16 Secrets About Big Brother After Dark Execs Don't Want Us To Know

It can't really be a surprise that the producers and execs on Big Brother have a few secrets that they don't want you to know. I'm sure that the contestants have a lot that they don't want you to know as well, but they sort of sign up to make their lives open books (even if they can't have a single book while they're on-set..I mean in the house).

Lucky for the contestants, each day on-set has several cameras-worth of footage (each shooting the full 24hrs of each day they are "working"), so there are probably some decently juicy bits that actually don't make it on to the show itself. After all, the amount of drama that the producers are busy scripting and manipulating is pretty intense. So they really have to pick and choose.

From forced bikini bods to poisonous slop, I'd say that the execs have a lot they would really rather people didn't know about Big Brother: After Dark. To be fair, I am going to say that this stuff probably applies to every Big Brother show out there. After all, it's the name overall that invited a lawsuit from George Orwell's estate.

16 Big Brother Was Sued By The Orwell Estate

I find this pretty awesome and sad at the same time. I mean, it's awesome because it makes perfect sense that the estate of a great creator of literature might want to protect the integrity of the contents of 1984. But it's pretty sad that somehow they reached an agreement and people still have to deal with Big Brother and all of its spin-offs on tv...for damn near 20 years. I mean, some people obviously really enjoy it, but I don't get really excited watching what people do every minute of every day. I can't imagine working on the film crew of that show. It must be hell every second of the day. Either way, the producers, and the estate must have come to some pretty enticing financial agreement to keep the show going. Too bad.

15 Cody Nickson Was Mocked For Being A Marine

For some of you, it might come as a shock to learn that this ridiculous-looking guy in the photo above is a marine. What might shock you, even more, is that this marine was made fun of by the other contestants...for being a marine. Two a-holes on the show went out of their way to poke fun at and question Cody Nickson's military service. I know how important it is to so many Americans that the troops be treated like demi-gods, so this must have been a huge upset to a lot of people. What's crazy about this is that it seemed like a bit of a setup segment just to make sure that people got furious watching the show. It would keep them watching just to see how the heroic marine faired throughout the rest of the show.

14 The Show Is Scripted!

Oh, come on. You cannot be surprised by this. Every "reality" tv show is scripted. At least to some extent. Sure, they have plenty of footage from Big Brother that makes it so they don't always need to script moments, but you can't honestly tell me that you watch that show thinking that every ounce of the drama and bullsh*t that goes on in it is totally real. If you can seriously tell me that, then I have to tell you that you are really ignorant or deluded. I'll be honest and say that they script this show a little less than others since drama definitely does happen when you have ten plus people stuck in one house together for weeks and months at a time. But that doesn't stop them from doing a scene over again just to make sure that the audience is way more into it all.

13 The Big Brother Slop Put Contestants In The Hospital

It used to be that losing a food challenge in Big Brother meant that you would have to be put on a diet of peanut butter and jelly. A lot of people actually ended up really enjoying eating like a kid again (except for the people who are allergic to nuts). But after a while, the producers decided that they needed to make the contestants suffer more. How dare they have fun, right? Well, the slop ended up putting a few people in the hospital. One wasn't getting enough sugar in her system and ended up having a seizure because she was hypoglycemic. That's pretty damn intense. Another contestant ended up having an allergic reaction to whatever was in the slop and also had to go to the hospital. People still aren't sure about what's in this oatmeal-looking mix...but apparently, it's deadly.

12 They Hire Security To Keep Contestants Inside

Alright, fine, they're allowed to go out into the backyard. That's all well and good, but it's not like they're allowed to go any further than that. And sometimes they have to be shoved back in the house by security because people fly planes overhead with messages for the contestants. People do very strange things. Either way, the hired security actually keeps contestants from leaving both the diary room and the house itself. If ever you want to know what it feels like to be under house arrest, just sign up for Big Brother. The show makes it seem like someone could just walk out on the competition and forfeit their chance at prize money. But it's not that easy. Contestants can't just say "screw it" and then walk out. Security will stop them at the door.

11 Sleep Deprivation Followed By Excessive Sleep

The way that the producers use the contestants on the show is really messed up. It's just so twisted that people would mess with other people this way...that people would let others use them this way...and that so many people would love watching people used this way. Every morning in the house, loud music is blasted over speakers throughout the building to wake up the contestants so they can change their mic packs. And it's an early morning wake-up too. Which doesn't help when you're stressed from the stupid drama the night before. Sleep deprivation is an easy way for producers to get their ratings up. And then towards the end of the season, since there are so few people left, and a lot less to be concerned with, some people sleep excessively for 12-20 hours each day!

10 Raven Walton Has A Fake Disease

To be fair, Raven might not actually be faking her disease, but it really seems likely to more than just the viewers at home. The other contestants seem to think that she's full of sh*t. She claims that she has Gastroparesis which means that her diet is heavily restricted. Or it's supposed to be. The disease is life-threatening apparently. And she's not meant to eat any sort of junk food. But what does she do? Even though her life is in danger? She goes out of her way to eat up whatever is in front of her. If you want my honest opinion, I don't think it's so much that she really thought she had this disease. I think it's more about the producers probably telling her that part of her story had to fit this disease in. That way, they could build the drama in the show for ratings.

9 No Media, No Reading, No Writing...Except For The Bible

I think this is pretty pathetic. This just shows how overwhelmingly ridiculous the show is. Even Big Brother can't stand up against the Christian right-wing in the United States. There is no reading allowed in the Big Brother house, except for the Bible. But hey, if you want something to do and want to enjoy an amazing piece of fiction that has all sorts of wars and crazy magic with a lot of boring sh*t in between, then you should probably sign up for Big Brother. You'd have a lot of time on your hands to really dig deep into the "good book". Maybe it's a ploy to convert the contestants to good Christians. I mean, after all, they're all trapped in that house thinking sinful thoughts about each other, whether because they want to kill each other or be really naughty with each other.

8 Kevin Schlehube And His Mafia Connections

This is a very interesting thing that a lot of people may not have picked up on right away. But there is plenty of media coverage and evidence to point Kevin in the direction of being a bit of a mob figure. It seems like a lot of the people in the show really never caught on to that. Which is pretty nuts considering that he dresses like a mob boss. Once they got out of the Big Brother house, I bet they learned pretty quickly that Kevin's dad was booked for a ton of cocaine dealing and sentenced to ten years in prison when he was 69 years old. And in addition to that, Kevin spent a lot of time talking to the media about how shocked he was and how he couldn't believe how hard it was for his family. but just look at how well he plays the game in the BB house, and tell me that this guy isn't already a master of manipulation. Sounds like the mob to me.

7 A Lot Of That Drama Is Very Fake

You might think that Big Brother is some sort of special "reality" tv show that doesn't have any sort of fake moments at all. But you'd be very wrong and kind of dense if you actually believed that. If it's classified as a "reality" tv show, then you should automatically know that there is at least some amount of fakery to it all. The drama in the show? A lot of it is fake. Sure, some of it is from a bunch of people spending so many days together trapped in a house. But the producers start the contestants off by pointing out the kind of people they will get into fights with. Not to mention that they manipulate the editing of the show and reshoot stuff to make it even more powerful for ratings. It's not about the reality of the experience...it's about making the audience think it's real.

6 Mandatory Disease Testing

There are some interesting things that this show is loaded up with. I mean, Big Brother is littered with drama, fighting, pool parties, challenges, and an awful lot of snuggling. Naughty time is all over the place. It's amazing that there hasn't been a ton of leaked tapes from the people who shoot all the footage for the show. Put a bunch of young, good-looking people into a house they aren't allowed to leave, and you're bound to have a few hookups. That being said, the right-wing Christians who watch the show might not know that it is mandatory for each of the contestants to be tested in order to be allowed on the show. Why is that? Because the stats say that they are almost definitely going to get some action.

5 You Have To Have A Bikini Bod

Let's say you manage to get yourself interviewed for a showing of Big Brother. And then, let's say that you go even further and the producers are very interested in having you appear on the next season. What is one of the things they will tell you "should" do? They will make sure that you go out of your way to get in very good shape. They hint at it and just say that you should be comfortable with yourself and showing off your body. But realistically, they may very well drop you as a contestant if you don't look quite good enough for their show. Sure, not every contestant is gorgeous. Sometimes the character is more important than the looks. But, more often than not contestants will have their best bikini bods in order to build up those ratings for viewers at home.

4 Editing Is Very Strategic

If you learn nothing else from this article, then you must learn this. The show is full of very strategic editing. What do I mean by that? I mean that they do as much as they can to make sure that the show is action-packed and full of drama. This is what keeps people coming back to watch the ridiculous show like a bunch of junkies. People get high on the drama of others and get off on the idea of watching these people forced to fight in a confined space like the BB house. Considering the number of reshoots and faked drama, it seems like they only shoot 24/7 just in case the contestants do something interesting or dramatic on their own. Otherwise, they just cut the very exciting moments. The truth is that no one actually wants to see how people truly act when jammed in a house together.

3 The Backyard Is Fake...And So Is The House!

Yes, they do sort of live in a house. But that house is really just a big set on the backlot of the studio where the production house is. What I find funny is that there are several sources that talk about the grass being fake so that the challenges don't mess up the real grass...but there is no real grass there! It's a lot outside the studio! It's amazing how incredibly fake each and every "reality" tv show is. And the shameless way that producers lie to the viewers is just crazy! I get building the house set so that you can have cameras in the walls and hallways for camera people to run through and still be unseen by the contestants. I get it. But don't try and shy away from the fact that the cast of the show is doing all of the challenges on a film set. People shouldn't be stupid enough to believe this is real...

2 The House Is Nasty

The crew and the few others who managed their way in and out of the house during the shoot can attest to that. There's also a media day during the shoot that allows tv critics and other journalists through the place to see what the contestants go through. Apparently, the place reeks. Why is that? Because the contestants don't know how to clean up after themselves. The place is allegedly littered with flies, there's moldy food all over the kitchen, nasty hair in the drains. Apparently, everyone stops caring about regular hygiene and care when they're stuck in a place together for so long. Which is hilarious since the producers do everything they can to make sure that the contestants all look their best for the viewers at home.

1 Big Winner Turns To Dealing Illegal Substances

In case you didn't already know, when you win Big Brother, you win a whopping $500,000. That's half of a million, in case you have trouble with numbers. Adam Jasinski was once one of the big winners on the show. He had big plans for his winnings. He was going to give 20% of his prize money to charities helping children with autism. But he never ended up actually doing that. What did he think was a better plan? Spending it all on building a drug-dealing empire. Of course, since he was already a high-profile guy from being the Big Brother winner, he was quickly caught, tossed in jail and in rehab. The guy was lucky though. He might have squandered his winnings, but he still had enough media attention to turn his life around by writing a book and making some money back. What better way to advertise for the grand prize of the show?

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