but rather that you were both about the same: average.

7 They Lie About Thinking About Other Men

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We usually think that men like to think about other girls a lot, and that they think about being with someone more attractive than us. It is a legitimate fear that we have because we often tend to feel like we are not enough for our partners. You would probably be surprised, though, to learn that women really are no different from men in this case. We may not act on these fantasies that we have, but let's admit it ladies – you all have that one hot celebrity that you wish you could get your hands on, or maybe it's that good-looking new guy that you just started working with. Whatever the case may be, it is totally normal to have these fantasies about other people, just as long as you do not act on them because that is where cheating comes into play, and no one wants to be a cheater.

6 They Lie About Facebook Stalking Your Exes

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This is another thing that has everything to do with jealousy and trust issues. It is normal to want to know what kind of women your partner has been with in the past, but you would think that would stop at seeing a picture. Not for us women. We like to take things a step further and find out everything that there is to know about these other women, and sometimes we will go as far as sending them a friend request or sending them a message to let them know who we are. You know that saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Well, for us women those are words to live by. We won't let you know that, though, because we would not want to come off as crazy or controlling, even though most of us actually are. That is why this is another secret that all girlfriends will take to their graves.

5 They Lie About Their Secret Crushes

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We have all been there before. You meet your boyfriend’s family, and to your surprise, he has a brother, a very attractive brother that you just cannot take your eyes off of. You all hang out together a few times and you start to notice that not only is he ridiculously cute, but he is also kind of smart and funny. Maybe we ended up with the wrong brother. Obviously this is not something that we could ever admit to, especially to our boyfriends, because crushing on their brother is the lowest of low even though we cannot help it. Just be sure not to give in to those feelings because that would make family get-togethers super awkward and no one likes awkward. You fell in love with your current boyfriend for a reason, and you would not want to throw that away for a simple attraction that would lead to a lot of drama. Women keep these small crushes a secret forever.

4 They Lie About Stopping Birth Control

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Baby fever is very real and when it hits it can make some women feel like they absolutely need to have a baby, regardless of whether or not their partner is ready for one. Apparently the real cause behind most “accidental” pregnancies is from women stopping their birth control without ever telling their significant other and then acting as if they are shocked when they see the positive pregnancy test. This can of course backfire, as it has so many times before, when the man decides to leave because he is not yet ready to be a father. The bottom line is that having a baby needs to be a mutual decision. Stopping your birth control so that you can get pregnant and try to make him stay just sounds like entrapment to me. Besides, who wants a relationship built off of lies? It is clear to see why the women who do this keep it a secret because if the man they were with found out, the relationship would be over in a heartbeat.

3 They Lie About Loving Your Facial Hair

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Some women claim to love their boyfriends beards and moustaches. They say it makes them look more manly and attractive, but what they really want to say is that it is itchy and annoying and that no one wants to kiss you when it feels like kissing a Brillo pad. This is something that a lot of women refuse to admit to their partners because they do not want to seem too harsh or hurt their feelings, and the beards do look good on some men, but when it comes to intimacy, we just can not stand them. Why this is kept as such a secret, I do not know, but if it really does bother you then you should probably mention something to your partner about it in the nicest way possible. If you are not comfortable then they need to be aware of that, otherwise you will just be kissing an itchy beard for the rest of your life.

2 They Lie About Whether Or Not They Talk To Their Ex Anymore

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One of the biggest secrets that all women seem to keep from their boyfriends is that they have cut off all contact with their ex-boyfriends. It would be silly to believe such a lie, because let's face it, we all reach out to an ex at some point in time wondering how things are going for them and reminiscing about the good times that you had together. It is clear why a woman would want to keep this a secret from her boyfriend, but if you want a healthy and strong relationship, then it would be best to just come clean about it, especially if the conversation you are having with your ex is totally appropriate and there is no need to worry because the spark is gone, but hiding it just makes it seem like there is more than that going on. Honesty is after all, the best policy. You cannot have a relationship without it.

1 They Lie About What They Really Want

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Women like to act like they are independent and like they do not need a man in their lives, and while that may be true, they still want one. So don't be fooled when your girlfriend tries to make you believe that she is okay with you not opening the door for her or picking up the tab at dinner, because even though she may not need you to do those things she wants you to do them. She should not have to ask, either. You should just do it because that would be the manly thing to do. Women will never admit to their partners that this is what they want, because they want you to do it on your own without having to be asked. While not taking charge and being the man of the relationship is not always a deal breaker, it can be for some women, so next time you take a girl out on a date you should just treat her the way that you think a true gentleman would.

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